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As a nonprofit leader, you have to wear a variety of hats. For smaller nonprofits, in particular, it can sometimes be daunting to figure out how everything will get done. When it comes to grant writing, the process can seem especially complicated. Do not worry, though; has your nonprofit covered for this very reason.

It can be incredibly helpful to have an experienced grant writer with you on your journey. With GrantWriterTeam, not only do you get access to our esteemed team of grant writers at a good price, but you also get a supportive customer care team that has your best interest in mind.

Grant writers have experience in navigating the entire grant process, as well as an understanding of how to research and locate the right grants for your organization. This is why a service like, which connects grant writers with grant seekers, can be so helpful. Hiring a grant writer can usually increase your likelihood of being awarded a grant by up to 60%.

How Do I Apply?

If the idea of having professional help with writing your grant proposal sounds appealing to you, then keep reading as we walk you through the process of requesting a Grant Writer on our site.

1. Set up a user account

To do this, click the ‘Sign-Up’ button in the top, right-hand corner of the GrantWriterTeam website. From there, you’ll be prompted to fill out a form to set up your User Profile. This will include the following:

  • Email
  • Location
  • Phone Number
  • Membership Type (as either a grant writer or grant seeker)
  • Password for the account

After successfully setting up a User Account, you should be prompted to the next step, which is filling out a request for a grant writer form.

2. Fill out a ‘Request a Grant Writer’ form

When you are done creating an account on our site, the form to request a grant writer should automatically pop up for you. This form aims to give your prospective grant writers everything they need to know about your organization before bidding on your specific project. That’s why there are a few different parts to the form. Some of these sections include:

  • Do you have any grants in mind – You can attach up to four grants to your application and can discuss any others when you start the conversation with your grant writer.
  • What is your primary purpose in seeking a grant writer – Our team has compiled a list of suggestions for things that grant writers can help you with. These tasks include:
    • Locating grant opportunities you may be eligible for
    • Writing LOIs (letters of intent/interest)
    • Completing a Needs Assessment
    • Writing Proposal Narratives
    • Developing Budgets
    • Writing RFPs (Requests for Proposal)
    • Developing a curriculum
    • Preparing Evaluation Reports
    • Polishing your current application/quality assurance
  • Describe what your organization does, the programs it provides, and “budgetary programming needs” – Writers need to know about your organization, including its mission and what kind of projects it does. Numbers are important. It is critical to know what you expect your project to cost, especially if it already exists. Additionally, if you already run this program, it can show credibility for your application. This section should give as much detail as possible, as it’s going to be important to the grant writer’s process.
  • How soon are you looking to start – Are you ready to start working with a grant writer immediately or in a few months’ time?
3. Pay the $50 application fee

After you fill out the request form, you will be taken to a screen where you will be asked to pay a $50 administrative fee. This fee needs to be paid before your project can go live on the site. This fee helps to cover the cost of finding specialists who are able to help you along your journey.

4. Wait for bids to show up

Once you have paid the $50 application fee and filled out your request form, your request will now be live. This means that all of our experienced writers will be able to read your request and bid on it if they are available and interested. It should take about a week for bids to start showing up on your request. You will receive an email from our support team once you have multiple bids on your request. You can also log into your account at any time to check the status of your bids. All you do when you log in is click on the “My Writer Request” tab and then go to “view my bid list.” This will allow you to see any bids you have.

5. Accept a bid and choose your writer

When you start seeing bids from different writers, it is time to decide which writer you want to pick to write your proposal. With each bid you get, you will receive a description from the writer about their experience and fees. This information will help you make your decision and choose the right grant writer for you. To accept the bid from the writer you have chosen to work with, you must log into your account and click on the “My Writer Request” tab and then go to “view my bid list.” You will then be able to accept the bid you want. Here is a video showing this process in case you need more assistance.

6. Review and sign your writer’s contract

Next, the writer you have chosen will send you a contract with prices and a plan for how to break up the work they will be doing for you. Make sure you review the contract very carefully before signing. If you have any questions or edits regarding the contract, you can contact or reach out to your writer directly for help. Once the writer has made any changes you may have specified on the contract, you will then sign and approve the contract. You will then need to pay the agreed-upon retainer, allowing your grant writer to start your project. Once each deliverable is complete, your grant writer will upload the completed work, requiring payment for the deliverable, and then you will be able to view the file(s) uploaded.

We hope this helps you on your grant-finding journey. Also, if you have any additional questions, you can always reach out to our amazing customer service team over at or by calling our customer service line at 561-249-4129.

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