Economic Development Grants: 

Grants to encourage economic development, support construction, non-construction, technical assistance, new ideas and creative approaches to advance economic prosperity in distressed communities.   490 Economic Development Grants.
Grants to Southern California Non-Profits for Health, Human Services, Education, & Arts Programs
Conference Date: 11/04/13
Deadline: Ongoing

Grants of up to $25,000 to Southern California non-profit organizations providing effective programs that address the areas of health, human services, and education, with the highest priority given to programs and organizations that provide greater ...

Grants to Missouri Neighborhood Organizations for Community Improvement Projects in Kansas City
Conference Date: 04/10/14
Deadline: Ongoing

Grants of up to $3,500 to Kansas City, Missouri non-profit, community organizations that are seeking financial assistance to engage in various neighborhood improvement projects. Successful applicants will be those whose neighborhood projects foster...

Grants to Northern Virginia Non-Profits & Public Agencies to Positively Impact Local Communities
Conference Date: 11/07/14
Deadline: Ongoing

Grants of up to $10,000 to Virginia non-profits, religious institutions and local government entities for projects that benefit Fauquier County, Rappahannock County and Northern Culpeper County. An informational workshop will be held on November 7. ...

Grants to Salem, Oregon Non-Profits for New Cultural Events & Tourist Attractions
Conference Date: 11/19/14
Deadline: Ongoing

Grants of up to $2,000 to Salem, Oregon non-profit organizations that are not currently listed as a non-profit with the Internal Revenue Service for new and emerging events and festivals within the City. Applicants must attend the November 19 pre-ap...

Grants to USA Non-Profits for Collaborative Projects to Decrease Urban Health Disparities
Conference Date: 12/02/14
Deadline: 04/10/15
LOI Date: 01/16/15

Grants and loans to USA non-profit organizations to collaborate with hospitals, non-profits, local health departments, and other community organizations to improve the health of low-income neighborhoods within cities with populations greater than 15...

Grants to Arkansas Non-Profits, Public Agencies & Schools to Benefit Women & Girls
Deadline: 05/15/15
LOI Date: 12/31/14

Grants of up to $10,000 to Arkansas non-profit organizations, governmental units, and religious or educational institutions for projects and programs that assist women and girls in achieving their full potential. Letters of Interest must be submitte...

Grants to Williamson County, Texas Non-Profits for Education, Income, Basic Needs & Health
Conference Date: 01/09/15
Deadline: 03/26/15
LOI Date: 01/22/15

Grants ranging from $10,000 to $40,000 to Williamson County, Texas non-profit organizations to benefit the community in the areas of education, income, basic needs and health. Applicants may wish to attend the January 9 and 13 training sessions and ...

Grants to Maryland Non-Profits, Agencies, Businesses, Individuals, Others for Water Nutrient & Sediment Control
Deadline: 04/30/15
LOI Date: 01/15/15

Grants to Maryland non-profits, agencies, individuals, and businesses for pollution reduction projects in the Chesapeake and Atlantic Coastal Bay areas. January 15, 2015 is the Letter of Intent deadline. Applicants are encouraged to meet with a sta...

Grants to USA Non-Profits in Multiple States for Community Development, Culture & Human Services
Conference Date: 01/23/15
Deadline: 09/30/15

Grants to Alabama, Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, New Mexico, New York, and Texas non-profit organizations serving communities where the funding source has business presence for a wide range of activities. The first informational conference...

Grants to USA Grant Making Organizations to Assist Organizations Helping the Underprivileged
Conference Date: 01/29/15
Deadline: 03/17/15
LOI Date: 02/20/15

Grants to USA grant making institutions to re-grant funds to organizations supporting low-income communities and individuals. Overview sessions will be held from January 29 through February 26. February 20, 2015 is the optional deadline to submit a...

Opportunity for Texas Arts Organizations & Agencies to Receive Designation to Spur Economic Development
Deadline: 06/01/15
LOI Date: 01/30/15

Opportunity for Texas local non-profit arts organizations and agencies to receive special community designation to spur economic development. January 30 is the letter of intent deadline. Applicants must schedule an orientation meeting with agency s...

Grants to Santa Barbara County, California Organizations to Promote an Equitable & Democratic Community
Conference Date: 02/03/15
Deadline: 03/06/15
LOI Date: 03/03/15

Grants of up to $10,000 to Santa Barbara County, California organizations for projects that address the root causes of social, economic, environmental and political problems. Application workshops will be held on February 3, 11, 17 and 26. March 3 i...

Grants to Abilene Area, Texas Non-Profits to Enhance the Quality of Life of Local Residents
Deadline: 03/20/15
LOI Date: 02/06/15

Grants typically ranging from $1,000 to $25,000 to Abilene Area, Texas non-profit organizations to improve the local quality of life for local residents. A letter of Intent is due February 6. Requests will be considered for special projects, innovat...

Grants to USA & Territories IHEs, Businesses, Non-Profits, & Agencies to Support Disabled Persons in the Workforce
Conference Date: 02/24/15
Deadline: 03/30/15
LOI Date: 02/09/15

Grants to USA and territories, non-profits, IHEs, businesses, State governments, and tribes to help disabled social security recipients enter the workforce. February 9 is the deadline for an optional letter of intent. Teleconferences will be held Fe...

Grants to New Haven Area, Connecticut Non-Profits for Operations, Project Support & Capacity Building
Conference Date: 02/11/15
Deadline: 03/27/15

Grants typically starting at $5,000 per year to New Haven Area, Connecticut non-profits for organizational support and projects that benefit the local area. A grant information webinar will be held on February 11. Eligible towns include Ansonia, Bet...

Grants to USA & Territories Non-Profits for Innovative Employment Initiatives for Disabled Individuals
Deadline: 04/15/15
LOI Date: 02/13/15

Grants to USA and territories non-profit organizations and public agencies to increase employment outcomes for individuals with disabilities through pilot initiatives, demonstration projects or social ventures. Concept papers must be submitted by Fe...

Grants to Iowa & Nebraska Non-Profits for Neighborhood Improvements, Health & Economic Development
Deadline: 03/15/15
LOI Date: 02/15/15

Grants to Southwest Iowa and Eastern Nebraska non-profit organizations and public agencies for activities in the areas of community development, healthy families and economic development. LOIs must be submitted by February 16 for consideration. Fund...

Grants to Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky Individuals for Urban Civic Projects & Events
Conference Date: 02/17/15
Deadline: 03/20/15

Grants of up to $10,000 to Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana individuals for innovative arts, cultural, design, architectural and other types of projects that increase civic engagement and drive community development in the Greater Cincinnati area. Gra...

Grants to Oregon Individuals to Start or Grow a Business
Conference Date: 02/23/15
Deadline: Ongoing

Grants of $3,000 or $6,000 to Oregon individuals through an individual development account, to help start or grow a small business. An individual development account is a special savings account that helps families and individuals with limited finan...

Grants to Buncombe County, North Carolina Non-Profits & Agencies for Workforce Development Programs
Deadline: 04/10/15
LOI Date: 02/27/15

Grants ranging from $15,000 to $25,000 a year for two years to Buncombe County, North Carolina non-profits and government agencies to improve quality of life. Letters of Intent are due on February 27. Funding is intended to support innovative projec...

Grants to Alachua County, Florida Corporations for Projects that Increase Local Tourism
Conference Date: 02/27/15
Deadline: 03/26/15

Grants of up to $10,000 to Alachua County, Florida corporations for projects that enhance the area by contributing to the development of tourism. Priority will be given to projects with the greatest potential for bringing visitors who stay in hotels...

Grants to USA Businesses, IHEs, & Non-Profits to Promote Interest in STEM Education and Careers
Deadline: 04/30/15
LOI Date: 02/28/15

Grants to USA businesses, non-profits, and IHEs to promote interest in STEM careers in the Navy & Marine Corps. February 28 is the deadline for white paper pre-proposals. Applications are accepted and funded on a rolling basis until funds run out...

Grants to New York Non-Profits in Chemung & Steuben Counties to Address Local Needs
Deadline: 04/01/15
LOI Date: 03/01/15

Grants ranging from $2,000 to $20,000 to New York non-profit organizations to offer creative solutions to local community needs, issues and concerns in Chemung and Southeastern Steuben Counties. LOIs are due by March 1 for requests of $5,000 or more...

Grants to Ohio Non-Profits, IHEs, & Agencies to Advance the Arts & for Economic Development
Deadline: 04/01/15
LOI Date: 03/01/15

Grants of up to $20,000 to Ohio non-profits, IHEs, and agencies for short term or long term arts projects. March 1 is the deadline to submit a draft application for review. Funds are provided to either assist with expenses for a broad range of sh...

Grants to Wyoming Non-Profits & Agencies to Promote & Preserve Arts, Culture & Historic Sites
Deadline: 04/01/15
LOI Date: 03/02/15

Grants of up to $50,000 to Wyoming non-profits and government agencies to promote enjoyment and preservation of the State's arts, cultural, and historic resources. March 2 is the mandatory draft review deadline for applicants seeking a preservation ...

Grants to Wisconsin Non-Profits for Education, Diversity & Community Development
Deadline: 04/01/15
LOI Date: 03/03/15

Grants to Wisconsin non-profit organizations and occasionally government agencies for projects that will significantly improve the lives of people living in Milwaukee, Waukesha, Ozaukee and Washington Counties. LOIs must be submitted by March 3 for ...

Grants to Northwest Oregon Non-Profits & Public Agencies for Arts, Education, Environment & Health
Conference Date: 03/04/15
Deadline: 05/15/15
LOI Date: 04/03/15

Grants to Northwest Oregon non-profits and government agencies to benefit local communities. Optional workshops are held March 4 and May 6, and LOIs are due by April 3 for consideration. Eligible locations include Benton, Clackamas, Lane, Lincoln, L...

Grants to Mississippi Non-Profits & Public Agencies for Education, Financial Stability & Health
Conference Date: 03/04/15
Deadline: 04/10/15
LOI Date: 03/06/15

Grants to Mississippi non-profits, faith-based organizations and governmental entities to positively impact quality of life in Hancock, Harrison, Pearl River and Stone Counties. An information session will be held on March 4 and LOIs are due on Marc...

Grants to Brentwood, California Non-Profit & For-Profit Organizations for Marketing, Events & Business Promotion
Deadline: 03/06/15

Grants to Brentwood, California non-profit organizations and local businesses for economic development through business promotion and institutional advertisement for the City of Brentwood. Funds may be used for local marketing, events, and business ...

Grants to Innisfil, Ontario, Canada Non-Profits and Individuals for Community Programs
Deadline: 03/06/15

Grants to Innisfil, Ontario, Canada community organizations and individuals to enhance residents' quality of life, showcase Innisfil’s diversity and appeal and ensure that all local businesses excel. Proposals may include activities related to spo...

Grants to Clackamas County, Oregon Non-Profits for Events that Attract Overnight Visitors & Promote the Local Eco...
Deadline: 03/06/15

Grants to Clackamas County, Oregon non-profits for projects and events that promote out-of-town tourism and stimulate the local economy within Oregon City boundaries.Eligible projects will promote overnight visitation, increase the visibility of th...

Grants to Hartford County, Connecticut Non-Profits for Health, Economic & Community Investment Programs
Deadline: 03/06/15

Grants ranging from $2,500 to $10,000 to Hartford County, Connecticut non-profit organizations for economic, health and community investment programs that impact the quality of life for local residents . The Foundation’s emphasis is on programs ...

Grants to La Plata, Maryland Individuals & Organizations for Projects that Improve the Community’s Appearance
Deadline: 03/06/15

Grants of up to $500 to individual residents of the Town of La Plata, Maryland, as well as Home Owner Associations, school projects, scout groups, civic organizations, businesses, and other community groups seeking funds improve the community’s ap...

Grants to Stark County, Ohio Non-Profits, Government Units for Arts, Education, Environment, Health, Human Servic...
Deadline: 03/06/15

Grants generally ranging from $2,500 to $50,000 to Ohio non-profit organizations and government entities that are working to benefit the Stark County community. Funding will be provided for programs/projects in areas such as: the arts, education, en...

Grants to Montana Governments & Non-Profits for Trails Development, Maintenance, & Education
Deadline: 03/06/15

Grants of up to $90,000 to Montana state and local agencies, private associations, clubs, and eligible federal agencies for park trails and facilities development, maintenance, and educational projects. From January 16 through January 29 grant writ...

Grants to New York Non-Profit & For-Profit IHEs to Promote STEM Education
Deadline: 03/06/15

Grants to New York non-profit and for-profit IHEs for programs promoting licensure and careers in the fields of math, science, technology, and health to underprivileged and minority resident students. January 30, 2015 is the deadline for questions....

Grants to Johnson County, Tennessee Non-Profits, Schools & Public Agencies to Benefit Local Residents
Deadline: 03/06/15

Grants generally ranging from $500 to $2,500 to Johnson County, Tennessee non-profit organizations, educational institutions and government agencies for programs and projects that build community goodwill, seek to solve community challenges and prod...

Grants to Illinois Non-Profits for Early Childhood Education, Environment & Workforce Development
Deadline: 03/06/15

Grants ranging from $1,000 to $10,000 to Illinois non-profit organizations and public agencies serving Kankakee and Iroquois Counties for projects addressing issues in the areas of early childhood education, land use and protection, and workforce de...

Grants to California Non-Profits to Benefit Residents of the San Ramon Valley
Deadline: 03/09/15

Grants to California non-profit organizations that are working to improve the lives of residents of the San Ramon Valley, particularly children, the infirm, and/or the elderly living in Contra Costa and Alameda Counties. Preference will be given t...

Grants to Ontario, Canada Non-Profits & Public Agencies for Small Projects Benefitting Niagara Residents
Deadline: 03/09/15

Grants of up to $500 to Ontario, Canada non-profits and public agencies for small time-sensitive projects that benefit the Niagara community. Applicants must contact Foundation staff prior to submitting an application. Grantmaking priorities are as ...

Grants to Boone County, Indiana Non-Profits for Arts, Education, Health and Human Services Programs
Deadline: 04/15/15
LOI Date: 03/10/15

Grants ranging from $2,500 to $10,000 to Boone County, Indiana non-profits for programs in arts and culture, community development, education, and health and human services, including the elderly and youth development. Letters of inquiry are due Mar...

Grants to Alberta, Canada Non-Profits to Promote Self-Sufficiency & Community Building in Wetaskiwin
Deadline: 03/13/15

Grants to Alberta, Canada non-profit organizations to enhance preventative programs and services offered to City of Wetaskiwin residents. Projects may strengthen communities through prevention, local autonomy, community development, accountability, ...

Grants to Oregon Non-Profits to Construct or Improve Public Shooting Ranges
Deadline: 03/13/15

Grants to Oregon non-profit shooting ranges, that provide public access and offer hunter education, to construct or improve shooting ranged and related facilities. Funds will be provided for projects that improve safety and address environmental con...

Grants to Westchester County, New York Non-Profits, Government Agencies for Job Training, Housing & Literacy
Deadline: 03/13/15

Grants ranging from $15,000 to $30,000 to Westchester County, New York non-profits, government agencies and school districts for programs that promote job training and development, promotion of financial literacy for small businesses, English langua...

Grants to USA & Territories Non-Profits, Businesses, Agencies, & IHEs to Educate New Farmers & Ranchers
Deadline: 03/13/15

Grants to USA and territories collaboratives and partnerships of federal, State, and tribal agencies, non-profits, IHEs, businesses and other relevant organizations to educate and train new farmers and ranchers and those who have operated a farm or ...

Grants to Southwestern Pennsylvania Non-Profits for Youth-Led Social Justice Initiatives
Deadline: 03/13/15

Grants ranging from $250 to $2,000 to Pennsylvania non-profit organizations for youth-led social change initiatives in the Counties of Allegheny, Armstrong, Beaver, Butler, Fayette, Greene, Indiana, Lawrence, Washington, and Westmoreland. Funds ...

Grants to Orcas Island, Washington Non-Profits for Community Projects
Deadline: 03/13/15

Grants typically ranging from $2,000 to $7,000 to Orcas Island, Washington non-profits for community programs that serve a large number of residents, increase coordination and cooperation of programs and services, and develop pathways of communicat...

Grants to Rural Arkansas Counties to Construct and Rehabilitate Facilities
Deadline: 03/13/15

Grants of up to $4,000 are available to rural Arkansas Counties of less than 55,000 residents, and county fair organizations, for constructing or rehabilitating fair facilities. Proposal consultations can be arranged with agency staff. Applicants ar...

Grants to USA Public Schools, IHEs, & Non-Profits to Promote K-14 Agriculture & Food Sciences Education
Deadline: 03/13/15

Grants to USA public secondary schools, IHEs, and non-profits for programs that prepare and encourage K-14 students to pursue post-secondary degrees and careers in agricultural and food sciences or related fields. Academic institutions are encourag...

Grants to USA Non-Profits in Multiple States to Improve the Environment in Public Open Spaces
Deadline: 03/13/15

Grants of up to $35,000 to Colorado, Hawaii, Michigan, Minnesota, and Wyoming public and non-profit organizations seeking financial assistance to enhance the ecological integrity of publicly owned open spaces, while encouraging compatible human acti...