YTI Expansion Campaign Launches on YouHelp

Music and mentorship organization YTI (Young Talent Initiative) has just launched a new campaign on YouHelp. It’s goal? To sign up at least 300 subscribers willing to support YTI with a $7 weekly donation. This YTI Expansion Campaign will help YTI reach more teens and young adults. The campaign also welcomes one-time donations of any amount.

Aimed at young people 16 to 21 years of age, YTI’s mission is to provide professional musical training and opportunities to youth in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. But YTI does more than help them develop and showcase their creative and musical abilities. The YTI program focuses on teens who are “creative, often sensitive and have a high emotional IQ,” according to founder Chananya Begun. These teens often have a hard time in high school but thrive in a creative environment.

A YTI Story

Yaakov Tannenbaum is a YTI graduate who is now helping run its YouHelp fundraising campaign.

“When I was younger, I had nothing, no meaning, no anything,” Tannenbaum recalled. “My high school years were horrible. YTI actually showed me my strengths and weaknesses and how to push through.”

Since its start, YTI has seen 160 teenagers and young adults pass through its programs. They gain confidence and skills that cross into all areas of their lives.

“Most of these kids are really creative but the school system is not set up to deal with that,” Tannenbaum explained. “We boost their confidence right away, which does a lot. Once you start creating, you apply it to everything you’re doing, like relationships and finances.”

Since attending YTI, Tannenbaum graduated from high school and is now enrolled in business courses.

“At the end of the day, it’s mentoring. Eventually you figure out who you are and get control of yourself,” said YTI graduate Jaakob Tannenbaum.

Why start a YTI Expansion Campaign?

Chananya Begun founded YTI in 2016, focusing on creatively inclined, more emotional personality types. Since then, YTI has opened its program to any teen who needs mentoring and a creative platform.

The YTI expansion will help develop the next generation of problem solvers, Begun said. “YTI is designed to give that identity to the people who are most likely to end up with a lack of identity in our society,” he said. “These are the most creative, intuitive, highly emotional personalities…They need to be expressing, creating.”

The funds raised through the YouHelp YTI Expansion Campaign will:

  • Grow its location, adding more mentors and studio equipment.
  • Launch a YTI girls’ division.
  • Start two YTI limited branches in two new cities.
  • Expand YTI’s media presence to inspire young people in the worldwide Jewish community.

YouHelp Offers Subscription Model

For its YTI Expansion Campaign, YTI decided to try something new by offering subscription-based donations. The campaign asks for a $7 weekly contribution from 300 supporters for one year. In return, one subscription donor will win a weekly drawing of $300. The drawings run for 52 weeks, which is 52 chances to win.

In setting up the campaign, Tannenbaum found the YouHelp team to very responsive, even with the new subscription model. “They’re very communicative. Any problems, they’re on top of it.”

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