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Federal Grants for NonProfits:'s database of federal government grants for nonprofits and government agencies include government grants for social welfare, research, environment, science, health, education and Head Start.
Number of Grants: 77
Grants to Promote a Smoke-Free Environment
Deadline: Ongoing

Grants for up to $4,000 for organizations that promote a smoke-free environment. The organization offering this funding opportunity seeks to achieve a decline in the prevalence of smoking, teen smoking and exposure to secondhand smoke. The purpose ... GrantWatch ID#: 126531

Grants for Workplace Safety in Israel
Deadline: Ongoing

Grants are being awarded for projects that raise the level of safety and help prevent accidents at workplaces in Israel. Applicants should aim to develop novel projects in research, intervention, information/training or product testing that help pro... GrantWatch ID#: 127125

Grants for Israeli Non-Profits and Others Experimental Social Welfare Projects
Deadline: Ongoing

Grants are being awarded to qualified non-profit organizations for innovative welfare service projects in Israel. Funding is allocated to help set up experimental projects that encourage professional bodies in the government, public and voluntary s... GrantWatch ID#: 127250

Grants for Science Research Exchange Program in Israel and Germany
Deadline: Ongoing

Grants are being awarded to Israeli and German scientists for the opportunity to participate in an exchange program. Diploma/M.Sc. students, post graduates, doctoral degree students, and post doctoral candidates can apply to conduct water technolog... GrantWatch ID#: 127416

Economic Development Grants for U.S. Universities, Municipalities, Tribes, Non-Profits, and Others
Deadline: Ongoing

Grants are available to municipalities, non-profit organizations, tribal organizations, universities, and other entities, including consortia, for programs that stimulate economic development in their communities or regions. Both planning programs a... GrantWatch ID#: 129782

Grants to Support the Promotion of American Values in Israel
Deadline: Ongoing

Grants up to $10,000 are being awarded to support artistic and cultural performances and local projects by NGOs and educational institutions in Israel. Projects should have an American component or be relative to American values such as diversity, e... GrantWatch ID#: 130766

Grants to USA Schools to Improve Student Health Through Nutrition & Activity
Deadline: Ongoing

Grants ranging from $500 to $2,000 to USA schools that have created healthier school environments through the promotion of nutrition and physical activity. These grants are intended to recognize and support those schools participating in the Nation... GrantWatch ID#: 134881

Grants to USA Health Care Providers & Others for Online Health Research Training Services
Deadline: Ongoing

Grants of up to $1,000 will be awarded to Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Maryland, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, Washington, D.C., West Virginia, Puerto Rico, and U.S. Virgin Islands health professionals, library asso... GrantWatch ID#: 135222

Grants to USA Medical Libraries for Exhibits Promoting Electronic Health Care Resources
Deadline: Ongoing

Grants of up to $2,000 are available to USA medical libraries in Alabama, District of Columbia, Georgia, Florida, Maryland, Mississippi, North Carolina, Puerto Rico, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia and the U.S. Virgin Islands, for... GrantWatch ID#: 135223

Scholarship Grants for Outstanding College Students in Israel
Deadline: Ongoing

Scholarships grants of NIS 2,500 will be awarded to students studying for a Bachelor's degree in education in Israel. Funding will be provided to students with high acceptance scores (combined psychometric and matriculation exams). Students can appl... GrantWatch ID#: 131420

Grants to Canada Media Arts Organizations for Emergency Relief Assistance
Deadline: Ongoing

Grants of up to $5,000 are available to currently funded Canada media arts organizations for emergency expenses due to water damage, fire, equipment theft, vandalism, or other emergencies that would make it difficult for the organization to fulfill ... GrantWatch ID#: 135319

Grants to Canada Arts Organizations & Aboriginal Artists for Travel for Native Arts Collaborations
Deadline: Ongoing

Grants of up to $3,000 are available to cover domestic and international travel costs of Canadian Aboriginal arts organizations or groups and individual professional artists who are visiting other Aboriginal communities, for collaborative artistic p... GrantWatch ID#: 135353

Grants to Canada Municipalities & Others to Recognize Important Historical Events & Persons
Deadline: Ongoing

Grants are available to Canada municipalities, non-profits, and others for projects that transform, restore, or renovate community buildings or exteriors in commemoration of a locally important historical event or historical personality. Funding wil... GrantWatch ID#: 145345

Awards to USA, Territories Criminal Justice Agencies for Research & Evaluation of Programs & Procedures
Deadline: Ongoing

Prizes starting at $50,000 will be awarded to USA and territories criminal justice agencies and individuals or organizations working with an agency that successfully complete research projects designed to provide solutions to problems they are facin... GrantWatch ID#: 145416

Grants to USA Businesses, Non-Profits, & Others to Expedite Mental Health Research After Disasters
Deadline: Ongoing

Grants of up to $50,000 per year are available to international and USA government agencies, non-profits, businesses, and others for research into mental health issues following a sudden natural or manmade disaster. Funding will be expedited so that... GrantWatch ID#: 137191

Grants to Northern Ontario, Canada Organizations to Promote Economic Development
Deadline: Ongoing

Grants to Northern Ontario, Canada non-profits, businesses, business associations, municipalities and other organizations to enhance the region's economy by encouraging communities and businesses to become more innovative, productive and competitive... GrantWatch ID#: 146415

Grants to Kansas and Missouri Non-Profits to Improve Health Care Quality & Access for All
Deadline: Ongoing

Grants of up to $50,000 to Kansas and Missouri non-profit and governmental entities that are seeking financial support for public policy and advocacy efforts and activities that address health care quality and access for uninsured or medically under... GrantWatch ID#: 146343

Grants to Canada Artists, Presenters, & Others for Travel for Media & Performing Arts & Publishing
Deadline: Ongoing

Grants of up to $10,000 to Canadian performing artists, presenters, arts organizations, and others for travel expenses for career development activities and to develop new audiences and markets. Applicants must submit their application before their ... GrantWatch ID#: 148308

Grants to Canada Dance & Related Professionals for Travel for Career Development & Enhancement Activities
Deadline: Ongoing

Grants of up to $2,500 for travel expenses to Canada dance professionals including choreographers, designers, and technicians who have been invited to participate in dance related activities important to their career. Applicants must apply before t... GrantWatch ID#: 148317

Grants to USA State and Local Governments for Purchase and Preservation of Civil War Sites
Deadline: Ongoing

Grants to USA state and local governments for the acquisition and preservation of threatened Civil War battlefield land. The aim of the program is to promote the preservation of significant historic battlefields and to enable current and future g... GrantWatch ID#: 149019

Grants to Canada Media Artists, Curators, & Critics for Travel to Exhibit & for Professional Development
Deadline: Ongoing

Grants of up to $2,500 to Canadian professional media artists, critics, and curators for domestic and foreign travel in order to show their work and for professional development activities. Applicants must apply before their departure date. and at ... GrantWatch ID#: 148319

Grants to Alaska Non-Profits & Municipalities for Environmental Projects for Youth & Young Adults
Deadline: Ongoing

Grants starting at $500 to Alaska municipalities and non-profits for environmental programs for youth and young adults ages 16-25. Eligible projects introduce youth and young adults to careers in land management through hands-on experience on mana... GrantWatch ID#: 151523

Grants to USA Severely Disabled Veterans to Adapt a Home to Accommodate their Disability
Deadline: Ongoing

Grants of up to $14,093 to USA veterans and service members who have suffered permanent and serious service-connected impairment in order to purchase, construct, or modify a home adapted to their special needs. Eligible disabilities include loss of ... GrantWatch ID#: 151504

Grants to USA Research Facilities, Individuals, IHEs, & Businesses for Agricultural Research
Deadline: 06/04/15

Grants to USA IHEs, businesses, State and federal research agencies, individuals, and other research organizations, for research and extension programs related to food and agriculture. April 2 is the optional deadline to submit a letter of intent. ... GrantWatch ID#: 152277

Grants to USA Businesses, Nonprofits, & Agencies to Provide Assistance to Health Centers
Deadline: 06/01/15

Grants to USA State and territories nonprofits, businesses, and agencies to provide technical assistance to health center grantees in the areas of oral health, information technology, and clinical workforce development. On April 10 a technical assis... GrantWatch ID#: 154544

Grants to USA States & Nonprofits for Initiatives to Mitigate Youth Suicide
Deadline: 06/02/15

Grants to USA, territories, tribal organizations and nonprofits for State and tribal (including Alaska Villages and urban Indian organizations) for strategies to mitigate youth suicide. A webinar will be held on April 20. Eligible projects are coll... GrantWatch ID#: 154567

Grants to USA Nonprofits, IHEs, & Agencies to Develop or Produce Humanities Films
Deadline: 06/10/15

Grants to USA nonprofits, IHEs, and State and local agencies for humanities based films exploring international themes and subjects. April 29 is the optional deadline to submit a draft proposal for review. Funds will be provided for development or ... GrantWatch ID#: 151054

Grants to Prince Edward Island Businesses for Employee Training Programs
Deadline: Ongoing

Grants to Prince Edward Island businesses, industry associations or sector councils for workforce training programs that invest in new skills, improve productivity and competitiveness, and introduce new business practices required in a knowledge-bas... GrantWatch ID#: 154587

Grants to USA New England Region State & Local Agencies & IHEs for Wetland Restoration
Deadline: 06/05/15

Grants starting at $50,000 to Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont State, local, and tribal agencies and public IHEs for wetland restoration. May 28 is the deadline to submit questions. There are two applicant ... GrantWatch ID#: 154836

Grants to Rural USA Nonprofits & Businesses to Treat Drug Overdoses
Deadline: 06/08/15

Grants to rural USA and territories nonprofits, businesses, community and faith based organizations for devices that reverse the effects of drug overdoses. On April 24 a webinar will be held. Applicants are partnerships between emergency responders ... GrantWatch ID#: 154561

Grants to USA Agencies, Nonprofits & IHEs to Digitize Out-of-Print Humanities Books
Deadline: 06/10/15

Grants starting at $50,000 to USA nonprofits, local and State agencies, and tribal governments to digitize out-of-print humanities books for access to the public. April 29 is the optional deadline to submit a draft application for review. Academic p... GrantWatch ID#: 151325

Grants to USA State & Tribal Workforce Agencies for Employment Programs for the Disabled
Deadline: 06/11/15

Grants to USA State and tribal workforce agencies to improve employment opportunities for people with disabilities and eligible veterans and their spouses by increasing their participation in college programs and other career pathways. Eligible prog... GrantWatch ID#: 157053

Grants to Prince Edward Island Businesses for Employee Skills Development & Training
Deadline: Ongoing

Grants to Prince Edward Island private sector businesses to train new or existing employees to meet the skill requirements for available jobs. Projects must result in a new hire or a better job for an under-employed or employed individual. GrantWatch ID#: 154586

Grants to Canada Musicians & Music Groups for Domestic, North America & International Tours
Deadline: 06/01/15

Grants to professionally recognized Canada musicians, musical groups, and organizations to help cover budget shortfalls for domestic, Canada/USA, and international tours. Applicants must also allow enough time to complete the application and organi... GrantWatch ID#: 148282

Awards to Canada, USA & International Publishers for Outstanding Books of Canadian Authorship
Deadline: 06/01/15

Awards of up to $25,000 to Canada, USA, and international publishers who have published English and French language books that have been written, translated, or illustrated by Canadian citizens or permanent residents (who do not have to be living in... GrantWatch ID#: 155267

Grants to USA Nonprofits & IHEs for Employer & Worker Safety Training Programs
Deadline: 06/02/15

Grants to USA nonprofits, labor unions, employee associations, and public IHEs to train workers and employers to recognize and mitigate safety hazards in the workplace. Funding will also be provided to develop training materials if desired. Applican... GrantWatch ID#: 154627

Grants to USA Public & Private Nonprofits for Assistance to Minority Senior Organizations
Deadline: 06/15/15

Grants to USA public and private nonprofits and tribal organizations to form a consortium designed to provide technical assistance to organizations addressing issues related to minority seniors. May 18 is the optional deadline to submit a letter of... GrantWatch ID#: 155050

Grants to USA Indian Tribes & Museums for the Return of Native American Cultural Items
Deadline: 06/01/15

Grants of up to $15,000 to USA Native American tribes, agencies, and IHEs for the return of Native American cultural items and human remains to American Indian tribes and Native Hawaiian organizations. Applications should be submitted at least 8 wee... GrantWatch ID#: 148417

Grants to IHEs & Organizations in Multiple USA States for Research Assisting Farmers & Ranchers
Deadline: 06/01/15

Grants to Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, Puerto Rico, and U.S. Virgin Islands IHEs and government and non-government organizations. June 1 ... GrantWatch ID#: 155146

Grants to Multiple USA States IHEs & Organizations for Agriculture Education
Deadline: 06/01/15

Grants, with priority to requests under $80,000, to IHEs, agencies, and organizations to provide sustainable agriculture education in Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Te... GrantWatch ID#: 155147

Grants to USA Agencies & Nonprofits for Technology Projects Related to the Humanities
Deadline: 06/10/15

Grants to USA nonprofits, and State, local, and tribal agencies for technology projects that facilitate the public's access to the humanities. Three categories of funding are available: the first category supports the exploratory stages of a digital... GrantWatch ID#: 142344

Grant to a USA Nonprofit, Business, or IHE to Assess Juvenile Criminal Release Outcomes
Deadline: 06/10/15

Grant to a USA State, territories, or tribal nonprofit, business, agency, or IHE to provide standards for juvenile reentry based on reentry research, data collection, and performance measurement knowledge and practice. These standards will help faci... GrantWatch ID#: 155479

Grant to a USA Nonprofit, Business, or IHE to Mitigate Youth Recidivism
Deadline: 06/10/15

Grant to a USA, territories, or tribal nonprofit, business, agency, or IHE to facilitate implementation of strategies designed to improve outcomes for youth under community supervision. Grantees will provide technical assistance and training to law ... GrantWatch ID#: 155480

Grants to USA Nonprofits to Facilitate the Reintegration of Imprisoned Individuals
Deadline: 06/11/15

Grants to USA nonprofits, tribes, and tribal nonprofits for programs that assist the reintegration of formerly incarcerated individuals. Eligible programs provide comprehensive services to facilitate their reentry into their communities. A key compo... GrantWatch ID#: 154960

Grant to a USA Business, Nonprofit, or IHE to Improve Health Care for Prospective Reentrants
Deadline: 06/11/15

Grant to a USA nonprofit, business, or IHE to assist State and local criminal justice systems in providing incarcerated and reentering individuals access to appropriate healthcare in order to improve outcomes and reduce recidivism. The grantee will ... GrantWatch ID#: 154978

Grant to a USA Nonprofit, IHE, or Agency to Support Organizations Assisting HIV/AIDS Patients
Deadline: 06/22/15

Grant to a qualified nonprofit, IHE, or agency in the USA or its territories to provide technical assistance to sites implementing interventions to assist HIV/AIDS patients. On Thursday, May 21, 2015 a technical assistance webinar is scheduled to b... GrantWatch ID#: 155658

Grants & Loans to Rural USA & Puerto Rico Low-Income Homeowners for Home Safety & Repair
Deadline: Ongoing

Grants of up $7,500 and loans of up to $20,000 to USA and Puerto Rico very low income single family homeowners in eligible rural areas for home repairs and safety improvements. Applications are accepted all year round as long as funding is available... GrantWatch ID#: 154523

Grants to Nunavut, Northwest Territories and Yukon Aboriginal Groups for Economic Development Programs
Deadline: Ongoing

Grants to Nunavut, Northwest Territories and Yukon First Nations and Inuit governments, tribal councils, and associations to increase economic development. Funding provides financial support to Aboriginal communities so they can improve their capaci... GrantWatch ID#: 156370

Grants to Canada Nonprofits, Provinces, & IHEs for Marketing of Canada Authored Books
Deadline: 05/29/15

Grants to Canada provinces, nonprofits, and IHEs to assist with the publishing and marketing of Canada authored books and to build industry infrastructure and capacity. Eligible applicants are involved primarily in book publishing, marketing, and wh... GrantWatch ID#: 155258

Grant to a USA Business, IHE, or Nonprofit for Data Regarding State Attorney General Offices
Deadline: 06/01/15

Grant to a USA or territories business, nonprofit, IHE, or agency to determine what the most urgent challenges of State attorney general offices are, and to provide strategies on how to deal with them. The awardee will design and implement surveys o... GrantWatch ID#: 154580

Grants to USA Businesses, Nonprofits, & IHEs for Studies on Girls in the Justice System
Deadline: 06/01/15

Grants of up to $50,000 to USA States and territories IHEs, nonprofits, businesses, and agencies for studies regarding girls' contact with the juvenile and adult justice systems. Applicants will provide original research or analysis of existing data... GrantWatch ID#: 155057

Grants to Canada Visual Artists & Architects for Career-Related Travel Expenses
Deadline: 06/01/15

Grants of up to $2,500 to Canada visual arts or architecture professionals to subsidize travel expenses within Canada or abroad for activities and projects that will promote or enhance their careers. Eligible disciplines for this award are: visual a... GrantWatch ID#: 156097

Grants to USA Nonprofits, Businesses, & Agencies to Evaluate Results of Justice Reforms
Deadline: 06/02/15

Grants to USA and territories nonprofits, businesses, IHEs, and agencies to research and evaluate the effectiveness and cost efficiency of reforms in the juvenile justice system, particularly those related to encounters between youth and law enforce... GrantWatch ID#: 155065

Grants to USA 1862 Land Grant Institutions for Disaster Related Research & Education
Deadline: 06/08/15

Grants typically starting at $30,000 to USA and territories 1862 land grant institutions for disaster related research, education, and extension programs. Areas of interest are: interdisciplinary and multi-state disaster training and demonstration ... GrantWatch ID#: 156459

Grants to USA Nonprofits & IHEs to Support & Enhance Tribal Judicial Systems
Deadline: 06/09/15

Grants to USA nonprofits & IHEs for technical assistance to improve and enhance Indian tribal justice systems. Funds will be provided for three programs. The first provides civil representation for low-income tribe members; the second provides crimi... GrantWatch ID#: 155240

Grants to USA IHEs to Sponsor Doctoral Candidates Engaged in Criminal Justice Research
Deadline: 06/10/15

Grants to accredited USA IHEs applying on behalf of doctoral candidates whose work is related to USA criminal justice policy and practice. Awards will provide fellowship support to graduate students who dissertation research uses criminal justice da... GrantWatch ID#: 154582

Grant to a USA Business, Nonprofit, or IHE to Develop Juvenile Drug Court Forums & Networks
Deadline: 06/10/15

Grant to a USA, territories, or tribal nonprofit, business, agency, or IHE to facilitate interaction between drug courts so they can share information and resources and develop peer-to-peer networks. Eligible proposals include forums and strategies ... GrantWatch ID#: 155482

Grants to USA Governmental Agencies to Address Gender-Based Violence in Correctional Facilities
Deadline: 06/10/15

Grants to USA States, territories, tribes, and local governments to assist confinement facilities in mitigating instances of gender based violence and abuse. Funding will be provided for demonstration projects benefiting either single or multiple fa... GrantWatch ID#: 156153

Grants to Canada Music Professionals & Groups for Professional Development Travel Expenses
Deadline: 06/15/15

Grants of up to $7,500 to Canada music professionals and small music groups or ensembles for travel expenses related to professional development opportunities. Applicants must contact program staff as soon as possible to determine eligibility. Fund... GrantWatch ID#: 155994

Grants to USA Nonprofits, Agencies, IHEs, & Businesses to Promote Marital Stability
Deadline: 07/07/15

Grants to USA State, territories, local, and tribal agencies, IHEs, nonprofits, and businesses for a variety of projects designed to provide marriage and relationship skills training. A series of webinars will be held from May 19 through May 29. Pr... GrantWatch ID#: 156290

Grants to Nunavut, Northwest Territories and Yukon Individuals and Businesses for Economic Programs
Deadline: Ongoing

Grants to Nunavut, Northwest Territories and Yukon Aboriginal entrepreneurs, businesses, and commercial entities to expand their business. Funding will help applicants pursue economic opportunities that benefit Aboriginal people. The fund is also in... GrantWatch ID#: 156371

Grant to a Vermont Law Enforcement Agency to Mitigate Internet Crimes Against Children
Deadline: 06/15/15

Grant to a Vermont State or local law enforcement or prosecutorial agency in order to mitigate child exploitation through the use of technology. Funding will be provided to assist in the acquisition of needed personnel, equipment, and training in or... GrantWatch ID#: 155733

Grants to USA States & Municipalities for Law Enforcement Improvement Initiatives
Deadline: 06/16/15

Grants over and under $25,000 to USA States, territories, local agencies, and municipalities to further their State's strategic law enforcement plans. Funds will be provided for technical assistance, strategic planning, forensic and other research, ... GrantWatch ID#: 155930

Grants to USA IHEs, Nonprofits, & Businesses for Doctoral-Level Early Childhood Research
Deadline: 06/29/15
LOI Date: 06/01/15

Grants to USA and territories nonprofits, businesses, and IHEs applying on behalf of doctoral level researchers for research related to early child care and education. June 1 is the deadline to submit an optional letter of intent. Research address... GrantWatch ID#: 156023

Grants to Western Montana Businesses & Nonprofits for Early Childhood Programs
Deadline: 07/13/15

Grants to Montana businesses and nonprofits in Granite, Mineral, Missoula, Powell, and Sanders Counties operating early childhood programs, to either increase the number of children being served or improve the services provided. Eligible programs a... GrantWatch ID#: 156602

Grants to Canada IHEs to Provide Technology & Related Support to Local Businesses
Deadline: 10/20/15
LOI Date: 06/09/15

Grants to Canada IHEs to enhance productivity and innovation of small to medium sized businesses. June 9 is the deadline for the mandatory letter of intent. Awardees will establish centers that address applied research and innovation needs of local ... GrantWatch ID#: 155666

Grants to Northern & Southern Israel Industrial Businesses for Capital Expenses
Deadline: Ongoing

Grants to Israel businesses for capital investment in internationally competitive industrial enterprises located in priority areas (primarily north and south regions). Funds will be provided for the following capital expenses: facilities, fixed ass... GrantWatch ID#: 151459

Grants to Israel Organizations to Promote Democratic Values & Civic Activism
Conference Date: 06/25/15
Deadline: Ongoing

Grants generally starting at $25,000 to Israel nonprofit organizations,NGOs, private sector organizations, and universities that are committed to supporting democratic values and the active participation of all individuals in social, political, and ... GrantWatch ID#: 155986

Grants to USA Medical Libraries in Mid-Atlantic States to Provide CE Opportunities for Employees
Deadline: Ongoing

Grants of up to $1,500 to Delaware, New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania national medical library member institutions to provide individuals at the institutions with opportunities to participate in continuing education and professional seminars. ... GrantWatch ID#: 156537

Protection for USA Nonprofits & Agencies Against Art or Artifacts Loss During Exhibitions
Deadline: 06/15/15

USA nonprofits and government agencies holding temporary exhibitions in the USA can apply to be insured against loss. Exhibitions must be comprised of USA artifacts in order to be covered. Eligible objects include works of art, other artifacts or o... GrantWatch ID#: 152663

Grants to USA Nonprofits & Agencies to Assist Underprivileged Individuals Build Savings
Deadline: 06/15/15

Grants starting at $10,000 to USA States, territories, tribal, and local nonprofits, agencies, low-income credit unions, and community development financial institutions for projects that assist low-income individuals to accumulate assets through m... GrantWatch ID#: 154564

Grants to USA Historic & Tribal Organizations to Nominate Sites for National Historic Status
Deadline: 06/15/15

Grants of up to $75,000 to USA State historic preservation offices, certified local governments, and tribal, Alaska Native, and Native Hawaiian organizations for activities necessary to qualify and provide nominations of sites for historic place or ... GrantWatch ID#: 155588

Grants to Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, & British Columbia Nonprofits for Substantial Upgrades to Facilities
Deadline: 06/17/15

Grants to Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, and British Columbia nonprofits or public sector bodies for projects that are undertaking meaningful upgrades to existing cultural and community facilities. Upgrades will provide long-term benefits to a com... GrantWatch ID#: 157125

Grants to USA Nonprofits, Businesses, & Agencies to Improve Victims Services
Deadline: 06/18/15

Grants to USA State, local, and tribal agencies, nonprofits, businesses and law enforcement agencies to improve the quality and accessibility of victims' services. Funds will be provided for eight program areas designed to identify knowledge gaps, a... GrantWatch ID#: 156126

Grants to USA Nonprofits & IHEs in Multiple States for Support Services to Women Owned Businesses
Deadline: 06/18/15

Grants to Alaska, Illinois, Indiana, Mississippi, Missouri, New Jersey, Ohio, Vermont, West Virginia, Guam, and U.S. Virgin Islands nonprofits including IHEs to assist new and established women entrepreneurs. Eligible programs are community centers... GrantWatch ID#: 156710

Grants to USA Law Enforcement Agencies for Strategies Addressing Gang Activity & Crimes
Deadline: 06/19/15

Grants to USA and territories multijurisdictional task forces made up of State, local, or tribal law enforcement agencies in order to mitigate crimes committed by gangs. Applicants are encouraged to immediately register at Funds will be ... GrantWatch ID#: 155698

Grants to Canada IHE Faculty for Technology R&D with Commercial Application Potential
Deadline: 06/29/15

Grants to Canada IHE faculty members for original research and development related to technology development that has commercial potential. Applicants can submit a draft proposal for review if submitted well in advance of the deadline. Proposals wi... GrantWatch ID#: 155669