Ten Music Grants That Are Pitch Perfect

Aimed at more traditional forms of music, each of these 10 grants on GrantWatch should help enhance the art form now and for many years to come.

1) Award of $50,000 to a musician to recognize outstanding contributions to orchestral Jewish music. Funding is intended to honor and publicize new, Jewish-themed musical scores. The prize winner will be acknowledged at a concert to be held in Montreal, Canada. Deadline: 8/1/21

2) Grants of $2,000 to Canada individual professional artists for career advancement activities. Funding is intended to support professional development opportunities that benefit new and emerging artists. Grants may be used for marketing, video production, sound recording, showcasing and touring. Deadline: 8/12/21

3) Grants to individuals for scholarly research related to music. Proposals may be submitted at any stage of research. Eligible applicants include faculty, independent scholars and students writing dissertations. Deadline: 8/15/21

4) Award of $2,000 to musician or musical scholar for contributions to the field of historical music. Funding may be used for recordings, monographs, articles, editions, public performances and other projects. Funding is intended as a grant-in-aid to stimulate active cooperation between scholars and performers. Deadline: 8/16/21

5) Grants to U.S. orchestras, ensembles, performing organizations, presenters and individuals to perform classical American music. While applications may be submitted for contemporary works, preference will be given to performances that portray a sense of American music in the past. Deadline: 8/31/21

6) Grants to Canada businesses, groups and individuals to support members of the funding source as they create new musical works. The purpose of this program is to encourage community members to commission new musical works, which will be presented in a public performance. Deadline: 9/15/21

7) Grants to U.S. nonprofit organizations for innovative programs related to music and projects that address hearing impairment. The purpose of funding is to support music, sound and music engineering programs for youth as well as medical research projects and programs on hearing impairment. Capital projects and general operating expenses will occasionally be supported as well. Deadline: 9/15/21

8) Grants of up to $5,000 for organizations, groups and individuals for workshops and music programs that provide coaching and support eligible amateur musicians. Funding may be used only toward instrument rentals, scholarships and chamber music faculty fees for participants. Deadline: 9/26/21

9) Grants to U.S. nonprofit organizations and K-12 schools to equip music programs with musical instruments. The applicant organization must show evidence of need and commitment to raising matching funds. The purpose of this program is to give children nationwide the opportunity to play high-quality stringed instruments. Deadline: 9/30/21

10) Grants to U.S. nonprofit organizations to increase equity in the arts. Funding is intended for projects that address challenges related to diversity, equity and inclusion in performing arts with an emphasis on classical music. Eligible activities include, but are not limited to, initiatives in chamber music, repertoire, media and competitions. Deadline: 9/30/21

We have even more music grants available on GrantWatch.

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