10 Grant Opportunities for Private Schools

Education is one of the greatest pathways to success; however, not every child learns the same way. Children thrive in different environments and with various styles of teaching. When it comes to education, there are many different types of schools children can attend. This includes public schools, faith-based institutions, charter schools, and/or private schools. While many grants for education are only for public schools, grants do exist for both nonprofit and for-profit private schools.

Today, GrantWatch is sharing a list of grants specifically for private schools. Some of these grants are for teachers and may include funding for both public and private school teachers. Others are for the schools themselves and include key learning opportunities on issues such as the environment, agriculture, and science.

Top Grants Available for Nonprofit and Private Schools

  1. Grants are available to British Columbia K-12 schools for outdoor interactive learning projects and field trips.
  2. Grants are also available to USA private schools, charter schools, and rural schools to implement a science program.
  3. Funding of up to $1,000 is available to USA K-5 teachers at public and nonprofit private schools for creative educational programming.
  4. Grants are also available to USA public and private schools, LEAs, and charter school management companies to create mental health programs.
  5. In addition, there are grants for USA private, public, and charter schools to provide STEM programming for PreK-5 students.
  6. In-kind grants are available to USA private schools to improve access to healthy and nutritious food. 
  7. Grants are offered to USA private, public, or charter schools for K-8 educational programs incorporating cooking or gardening. 
  8. Additionally, grants are available to private schools to provide an engineering program for high school students. 
  9. Funding is available to Canadian private schools for programs that promote and increase participation in sports and physical activity for children and youth.
  10. Finally, there are grants for Massachusetts K-12 public and private schools and nonprofit organizations for programs that promote financial literacy and education.

GrantWatch Notes

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