3 Ways Your Nonprofit Can Help People in the Bahamas

By Libby Hikind

I look at the mass devastation in the Bahamas quickly realizing it could have easily been my family affected here in West Palm Beach. We were told the Category 5 hurricane was headed our way. I prepared my family, my property and my business as much as humanly possible and then I prayed.

Today I am grateful, and I want to help give back. I want to help others as my way of showing gratitude for having been spared.

With the death toll in the Bahamas currently standing at seven and expected to drastically rise. As well as with an estimated 13,000 homes and businesses affected by the storm on the Islands. There is a great need for help, whether it be resources or monetary. Although there are a number of drop off locations for donations already, there can’t ever be too much help going on. We’ve put together some proper ideas on how to do your part in assisting the victims of this natural disaster. I look at the mass devastation in the Bahamas and feel a need to help as I imagine you do too.

So, what can your nonprofit organization do?

  1. Set up a drop off location, collect supplies for daily living and contact shippers that are bringing supplies to the Island.
  2. Energize the members of your organization to connect with Airbnb and become a host to foster surviving families.
  3. Become a fiscal partner with YouHelp.com to raise money that will get into the right hands for distribution.

YouHelp is looking for nonprofits who want to be the fiscal partner that will accept the funds on behalf of the victims, and take the responsibility of distributing the money to the appropriate boots on the ground individuals who are flying onto the Islands to assess the needs and order the supplies and equipment.

YouHelp.com is ready to partner with 5 nonprofits across the country to raise money for the needs of hurricane Dorian survivors.

Thank you, G-d, (or mother nature) for sparing my family and my property!

Call YouHelp at (888) 240-1494 or write to support@YouHelp.com or simply start the campaign.

Libby Hikind is the founder and CEO of GrantWatch, GrantWriterTeam, YouHelp, GrantNews and MWBEzone. Libby developed these websites and countless jobs with what she calls her second wind, after retiring from the NYC Department of Education as a balanced literacy elementary school teacher; a magnet school teacher for entrepreneurship, careers and computers; and a grant writer who raised millions of dollars for public and private education, mental health, substance abuse prevention and workforce development.

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