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Grants to the City of West Hollywood, California Non-Profits for Local Arts Events & Programs

Deadline: Ongoing

Grants to up to $1,000 to West Hollywood, California non-profits to support a variety of community-based arts programs, projects and events that enrich the cultural life of the City of West Hollywood community. Funds are intended to enhance free ... GrantWatch ID#: 149030

Grants to West Hollywood, California Non-Profits for Education, Social & Arts Programs

Deadline: Ongoing

Grants of up to $1,000 to West Hollywood, California community-based non-profit organizations to support a wide variety of arts programs and events as well as educational, social services, senior, youth and other types of programs that include the a... GrantWatch ID#: 149032

Grants to Arizona Non-Profits & Agencies for Programs Focused on Political & Social Issues

Deadline: Ongoing

Grants of up to $1,000 will be available to Arizona non-profits, government agencies, & others for public humanities programs relevant to Arizona residents. Workshops will be held from September 26 through November 6, 2014. Proposals must be submitt... GrantWatch ID#: 147394

Grants to Northern Virginia Non-Profits & Public Agencies to Positively Impact Local Communities

Deadline: Ongoing

Grants of up to $10,000 to Virginia non-profits, religious institutions and local government entities for projects that benefit Fauquier County, Rappahannock County and Northern Culpeper County. An informational workshop will be held on November 7. ... GrantWatch ID#: 148457

Grants to USA Non-Profits in Multiple States for Community Development, Culture & Human Services

Deadline: 09/30/15

Grants to Alabama, Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, New Mexico, New York, and Texas non-profit organizations serving communities where the funding source has business presence for a wide range of activities. The first informational conference... GrantWatch ID#: 145670

Grants to Salt Lake County, Utah Non-Profits for Zoological, Botanical, & Cultural Programs

Deadline: 04/30/15

Grants to Salt Lake County, Utah non-profit organizations to provide affordable access to arts and cultural opportunities in the community, including zoos, art and culture programs, and parks; increasing educational resources; and increasing public ... GrantWatch ID#: 152375

Grants to Anne Arundel County, Maryland Nonprofits to Support Arts & Cultural Activities

Deadline: 05/05/15

Grants to Anne Arundel County, Maryland nonprofit arts and cultural organizations to support organizational operations. Established organizations are welcome to apply for general operating support. New organizations may apply for founding assistance. GrantWatch ID#: 141765

Grants to Illinois & Missouri Non-Profits & Government Units for Arts, Human Services, Education & Health

Deadline: 06/01/15

Grants to Illinois and Missouri non-profit organizations and units of government for activities in the areas of arts and culture, community betterment, education, health, and human services. Applicants must serve Adams, Brown, Hancock, and Pike Coun... GrantWatch ID#: 152921

Grants to Tennessee Non-Profits for Arts Programs in the Memphis Metro Area

Deadline: 05/20/15

Grants ranging from $2,500 to $15,000 to Memphis Metro Area, Tennessee non-profits offering quality arts and cultural programs. A conference call will take place on March 13th and 23rd. Letters of Intent are due by April 10, 2015. GrantWatch ID#: 150182

Grants to Alaska Native Organizations & IHEs for Culturally Appropriate Academic Programs

Deadline: 04/27/15

Grants to Alaska native nonprofit organizations, IHEs, and community based organizations to meet the cultural and unique educational needs of Alaska Natives. Technical assistance webinars will be held on March 24 and April 14. Funding priorities are... GrantWatch ID#: 154061

Grants to New Jersey Non-Profits for Local Humanities Dialogues

Deadline: Ongoing

Grants of up to $500 to New Jersey non-profits to foster community discussion and raise basic questions of meaning and value. Projects may involve a reading or discussion event or series or a film screening or series. A scholar-facilitator must be ... GrantWatch ID#: 151511

Grants to Pennsylvania & New Jersey Non-Profits in the Philadelphia Region for Organizational Operations

Deadline: 10/09/15

Grants of up to $35,000 to Pennsylvania and New Jersey high-performing non-profit organizations for general operating support. First-time applicants must contact Foundation staff prior to applying. Information sessions are held throughout the year o... GrantWatch ID#: 152543

Grants to Metropolitan Atlanta, Georgia Nonprofits Providing Quality Arts Programming in the Region

Deadline: 06/26/15
LOI Date: 05/06/15

Grants of up to $75,000 to Georgia small and medium-sized nonprofit arts and cultural organizations that are focused on presenting, producing, and providing quality arts programming for the public in the Metropolitan Atlanta region. Funding is inten... GrantWatch ID#: 153237

Grants to British Columbia, Canada Language Immersion Programs Serving First Nations Children

Deadline: 05/06/15

Grants of up to $20,000 to British Columbia, Canada language immersion programs for First Nations children (ages 0-5). An information session will be held on April 2. Applicants may submit an application draft for review up to two weeks in advance o... GrantWatch ID#: 152416

Grants to Monmouth County, New Jersey Arts Nonprofits for Public Programming

Deadline: 06/15/15

Grants to Monmouth County, New Jersey nonprofit arts organizations and community groups with arts programs that provide excellent arts events that are accessible and beneficial to the public. Workshops are available on April 7, May 5, and May 11. Ea... GrantWatch ID#: 145282

Grants to Louisiana Nonprofits & Public Agencies for Arts Activities in Orleans, Jefferson & Plaquemines Parishes

Deadline: 05/18/15

Grants ranging from $1,500 to $30,000 to Louisiana nonprofit organizations, schools, and public agencies in Orleans, Jefferson and Plaquemines Parishes for a wide range of arts activities. Workshops will be held on April 7 and 8. May 6 is the option... GrantWatch ID#: 153113

Grants to Flagstaff Area, Arizona Nonprofits & Public Agencies for Quality Programs in Local Communities

Deadline: 06/17/15

Grants typically ranging from $750 to $5,000 to Arizona nonprofit organizations and government or tribal agencies to support a wide range of programming to benefit the Flagstaff community. Applicants may wish to attend the April 10 information sessi... GrantWatch ID#: 153946

Grants to Michigan Schools to Bring Professional Artists to the Classroom

Deadline: 06/01/15

Grants ranging from $5,000 to $20,000 to Michigan schools and school districts to support arts education residencies designed to enhance student knowledge of and participation in a particular art form. Optional grant information sessions will be hel... GrantWatch ID#: 153985

Grants to Minnesota Individual Artists to Support Artistic Achievement

Deadline: 04/30/15

Grants of up to $5,000 to Minnesota individual artists residing in Aitkin, Carlton, Cook, Itasca, Koochiching, Lake or St. Louis Counties for assistance in achieving artistic goals. A technical workshop will be held on April 15. Funds will allow art... GrantWatch ID#: 147790

Grants to Florida Non-Profits to Positively Impact the Communities of Escambia & Santa Rosa Counties

Deadline: 06/26/15
LOI Date: 04/30/15

Grants to Florida non-profit organizations for projects with a high potential for community impact in Escambia or Santa Rosa Counties. A grantwriting workshop will be held on April 16. LOIs are due by April 30. Applications are considered for activi... GrantWatch ID#: 128196

Grants to Salt Lake County, Utah Nonprofits for Arts, Culture and Recreation Programs

Deadline: 05/15/15

Grants to Salt Lake County, Utah arts, botanical, or cultural nonprofits to enhance arts, cultural and recreation programs throughout the County. Funding is intended to provide affordable access to arts and cultural opportunities in the community. GrantWatch ID#: 152376

Grants to USA Organizations in Collaboration with International Artists to Promote Jazz, Theater, Dance

Deadline: 05/29/15

Grants of $20,000 and $40,000 to USA artists and arts organizations working together to increase demand for, and interest in, jazz, theater, and contemporary dance. Intent to Apply Forms are due by April 24, and a webinar will take place on May 5, ... GrantWatch ID#: 153437

Grants to USA Arts Organizations to Partner With Artists to Promote & Increase Interest in Jazz, Theater, & Dance

Deadline: 09/14/15

Grants starting at $55,000 to USA arts organizations working together with artists from around the world to increase interest in jazz, theater, and contemporary dance. Intent to Apply Forms are due on April 24 and Preliminary Proposals are due on M... GrantWatch ID#: 153733

Grants to Wisconsin Historical Societies for Historical Preservation Projects & Organizational Support

Deadline: 06/05/15
LOI Date: 05/05/15

Grants of up to $700 to Wisconsin historical societies to support projects that strengthen an organization’s ability to manage and preserve historical collections. First time applicants should submit a draft of their application by May 5. Exa... GrantWatch ID#: 153880

Grants to Kansas & Missouri Nonprofits for Aging, Arts & Culture, and Education Programs

Deadline: 05/20/15

Grants generally ranging from $15,000 to $25,000 to Kansas City, Kansas and Missouri nonprofits for programs that have a significant, positive impact on improving the lives of area residents. Grants are made across a wide range of areas, with an emp... GrantWatch ID#: 154881

Grants to Massachusetts Students, Teachers, & Nonprofits to Enhance Education in Williamstown

Deadline: 05/04/15

Grants ranging from $200 to $2,000 to Williamstown, Massachusetts students, teachers, administrators, parents, nonprofits, and community members seeking funds to design new education initiatives and activities. April 25th is the LOI deadline. Fu... GrantWatch ID#: 150229

Grants to North Carolina Organizations & Individuals for Local Dance Productions, Outreach & Residencies

Deadline: 04/25/15

Grants of up to $200 to North Carolina dance artists, educators, students, organizations and institutions to support local dance activities. Funds are available for residencies, technical and production assistance, community projects and outreach ac... GrantWatch ID#: 153109

Fellowships to USA, Canada & International Individuals Leading Social & Community Change Through Arts

Deadline: 04/26/15

Fellowships to USA and international artists, activists, community organizers, administrators, and entrepreneurs using arts and culture as vehicles to drive physical and social transformation in their communities. This program provides tools, traini... GrantWatch ID#: 154091

Grants to Oregon Individuals, Agencies and Non-Profits for Neighborhood Improvement and Revitalization Projects

Deadline: 04/27/15

Grants of up to $10,000 to Oregon individuals, non-profits and agencies for innovative projects that revitalize downtowns and main streets to help boost economic activity, create jobs, and attract new investment. Projects must address at least three... GrantWatch ID#: 151861

Grants to Salt Lake City, Utah Non-Profits & Artists for Arts Programs & Activities that Reach Youth

Deadline: 04/27/15

Grants up to $7,500 to Salt Lake City, Utah non-profit organizations, individual artists, and groups of artists seeking financial assistance for new and existing arts programs, projects, and activities that reach and benefit youth, ages 5-18. Funde... GrantWatch ID#: 152311

Grants to Hawaii County, Hawaii Non-Profits for Economic & Community Development Activities

Deadline: 04/27/15

Grants starting at $1,000 to Hawaii County, Hawaii non-profits, government agencies, community organizations and educational institutions to support sustainable economic development in agriculture, business development, community building, energy, f... GrantWatch ID#: 152638

Grants to Mercer Island, Washington Local Organizations to Promote Community Well-Being

Deadline: 04/28/15

Grants to Mercer Island, Washington community-based groups and programs that promote social change through assisting people in taking greater responsibility for their own well-being and for the communities in which they live. The funding source cons... GrantWatch ID#: 151679

Grants to Franklin County, North Carolina Non-Profits & Public Agencies to Benefit Local Residents

Deadline: 04/28/15

Grants of $500 to Franklin County, North Carolina non-profit organizations, schools, and public agencies for a wide range of activities benefitting local people and communities. GrantWatch ID#: 152293

Grants to USA Agencies, Nonprofits & IHEs to Digitize Out-of-Print Humanities Books

Deadline: 06/10/15
LOI Date: 04/29/15

Grants starting at $50,000 to USA nonprofits, local and State agencies, and tribal governments to digitize out-of-print humanities books for access to the public. April 29 is the optional deadline to submit a draft application for review. Academic p... GrantWatch ID#: 151325

Grants to New York State Capital Region Nonprofits to Improve Education & the Quality of Life for Youth

Deadline: 10/14/15
LOI Date: 04/29/15

Grants ranging from $1,000 to $30,000 to New York nonprofit organizations that are working to improve education and the lives of local youth in Albany, Schenectady, Saratoga, and Rensselaer Counties. Pre-application materials are due April 29, 2015. GrantWatch ID#: 152104

Grants to Oregon City, Oregon Non-Profits for Arts, Environment, and Economic Development Programs

Deadline: 04/29/15

Grants of up to $25,000 to Oregon City, Oregon to make community improvements in local neighborhoods. Priority is given to projects or programs that best meet the funding goals and benefit the area most directly impacted by the South Metro Station. ... GrantWatch ID#: 153253

Grants to Arizona Nonprofits, Schools & Municipalities to Enhance the Quality of Life in Graham and Greenlee Coun...

Deadline: 04/29/15

Grants ranging from $250 to $5,000 to Arizona nonprofits, schools, tribal entities and municipalities in Graham and Greenlee Counties to enhance the quality of life. Proposals are encouraged that leverage matching funds; engage strategic, mission-dr... GrantWatch ID#: 153945

Grants to USA, Canada & International Nonprofits for New Arts Projects by Undervalued Artists

Deadline: 07/31/15
LOI Date: 04/29/15

Grants of up to $10,000 to USA, Canada and international nonprofits that support the production of new work by under-recognized visual artists and/or collaborative teams of artists. Letters of Inquiry are due by April 29. This production may happen ... GrantWatch ID#: 154474

Grants to New Mexico Non-Profits to Help Build Vibrant Communities

Deadline: 04/30/15

Grants to New Mexico non-profit organizations seeking funds to help build vibrant communities, specifically through: the creation of meaningful public spaces; community or neighborhood revitalization activities; corridor, street, or median improveme... GrantWatch ID#: 142415

In-Kind Grants of Books to Illinois Libraries and Public & Private School Libraries

Deadline: 04/30/15

In-kind grants of books to Illinois libraries and schools to participate in a reader's choice award program. Four sets of books are available, for grades K-3, 3-5, 4-8 and 9-12. Each recipient will receive one set of unprocessed award books. GrantWatch ID#: 144909

Grants to Connecticut Non-Profits to Benefit Underserved Populations Primarily in Manchester

Deadline: 04/30/15

Grants to Connecticut non-profit organizations to support and promote quality educational, cultural, and recreational programming for underserved populations. Preference is given to charitable organizations that serve the people of Manchester. GrantWatch ID#: 146833

Grants to Hansville, Washington Organizations for Local Beautification and Planting Projects

Deadline: 04/30/15

Grants to Hansville, Washington non-profits to aid in the protection of native trees, plants and birds, to encourage civic plantings, and to uphold community objectives of beautification and conservation. Previous funding has gone to the local YWCA... GrantWatch ID#: 147133

Grants to Arizona Arts Non-Profits for Membership in a Business or Tourism Association

Deadline: 04/30/15

Grants of up to $500 to Arizona non-profit arts and cultural organizations and units of government to support a 1- or 2-year membership in business or tourism industry chambers/bureaus/associations in their communities. Applicants must make a compel... GrantWatch ID#: 147388

Grants to Saskatchewan, Canada Nonprofits for Projects that Preserve & Promote Métis Culture

Deadline: 04/30/15

Grants of up to $10,000 to Saskatchewan, Canada nonprofit Métis community groups seeking financial assistance for cultural projects and activities that aim to preserve, strengthen, and share Métis culture and traditions with area residents. GrantWatch ID#: 148241

Grants to Weld County, Colorado Non-Profits for Collaborative Projects to Meet Community Needs

Deadline: 05/15/15
LOI Date: 04/30/15

Grants typically up to $10,000 to Weld County, Colorado non-profit organizations to support collaborative projects that make a positive impact and address community needs. LOIs must be submitted by April 30 for consideration. The Foundation looks fo... GrantWatch ID#: 149328

Grants to New Mexico Organizations for Public Beautification & Environmental Projects

Deadline: 04/30/15

Grants of up to $800 to New Mexico organizations for public beautification projects such as park tree planting or litter cleanup. Funds may be requested in the areas of education, native plants and landscaping, solid waste, litter control and recycl... GrantWatch ID#: 149577

Grants to USA Nonprofits, Institutions, Individuals for Seminars for Amateur Musicians

Deadline: 04/30/15

Grants to USA nonprofits, institutions, associations and individuals to support new or existing chamber music workshops for adult amateurs. Funds are available to subsidize coaches' salaries, to reduce registration fees, and to provide scholarships.... GrantWatch ID#: 150344

Grants to Oregon Non-Profit Museums for Projects Related to Heritage Collections

Deadline: 04/30/15

Grants of up to $8,000 are available to Oregon incorporated non‐profit museums, that have been in operation for at least two years, for the collection and management of heritage collections, heritage‐related tourism, and heritage education and i... GrantWatch ID#: 150611

Awards to Wyoming Individuals & Organizations for Historical Preservation Efforts

Deadline: 04/30/15

Awards of up to $1,000 to Wyoming individuals, non-profits and for-profits to recognize outstanding efforts in historical preservation. A wide range of awards are available in areas such as publications, fine arts, youth, audio an documentary, and i... GrantWatch ID#: 151180

Grants to Denver Area, Colorado Organizations for Local Arts & Cultural Activities

Deadline: 04/30/15

Grants to Metropolitan Denver, Colorado arts organizations to enrich local cultural assets, enrich cultural participation in the arts, and connect art and community in new and surprising ways. Interested organizations must contact Foundation staff t... GrantWatch ID#: 151713

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