Total: 194
Awards to USA Educators for Outstanding Science Teaching in a Non-School Setting
Conference Date: 10/08/14
Deadline: 11/30/14

Awards of $500 to USA science teachers who have made extraordinary contributions to the advancement of science education in an informal or non-traditional school setting, such as a science-technology center, museum, or community science center. Amon...

Awards to USA K-12 Science Teachers to Recognize Quality Aerospace Programming
Conference Date: 10/08/14
Deadline: 11/30/14

Awards of $5,000 to USA K-12 science teachers to recognize excellence in the field of aerospace education. Applicants for this award must be teachers in a formal setting. Applications for this award will be judged on the following elements of a high...

Award to a USA Elementary School Teacher for Establishing an Inquiry-Based Lesson Plan
Conference Date: 10/08/14
Deadline: 11/30/14

Award of up to $1,500 to a USA K-6 science teacher who has established (or is establishing) an interdisciplinary, inquiry-based lesson plan. The lesson plan will fully reference sources of information and any relevant education standards and benchma...

Award to a USA K-College Science Educator for Outstanding National Contributions & Leadership
Conference Date: 10/08/14
Deadline: 11/30/14

Award of $5,000 to a USA teacher for outstanding contributions to science education at any academic level. Candidates will have made significant contributions to science education at the national level, including any or all of the following: -Out...

Award to a USA High School Science Educator for Teaching Biotechnology in the Classroom
Conference Date: 10/08/14
Deadline: 11/30/14

Award totaling $1,750 to a USA high school science teacher who has made biotechnology learning accessible to the classroom. The award consists a $750 certificate for products and up to $1,000 in expenses to attend a national conference. The awar...

Awards to USA Teachers in Multiple States & Territories for Outstanding Science Education
Conference Date: 10/08/14
Deadline: 11/30/14

Awards of up to $1,500 to Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Virginia, West Virginia, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Arizona, Colorado, Utah, California, Hawaii, Nevada, American Samoa, and Guam full-time K-12 tea...

Awards to USA K-12 Science Teachers for Conference Attendance & Mentorship
Conference Date: 10/08/14
Deadline: 11/30/14

Awards of up to $1,000 to USA K-12 teachers in their first five years of teaching with funds to attend a science education conference. Awardees will also receive mentorship and opportunities for involvement within the science education community. ...

Award to a USA Individual or Organization for Outstanding Public Science Education
Conference Date: 10/08/14
Deadline: 11/30/14

Award of up to $2,500 to a USA individual or organization that has inspired and elevated the public’s interest in and appreciation of science. Applications are accepted from individual educators working in non-school settings, as well as organizat...

Awards to USA Science Teachers for Outstanding Science Education in Grades K-16
Conference Date: 10/08/14
Deadline: 11/30/14

Awards of $500 to USA science teachers who are long-standing members of the funding source association and have made extraordinary contributions of the field of science teaching at the elementary, middle school, high school, and undergraduate levels...

Award to a USA K-12 Science Teacher for Outstanding Agricultural Teaching in the Classroom
Conference Date: 10/08/14
Deadline: 11/30/14

Award of $5,000 to a USA K-12 science teacher to recognize excellence and innovation in the field of agricultural science education. The demonstrated incorporation of hands-on agricultural science activities into the classroom, which include: -Ef...

Grants to Local USA Conservation Organizations to Protect & Restore Fisheries
Conference Date: 10/15/14
Deadline: 12/09/14

Grants of up to $10,000 to USA chapters and councils of the funding source organization for projects that best address the needs of native and wild trout through wildlife restoration and conservation of coldwater fisheries. Applicants must contact f...

Grants to USA & Territories Non-Profit Museums for Innovative Projects that Improve Museum Operations
Conference Date: 10/16/14
Deadline: 12/01/14

Grants of up to $25,000 to USA and territories non-profit museums and organizations benefiting museums and related professionals for innovative projects designed to improve the way museums operate and enhance the services provided. Funds will be pro...

Grants to Arizona Classroom Teachers for Renewable Energy Education in Grades 4-12
Conference Date: 10/25/14
Deadline: Ongoing

Grants of up to $350 to Arizona classroom teachers to participate in a comprehensive renewable energy education program for grades 4-12. Interested participants must register for workshops to be held on October 25 and November 22 to be eligible. Fun...

Grants to Indiana Non-Profits, Schools, Governments for Art, Civic, Education, Environment, Health, Youth
Conference Date: 10/27/14
Deadline: 12/31/14

Grants ranging from $1,000 to $15,000 to local Indiana non-profit organizations, schools, religious organizations, civic organizations, and local government units that are seeking funds for programs, projects, and/or services that aim to improve the...

Grants to Pennsylvania, Maryland, & Virginia K-12 Schools, Others for Environmental Activities
Conference Date: 11/05/14
Deadline: 01/14/15

Grants to Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Virginia K-12 schools, government agencies, non-profits, and others for K-12 environmental projects related to the Chesapeake Bay watershed, including professional development for K-12 educators. High quality, ...

Grants to Illinois Non-Profits, Agencies, Others for Habitat, Education, & Other Waterfront Projects
Conference Date: 11/05/14
Deadline: 12/15/14

Grants of up to $5,000 and grants starting at $20,000 to Illinois coastal region non-profits, government agencies, and others for habitat restoration, coastal planning, and education and outreach. A grant information session will be held 3:30 PM, No...

Fellowships to USA & International Scientists for Lab & Clinical Autism Research
Deadline: 02/04/15
LOI Date: 11/12/14

Fellowships to USA and international well-qualified postdoctoral scientists pursuing training in autism spectrum disorder (ASD) translational research. Interested applicants must submit a Letter of Intent by November 12 for consideration. The progr...

Grants to Idaho Educational Agencies, Non-Profits, Others for K-12 Academic Enrichment Programs
Conference Date: 11/14/14
Deadline: 01/30/15
LOI Date: 12/05/14

Grants to Idaho local educational agencies, non-profits, community and faith-based organizations, and others for K-12 academic enrichment programs during non-school hours. Workshops will be held around the State from November 14 - 21, 2014. December...

Grants to USA & International Institutions & Companies for Alzheimer's Treatment Testing
Deadline: 12/05/14
LOI Date: 11/21/14

Grants to USA and international research institutions, academic medical centers and universities, and biotechnology companies to increase the number of innovative drugs tested in humans for Alzheimer’s disease, related dementias and cognitive agin...

Grants to Virginia Non-Profits & Others for Conservation & Research Programs
Deadline: 11/28/14

Grants of up to $500 to Virginia non-profits, local governments, public schools, soil and water conservation districts, planning district commissions as well as State agencies and institutions of higher education for educational, conservation, and r...

Grants to Omaha, Nebraska Public School Teachers for Classroom Enhancement Projects
Deadline: 11/30/14

Grants to Omaha, Nebraska public school teachers and administrative staff for projects that will enhance the learning experience in classrooms. Requests will be considered for projects that address special needs students, social skills development, ...

Awards to USA 6-12 Science Teachers for Outstanding Inquiry-Based STEM Education
Deadline: 11/30/14

Awards of $6,500 to USA teachers to recognize excellence and innovation in the field of STEM education at middle school and high school levels. The recipients will have made outstanding contributions to their students learning experience through inq...

Grants to Indiana Non-Profits for Immediate Funding for Organizational Needs
Deadline: 11/30/14

Grants of up to $5,000 to Indiana non-profit organizations operating in the Muncie and East Central region of the State that are seeking immediate funding for needs including, but not limited to: the continuation of a project, professional developme...

Grants to South Dakota Non-Profits to Develop Effective Solutions to Community Problems
Deadline: 11/30/14

Grants ranging from $500 to $10,000 to South Dakota non-profit organizations for projects that aim to be a part of a community problem-solving process that leads to more effective, equitable and sustainable solutions. Projects should be inclusive, c...

Grants to USA PreK-12 Teachers for Environmental Science & Sustainability Projects
Deadline: 11/30/14

Grants valued at up to $10,000 and more to USA teachers to implement innovative environmental science, climate change, and sustainability projects in the classroom. Entries are accepted from teachers of PreK, elementary, middle, and high schools. ...

Grants to USA & International Non-Profits & Others for Marine & Wildlife Conservation Initiatives
Deadline: 11/30/14

Grants to USA & International non-profits, schools, government entities and other organizations for critical conservation projects in the following areas: species research, animal rescue and rehabilitation, conservation education, and habitat protec...

Award to Recognize a North Carolina Teacher for Strong Commitment to Gifted Children's Education
Deadline: 11/30/14

One award to an exceptional North Carolina teacher of gifted children and/or youth who exhibits a strong commitment to gifted education through professional experiences, professional organizations, and services in the area of education for the gifte...

Grants to North Carolina Member Teachers & Groups for Projects that Directly Benefit Gifted Students
Deadline: 11/30/14

Grants of up to $500 to North Carolina member teachers and groups seeking financial assistance for high-quality projects that directly involve and benefit gifted students. Funds can be used to purchase equipment or to provide field trip transportati...

Grants to Pine Plains, New York Public School Staff for Education Enrichment
Deadline: 12/01/14

Grants ranging form $1,000 to $3,000 to Pine Plains, New York public school teachers, administrators, and staff for projects that will enhance and enrich the educational experience of the students and teachers. Possible projects include, but are not...

Grants to Lanesborough, Massachusetts Individuals & Organizations to Enhance Public School Education
Deadline: 12/01/14

Grants generally ranging from $100 to $1,000 to Lanesborough, Massachusetts public school teachers, administrators, students, non-profits and community members for projects that enhance the educational experience. Possible projects include, but are ...

Grants to Cuyahoga County, Ohio Non-Profits for Early Childhood, School Retention, STEM Education
Deadline: 12/01/14

Grants to Cuyahoga County, Ohio non-profit organizations that are working to benefit the residents of the City of Cleveland. The Foundation is specifically interested in supporting programs that address the following four critical areas: early child...

Grants to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Non-Profits for Arts, Education, Animal Welfare, & Environment
Deadline: 12/01/14

Grants starting at $10,000 to Oklahoma non-profit organizations, public and private educational institutions, and faith-based entities that are working to benefit those living and working in the Oklahoma City metropolitan area. These grants are spe...

Grants to Alaska Non-Profits & Public Agencies for Capacity Building & Organizational Development
Deadline: 12/01/14

Grants of up to $10,000 to Alaska non-profit organizations, tribes, schools, churches and local government agencies to build organizational capacity. Applicants have the option of submitting a proposal draft for review up to two weeks prior the the ...

Grants to New Hampshire Non-Profits for Education, Human Services & Economic Development
Deadline: 12/01/14

Grants of up to $10,000 to New Hampshire non-profit organizations to improve the quality of life for communities served by the funding source. Funds may be requested in the areas of education, charitable activities, and community and economic develo...

Fellowships to USA Biology Educators for Effective Learning Strategies & Evidence-Based Teaching
Deadline: 12/01/14

Fellowships of up to $2,000 to USA individual undergraduate biology educators to visit, observe, and work with mentors skilled in active learning strategies and evidence-based teaching. The educators will work with a mentor through the course of the...

Grants to USA High School Physics Teachers to Improve Classroom Instruction
Deadline: 12/01/14

Grants ranging from $100 to $500 to USA high school physics teachers to experiment and improve on their teaching practices in order to engage students. The procedure should result in better teaching practice, student understanding and interest, and/...

Grants to USA Physics Teachers for Educational Workshops & Projects
Deadline: 12/01/14

Grants of up to $1,000 to USA physics teachers who are members of the funding organization to support special activities, workshops and demonstrations in the areas of physics teaching. Funds may be used to support the development and distribution of...

Grants to Miami-Dade County, Florida K-12 Teachers for Educational Projects to Improve Student Learning
Deadline: 12/01/14

Grants ranging from $300 to $1,000 to Miami-Dade County, Florida K-12 public school teachers seeking funds to develop and implement instructional projects that will motivate and challenge their students to learn. Proposals should be unique classroo...

Grants to USA & International K-12 STEM Teachers for Professional Development
Deadline: 12/01/14

Grants of $2,000 to USA and international K-12 technology and engineering teachers to recognize and encourage the integration of a quality technology and engineering education program within the school curriculum. The applicant must demonstrate plan...

Awards to USA & International Engineering & Technology Educators for Professional Contributions
Deadline: 12/01/14

Awards to USA and international engineering and technology teachers to recognize a wide range of contributions to the profession. Award categories will recognize individuals in the areas of leadership, presentation, effective teacher, research, and ...

Awards to USA, Canada & Greece K-12 STEM Teachers for Contributions to Classroom Learning
Deadline: 12/01/14

Awards to USA, Canada and Greece K-12 technology and engineering classroom teachers in recognition of outstanding contributions to students' learning experiences. This award will recognize high quality, learning center classroom teaching relevant to...

Awards to USA, Canada & Greece K-12 Schools for Outstanding STEM Programming
Deadline: 12/01/14

Awards to USA, Canada, and Greece K-12 schools for outstanding technology and engineering educational programming. Schools will be characterized as providing technology and engineering education instruction of high quality, learner-centered, and rel...

Grants to Northeast Ohio Non-Profits to Enhance Children's Education
Deadline: 02/01/15
LOI Date: 12/01/14

Grants typically ranging from $10,000 to $60,000 to Northeast Ohio non-profit organizations for projects and activities that enhance educational opportunities for children. LOIs must be submitted online by December 1 for consideration. Priority is g...

Grants to Corvallis Area, Oregon Non-Profits for Education, Disabilities & Charitable Purposes
Deadline: 12/01/14

Grants to Corvallis Area, Oregon non-profit organizations for projects and programs with the potential to improve the quality of life for local residents. Funding may be requested in the areas of education, disabilities, scientific research, and oth...

Grants to Cobb County, Georgia Schools to Increase Nature Appreciation Through Educational Gardens
Deadline: 12/02/14

Grants of up to $800 to Cobb County, Georgia schools to engage students in the natural world through interactive garden projects. Funds will support proposals that provide a dynamic environment where children can learn and play at the same time. Out...

Grants to USA Health Organizations & Individuals to Develop a Patient-Centered Outcome Research Proposal
Conference Date: 12/03/14
Deadline: 02/16/15
LOI Date: 12/23/14

Grants of up to $15,000 to USA consumer/patient organizations, clinicians, researchers, and other individuals operating in the health fields to develop the capacity to undertake a patient-centered outcome research project. Applicants may attend a we...

Grants to Greenwich, Connecticut Non-Profits to Address Significant Community Needs
Deadline: 12/05/14

Grants totaling up to $5,000 to Connecticut non-profit community organizations that are seeking financial assistance to address areas of need that are not currently being met in the Greenwich community. These grants are intended to fund new initiati...

Grants to Wisconsin Non-Profits, Municipalities, Others for Activities Related to Lake & Watershed Restoration
Deadline: 12/10/14

Grants to Wisconsin non-profits, municipalities, and others for activities needed in preparation of restoring lakes and watersheds. Small projects are protection oriented, volunteer led projects which will help form the basis for lake management act...

Grants to Bethlehem, New York K-8 Teachers to Enhance Environmental Science Education
Deadline: 12/11/14

Grants of $1,000 to Bethlehem, New York elementary and middle school classroom teachers seeking to enhance their environmental science curriculum. Funding is not limited to school gardens and can be used by recipients in a number of ways including p...

Grants to Pennsylvania Non-Profit Museums & Historical Societies for Organizational Support & Growth
Deadline: 12/12/14

Grants of up to $65,000 to Pennsylvania non-profit museums and County historical societies for a variety of general and operating expenses necessary to maintain and grow the organization. Museums and historical societies must have been in operatio...