Light Up Your Chanuka With These 8 Crowdfunding Tips

In case you haven’t heard, has rolled out its affordable coach based crowdfunding platform. Now, for as low as $1 a day your nonprofit organization or business can get tips like these and more customized to fit your campaign.

YouHelp’s CEO Libby Hikind expressed how excited she was to roll out the affordable crowdfunding platform just in time for the holidays.

Other platforms charge as much as $250 a month for crowdfunding coached based platform. We understood that during these difficult financial times nonprofits need help transitioning to online fundraising at an affordable price.”

As a holiday gift, YouHelp asked the coaches to share some bright crowdfunding ideas this Chanuka. As it turns out the 8 tips were discovered from the menorah lighting practices and traditions themselves.

  1. The first lesson nonprofits can learn is the importance of developing a step-by-step crowdfunding plan. Just as we start the first night of Chanukah with one candle and each night we add on slowly building up to eight, your charity must have a step-by-step crowdfunding plan from start to finish.

  2. The second lesson we can learn is the importance of proper preparation. The better the preparation the better the outcome. To light a menorah you need oil, wicks, and a menorah. You need to know where you will be placing the menorah and who will be lighting it. Since you will be lighting for 8 days, you need to have all that is necessary to complete the candle lighting each night. With crowdfunding, you have to know what and who you will need to pull off a successful campaign. Delegate the work to the proper person and make sure they have everything they need to complete their tasks.

  3. The third lesson we can learn is from the purity of the oil. The best way to light a menorah is with pure virgin olive oil. In crowdfunding the clearer your messaging is to your audience the higher response rate you can expect from your audience. The clearer you are with your expectations from your team the better the results.

  4. The fourth lesson is after reciting the prayers it is customary to sing holiday songs next to the lights. This brings a good spirit and creates a healthy and positive environment. The crowdfunding team manager should always make sure to create a positive and healthy fundraising environment.

  5. The fifth lesson is timing. On Chanuka, there is a specific time to light the candles. We commemorate the miracle of Chanuka at the time of day that it will get the most publicity. The time when people are walking in the streets and will view the lights as they are returning home from the marketplace. Your crowdfunding timing should also be properly planned. There are certain times of the year that people are more prone to donate. Such as Holiday and Tax season. Also, when posting on social media there are certain times of the day that yield better results than others. Learn those times and post accordingly.

  6. The sixth crowdfunding lesson is where you light your menorah. One should light their menorah in a place where it can be easily viewed by the masses. Marketing your crowdfunding campaign should be carefully planned. Investigate which publications it’s worth to advertise in and where can you get worthwhile exposure for your campaign. Make sure to check and see if your social media posts are getting the engagement you are looking for. Constantly go back and follow the results of your posts to see which platforms outperform others.

  7. The seventh lesson from menorah lighting is the importance to focus on the lights. There are a lot of things that can not go as planned in a crowdfunding campaign. Don’t allow yourself to be distracted by failures. Learn from your mistakes and move on. Always focus on what is working and how to expand it. Ask your team for input on what they can do to further grow the success they are already experiencing.

  8. Each candle has its own beautiful and unique light and has to have its space to express itself. However, that candle is placed in a menorah which accentuates its light as it shines together with the other candles. So for our eighth idea, we suggest that when building your crowdfunding team it is best to find the highest level of crowdfunding talent you can get that is capable of working as team players. Only people that value the collective efforts of a team will properly assist you in reaching your campaign goals. is a coach based crowdfunding platform that enables nonprofits to crowdfund with confidence.

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