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Looking for information on how to apply for grants? You should read!

The premier newspaper for nonprofit and business leaders with information on grants, grant writing, business, nonprofits, and crowdfunding.

The navigation bar at has:

Why is About Us significant? If you would like to contribute one of your articles to the newspaper, just sign up as a writer and start your article (We call that a pitch.) You will then get a response from the editor at, within one business day.

Next, Grants FAQ Blog is’ own blog! Here, you’ll find articles about the need of writers for the newspaper. We are always looking for nonprofits or businesses to feature.

Then, there is Grant Writing. Here, you’ll come across articles that may help you write a grant or get a grant writer from (a sister-site of Most recently, you can learn how to search grants on, the anchor company for both GrantWriterTeam and

In Grants for Nonprofits, learn about the many categories in which grants are listed at as well as featured nonprofits or foundations. Here, you’ll find a wide variety of topics such as grants for aging/seniors, health, libraries, technology, and more.

In Grants for Small Business, pick up on business tips and check out available grants from, (another sister-site of Here, learn what to do as a startup or entrepreneur.

Personal Grants is a tab that takes you to articles about grants or stories about individuals or organizations pertinent to the nonprofit community. This tab could be useful for someone looking for a funding source or crowdfunding.

Grants Awarded is a list of articles by individuals or organizations that have sought relevant funding through It also contains a feed of funding trends from PRNewswire that informs of the latest grants that have been awarded.

The Grants Calendar is a list of the latest grants available at GrantWatch. Look here for grants due the same month.

In the Crowdfunding tab, learn all about how to start and promote your crowdfunding campaign. Learn about featured crowdfunding projects and more.

Contact Us is an online form that allows you to contact the editor of with any questions or inquiries you may have. Use this if you are a prospective writer or organization interested in being featured at

Finally, Archived is a list of articles that have been archived because they contain information about grants that are passed due.

Now, you know how is organized and you should be comfortable navigating the website. Learn how to search for grants, apply for grants, and crowdfunding; Learn about featured nonprofits, foundations, small businesses and more!

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