Non-Profits & Entrepreneurs Listen Up: 3 Ways to Fund Your Organization!

Raising money for your new non-profit or startup business idea doesn’t have to be complicated. Don’t apply for that risky business loan. The application process is long, it will ding your credit score, and you may not be approved after all. There are countless options when you need those essential funds, but only 3 of the best come to mind:

  1. YouHelp
  2. MWBEzone
  3. GrantWatch

Crowdfund Your Startup

YouHelp is a fundraising platform. You can set up a free crowdfunding campaign detailing your idea, what you’re going to use the funds for, and provide updates throughout the entire campaign. YouHelp even provides a free 30-day marketing plan that’s personalized to you. Unlike many of the other crowdfunding sites who charge a campaign fee on donations; they operate on tips alone. You don’t have to worry about any hidden fees. Check it out by visiting

Personal Grants

MWBEzone specializes in grants for minorities, women, business, and enterprise. Grants are non-repayable money that is given to people who meet the eligibility requirements. MWBEzone is a listing service that gathers grants from all over the internet and lists it for you to easily search through. There are thousands of grants on the internet so you can see how beneficial it is to have them all in one place. Once you find your grant, you can view all the information by subscribing to their website! It’s that easy! You can check out our business section as well to read news about organizations around the world using grant funding for business. Raising money for your new non-profit or startup business is usually hard and we all know that help is always appreciated.

All Things Grant Related

GrantWatch is the market leader in the grant industry. As of today, they have 20,727 grants listed on their website! All the grant details are complete, accurate, and current. Each grant report includes eligibility and geographic focus, pre-application and workshop information, description of the grant program, funding amounts and number of awards, funding source contact details, and links to grant applications and documents. You can access all this information by subscribing to their website. Visit and see how they can help you find the perfect grant!

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