Technology Grants to Support Cybersecurity

We live in a rapidly evolving digital world, where more information is being stored within the virtual vaults of computers than ever before. While the advancement of technology has supported an abundance of growth and capability, it has also placed a greater risk on data security and digital infrastructure. Cybersecurity has quickly become a forefront of concern for small business owners, nonprofits and individuals alike. GrantWatch has taken notice to this rise, with 183 current listings of technology grants.

MIT’s cross-disciplinary Internet Policy Research Initiative (IPRI) announced that it has awarded $1.5 million to a select group of principal investigators for early-stage Internet policy and cybersecurity research projects.

“Each project is aimed to support innovative research in their respective fields and result in new insights that can guide policy makers in making wise choices on pressing Internet policy challenges,” says IPRI founding director Daniel Weitzner, who is also a principal research scientist at MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL).

“Understanding the nuance of cybersecurity risk in our critical infrastructure will help policymakers assure that the proper incentives are in place to reduce the threat of catastrophic attacks,” says Weitzner.-MIT

Technology Grants on GrantWatch 

Grants to USA, Canada, and International Nonprofits, For-Profits, and Agencies for Green Infrastructure Evaluations

Grants to USA, Canada, and International nonprofits, for-profits, and government agencies to compile and evaluate the benefits of using green infrastructure (GI). 

Deadline: 6/19/17 5:00 PM EDT 

Grants to Connecticut Municipalities to Preserve and Manage Government Records

Grants of up to $7,500 to Connecticut municipalities to preserve and manage their governmental records. 

Deadline: 9/30/17 Postmarked

Grants to USA Nonprofits, For-Profits, and IHEs in Multiple States to Enhance STEM Research and Development Capacity

Grants to eligible USA States and territories nonprofits, for-profits, and academic institutions for capacity building to enhance research and development in the STEM fields.

LOI Due: 7/31/17

Deadline: 8/21/17 5:00 PM Submitter's Local Time

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Most Popular Grants on GrantWatch

GrantWatch would like to take a brief moment to thank our users for making these 4 grants the most popular, with the highest and most frequent number of views. Popularity may not be everything, but it's certainly worth a happy little gif of celebration. Let's hear it for this week's top performing grant listings! 

Grants to USA Teachers and Educators to Enhance K-12 Meteorology Education

Grants to USA scientists for research projects that aim to advance the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of congenital heart defects. 

Deadline: 6/14/17

Viewed 1,301 times in the last 72 hours

Grants to USA Nonprofits in Eligible States to Mitigate the Environmental Impact of Humans

Grants ranging from $500 to $5,000 to USA nonprofit organizations in eligible states for activities that mitigate the environmental impact of humans on the planet. 

Deadline: 8/31/17 

Viewed 1,176 times in the last 72 hours 

Grants to USA, Canada, and International Scholars for Social Science Research on Improving Social Policies

Grants to USA, Canada, and International Ph.D. scholars for social science research in the areas of the future of work, behavioral economics, social inequality, and race, ethnicity, and immigration. 

LOI Date: 8/21/17

Deadline: 11/15/17 11:00 AM PT

Viewed 1,156 times in the last 72 hours

Grant to a USA Grad Student or Faculty Member for Research Addressing Students Transitioning to College

Grant package including a $5,000 stipend and other benefits to a USA graduate student, staff member, or faculty member to support research related to college student transitions.

Deadline: 6/30/17

Viewed 978 times in the last 72 hours


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Healthy Children Play Outside lists over 700 grants for children, in support of their healthy growth and development. Our children's health grants promote initiatives that increase outdoor activity and improve quality of life for our youth. Recent studies reveal shocking statistics that children are getting less exercise playing outside than ever before. This alarming report concerns parents and teachers in communities across the nation, who have good reason for their concern. Nature is vital to the health and happiness of all humans. Recent studies in psychology and physical health reveal that while time outdoors is beneficial at every stage of life, it is most crucial for developing children. Playing outside and being engaged in nature allows kids to absorb Vitamin D, develop social skills and get exercise.

"70% of mothers recall spending time outdoors every day as children, while only 31% of their children do."  –National Geographic 

"The average American boy or girl spends as few as 30 minutes in unstructured outdoor play each day, and more than seven hours each day in front of an electronic screen."  –NWF

Let's take a look at some of our grants for children. Be sure to share these grants with friends, teachers and nonprofits in your area. Help to foster health and wellness for future generations. 

Tweet: Studies show children are spending less time outside than ever before. GrantWatch children's grants can help!

In-Kind Grants to Nonprofits, Schools, and Municipalities to Create Outside Play Areas

Grants to design and build playgrounds and play areas for children. Funding source will facilitate and support organizations in developing and building a playground.  

Deadline:  Ongoing

Grants to Alberta Nonprofits, IHEs, and Native Settlements to Acquire, Build, and Improve Public Facilities

Grants to Alberta nonprofits, libraries, higher education institutions, First Nations, and Metis settlements for the construction, acquisition, upgrade, renovation, or expansion of public community facilities. 

Deadline: 6/15/17

Grants to USA, Canada, and International Nonprofits, Municipalities, and Schools for Youth Baseball or Softball Programs and Capital Support

Grants averaging $40,000 to USA, Canada, and International nonprofit organizations, municipalities, and school districts that are involved in youth baseball or softball programs. 

Deadline: 7/1/17

Grants to Canada Nonprofits and Elementary Schools for Physical Activity for Children with Special Needs Ages 4-14

Grants of up to $10,000 to Canada (excluding Quebec) nonprofit organizations and elementary schools for ongoing participation in physical activity programs for children ages 4 to 14 years old. 

Deadline: 8/11/17

Grants to Kelowna, British Columbia Resident Groups to Enhance Local Neighborhoods

Grants of up to $1,500 to Kelowna, British Columbia resident groups to enhance the quality of life in local neighborhoods. 

Deadline: 7/7/17

Grants to Winnipeg, Manitoba Nonprofits and Groups for Family and Parenting Programs in the Downtown Area

Grants of up to $2,500 and grants of up to $5,000 to Winnipeg, Manitoba nonprofit organizations and groups for parenting and family-oriented programs in eligible downtown areas. 

Deadline: 5/26/17

Prize to a USA, Canada, or International Individual for an Innovative Idea to Positively Impact the World

Prize to a USA, Canada, or International individual to support an innovative idea that will catalyze positive global change. 

Deadline: 7/31/17

Grants and In-Kind Support to Quebec Nonprofits and NGOs to Promote Healthy Lifestyles for Youth

Grants and in-kind support to Quebec nonprofit and nongovernmental organizations for community projects that promote physically active lifestyles and healthy diets for children and youth (ages 0-17). 

Deadline: 10/30/17

Grants to USA Nonprofits, Schools, and Agencies to Plan and Build a Community Playground

Grants of $15,000 to USA nonprofits, schools, and agencies to purchase playground equipment to construct or renovate a playground. 

Deadline: 8/4/17

Browse more sports and recreation grants

The National Wildlife Federation outlines these health benefits that children receive from outdoor playgrounds and play areas:


  • Simply spending time outdoors raises levels of Vitamin D, helping protect children from future bone problems, heart disease, diabetes and other health issues.


  • Statistics show a high correlation rate between time spent in natural settings and reduced ADHD symptoms in children.
  • Schools who have implemented environmental education programs achieve higher average scores on standardized tests in math, reading, writing and listening.

For children to be physically fit, socially adept and strong in mind, they must experience time playing outside. This simple truth presents a challenge for communities in need of outdoor play areas, children's health and fitness programs. children's grants support the building of outdoor playgrounds to increase the amount of time and frequency kids are spending outside. Additionally, our sports and recreation grants support the development of healthy eating and exercise habits for K-12 students.

Are you involved with a nonprofit or school that works to improve the physical and spiritual health of children? Is there a mission in your community to build an outdoor playground or launch a fitness program for the local kids? grants have the power to enrich the lives of children in your neighborhood. Share this post to spread the word. Let's get our kids spending more time outside, developing healthy minds and bodies.

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Wishing You a Happy and Healthy Mother’s Day Weekend

Mother's Day weekend is here! and our sister sites,,, and, celebrate women today and all through the year. We are honored to work with incredible mothers who balance leadership work and parenthood.

If you or your mom run a nonprofit or small business, celebrate Mother’s Day with a subscription to!


Or, why not potentiate your efforts at acquiring funds by opening up a women's crowdfunding campaign? It is like online fundraising. To set up a campaign, go to Uhelpfund and click “Create a Campaign.” 

Women lead the pack in nonprofit leadership.

According to Entrepreneur, there are 10 incredible nonprofits that are managed by women:

  1. Movement Foundation
  2. Women for Women International
  3. Keep A Breast Foundation
  4. Special Olympics
  5. Camp Kesem
  6. The Malala Fund
  7. Samahope
  8. National Organization for Women
  9. Dressember
  10. Girls Who Code

In a study from the Women’s College of the University of Denver, researchers found 75% of the nonprofit workforce is women.This is contrasted by observing the business world where there are only 20 females who positioned themselves as CEO’s of Fortune 500 companies. Another study found that for women, a work-life balance is prioritized. And, nonprofits allow women leaders to have flexible schedules, which appeals to women.

Lean in :  Women, Work, and the Will to Lead

Lean In

If you haven't heard of this popular book already, check out Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead by Sheryl Sandberg, the Chief Operating Officer at Facebook. She talks about her personal struggles to gain success as a woman and urges other women to drop the notion of being able to handle it all. She advises women to set boundaries in their lives.

We Are Our Mothers' Daughters

From My Mom to You and Yours,

Have a happy and healthy Mother's Day.

Libby Hikind 



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Earn $2,000 College Scholarship through Crowdfunding and Social Media

Are You a High School or College Student Looking for Scholarships? crowdfunding campaigns and social media can pay your college tuition! 

There's no doubt about it. Digital marketing, such as crowdfunding campaigns, brand blogs and social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn have become the driving force of successful business, nonprofit and entrepreneurial ventures.  

To support this rapidly evolving digital age, high school students seeking college tuition and current college students who need financial support can earn scholarships through successful crowdfunding and blog creation! 

Scholarships to USA College Students for Successful Crowdfunding Campaigns on Behalf of Nonprofits

Scholarships of $2,000 for USA college students who successfully assist a nonprofit organization with a crowdfunding campaign. Students will partner with a qualifying nonprofit to build a crowdfunding campaign with the goal of raising $100,000 for their nonprofit organization. 

LOI Date: 6/15/17

Deadline: 8/10/17 

After identifying a nonprofit, students will create and manage a crowdfunding campaign on campaigns.

Scholarship funds will be awarded to students who successfully raise $100,000 through the campaign. The scholarship will be paid directly to the student’s educational institution.

Successful students will each receive a $2,000 scholarship. Additionally, there will be intermediary incentive gifts provided by project corporate partners and a $500 bonus for the most successful project.

Please note: If a team of students work together on a successful crowdfunding campaign the $2,000 scholarship will be equally distributed among team members.

Eligible organizations are federal tax-exempt 501(c)3 nonprofits, as defined by the United States Internal Revenue Service Code and verified as such through the Stripe payment processor (after campaign creation).

Students must be accepted, registered, or enrolled at a qualifying college or university.

Scholarships to USA High School Seniors to Develop Online Media Skills

Scholarships of $2,500 to USA high school students in their senior year to explore various disciplines related to blogging. This opportunity allows students to explore a passion while cultivating marketable skills…

Deadline: Ongoing is proud to list grants that pay it forward and help our youth embrace new skills that will better prepare them for the professional world. Show your support by connecting with us on social media! on Facebook on Twitter on YouTube on LinkedIn


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Be Better and Do More for Earth Day with GrantWatch

For Earth Day 2017, the GrantWatch family is being better and doing more by banning wasteful, single-use paper cups from the office. A few of us took a little field trip to Marshalls, carpooling to reduce pollution, and facetimed the rest of our office staff to make sure everyone could choose their own new mug. This small task will greatly reduce the waste created by GrantWatch each and every day!

Saturday, April 22nd is Earth Day. Join the Earth Day movement and use GRANTS to make our planet a better place. Make a positive impact of eco-responsibility with environment and preservation grants listed on GrantWatch. There are so many ways we can be better and do more for the environment. Earth Day 2017 is the perfect opportunity to start an eco-friendly initiative for your family or community.

Celebrate Earth Day by taking action and starting an earth friendly project in your community, upgrade the energy efficiency of your home by installing solar panels or make a simple promise to yourself and our planet to start recycling. Get involved with a litter clean up or community garden project in your neighborhood.

The first Earth Day was held on April 22, 1970, in America.

It was founded by former US senator Gaylord Nelson after he saw the enormous 1969 oil spill in Santa Barbara, California. 

Each year, festivals, parades and rallies are held in at least 192 countries to demonstrate support for environmental protection. –Mirror

Here's a few of our environment and preservation grant listings that we're sure would make Mother Earth proud. 

Environment Grants

Grants to USA Nonprofits to Promote Environmental Sustainability through Organic Agriculture

Grants averaging $10,000 to USA nonprofit organizations to promote environmental sustainability through the advancement of organic agriculture. 

LOI Due: 4/27/2017

Deadline: 6/8/17

Grants to USA Nonprofits, Schools, and Libraries, for Human Services, Environment, and Disaster Relief

Grants to USA nonprofit organizations, public schools, and libraries for activities in the areas of human services, environment, and disaster relief. 

Deadline: 4/30/17

Preservation Grants

Grants and Services to Hawaii Nonprofits for Cleanup Events on Oahu, Maui, Kauai, and Hawaii Island

Grants of $1,000 and in-kind donations and services to Hawaii nonprofits for community cleanup events on Oahu, Maui, Kauai, and Hawaii Island. 

Deadline: 4/30/17

Grants to USA, Canada, and International Nonprofits for Initiatives Using Solar Modules

Grants ranging from $10,000 to $15,000 to USA, Canada, and International nonprofits for programs that enhance the quality of life in local communities through green education initiatives.

Deadline: 5/1/17

How will you pay it forward for the planet this Earth Day? 

Tell us in the comments below! 

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Are People Really Like Garbage Trucks?

“Many people are like garbage trucks. They run around full of garbage, full of frustration, full of anger, and full of disappointment. As their garbage piles up, they look for a place to dump it. And if you let them, they’ll dump it on you. So when someone wants to dump on you, don’t take it personally. Just smile, wave, wish them well, and move on. Believe me. You’ll be happier.” –The Law of the Garbage Truck by David J. Pollay

Meir Kay explores Pollay's theory in this video adaptation:


Unfortunately, many people carry frustration with them everywhere they go, each and every day. Smiling, waving and wishing others well is a wonderful practice to avoid conflict with others. However, if you or someone you know is dealing with more than daily frustrations, it may be time to see a mental health professional. Search for funding opportunities with mental health grants listed on  

Mental Health Grants

Grants to Northwest Florida Nonprofits for Education, Environment, Family, Health, and Culture

Grants to Northwest Florida nonprofit organizations for projects that positively impact Okaloosa and Walton Counties residents. 

Conference Date: 5/23/17

Deadline: 7/13/17 12:00 PM Noon Receipt

Grants to USA and Canada Medical Schools for Student-Run Mental Health Projects

Grants of up to $5,000 to USA and Canada medical schools for projects that address mental health and substance abuse disorders.

Deadline:  5/31/17 Postmarked

The Law of the Garbage Truck :  How to Stop People from Dumping on You

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The 4 Questions: Jet Blue Wins at Passover, Lands on GrantWatch

Thank you JetBlue for this take-off on the Four Questions – while we laughed, it made us take a step back and think, "Why is GrantWatch different from all other grant websites?" (What a fun way to evaluate your own business, as compared to your competitors!)

Why Is This Website Different From All Other Grant Websites?

1) On all the other grant websites, we can view a "Balagan" of grants from maybe one (or two) types of funding sources and a few categories.

On GrantWatch, we see well-organized and categorized grants from ALL types of funders (foundations, corporations, federal, state and local governments), in 50 categories and by all locations.

2) On all the other grant websites, we see only a "Kleyn Shtik" of the grants.

On GrantWatch, we can view "presentation quality" grant detail pages appropriate for a board meeting: They include eligibility, geographic focus, estimated size of grant, pre-application information, grant summary, funding source contacts and URLs for grant applications (RFPs).

3) On all the other grant websites, we see grants that have not even been checked one time, to be certified "Kosher".

On GrantWatch, we can trust that the grants have been checked multiple times for accuracy by a: grant researcher, grant associate, editor and the funding source.

4) On all the other grant websites, customer service is lacking, with only email assistance. 

On GrantWatch, we can recline (relax), because we know we're going to get a fast email , phone or chat response from a friendly and knowledgeable grant specialist.


Balagan – Mess

Kleyn Shtik – Little Piece

Certified Kosher – Legitimate


From our family to your, GrantWatch wishes you and yours a very Happy Passover.

About the Author: Libby Hikind, CEO, with Contributions by GrantWatch Support Staff: Lianne, Dominique, Tracy and Alex Celebrates Cesar Chavez Day with Farming Grants celebrates Cesar Chavez Day, a state holiday in California, with farming and agriculture grants that support his legacy of improved conditions and civil rights for farm workers. Chavez exhibited a public-relations approach to unionism and aggressive but nonviolent tactics. His peaceful, yet unyielding method made the farm workers' struggle a moral cause that earned nationwide support. By the late 1970s, his tactics had forced growers to recognize the National Farmworkers Association as the bargaining agent for 50,000 field workers in California and Florida. The NFA union has since become a catalyst for millions of dollars in federal, state and foundation farming grants

SALEM, Ore. (AP) — Oregon residents can celebrate more than the coming weekend today as Gov. Kate Brown has declared March 31 Cesar Chavez Day. –USNews

Chavez was a civil rights leader and labor movement activist. He fought for farm workers who faced abuse, low pay and inhumane working conditions. He also encouraged Latinos to get out and vote.

He co-founded the National Farm Workers Association — where he led mass boycotts and hunger strikes. Chavez passed away in 1993, but his legacy lives on.

March 31st is Cesar Chavez' birthday and it's also a state holiday in California. The day is intended to promote community service in honor of Chavez's life. –ABC10

Farming & Agriculture Grants

In-Kind Grants to Southwestern USA and Northwestern Mexico Organizations for Seeds to Plant in Community Gardening Projects

In-kind grants to multiple Southwestern USA States and northwestern Mexico organizations for seeds to plant in community benefit gardening projects. 

Deadline: 5/5/17 

Grants to USA Tribes and Tribal Organizations for Housing, Economic, and Community Development

Grants to USA Indian and Alaska Native tribes and tribal organizations for community development projects that result in a suitable living environment, economic opportunities, and decent housing.

Deadline: 5/18/17


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Love Life Honor Peace

The GrantWatch family is with you, London!

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the victims, their friends, families and everyone affected by yesterday's attack in London. World leaders offer condolences and support. Big Ben has been lit up in red to honor the victims. The lights of the Eiffel Tower have been turned off in solidarity as the world mourns a shocking loss. The United States has offered Prime Minister, Theresa May our full support. 

Libby Hikind, CEO of has designed a replacement for the peace sign of the seventies.  Libby's vision includes doves of all nationalities, carrying olive branches with hearts and a full surrender flag. The design inspires an embrace of life, love and peace around the world.

Not all peoples are raised to love life and honor peace. Your organization and community can make the difference and become peace ambassadors. 

GrantWatch will be printing Love Life, Honor Peace shirts and will make them available to nonprofits to purchase in bulk. Nonprofits will be able to sell them and use the funds for community activities that promote peace and safety.  They will also be available as perks for crowdfunders on

Send an email demonstrating your interest in these shirts to and or comment below.  Share it out.

These horrific and devastating incidents remind us how fragile life can be. We live in a beautiful, yet often scary world. In just a moment, everything can change. This is why it is so important to be familiar with the security initiatives, procedures and resources of your local area. It is also crucial to have a safety plan in place for emergencies that tells your family know you are ok.

We have no way of knowing when emergencies will arrive and how they will affect us. The best thing we can do for ourselves and each other is to find love in our hearts, prepare for the worst and hope for the best. Your organization should plan, practice and prepare for emergency situations with security and safety grants listed on

GrantWatch Security and Safety Grants

Grants to Arizona Law Enforcement Agencies for the Purchase of Professional Police Dogs

Grants to Arizona law enforcement agencies for acquiring skilled and efficient police dogs.

Deadline: Ongoing

Raise Money on Uhelpfund for Nonprofits, Small Businesses, Start-ups, Inventions, and Disaster Relief throughout the USA, Canada, and International Communities

Uhelpfund is used to raise money while applying for grants. The 30-day crowdfunding strategy will empower you to utilize your "crowd", social media and email contacts to ask for contributions, and to ask contributors to forward your campaign to their "crowd".

Deadline: Ongoing

We'd love to hear your thoughts. Please comment below and share with your online networks!

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