So You Want FREE Publicity? is where nonprofits and small businesses can showcase their cause. They can discuss their programs and how they operate. The goal is to illustrate a replicable program so that someone in another state can do the same kind of work.

The Process

For example, if you have a program that benefits at-risk youth, you might first go to our sister-site, and subscribe to a paid plan. Then, you’d find grants that are relevant to you (under Youth/Out-of-School Youth) and solicit a grant writer from The grant writer will help you write your grant. Finally, you would write about your program(s) at

Your Programming

In your article, discuss what a community in another state can model after you. Describe your target community and your programs. Possibly, an individual or group in another state will be inspired by your story and try the same type of work. If you are unable to write the article yourself, please ask for our copywriter and editor. They will be able to write for you.


In your article, you might decide to talk about the grants you are interested in, how you prepared to apply and any pointers you would bestow upon others. We have had professional grant writers write for us and explain how to succeed in the grant writing process.

Crowdfunders is a unique platform. Our online newspaper is dedicated solely to articles about the nonprofit and small business world, the grant application process and crowdunding. is also a place for crowdfunders to share their efforts. If you put up a project on our sister-site, Uhelpfund, you should write an article about why you are trying to raise money.

Your project will be launched to our social media platforms, and your article will, as well. You will also have an additional link to share with potential contributors to tell them about your campaign.

Small Businesses is known as the premier newspaper for nonprofit and business leaders. So, it also accepts stories from small businesses. Share your start-up story or what you do and how you fund your business through grants. There are unique things that should be included in a small business grant application, that you can expound upon.

How to Start

Just sign up as a writer here: Writer Sign Up. Then, start an article. Once you’ve planned your article, save and then PITCH your article. Remember, you have to open the article again in order to pitch it. Once you’ve pitched your story, will be in touch with you within one business day.


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