Grants for International NonProfits: 

Grants for international nonprofit organizations to provide services, environment, art, education, research,social, youth and human service programs.   192 International Grants.

Awards to USA & International Massage Therapy Students for Patient Assessments

Deadline: 06/01/15

Awards of up to $2,500 to USA and international massage therapy students for competitively writing case reports in order to develop communication skills, critical thinking skills, and to contribute to future research and clinical practice. The fundi... GrantWatch ID#: 148019

Grants to Yukon Nonprofit, Religious, & Recreational Agencies to Benefit City of Whitehorse Residents

Deadline: 05/08/15

Grants generally ranging from $3,000 to $5,000 to Yukon, Canada nonprofit, religious, recreational, and/or charitable organizations providing services to disadvantaged individuals living in the City of Whitehorse, including but not limited to the el... GrantWatch ID#: 148656

Grants to USA, Canada, & International Organizations for Medical & Agriculture Research

Deadline: 05/13/15

Grants to USA, Canada, and international nonprofits, for-profit organizations, government agencies and educational institutions to support early-stage research projects with the potential to lead to new vaccines, diagnostics, drugs, and other techno... GrantWatch ID#: 154594

Grants to Saskatchewan, Canada Organizations to Host Artist Residencies in their Communities

Deadline: 05/15/15

Grants of up to $40,000 to Saskatchewan, Canada organizations, community groups, businesses or other stakeholders to collaborate with professional artists in any discipline by hosting an artist in residence projects that engage the community in arts... GrantWatch ID#: 148246

Grants to British Columbia Groups & Individuals for Environmental & Social Initiatives

Deadline: 05/15/15

Grants totaling $10,000 to British Columbia groups and individuals for environmental and social sustainability programs that improve quality of life on Bowen Island. Priority is given to initiatives that create intergenerational linkages. Grants are... GrantWatch ID#: 151891

Grants to British Columbia, Canada Native Communities for Language Preservation

Deadline: 06/10/15
Conference Date: 05/20/15

´╗┐Grants of $18,500 to British Columbia, Canada native communities for strategic language planning for effective and successful language revitalization. The bulk of the funding is intended to support the hiring of a Language Planning Specialist, wh... GrantWatch ID#: 152417

Awards to Alberta, Canada K-12 Teachers in Calgary for Making a Difference in Students' Education

Deadline: 05/24/15

Awards to Alberta, Canada K-12 teachers in Calgary in recognition of inspiring classroom instruction and contributions to their students' education. One award will be given each month through May to a teacher who has made a difference to Calgary stu... GrantWatch ID#: 150603

Award to USA, Canada & International Individual or Organization for Contribution to Public Health

Deadline: 05/24/15

Award of $2,000 to a USA, Canada and international health worker (physician or lay person) or a community organization for contributions to tuberculosis control over a period of 10 years or more.The award also consists of a full fellowship to attend... GrantWatch ID#: 154989

Grant to a USA, Canada or International Nonprofit to Use Data & Statistics to Further its Mission

Deadline: 05/25/15

Grant ranging from $10,000 to $15,000 to a USA or international nonprofit organization for a program that uses data-driven solutions to forward its mission. The grant is for funding outstanding organizations in their pursuit of using data and inform... GrantWatch ID#: 154441

Grants to American and French Jazz Artists & Ensembles for Collaborative Works

Deadline: 05/29/15

Grants of up to $25,000 to jazz artists and ensembles in the USA, its territories and France to collaborate on artistic activities that provide exposure to new audiences and professional relationships. This program supports projects jointly conceive... GrantWatch ID#: 152527

Grants to International Veterinarians to Attend a Professional Conference

Deadline: 05/30/15

Grants of up to $2,000 to international zoo and wildlife veterinarians to attend an annual zoo veterinarian conference. Preference will be given to applicants from developing countries with demonstrable financial needs and focused educational/conser... GrantWatch ID#: 153050

Awards to USA, Canada & International Organizations to Recognize Social & Environmental Change

Deadline: 05/31/15

Awards to USA, Canda and international social enterprises for initiatives to address transformative social and environmental change. Competitive applicants aim to achieve transformative social or environmental change through the application of innov... GrantWatch ID#: 153048


Awards to USA, Canada & International Individuals for Ground-Breaking Projects to Benefit Humankind

Deadline: 05/31/15

Awards to USA, Canada and International individuals who demonstrate that they have pioneering projects that will benefit the world. This program will fund ten ground-breaking projects that will help expand knowledge and improve quality of life on th... GrantWatch ID#: 153049

Grants to Germany & Israel Nonprofits to Promote Collaboration Between Young Adults from Both Countries

Deadline: 05/31/15

Grants to Germany and Israel nonprofit organizations to promote projects that give young adults in both countries an opportunity to exchange ideas and work together. The projects that receive funding deal with subjects relating to social solidarity ... GrantWatch ID#: 154423

Award to Recognize a USA or International Female Athlete for Accomplishments & Courage in Athletic Performance

Deadline: 05/31/15

One award to a USA or international female athlete who, through her accomplishments, has become an inspiring role model for girls and women worldwide. This award is intended to honor and recognize a worthy female athlete who exhibits extraordinary ... GrantWatch ID#: 155491

Grant Fellowships to USA, Canada & International Individuals for Additional Training in Pain Research

Deadline: 05/31/15

Grants in the form of a 24-month fellowship of up to $50,000 per year to a USA, Canada or international individuals at the early stages of their careers who are seeking to receive additional training in any aspect of pain research. Proposals will b... GrantWatch ID#: 155506

Grants to Manitoba Nonprofits for Family Learning & Reading Programs

Deadline: 06/01/15

Grants of up to $4,000 to Manitoba nonprofits for inter-generational literacy programs in libraries and community centers across the Province. Family literacy programs include children and parents/caregivers participating in activities that emphasiz... GrantWatch ID#: 152653

Grants to USA & International Nonprofits in Multiple States to Improve Education for Disadvantaged Youth

Deadline: 06/01/15

Grants typically ranging from $2,000 to $50,000 to Massachusetts, Illinois, California, Pennsylvania and eligible international organizations in the UK, Singapore, Australia, and Japan to improve education and educational opportunities for economica... GrantWatch ID#: 153788

Awards to Canada, USA & International Publishers for Outstanding Books of Canadian Authorship

Deadline: 06/01/15

Awards of up to $25,000 to Canada, USA, and international publishers who have published English and French language books that have been written, translated, or illustrated by Canadian citizens or permanent residents (who do not have to be living in... GrantWatch ID#: 155267


Grants to USA, Canada & International Organizations for Wildlife Protection Projects

Deadline: 06/01/15

Grants of up to $1,000 to USA, Canada and International nonprofit, university or conservation organizations to support conservation programs that protect threatened wildlife and habitats worldwide. Field studies and other projects that demonstrate a... GrantWatch ID#: 155497

Grants to USA Emergency Service Units in Multiple States & Puerto Rico to Improve Operations

Deadline: 06/05/15

Grants generally ranging from $10,000 to $20,000 to USA public safety organizations for assistance in improving their life-saving capabilities in communities served by the funding source. Applicants may request technical assistance up to two weeks i... GrantWatch ID#: 155187


Awards to USA, Canada and International Artists for Artistic Merit Achievements

Deadline: 06/06/15

Awards totaling $10,000 (USD) to USA, Canada and International artists to serve as an unrestricted monetary award with an ultimate goal of advancing the field of visual arts. Selection will be based on merit (your skills and abilities, via images of... GrantWatch ID#: 153862

Grants to International, Ontario and Puerto Rico Nonprofits, & to Nonprofits in Multiple USA States to Improve He...

Deadline: 06/11/15

Grants to International, Ontario and Puerto Rico Nonprofits and to Nonprofits within 7 USA States (Arkansas, California, Colorado, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Minnesota, Mississippi, New York, North Carolina); to fulfill critical community health ne... GrantWatch ID#: 155340

Grants to USA & Canada Elementary Schools to Increase Arts-Infused Education

Deadline: 06/22/15

Grants of $2,500 and a gift package of classroom arts products valued at $1,000 to USA and Canada elementary schools to increase arts-infused education. Applicants who submit applications by June 8 will receive added benefits. Funds are intended to ... GrantWatch ID#: 148201

Grants to USA, Canada & International Nonprofits for Agriculture & Conservation

Deadline: 06/30/15

Grants to USA, Canada, and international nonprofit organizations in multiples states, provinces and countries to benefit communities where the funding source has a business presence in the areas of hunger and food security, agricultural development,... GrantWatch ID#: 154425


Awards to USA, Canada, & International Female Athletes for Outstanding Performances in Team & Individual Sports

Deadline: 06/30/15

Awards to recognize two USA, Canada, and International female athletes, one playing in individual sports and one in team sports, whose performances over the past year have been exceptional. These awards are one of the most prestigious awards made b... GrantWatch ID#: 155490

Grants to USA Nonprofits in Multiple States & the Caribbean for Children & Family, Education, & Marine Conservati...

Deadline: 07/03/15

Grants to USA and territories nonprofit organizations in Florida, New York, New Jersey, California, Maryland, Texas, Alaska, and the Caribbean that offer programs and services focusing on the areas of children and families, education, and marine con... GrantWatch ID#: 155339

Grants to Canada Nonprofits, Schools, & Agencies for Quality & Effective Environmental Programs

Deadline: 07/15/15

Grants averaging $2,500 to Canada nonprofits, educational institutions (primary/secondary/post-secondary schools), municipalities, and Aboriginal groups that provide quality environmental programs that address one of the following focus areas: envir... GrantWatch ID#: 152645

Grants to Support Underserved NYC Residents and Global Environmental Programs

Deadline: Ongoing

Grants ranging from $5,000 to $200,000 (averaging $60,000) for non-profit organizations that serve the residents of New York City's Five Boroughs by providing a wide range of programs, projects, and/or services to meet the unmet needs of underserved... GrantWatch ID#: 125431

Grants to Impact Public Policy on a Variety of Issues

Deadline: Ongoing

Grants to impact public policy in a variety of national and international issues. The goal of the foundation is to support policy changes to improve people's lives throughout the world. The purpose of this funding opportunity is to support the effor... GrantWatch ID#: 125864

Fundraising Opportunity for Non-profits to Raise Money for Their Organizations

Deadline: Ongoing

A unique fundraising opportunity is avaialable for non-profit organizations in Nevada to enable them to raise funds for their organization. Local non-profit organizations may purchase home game tickets for the local football team at half price, plu... GrantWatch ID#: 126122

Grants to Develop an International Youth Public Policy Database

Deadline: Ongoing

Grants for up to $10,000 to facilitate the development of an electronic youth public policy database. The Foundation works to build vibrant and tolerant democracies whose governments are accountable to their citizens. The purpose of this RFP is to s... GrantWatch ID#: 126147

Scholarships for Jewish Individuals from Pennsylvania for Volunteer and Education Programs in Israel

Deadline: Ongoing

Scholarships are being awarded to Jewish individuals in the greater Philadelphia area for participation in educational and volunteer programs in Israel. High school and college age youth, young adults, and adults who have been accepted to a qualifie... GrantWatch ID#: 126740

Arts and Culture Grants for Israeli Film Producers

Deadline: Ongoing

Grants of up to $600,000 are available to Israeli filmmakers. Qualified and experienced film producers, directors, and scriptwriters can apply for funding to enable them to develop their project to become a full length feature film in Israel and thr... GrantWatch ID#: 126743

Grants to Jewish Residents of Michigan for Educational Programs in Israel

Deadline: Ongoing

Grants to help cover travel costs are being awarded to Jewish residents of Michigan, between 13 and 28 years of age, who will be participating in educational programs in Israel. Qualified applicants from the Detroit Metropolitan area who have been a... GrantWatch ID#: 126781

Grants for Non-profits in Israel for Youth Education and Programming

Deadline: Ongoing

Grants are being awarded to non-profit organizations in Israel for a wide range of programs to support the country's youth, especially the underprivileged. Eligible projects should address the issues they face to help them bridge the social and econ... GrantWatch ID#: 126782

Travel Subsidies for Jewish Residents of Michigan Attending Educational Programs in Israel

Deadline: Ongoing

Grants of up to $1000 are being awarded to Jewish residents of Michigan to subsidize travel costs for educational programs in Israel. Qualified applicants who have graduated from a Detroit Metropolitan area high school are encouraged to apply for fu... GrantWatch ID#: 126787

Grants to Engage Jewish Youth in Community Service in the U.S.A.

Deadline: Ongoing

Small grants of up to $500 to engage Jewish youth in community service. The overall goal of the Foundation is to facilitate youth involvement in a wide range of community-based projects throughout the world. The purpose of this funding is to address... GrantWatch ID#: 126790

Grants for Jewish Individuals for Jewish Studies Programs in Israel

Deadline: Ongoing

Travel grants of $400 are being awarded to individuals for 2-3 weeks of learning in a Jewish Studies program in Israel. Funding is available for Birthright and Hillel alumni to attend specifically designated yeshivot and seminaries. The goal of the... GrantWatch ID#: 126886

Grants for California and Israel Non-Profits for Projects with Long-Term Impact

Deadline: Ongoing

Grants are available to organizations in California and Israel for a variety of initiatives with long-term impact that address poverty, promote Jewish life, and promote tolerance. Organizations serving the San Diego area and Israel can receive fundi... GrantWatch ID#: 126966

Grants for Education, Arts, Healthcare, and Economic Development in California and Israel

Deadline: Ongoing

Grants are available for non-profit organizations both in California and in Israel for programs and projects that help build communities. The goal of the funding is to promote activities that focus upon education, economic development, arts and cult... GrantWatch ID#: 126969

Grants for Environmental, Social, Jewish and Israel-Focused Projects in the U.S. and Israel

Deadline: Ongoing

Grants ranging between $15,000 and $25,000 are being awarded for projects focusing on social, environmental, Israeli and Jewish issues in the U.S. and Israel. Qualified non-profits can receive funding for projects that help to develop a more just, c... GrantWatch ID#: 127058

Grants for Programs to Support People with Disabilities in Israel

Deadline: Ongoing

Grants are being awarded to qualified organizations for the development of services for persons with disabilities in Israel. Funding will be provided for programs within the community and in institutions in the fields of education, employment and le... GrantWatch ID#: 127060

Grants for Long-Term Care Services in Israel

Deadline: Ongoing

Grants are being awarded to non-profit organizations and public bodies to help develop services for elderly persons in Israel. Funding is available to provide for long term care through community services, institutes, manpower development and new pr... GrantWatch ID#: 127070

Grants for Programs for Children and Youth at Risk in Israel

Deadline: Ongoing

Grants are being awarded to aid the development of services for children at risk in Israel. Qualified non-profits can apply for funding for programming that helps children with challenging situations at home and provides them with support for school... GrantWatch ID#: 127071

Grants for Educational, Environmental and Communal Initiatives

Deadline: Ongoing

Grants are being awarded worldwide to qualified organizations for work in education, the environment and communal services. In the field of education, funds will be provided in the areas of science, math, and technology education. Environmental gran... GrantWatch ID#: 127074

Project Grants for Social and Environmental Causes in Israel

Deadline: Ongoing

Grants are being awarded for a variety of social and educational projects in Israel. Qualified charities can apply for funding for projects that correspond to the goals of the Foundation. Specifically in Israel, funding will be provided for projects... GrantWatch ID#: 127103

Grants for Workplace Safety in Israel

Deadline: Ongoing

Grants are being awarded for projects that raise the level of safety and help prevent accidents at workplaces in Israel. Applicants should aim to develop novel projects in research, intervention, information/training or product testing that help pro... GrantWatch ID#: 127125

Grants for Israeli Non-Profits and Others Experimental Social Welfare Projects

Deadline: Ongoing

Grants are being awarded to qualified non-profit organizations for innovative welfare service projects in Israel. Funding is allocated to help set up experimental projects that encourage professional bodies in the government, public and voluntary s... GrantWatch ID#: 127250

Internship Program in Israel for Jewish Individuals from Abroad

Deadline: Ongoing

Internship opportunities are being provided in a variety of different areas to Jewish young adults from abroad to gain valuable work experience in Israel and explore the possibility of moving to Israel. Individuals with proven academic or work exper... GrantWatch ID#: 127251

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