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State grants, state government funding and/or fee for service contracts may be available to support or supplement your organization's education, social welfare, science and other proposed program.
Number of Grants: 50
Rebates to Kentucky Businesses, IHEs, Schools, & Food Services Promoting Kentucky Foods
Deadline: 12/31/16

Reimbursement of up to $12,000 to Kentucky businesses, IHEs, schools, and food services for purchasing Kentucky agricultural products for use in their establishments. Whole or processed products must be purchased from a Kentucky farm and be intended... GrantWatch ID#: 154806

Grants to Arkansas Local and Tribal Agencies, Schools to Enable Pedestrian and Bicyclist Safety
Deadline: 06/01/16

Grants to Arkansas local, regional, and tribal agencies, LEAs, schools, and nonprofits (partnering with an eligible applicant) for construction projects to create new transportation options for the public. Seminars will be held on March 13 and April... GrantWatch ID#: 169702

Grants to New York Nonprofits and Government Agencies to Conserve Viable Agricultural Land
Deadline: 06/13/16

Grants to New York local government agencies, conservation districts, and nonprofit conservation organizations for the conservation easement of viable agricultural lands at risk of conversion to non-farm uses. Conference calls and webinars will be h... GrantWatch ID#: 143549

Grants to West Virginia Nonprofits and Schools for Maintenance of Arts Venues and Equipment
Deadline: 07/01/16

Grants starting at $2,500 to West Virginia nonprofit arts organizations and schools to maintain art facilities and purchase equipment. A letter of intent is due by April 1. Funding is intended for the acquisition, construction and renovation of arts... GrantWatch ID#: 169915

Grants to Nebraska Nonprofits and Public Agencies to Assist Survivors of Violent Assault and Other Crimes
Deadline: 06/20/16

Grants to Nebraska nonprofit organizations and public agencies that provide direct services to victims of crime at no cost to the individual receiving the service. A webinar will be held on April 7, and the conference call will be held on April 12. ... GrantWatch ID#: 170270

Grants to New Jersey Public School Districts and Schools for Grades 6-12 Health and Wellness Programs
Deadline: 06/10/16

Grants of $4,000 to New Jersey public schools and school districts serving students in 6th grade and above for a variety of sustainable health and wellness programs. Webinars will be held on April 14 and 20. Policy and program areas include nutritio... GrantWatch ID#: 158869

Grants to New Jersey Local Education Agencies to Help Youth with Disabilities Transition to Adulthood
Deadline: 06/09/16

Grants to New Jersey local education agencies, including charter schools, for the development of programs for students (ages 16-21) with disabilities. An informational webinar will be held April 21. Recipients will develop model programs that implem... GrantWatch ID#: 170963

Grant to a Mohawk Valley Region, New York Nonprofit to Improve Employment Options for Low-Income Workers
Deadline: 06/01/16

A grant of $70,000 to a New York nonprofit in the Mohawk Valley region to improve employment options for low-income workers in Fulton, Herkimer, Montgomery, Oneida, Otsego, and/or Schoharie Counties. April 25 is the deadline for the optional LOI an... GrantWatch ID#: 171384

Grants to New York Nonprofits and Agencies for Research Related to Stem Cell Biology
Deadline: 06/23/16

Grants to New York nonprofits and government agencies to advance stem cell biology research. May 13 is the deadline to register for the May 16 telephone conference. May 19 is the deadline to submit questions. May 20 is the deadline by which applican... GrantWatch ID#: 171312

Grants to Delaware Agricultural Producers, Businesses, IHEs, Nonprofits to Enhance Marketability of State Crops
Deadline: 06/03/16

Grants of up to $50,000 to Delaware agricultural producers, IHEs, nonprofits, businesses, and State and local organizations for activities increasing the marketability of specific State agricultural crops. On April 26 a workshop will be held. Funds... GrantWatch ID#: 171497

Grants to Washington, DC Nonprofits and Individuals for Art Installations in Public Spaces
Deadline: 07/11/16

Grants to Washington, DC nonprofit organizations and individual artists and arts professionals to install temporary or permanent artwork to enhance public spaces in local neighborhoods. An informational workshop is scheduled for April 28. Applicants... GrantWatch ID#: 171431

Grants to Arkansas Nonprofits, Schools and Government Agencies for Collaborative Physical Activity Programs
Deadline: 06/03/16

Grants of up to $30,500 to Arkansas nonprofits, pubic schools, school districts, agencies, and city or county agencies for physical activity projects that will enhance the lives of students and the community and reduce the incidence of obesity. Fund... GrantWatch ID#: 171768

Grants to British Columbia Nonprofit and Parent Organizations for Arts and Sports Programs
Deadline: 05/31/16

Grants to British Columbia nonprofit organizations and parent advisory councils for arts, culture and sports programs. Funding is intended for paying wages of existing paid positions, utilities, facility rental, supplies, travel assistance, competit... GrantWatch ID#: 168219

Grants to British Columbia Nonprofits, Local Governments and First Nations to Reinvigorate Rural Communities
Deadline: 05/31/16

Grants to British Columbia local governments, First Nations, and nonprofits representing rural communities with populations of 25,000 or less to reinvigorate local economies. Projects may address social, cultural and economic viability in order to m... GrantWatch ID#: 171035

Grants to Ontario Arts Nonprofits and Galleries for Organizational Support
Deadline: 06/01/16

Grants of up to and starting at $30,000 to Ontario nonprofit organizations and art galleries for operational support. Funding is intended to assist with production and presentation of art and arts services to the public and to sustain a healthy arts... GrantWatch ID#: 164790

Grants to Vermont Nonprofits, Arts Organizations for Artist Residencies in Early Childhood Programs
Deadline: 06/01/16

Grants of up to $4,000 to Vermont arts organizations and nonprofits to partner with a Head Start agency or school in order to provide arts experiences for teachers and students in the early childhood education programs. Programs should engage teachi... GrantWatch ID#: 170201

Grants to Florida Agencies, IHEs, Nonprofits for Preservation of Historic and Archaeologic Sites
Deadline: 07/01/16

Grants starting at $50,000 to Florida local and State agencies, school districts, IHEs, and nonprofits for activities for historic and archaeologic preservation. On May 17 and June 16 webinars will be held. Funds will be provided for preservation of... GrantWatch ID#: 171411

Grants to Delaware Businesses & Municipalities for Job Creation and Brownfields Redevelopment
Deadline: Ongoing

Grants to Delaware businesses and municipalities to provide low-interest loans and grants to businesses for job creation, relocation, expansion and brownfield redevelopment. Funding is intended to maintain or provide gainful employment for local res... GrantWatch ID#: 159087

Grants to Missouri Nonprofits for Arts Projects Created by & Targeting Minority Populations
Deadline: Ongoing

Grants of up to $2,500 to Missouri minority-led nonprofit organizations to support arts projects create by or targeted to African-American, Asian American, Latino and Hispanic, and Native American communities. Applications are accepted on a monthly,... GrantWatch ID#: 159651

Grants to Missouri Nonprofits for Art Presentations, Education and Performances
Deadline: Ongoing

Grants of up to $2,500 to Missouri nonprofit organizations to support arts projects by covering the costs of artist fees, artist travel expenses, marketing the arts events, and project-related educational materials. For granting purposes, a project... GrantWatch ID#: 159875

Grants to Alberta Nonprofits and Public Institutions to Promote Student Health and Wellness in Schools
Deadline: 05/30/16

Grants of up to $5,000 to Alberta nonprofits, public institutions and organizations to implement innovative approaches to addressing student health and wellness in schools. Projects must demonstrate a planned, integrated, and holistic approach to i... GrantWatch ID#: 171748

Grants to Alberta Nonprofits and Public Institutions to Promote Health and Wellness for 9-12 Students
Deadline: 05/30/16

Grants of up to $15,000 to Alberta nonprofits and public institutions and organizations to implement innovative, comprehensive school health approaches that ultimately improve academic success for students in grades nine through twelve. Applicants ... GrantWatch ID#: 171749

Grants to Alberta Nonprofits and Public Institutions to Promote Student Health, Wellness, and Safety in Schools
Deadline: 05/30/16

Grants of up to $2,000 to Alberta nonprofits and public institutions and organizations to implement innovative, comprehensive school health and wellness approaches that engage students and promote safe learning spaces. Projects should focus on stra... GrantWatch ID#: 171750

Grants to New York Businesses and Nonprofits to Train Long-Term Unemployed Workers
Deadline: 05/31/16

Grants to New York businesses, nonprofits, workforce investment boards, and training providers to train dislocated employees. May 20 is the deadline for submitting questions. Particular interest is in individuals who have been unemployed for an exte... GrantWatch ID#: 165059

Grants to Montana Small Businesses for Training Programs to Upgrade Current Employees' Skills
Deadline: 06/01/16

Grants of up to $2,000 per full time employee and $1,000 per part time employee to Montana small businesses for short-term training programs for current employees. Applications must be submitted at least two weeks before scheduled training. Applicat... GrantWatch ID#: 159543

Grants to Oregon Arts Nonprofits to Provide Enhanced Arts Education to K-12 Students
Deadline: 06/01/16

Grants of up to $15,000 to Oregon arts nonprofits including programs or departments within IHEs to provide K-12 students with additional arts opportunities. Proposals that show partnerships with schools that are engaged in program planning and fill ... GrantWatch ID#: 162288

Awards to Wisconsin Public Schools for Promoting Nutrition, Health and Wellness
Deadline: 06/01/16

Awards to Wisconsin public schools in recognition of outstanding policies, programs, and infrastructure that supports good nutrition, physical activity, parental and community involvement, and staff wellness. The purpose of this program is to motiva... GrantWatch ID#: 162690

Grants to Iowa Small Businesses to Exhibit at International Trade Shows Held in the USA
Deadline: 06/01/16

Grants of up to $4,000 to Iowa small businesses with under 500 employees to exhibit at an international trade show held in the USA. Applications must be submitted at least 30 days prior to the event. Applicants will be funded on a first-come, first-... GrantWatch ID#: 170306

Grants to Texas Nonprofits, For-Profits, School Districts and Individuals to Replace Conventional Fuel Vehicles
Deadline: 05/26/17

Grants to Texas individuals, businesses, nonprofits, government agencies and school districts operating on-road heavy-duty or medium-duty vehicles in eligible East Texas Counties or El Paso County. Applications are considered on a first-come, first-... GrantWatch ID#: 168820

Grants to North Dakota Residents to Enhance Advocacy Skills for the Developmentally Disabled
Deadline: Ongoing

Grants of up to $1,000 to North Dakota developmentally disabled individuals and parents, family members, and guardians of children and adult children with developmental disabilities, to improve advocacy skills. Applications will be considered on a f... GrantWatch ID#: 161552

Grants to West Virginia Municipalities for Litter Enforcement and Razing Dilapidated Buildings
Deadline: 05/31/16

Grants of $3,000 to West Virginia municipalities and Counties for programs reducing litter. Funds will be provided to raze abandoned buildings or for litter enforcement officer salaries. Applicants requesting funding for officers' wages must complet... GrantWatch ID#: 148591

Grants to Alaska Traditional Artists for Apprenticeships to Pass Down Native Art Forms
Deadline: 06/01/16

Grants generally up to $2,000 to Alaska master and apprentice artists, at least 18 years of age, to preserve and perpetuate traditional art forms. First-time applicants or returning applicants applying in a new grant category must contact office sta... GrantWatch ID#: 166287

Grants to Ohio Nonprofits, Schools and IHEs to Improve the Operations of Arts Programming
Deadline: 06/01/16

Grants ranging from $1,000 to $5,000 to Ohio nonprofit organizations and educational institutions providing arts and cultural programming to improve businesses practices and organizational efficiency. Awards may fund technical assistance projects, ... GrantWatch ID#: 168724

Grants to Ohio Nonprofits, Public Agencies and Artists to Promote Arts Activities by People with Disabilities
Deadline: 06/01/16

Grants of up to $3,000 to Ohio individual artists with disabilities, and nonprofit organizations, schools, and public agencies serving artists with disabilities to provide resources to further artistic development. These awards are intended to help ... GrantWatch ID#: 168741

Grants to Nevada Agencies, Tribes, Businesses, Nonprofits for Programs to Mitigate Gambling Problems
Deadline: 06/01/16

Grants of up to $5,000 to Nevada local agencies, businesses, nonprofits, and tribal entities to address serious mental health issues related to gambling. Funding and resources will be provided to incorporate gambling awareness programs into preventi... GrantWatch ID#: 169787

Grant to a New York Nonprofit, For-Profit or IHE to Improve Special Education Resource Centers
Deadline: 06/06/16

Grant to a New York nonprofit, for-profit or IHE to establish a national training center to provide professional development and evaluation of the State's special education technical assistance support centers. Questions regarding this RFP are due b... GrantWatch ID#: 171869

Grants to Idaho Nonprofit and Governmental EMS Organizations to Purchase Vehicles and Equipment
Deadline: 05/31/16

Grants to Idaho nonprofit organizations and government agencies providing emergency medical services to purchase vehicles and patient care equipment. Funding may be requested for equipment purchases that qualifying EMS agencies may not otherwise be ... GrantWatch ID#: 167749

Grants to South Dakota Public School Districts for Teacher Training and the Development of Teaching Tools
Deadline: 05/31/16

Grants to South Dakota K-12 public school districts for the development of teacher training and classroom access to virtual education and customized learning tools. Proposals should increase student academic opportunities and achievement. Some examp... GrantWatch ID#: 171706

Grants to Mississippi Nonprofits and Agencies for Arts Curriculum Development and Performances
Deadline: 06/01/16

Grants ranging from $200 to $1,000 to Mississippi nonprofits, municipal agencies, and IHEs for arts performances or workshops, arts curriculum development, and conference attendance. First-time applicants should contact a staff member to determine p... GrantWatch ID#: 164502

Scholarships to Delaware Nursing Students for a Commitment to Work at In-State Medical Facilities
Deadline: 06/01/16

Scholarships to Delaware students enrolled in accredited programs to become registered nurses and licensed practical nurses. Scholarships will be provided to eligible students on a loan-basis. Loan forgiveness will be granted at a rate of one year o... GrantWatch ID#: 165863

Grants to Utah Libraries for New Construction and Renovation of Facilities
Deadline: 06/01/16

Grants to Utah libraries for new construction, preservation, restoration, and renovation that will ultimately support and improve services. Priority will be given to applicants that have clear goals; additionally, they should calculate the public ... GrantWatch ID#: 170608

Opportunity for Delaware Local Governments to Qualify Urban Areas for State-Funded Economic Development
Deadline: 06/01/16

Opportunity for Delaware local governments to designate specific downtown areas for economic development. Local governments that wish to take advantage of this program must identify a downtown district in their community and apply for designation th... GrantWatch ID#: 171247

Grants to South Dakota Fire Departments to Improve Services in Rural Communities
Deadline: 06/01/16

Grants of up to $4,000 to South Dakota fire departments serving rural communities for training, preparations, and equipment purchases to better prevent and suppress fires. Funding may be requested for a range of requests that meet the following goal... GrantWatch ID#: 171702

Grants to New Brunswick First Nation & Aboriginal Communities & Individuals for Cultural Events
Deadline: Ongoing

Grants of up to $2,500 to individual New Brunswick First Nation community members at least 18 years of age, a First Nation community, or a recognized Aboriginal organization for nonprofit social, educational, and cultural initiatives. Funding will ... GrantWatch ID#: 160669

Grants to West Virginia Arts and History Nonprofits and Agencies to Protect Collections, Provide Accessibility
Deadline: Ongoing

Grants of up to $10,000 to West Virginia nonprofit arts and history organizations and municipalities for projects to provide accessibility to individuals with disabilities, and for emergency infrastructure and equipment needs to protect arts and his... GrantWatch ID#: 160729

Grants to Northwest Territories Nonprofits, Businesses and Public Agencies for Employee Training
Deadline: Ongoing

Grants of up to $10,000 per individual to Northwest Territories employers, including businesses, nonprofits, crown corporations, and Aboriginal governments, to train current and future employees. In addition to the cash grant, this program offers tr... GrantWatch ID#: 162703

Grants to Alberta Nonprofit and For-Profit Employers for Workforce Training to Fill and Retain Jobs
Deadline: Ongoing

Grants of up to $10,000 per trainee to Alberta not-for-profit and private sector employers to support workforce training initiatives that lead directly to available jobs or that increases workers' ability to retain jobs. Through this program, employ... GrantWatch ID#: 162729

Grants to West Virginia Individual Artists and Art Professionals to Travel to Workshops and Conferences
Deadline: Ongoing

Grants of up to $300 to West Virginia artists, arts administrators, and arts educators for assistance to attend conferences, workshops, seminars, and showcases outside of the State that will provide opportunities to learn new skills, network with co... GrantWatch ID#: 162991

Grants to Prince Edward Island Businesses and Industry Associations to Develop Company Websites
Deadline: Ongoing

Grants of up to $500 to Prince Edward Island businesses and industry associations to establish an online presence. The purpose of this program is to help Island companies increase business by adopting technology. Eligible costs might include the des... GrantWatch ID#: 164380

Grants to Northwest Territories Individuals and Businesses for Film and Media Production
Deadline: Ongoing

Grants up to $15,000 to Northwest Territories individual filmmakers and production companies for various aspects of film production and promotion. Funding can assist with completing a small production or trailer and pitch production; marketing and p... GrantWatch ID#: 165385