July 4th: Celebrating America’s Birthday

247 years ago, tomorrow, a new country was formed. The date? July 4th, 1776. The final version of the Declaration of Independence was adopted, declaring all men born equal with unalienable rights, such as life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. This was a day 156 years in the making. Along with support from the first British colonies, settled starting in 1607, this document and its signatories declared the end of British colonial rule. While this was the day the United States declared its freedom, the Revolutionary War would not end until 1783. However, it marked the beginning of American freedom; our day of independence. And, it was only the beginning.

What did the struggle for freedom look like? What does it mean today? And, of course, how does grant funding play into a celebration of our independence? GrantWatch has the answers to these questions and provides lists of grants that can potentially fund thousands of projects, all aimed at making our communities in the US more cohesive and inclusive. Independence Day is a unifying holiday for all Americans. Here, at GrantWatch, we want to celebrate Independence Day with a sampling of some of our favorite veteran and military grants!

The Spark of Revolution

As Americans, Freedom is what it’s all about. Our country is based on the notion that freedom is what connects us as a nation and as a people. Think about it. Look at the key principles of liberty, equality, democracy, and speech.  The unifying element that ties them together every time is Freedom. The freedom to do, the freedom to act, and the freedom to speak. But it wasn’t always so, It’s been a long road to get where we are today. There are a few key points to know about.

Much of the discontent with British colonial rule started in the aftermath of the French and Indian War, which left the Crown in significant debt. As a result, the British decided to cover the cover by heavily taxing their colonies in North America. However, this made the colonists angry. After all, they were paying taxes without representation. The Stamp Act, passed by the British Parliament in 1765, forced them to pay taxes on everything; even on pieces of printed paper.

Another turning point came with the Boston Massacre, a deadly interaction between British troops, and American colonists. And finally, in an act of true rebellion, colonists boarded British ships. It was in response to the 1773 Tea Act where protesters rioted and dumped 342 chests of tea into Boston Harbor. And with that, the spark of revolution was lit.

Independence Day in the 21st Century

In today’s modern world, the federal holiday is celebrated as a fun day off with family BBQ’s, concerts, and, of course, fireworks. It’s a day we all look forward to as we get to spend time with family and friends. Plans are made and good times are had. It’s the most American day of the year because for that brief moment we’re unified under one proud and patriotic ideal, no matter what our walk of life. And, while we’re all out enjoying the freedom the day off has to offer, perhaps we should pause and remember just how far we’ve come. Tomorrow night, when you’re enjoying the fireworks, spare a thought for the spark of revolution they represent. It’s the embodiment of the American Spirit, and it’s beautiful to behold. It’s time celebrate; it’s America’s birthday!

Grants to Celebrate July 4th

  1. Improve the Lives of At-Risk Military Veterans – Nonprofits to improve the lives of injured military veterans and their families. Funding supports a range of services and programs like therapeutic and recreational activities and career training and education. In addition, it also covers rehabilitation programs, shelters for the homeless, and the supply of mobility items.
  2. Education and Professional Training – $1,000 to spouses of enlisted Coast Guard members to pursue education and professional training.
  3. Veterans with Disabilities for Sports Programs – First responders, military personnel, and veterans with disabilities for sports and fitness programs that enhance their physical and mental health.
  4. Financial Assistance for Service Members and their Families – Up to $2,500 to active-duty service members and their families for financial assistance. Funding is intended to help these individuals in facing financial constraints related to military injury or activity.
  5. Cover Airfare Expenses – Grants to injured, ill, or wounded service members and veterans and their loved ones to cover airfare expenses. Additionally, this program provides service members with the unique and critical support of being together with their loved ones.
  6. Projects to Benefit Military Members and their Families – Nonprofit organizations may receive grants for programs and projects to benefit members of the military and their families.
  7. Assist in Opening a Business – $10,000 to veterans and active-duty military individuals to assist in opening a business.
  8. Assistance Following a Family Tragedy – Grants and scholarships to Coast Guard members and their families for assistance following a catastrophe within the family.
  9. Financial Assistance Bomb Disposal for Experts and their Families – Grants to bomb disposal experts and their family members for financial assistance. Funding assists with things like travel expenses, childcare, debt relief, special equipment necessary due to job-related injuries, and retreats.
  10. Assistance in Business Establishment and Expansion – Grants and in-kind support to start-up business ventures led by military veterans. The program helps veteran entrepreneurs successfully build their businesses.

The Bottom Line

Hold your sparklers high; we hope you have an amazing 4th of July!

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