Nonprofits: Don’t Plan on Going Viral Immediately!

One of the biggest mistakes nonprofits make is thinking they are going to be an instant success. Going viral is like winning the lottery. A great inspirational natural video is a great catch however, it does not mean that your video will go viral just because you want it to. If your nonprofit is used to its primary income coming from grants transitioning to online fundraising can be a little challenging. The communication techniques are very different from the writings of a grant request. Instead of finding a grant on, you are looking to find past donors on

The internet is very moody and unpredictable

Sudden newsbreak catching everyone’s attention and your content will be passed by like a full bus on a hot August afternoon.

Nonprofits have to learn what type of content their audiences like.

This process can be simplified by paying close attention to your data. The more types of content that you post on your Facebook page the more data you have to analyze. Different colors of posts have various effects on an audience. Make sure to go over and analyze your analytics with either Facebook insights or software such as Semrush.

Nonprofits should try to engage their audiences with some free tools that exist.

Nonprofits should try to engage their audiences with some free tools that exist. One free social media tool that can help you engage your audience is a Facebook Poll.

Engaging content is like getting singles in a baseball game.

Engaging content is like getting singles in a baseball game. It is a safe and fundamental way to play the social media game. Consistency of producing good content will build your nonprofit’s brand over time.

Try sharing your content on multiple channels and check the platform’s analytics or insights to glean when your audience is online then post accordingly. Video marketing is an excellent way to communicate with your audience. Each month, 85% of Internet users in the U.S. watch video content. By 2021, the average person will spend 100 minutes every day watching online videos. You can use Videos on all the major social media platforms. On Instagram, you can add videos to your feed, stories, in reels, and IGTV. On Facebook and Youtube can set up dedicated video channels.

A great sage once asked a person is your heart on the right side or the left side?

He responded on the left side of the body! The sage responded no it is on the right side. You see my friend a heart was created to feel your friends feel more than your own. So the heart is of the person standing across from you. Marketing for nonprofits is about connecting with the hearts of the donors by proving that you feel for your cause more than you care for yourself! Remember that it is more important for your message to communicate well with your base than going viral and attracting fanfare.

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