Small Business Grants: 

Grants to Individuals to start or grow a small business including grants for women, minorities and veterans.   169 Small Business Grants.

Grants to USA Non-Profits in Multiple States for Community Development, Culture & Human Services

Deadline: 09/30/15

Grants to Alabama, Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, New Mexico, New York, and Texas non-profit organizations serving communities where the funding source has business presence for a wide range of activities. The first informational conference... GrantWatch ID#: 145670

Grants to Oregon Individuals to Start or Grow a Business

Deadline: Ongoing

Grants of $3,000 or $6,000 to Oregon individuals through an individual development account, to help start or grow a small business. An individual development account is a special savings account that helps families and individuals with limited finan... GrantWatch ID#: 151357

Grants to Pennsylvania, Delaware, West Virginia Public Agencies & Member Institutions for Housing Projects

Deadline: 08/11/15

Large grants to Pennsylvania, Delaware, and West Virginia housing developers and public agencies that team up with one of the funding source's member financial institutions to develop affordable housing opportunities in local communities. Funding c... GrantWatch ID#: 158633

Grants to USA Nonprofits, Agencies, IHEs, & Businesses to Promote Marital Stability

Deadline: 07/07/15

Grants to USA State, territories, local, and tribal agencies, IHEs, nonprofits, and businesses for a variety of projects designed to provide marriage and relationship skills training. A series of webinars will be held from May 19 through May 29. Pr... GrantWatch ID#: 156290

Competition for USA, Canada & International Architects to Design an Outdoor War Memorial

Deadline: 12/02/15
LOI Date: 07/21/15

A competition with a winning honorarium of $25,000 is open to USA, Canada and International professional or university-level architects and architecture firms to develop a World War I memorial in the District of Columbia and Kansas City. Entries for... GrantWatch ID#: 157049

Grants to Alberta IHEs, Businesses, & Nonprofits to Provide Technology Infrastructure

Deadline: 10/23/15

Grants to Alberta IHEs, nonprofits, and businesses for research data infrastructure projects that enable Canadian institutions and researchers to conducting computationally and data intensive research. May 29, 2015 is the Notice of Intent deadline.... GrantWatch ID#: 155673

Grants to Jackson,Mississippi Organizations for Events & Attractions to Promote Tourism

Deadline: 07/15/15

Grants to Jackson, Mississippi tourism organizations, attractions, facilities, and public festivals and events to support activities that will cause local economic impact and contribute greatly to filling hotel and motel rooms and restaurants. LOIs ... GrantWatch ID#: 149279

Grants to USA IHEs, Businesses, & Nonprofits for Early Childhood Interventions Research

Deadline: 07/06/15

Grants to USA nonprofits, businesses, and IHEs applying on behalf of doctoral level researchers for research regarding early childhood education. June 5 is the optional deadline to submit a letter of intent. Researchers, working with early childhood... GrantWatch ID#: 156155

Grants to New York Assisted Living Programs to Serve Low-Income Disabled Populations

Deadline: 07/08/15

Grants to New York licensed assisted living programs run by nonprofits, businesses, or government agencies to provide services to low-income special needs populations. June 5 is the deadline for the optional letter of intent and to register for the ... GrantWatch ID#: 157067

Grants to New York Assisted Living Programs for the Disabled for Building Improvements

Deadline: 07/08/15

Grants to licensed New York assisted living programs of nonprofits, businesses, or government agencies serving special needs populations, for technology and safety improvements. June 5 is the deadline for the optional letter of intent and to registe... GrantWatch ID#: 157068

Grants to USA Nonprofit & For-Profit Teams for IT Solutions to Healthcare Access

Deadline: 07/22/15

Grants of up to $40,000 to USA nonprofit and for-profit private industry teams for products and services that use technology to reduce disparities and address the needs of underserved and minority populations. Applicants are invited to attend the J... GrantWatch ID#: 156033

Grants to Fayatte County, Kentucky Property Owners & Organizations to Address Water Runoff Issues

Deadline: 07/31/15

Grants to Fayette County, Kentucky property owners, businesses and organizations for the implementation of projects that serve to improve water quality through innovation and education. A non-mandatory informational meeting will be held on June 26. ... GrantWatch ID#: 156745

Grants to USA Agencies, Nonprofits, Businesses, & IHEs for Services for Individuals with Lupus

Deadline: 08/10/15

Grants to USA and territories State, local, and tribal governments, bona fide government agents, IHEs, nonprofits, and businesses for programs serving people with lupus. On June 26 a conference call will be held. July 1 is the optional deadline to ... GrantWatch ID#: 157096

Grants to USA & Israel Companies & Research Institutions for Green Technology Projects

Deadline: 08/13/15

Grants to USA and Israel companies and universities or research institutions for collaborative projects addressing renewable energy and energy efficiency developments. The first application component is due by June 30 for consideration. To be eligi... GrantWatch ID#: 151456

Grant to a USA Organization or Business for Smoking Cessation Services for New York

Deadline: 08/03/15

Grant to a USA or Puerto Rico organization or business to provide a smoking cessation hotline and website for New York residents. July 1 is the deadline to submit questions and an optional LOI. Applicants must have at least three years of experienc... GrantWatch ID#: 158395

Grants to Idaho and Utah Organizations for Business Plans & Projects that Benefit Women & the Underserved

Deadline: 07/06/15

Grants of $3,000 each to Idaho and Utah organizations that are seeking financial assistance for either business plans or project plans that promote the empowerment of women, or directly benefit women or low-income and underserved populations in one ... GrantWatch ID#: 155335

Grants to New York City Property Owners for Stormwater Runoff Improvements

Deadline: Ongoing
Conference Date: 07/08/15

Grants starting at $35,000 to New York City private property owners to better manage stormwater runoff from impervious areas on site. Applicants are invited to attend the July 8 information session to learn more. Eligible projects include blue roof... GrantWatch ID#: 157654

Grants to Missouri Nonprofits & IHEs to Promote and Support Start-Ups and Encourage Entrepreneurism

Deadline: 09/30/15
LOI Date: 07/09/15

Grants to Missouri nonprofits and higher education institutions to help create and grow early stage technology companies in Missouri communities and to attract and support entrepreneurs residing in, or relocating to, Missouri. July 9 is the deadline... GrantWatch ID#: 158187

Grants to USA, Canada & International Startups to Relocate to St. Louis, Missouri

Deadline: 08/30/15
LOI Date: 07/10/15

Grants of $50,000 in cash and pro bono support services to USA, Canada and international startup companies willing to locate their business in St. Louis, Missouri. The early application deadline is July 10. This program is targeted to innovative sta... GrantWatch ID#: 155275

Grants to Nebraska Individuals, Nonprofits & Government Agencies for Environmental Education Programs

Deadline: 07/10/15

Grants of up to $3,000 to Nebraska individuals, government agencies, for-profits, and nonprofits that are seeking financial support for environmental education programs. Funding is intended to support the presentation and dissemination of informati... GrantWatch ID#: 155439

Award to a Canada Business for Outstanding Operations, Leadership & Market Development

Deadline: 07/10/15

An award to a Canada private business that has demonstrated holistic growth through innovation, market development, people and culture, strategic leadership, and improvements in financial measures. Nominations will be evaluated based on the followin... GrantWatch ID#: 157734

Grants to USA Agencies, IHEs & Nonprofits to Assist Communities Affected by Coal Mining Closures

Deadline: 07/10/15

Grants to USA regional partnerships of State, local, and tribal governments, IHEs, and nonprofits to assist communities adversely affected by the shutdown of coal plants to rejuvenate and expand their economies and provide jobs and training for disp... GrantWatch ID#: 158700

Grants to Darlington County, South Carolina Businesses & Nonprofits for Early Childhood Programs

Deadline: 07/13/15

Grants to Darlington County, South Carolina businesses and nonprofits operating early childhood programs, to either increase the number of children being served or improve the services provided. Eligible programs accommodate low-income pregnant woma... GrantWatch ID#: 156600

Grant to a Buncombe County, North Carolina Business or Nonprofit for an Early Childhood Program

Deadline: 07/13/15

Grant to a North Carolina business or nonprofit in Asheville, Woodfin, Emma, or Johnston operating early childhood programs, to either increase the number of children being served or improve the services provided. Eligible programs accommodate low-i... GrantWatch ID#: 156601

Grants to Western Montana Businesses & Nonprofits for Early Childhood Programs

Deadline: 07/13/15

Grants to Montana businesses and nonprofits in Granite, Mineral, Missoula, Powell, and Sanders Counties operating early childhood programs, to either increase the number of children being served or improve the services provided. Eligible programs a... GrantWatch ID#: 156602

Awards to Recognize Utah Government Agencies, Businesses, & Nonprofits for Moral Practices

Deadline: 07/15/15

Awards to recognize Utah businesses, nonprofit organizations, and government agencies that embody best practices in ethical behaviors. One organization from each sector of these three sectors will be recognized. Nominees will be judged against the... GrantWatch ID#: 146377

Grants to Sonoma County, California Nonprofits & Businesses for Healthy Childhood Development

Deadline: 07/15/15

Grants to Sonoma County, California nonprofit organizations, public agencies, and private businesses to promote the development and support of children aged 0-5 and their families. Goals and priority outcomes for this program are as follows: 1)... GrantWatch ID#: 150426

Grants to Fremont, Nebraska Organizations & Individuals for Alzheimer's Support and Education

Deadline: 07/15/15

Grants to Fremont, Nebraska nonprofits, for-profits, and individuals to support projects or programs that are providing awareness, education and support to the public and more specifically to individuals, care-givers and family members dealing with ... GrantWatch ID#: 152299

Grants to USA & Japan Nonprofits for Programs to Connect Young Leaders from Both Countries

Deadline: 07/15/15

Grants typically ranging from $5,000 to $80,000 to USA and Japan nonprofit organizations to invest in the next generation of Japanese and American leaders through educational and cultural exchanges as well as entrepreneurship and leadership programs... GrantWatch ID#: 152363

In-Kind Grants of New Floats to Maine Government Agencies & Recreational Boating Facilities

Deadline: 07/15/15

In-kind grants to Maine local, tribal, and State agencies and organizations that maintain recreational boating facilities and that have received previous grant assistance, of boarding floats. Applicants may request no-cost replacement floats that ar... GrantWatch ID#: 154363

Grants to USA, Canada, and International Investigators for Friedreich's Ataxia Research

Deadline: 09/15/15
LOI Date: 07/15/15

Grants for USA, Canada and International researchers or research teams of Friedreich's ataxia for continued research. Letter of Intent is due July 15. Research priorities include neuroscience, drug development, advancing research tools, and reducing... GrantWatch ID#: 155496

Grants to Sonoma County, California Childcare Providers to Improve Education, Parenting & Literacy

Deadline: 07/15/15

Grants of up to $5,000 to Sonoma County, California nonprofit, for-profit, public agency, private corporation and individual early childcare providers for the development and nurturing of children ages 0-5 through high quality early care and educati... GrantWatch ID#: 156171

Grants to Montana Filmmakers for Production, Travel and Development Projects

Deadline: 07/15/15

Grants to Montana filmmakers and production companies to enable the creation of jobs related to filmmaking production, enhance the marketing of Montana's tourism regions, people, history, overall quality of life and support Montana's filmmaking comm... GrantWatch ID#: 158236

Grants to USA Agencies, Nonprofits, Businesses & IHEs to Research Housing Health & Safety Hazards

Deadline: 07/16/15

Grants to USA State, local, and tribal governments, IHEs, nonprofits, and businesses to increase knowledge of housing related health and safety issues and develop means of assessment and control. Of particular interest are key residential hazards. ... GrantWatch ID#: 144618

Grant to a USA IHE, Business, or Nonprofit for an IHE STEM Program for Hawaiian Students

Deadline: 07/17/15

Grant to a USA IHE, nonprofit, or business for a science, technology, and mathematics (STEM) undergraduate program focused on Hawaii and providing outreach to native Hawaiians and underrepresented minorities in general. The goal of this program is ... GrantWatch ID#: 157819


Grants to Washington, DC Organizations to Provide High-Quality Pre-K Programming

Deadline: 08/07/15
Conference Date: 07/17/15

Grants to Washington, DC nonprofit, for-profit and faith-based organizations to provide high-quality pre-Kindergarten programs in community-based organizations. Applicants are encouraged to attend the July 17 pre-application conference and submit qu... GrantWatch ID#: 158964

Grants to Portland Area, Oregon Individuals, Public Agencies & Nonprofits for Neighborhood Revitalization

Deadline: 07/20/15

Grants of up to $10,000 to Portland Metropolitan Area, Oregon individuals, businesses, district or neighborhood associations, chambers of commerce, arts organizations, local cities, government agencies and nonprofit community groups for local revita... GrantWatch ID#: 155936

Grant to a USA Business, Nonprofit, Agency, or IHE to Support Early Childhood Programs

Deadline: 07/20/15

Grant to a USA or territories business, agency, nonprofit, or IHE to assist early childhood programs nationwide implement school readiness programs for children from birth through age 5. Grantee will promote programs that are linguistically and cul... GrantWatch ID#: 156940

Grant to a USA Nonprofit, Business, IHE, or Agency for Management Assistance to Child Care Providers

Deadline: 07/20/15

Grant to a USA nonprofit, business, IHE, or State, County, tribal, or local government to assist early child care providers and related training providers nationwide in developing and implementing management systems and internal controls such as ris... GrantWatch ID#: 156941

Grant to a USA IHE, Nonprofit, Business, or Agency to Support Out of School Programs Nationwide

Deadline: 07/20/15

Grant to a USA or territories IHE, nonprofit, business, or government agency to provide resources, training, and technical assistance to States, territories, and tribes nationwide that implement high-quality after school and summer programs that sup... GrantWatch ID#: 156954

Grant to a USA Agency, Nonprofit, Business, or IHE to Support Child Care Agencies Nationwide

Deadline: 07/20/15

Grant to a USA or territories nonprofit, businesses, IHE, or agency to support early child care providers including State, territory, and tribal agencies nationwide by providing them with necessary research and training. Support will be provided to ... GrantWatch ID#: 156955

Grant to a USA IHE, Agency, Nonprofit, or Business to Assist Early Child Care Providers Nationwide

Deadline: 07/20/15

Grant to a USA and territories IHE, State, local, or tribal government, business, or nonprofit to provide training and technical assistance to child care providers nationwide. The grantee will become a resource center for agencies caring for childre... GrantWatch ID#: 156956

Grant to a USA Business, Nonprofit, IHE, or Agency to Promote Child Care Health & Safety Standards

Deadline: 07/20/15

Grant to a USA or territories nonprofit, IHE, business, or State, local, or tribal government to provide information, training and technical assistance related to early childhood care and education programs to States, territories, and tribes nationw... GrantWatch ID#: 156957

Grants to USA, Canada & International Nonprofits & Businesses for Health Solutions for Diabetes Patients

Deadline: 10/05/15
LOI Date: 07/20/15

Grants to USA, Canada and International nonprofits and businesses to support the development of digital health solutions that enable the use of diabetes data to ease the burden for people with Type 1 diabetes, their caregivers and healthcare provide... GrantWatch ID#: 158796


Intensive Business Course for New York City Entrepreneurs

Deadline: 07/22/15

Intensive business courses for New York City entrepreneurs to help refine business concepts, identify the components of a strong business plan, and access the appropriate resources to complete a launch. The course will take place over 7 sessions, an... GrantWatch ID#: 158975

Grants to USA Agencies, Businesses, Nonprofits, & IHEs for Coastal Area Environment Projects

Deadline: 07/24/15

Grants to Alabama, Alaska, American Samoa, California, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Guam, Hawaii, Illinois, Indiana, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North ... GrantWatch ID#: 157848

Grants to Canada Aboriginal Artists, Businesses, & Nonprofits to Unite Diverse Populations Through the Arts

Deadline: 07/24/15

Grants of up to $75,000 to Canada arts and culture professionals (citizens over 18 years of age) of Aboriginal heritage, Aboriginal arts collectives, arts nonprofits, publishing houses, and similar Aboriginal organizations for arts projects that pro... GrantWatch ID#: 158052

Awards to New Mexico Business Executives for Outstanding Leadership

Deadline: 07/27/15

Awards to New Mexico CEOs and other business executives in recognition of contributions and achievements in leadership. Nominations are due by July 14. Nominees will be evaluated on their professional achievement, contributions to the community and ... GrantWatch ID#: 156875

Grant to a New York Nonprofit, Business, or IHE to Promote K-12 Nutrition & Exercise

Deadline: 07/28/15

Grants to New York IHE, nonprofit, or business to institute a statewide campaign aimed at teachers and students (under the age of 19) concerning the importance of a nutritious breakfast and regular exercise. July 7 is the deadline for questions. T... GrantWatch ID#: 158468

Contests & Grants for Indiana Students, Schools for Career Exploration Activities

Deadline: 07/30/15

Grants of $1,000 to Indiana colleges to host career exploration opportunities for students and an opportunity for Indiana students to win $529 in a tax-free savings for college. Colleges must host a career-related event and students must take part ... GrantWatch ID#: 155744

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