Economic Development Grants: 

Grants to encourage economic development, support construction, non-construction, technical assistance, new ideas and creative approaches to advance economic prosperity in distressed communities.   497 Economic Development Grants.

Grants to Missouri Neighborhood Organizations for Community Improvement Projects in Kansas City

Deadline: Ongoing

Grants of up to $3,500 to Kansas City, Missouri non-profit, community organizations that are seeking financial assistance to engage in various neighborhood improvement projects. Successful applicants will be those whose neighborhood projects foster... GrantWatch ID#: 142913

Grants to Northern Virginia Non-Profits & Public Agencies to Positively Impact Local Communities

Deadline: Ongoing

Grants of up to $10,000 to Virginia non-profits, religious institutions and local government entities for projects that benefit Fauquier County, Rappahannock County and Northern Culpeper County. An informational workshop will be held on November 7. ... GrantWatch ID#: 148457

Grants to USA Non-Profits in Multiple States for Community Development, Culture & Human Services

Deadline: 09/30/15

Grants to Alabama, Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, New Mexico, New York, and Texas non-profit organizations serving communities where the funding source has business presence for a wide range of activities. The first informational conference... GrantWatch ID#: 145670

Grants to Oregon Individuals to Start or Grow a Business

Deadline: Ongoing

Grants of $3,000 or $6,000 to Oregon individuals through an individual development account, to help start or grow a small business. An individual development account is a special savings account that helps families and individuals with limited finan... GrantWatch ID#: 151357

Grants to Salt Lake County, Utah Non-Profits for Zoological, Botanical, & Cultural Programs

Deadline: 04/30/15

Grants to Salt Lake County, Utah non-profit organizations to provide affordable access to arts and cultural opportunities in the community, including zoos, art and culture programs, and parks; increasing educational resources; and increasing public ... GrantWatch ID#: 152375

Grants to USA & Territories Businesses & Nonprofits to Enhance B2B Food Distribution

Deadline: 05/14/15

Grants starting at $5,000 to USA and territories agriculture-related businesses, government agencies, nonprofits, and IHEs to enhance the business to business food supply chain. On March 25 a webinar will be held. Applicants can apply for either p... GrantWatch ID#: 143459

Grants to Buncombe County, North Carolina Groups for Economic Development Projects

Deadline: 08/26/15
LOI Date: 06/03/15

Grants to Buncombe County, North Carolina small businesses and other organizations for new development projects that increase visitors to the Asheville area. Preliminary applications are due by June 3, 2015. Funds will only be used to fund capital ... GrantWatch ID#: 151431

Grants to Oregon & Washington Community-Based Organizations for Health, Education, Children, Families

Deadline: 08/07/15
LOI Date: 05/01/15

Grants to Oregon and Southwest Washington organizations to improve the health of eligible communities. An information session will be held on April 1 and letters of inquiry are due by May 1 for consideration. Focus areas for these grants include ear... GrantWatch ID#: 153973

Grants to USA Research Facilities, Individuals, IHEs, & Businesses for Agricultural Research

Deadline: 06/04/15

Grants to USA IHEs, businesses, State and federal research agencies, individuals, and other research organizations, for research and extension programs related to food and agriculture. April 2 is the optional deadline to submit a letter of intent. ... GrantWatch ID#: 152277

Grants to Washington Nonprofits & Agencies for Financial Help to Low Income Residents

Deadline: 05/15/15

Grants of up to $20,000 to Washington nonprofits, local and tribal governments, and tribal organizations to form coalitions engaged in asset building that will provide services to low and moderate income families. On April 20, 2015 a bidder's telec... GrantWatch ID#: 155102

Grants to Maine Individuals and Companies to Develop New Technology Business Ideas

Deadline: 05/05/15

Grants of up to $5,000 to Maine individuals and companies for specific activities necessary to bring new products to market. A webinar will be held on April 22. Projects in the following technology sectors will be considered: Biotechnology, Composit... GrantWatch ID#: 154117

Grants to Kansas & Missouri Nonprofits for Aging, Arts & Culture, and Education Programs

Deadline: 05/20/15

Grants generally ranging from $15,000 to $25,000 to Kansas City, Kansas and Missouri nonprofits for programs that have a significant, positive impact on improving the lives of area residents. Grants are made across a wide range of areas, with an emp... GrantWatch ID#: 154881

Grants to New York State Schools & Districts for Career Programs for Disabled Students

Deadline: 05/29/15
LOI Date: 04/28/15

Grants to New York State school districts, BOCES, and approved private schools to support career development programs for disabled students. April 15 is the deadline for questions. April 28 is the deadline to submit the optional intent to apply. Fu... GrantWatch ID#: 154206

Grants to Oregon City, Oregon Non-Profits for Arts, Environment, and Economic Development Programs

Deadline: 04/29/15

Grants of up to $25,000 to Oregon City, Oregon to make community improvements in local neighborhoods. Priority is given to projects or programs that best meet the funding goals and benefit the area most directly impacted by the South Metro Station. ... GrantWatch ID#: 153253

Grants to Arizona Nonprofits, Schools & Municipalities to Enhance the Quality of Life in Graham and Greenlee Coun...

Deadline: 04/29/15

Grants ranging from $250 to $5,000 to Arizona nonprofits, schools, tribal entities and municipalities in Graham and Greenlee Counties to enhance the quality of life. Proposals are encouraged that leverage matching funds; engage strategic, mission-dr... GrantWatch ID#: 153945

Grants to California Businesses to Manufacture Products from Recycled Rubber

Deadline: 04/29/15

Grants starting at $50,000 to California businesses for products made from tires, either using crumb rubber or recycled rubber. April 10 is the deadline to submit questions. Manufacturers and compounders or calendered rubber companies can receive in... GrantWatch ID#: 154210

Grants to New Mexico Non-Profits to Help Build Vibrant Communities

Deadline: 04/30/15

Grants to New Mexico non-profit organizations seeking funds to help build vibrant communities, specifically through: the creation of meaningful public spaces; community or neighborhood revitalization activities; corridor, street, or median improveme... GrantWatch ID#: 142415

Grants to Arizona Arts Non-Profits for Membership in a Business or Tourism Association

Deadline: 04/30/15

Grants of up to $500 to Arizona non-profit arts and cultural organizations and units of government to support a 1- or 2-year membership in business or tourism industry chambers/bureaus/associations in their communities. Applicants must make a compel... GrantWatch ID#: 147388

Grants to Weld County, Colorado Non-Profits for Collaborative Projects to Meet Community Needs

Deadline: 05/15/15
LOI Date: 04/30/15

Grants typically up to $10,000 to Weld County, Colorado non-profit organizations to support collaborative projects that make a positive impact and address community needs. LOIs must be submitted by April 30 for consideration. The Foundation looks fo... GrantWatch ID#: 149328

Grants to Canada Nonprofits & Tribes for Recurring Events Showcasing Local Artists

Deadline: 04/30/15

Grants are available to Canada community-based nonprofits and local Aboriginal councils and organizations for recurring arts and culture festivals that showcase the works of local artists, craftsman, or historical performers. Eligible organizations ... GrantWatch ID#: 151887

Grants to North Dakota For- & Non-Profits & Agencies for Agricultural Projects

Deadline: 04/30/15

Grants traditionally averaging $80,374 are available to North Dakota businesses, government agencies, and non-profits involved in the agriculture industry to promote the State's produce. Eligible projects must benefit the industry rather than a part... GrantWatch ID#: 151944

Grants to Northwest Connecticut Non-Profits for Arts, Health, Education and Environment Programs

Deadline: 04/30/15

Grants generally ranging between $2,000 and $4,000 to Northwest Connecticut non-profits for programs in arts and culture, civic and education, the environment, health and human services. Funding innovative programs that promote collaboration among n... GrantWatch ID#: 152175

Grants to Madison County, Indiana Nonprofits for Youth, Health, Literacy, Civic & Social Programs

Deadline: 04/30/15

Grants ranging from $500 to $10,000 to Madison County, Indiana nonprofits to support arts and culture, education, health and human services, economic development, and civic programs that benefit area residents. The mission of the Foundation is to e... GrantWatch ID#: 152247

Grants to Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington & Wyoming Organizations to Promote Environmental Justice

Deadline: 04/30/15

Grants of up to $25,000 per year to Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington, and Wyoming organizations to promoting environmental justice. Applicants without official non-profit status must contact program staff prior to applying. Eligible organizati... GrantWatch ID#: 152274

Grants to Scott County, Indiana Organizations for Arts, Social Services, Health, Environment, & Education

Deadline: 04/30/15

Grants to Scott County, Indiana organizations for charitable activities in the areas of community service, social services, education, health, arts, environment, and entrepreneurship. The Foundation emphasizes focused and effective requests in the f... GrantWatch ID#: 152650

Grants to Gloucester County, Virginia Non-Profits, Agencies for Health, Youth, Arts & Civic Programs

Deadline: 04/30/15

Grants ranging from $500 to $5,000 to Gloucester County, Virginia nonprofits and government agencies to support new or ongoing programs in the areas of health and wellness, educational success, cultural vibrancy, and economic prosperity . Grants may... GrantWatch ID#: 153347

Grants to Franklin County, North Carolina Organizations for Tourism-Related Events & Initiatives

Deadline: 04/30/15

Grants to Franklin County, North Carolina organizations for projects and events that build a stronger economic base for the creation of job opportunities specific to tourism-related activities and endeavors. The key goal of this grant program is to ... GrantWatch ID#: 153440

Awards to USA & International Organizations for Outstanding Community Health & Development Initiatives

Deadline: 04/30/15

Awards of up to $5,000 to USA and international organizations to honor innovative and promising approaches to promoting community health and development happening in communities worldwide. Activities may include efforts to improve community health, ... GrantWatch ID#: 153471

Grants to British Columbia, Canada Nonprofits for Arts, Family, Community Development, Environment & Health

Deadline: 04/30/15

Grants typically ranging from $500 to $1,500 to British Columbia, Canada nonprofit community groups serving the North Kootenay Lake region. Eligible projects will include, but are not limited to, arts, culture, and heritage, children, youth, and fam... GrantWatch ID#: 153506

Grants to Ohio Credit Unions for Financial Assistance Community Programs

Deadline: 04/30/15

Grants to Ohio credit unions to support social responsibility and financial services initiatives that impact people of modest means and benefit the broader community. Funding is intended for programs that improve the lives of everyday people, provid... GrantWatch ID#: 153900

Grants to East Moline, Illinois Nonprofits and Agencies for Arts, Education and Workforce Programs

Deadline: 04/30/15

Grants to Illinois nonprofits and agencies for programs that benefit residents of East Moline in the areas of health and human services, arts and culture, education, economic development, and workforce development. Priority will be given to projects... GrantWatch ID#: 154039

Grants to Baldwin County, Georgia Nonprofits & Agencies for Community and Civic Projects

Deadline: 04/30/15

Grants totaling approximately $75,000 to Georgia nonprofits in Milledgeville and Baldwin County to support the success of communities through investments that attract, retain and harness talent; that expand opportunity by increasing entrepreneurship... GrantWatch ID#: 154051

Grants to Ohio Individuals for Career Training Opportunities

Deadline: 04/30/15

Grants to Ohio credit union employees and volunteers for conferences, workshops, and online and self-study opportunities relevant to the credit union movement by strengthening an employee’s or volunteer’s abilities, as well as the future of thei... GrantWatch ID#: 154104

Grants to Help Ohio Communities Recover After a Natural Disaster

Deadline: 04/30/15

Grants to assist Ohio credit unions and their communities in times of disaster, such as floods, tornadoes, fires, and hurricanes. Disaster relief grants allow the funder to be a partner in rebuilding efforts. GrantWatch ID#: 154105

Grants to West Virginia Counties & Regional Organizations for Economic Development

Deadline: 04/30/15

Grants of up to $30,000 to West Virginia Counties, multi-County organizations, and regional planning councils for economic development programs. Grants are available on a first-come first-served basis until April 30. Applicants must agree to meet sp... GrantWatch ID#: 154492

Grants to Mississippi Agencies, Non-Profits, & IHEs to Identify & Preserve Historic Sites

Deadline: 05/01/15

Grants to Louisiana non-profits, agencies, and IHEs for historic site preservation, restoration, rescue, and education projects. Areas of interest include educating the public about historic preservation, nominating historic sites for the National ... GrantWatch ID#: 142116

Grants to Thurston County, Washington Nonprofits for Community and Environmental Programs

Deadline: 05/01/15

Grants of up to $1,000 to Thurston County, Washington nonprofits for progressive, community-oriented projects and for organizational needs such as start-up funding, public outreach, training, equipment, and special projects. Priority is given to pro... GrantWatch ID#: 142339

Grants to Boone County, West Virginia Non-Profits to Improve the Quality of Life & Reduce Poverty

Deadline: 05/01/15

Grants of up to $5,000 to Boone County, West Virginia non-profit and other charitable organizations that are working to improve the quality of life for local residents, promote economic development, and reduce poverty in the community. Priority w... GrantWatch ID#: 147319

Grants to USA Nonprofits & Schools for Youth STEM Education, Environment, Workforce & Literacy

Deadline: 05/01/15

Grants ranging from $20,000 to $75,000 to USA nonprofit organizations and public schools for activities primarily in the areas of youth education, specifically in the areas of science, technology, engineering, mathematics, the environment, job train... GrantWatch ID#: 149182

Grants to Lincoln Area, Nebraska Non-Profits for Arts, Human Services, Families, Education & Animals

Deadline: 06/05/15
LOI Date: 05/01/15

Grants typically ranging from $4,000 to $25,000 to Lincoln and Lancaster County, Nebraska non-profit organizations to improve quality of life and welfare of local residents. Applicants must contact Foundation staff in order to submit a Letter of Inq... GrantWatch ID#: 150013

Award to a Massachusetts Individual for Outstanding Service to Adams, Cheshire or Savoy Communities

Deadline: 05/01/15

Award of $500 to a Massachusetts individual in recognition of strong community commitment to Adams, Cheshire or Savoy communities through paid or volunteer work. Nominees should have made a significant contribution by either breaking new ground or i... GrantWatch ID#: 150219

Grants to Saint Paul Area, Minnesota Non-Profits & Public Agencies for Arts, Health & Economic Development

Deadline: 05/01/15

Grants to Greater Saint Paul Area, Minnesota non-profit organizations and public entities for activities in the areas of human services, community and economic development, education, health care, and the arts. Applicants are encouraged to submit an... GrantWatch ID#: 150346

In-Kind Grants to Southwest USA and Northwest Mexico Non-Profits & Others for Community Garden Projects

Deadline: 05/01/15

In-kind grants of seed packets to USA non-profits schools and government agencies in Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, Colorado, California and Northwest Mexico for educational, food security, and community development projects. Seed grants are designe... GrantWatch ID#: 150642

Grants to Ohio Local Governments & Agencies to Acquire, Develop Land for Outdoor Recreation

Deadline: 05/01/15

Grants are available to Ohio local governments to acquire or develop land for public outdoor recreation and related facilities. Applicants may apply for a waiver request at least ten days before the closing date to purchase a property during a limi... GrantWatch ID#: 150793

Grants to Cuyahoga County, Ohio Nonprofits for Education, Healthcare, Economic Independence & Culture

Deadline: 05/01/15

Grants to Cuyahoga County, Ohio nonprofit organizations for activities benefitting the local region in the following areas: education, healthcare, economic independence, and cultural activities. Priority will be given to requests for specific progra... GrantWatch ID#: 150806

Grants to Minnesota & North Dakota Non-Profits & Public Agencies for Arts, Culture, Human Needs & Education

Deadline: 05/01/15

Grants of up to $25,000 to Clay County, Minnesota and Cass County, North Dakota non-profit organizations and government units to make a difference in their communities in the following areas: arts, culture, basic human needs, community building and ... GrantWatch ID#: 152278

Grants to Colorado Businesses & Organizations for Property Beautification & Economic Development

Deadline: 05/01/15

Grants totaling $50,000 to Winter Park, Colorado community organizations and businesses seeking funds to enhance their properties and beautify the City, with the goal of promoting pedestrian traffic and business activity in commercial areas. Eligib... GrantWatch ID#: 152304

Grants to Hall County, Nebraska Non-Profits for Youth, Social, Health, Arts & Community Programs

Deadline: 05/01/15

Grants ranging from $50 to $5,000 to Hall County, Nebraska non-profit organizations for social, arts, health, education, youth and other types of programs that address the unmet needs of the local community. Programs in any of the following areas ar... GrantWatch ID#: 152306

Grants to Lake County, Indiana Non-Profits to Help Develop a Thriving Inner-City Community

Deadline: 05/01/15

Grants generally averaging between $5,000 and $25,000 to Lake County, Indiana non-profits to support citizens actively participating in building a thriving urban community, with a focus on Gary, and to support civic infrastructure to accelerate the ... GrantWatch ID#: 152405

Grants to Michigan Nonprofits to Benefit South Berrien & Cass Counties

Deadline: 05/01/15

Grants to Michigan nonprofit organizations and charities that are seeking financial assistance for programs and projects that promote the development or strengthening of community assets in South Berrien and Cass Counties. Priority will be given to ... GrantWatch ID#: 152444

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