On a personal note…

I have been awake since 3:30 am. Totally distracted, so much so I registered for the Facebook hackathon (I had a great idea), wrote to my daughter oversees to the point where she started ignoring my texts and to my nephew overseas who sent me the most calming video about the Covid-19 being a divine plan forcing us to shut down and rethink our lives and choices.

I go back to bed, only to have an allergic coughing fit. It happens as we are really into fresh air and open windows these days and sometimes it’s great and other times not so great.

manage self quarantine

So while I sit here waiting for the Benedryl to kick in, I am thinking my day will be shot to hell, as I will wake up later and a bit off-kilter. Why will this day be different than all the other days during what some call: “sheltering in place” or “self-quarantine”? Why? Because I am determined to make it different, that’s why! I will not disappoint myself. That’s the difference. Enough of hearing one in seven in my age group will die! Enough feeling sorry for my lack of furniture (we recently moved), or my many needs for a handyman, a plumber, electrician. I am going to deal with what I personally can control.

I can manage:

  • Opening my mail.
  • Determining my checkbook balance.
  • Paying my bills.
  • Changing my address.
  • Preparing tax paperwork for my accountant.
  • Folding my laundry.
  • Walking for an hour (away from everyone).
  • Planning a meal menu.
  • Unpacking and organizing drawers and cabinets.
  • Virtually connecting and completing work.
  • Being supportive to my family and friends.
  • Most of all – I can manage my time. I can manage how much time I allot for each task and challenge myself to beat the clock using my microwave timer, not my smartphone (so I don’t drown in WhatsApp messages and videos).

I am going back to sleep now with the hope of a productive day. Not the same as yesterday or the day before. Today will be a day where I feel accomplished and proud of completing my own personal goals and challenges.

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