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Mental Health Grants: 

Mental health grants for nonprofits, organizations, clinicians, researchers and other professionals operating in the mental health field.   214 Mental Health Grants.

Grants to South Hampton Roads, Virginia Nonprofits for Culture, Health, Economic Stability, Education, and Enviro...

Deadline: 07/01/17
Conference Date: 01/10/17

Grants to South Hampton Roads, Virginia nonprofit organizations for programming, seed funding, and capital support. Focus areas include culture, health and wellness, economic stability, education, and environment. Applicants may discuss a potential ... GrantWatch ID#: 181385

Grants to Ontario Charities to Address Community Issues in the London and Middlesex Region

Deadline: 07/18/17
LOI Date: 03/21/17

Grants to Ontario registered charities for innovative programs, projects, and initiatives that will ultimately change the way that individuals in the City of London and/or Middlesex County deal with pressing community issues. Stage One applications... GrantWatch ID#: 141097

Grants to Richland County, Ohio Nonprofits and Agencies for Women's and Girls' Programs

Deadline: 09/15/17
Conference Date: 03/23/17

Grants averaging $2,500 to Richland County, Ohio nonprofit organizations, government entities, and eligible faith-based organizations for programs that empower women and girls. Applicants must contact the Foundation before submitting an application.... GrantWatch ID#: 179218

Grant to a New York Nonprofit or Agency to Coordinate Gambling Addiction Services

Deadline: 06/08/17
Conference Date: 04/13/17

Grant to a New York nonprofit organization for gambling addiction education, awareness, and outreach. An informational conference is scheduled for April 13. Questions will be accepted through April 27. Nonprofit applicants are advised to ensure the ... GrantWatch ID#: 181585

Grants to USA Nonprofits to Assist Government Agencies in Enhancing Public Health Services

Deadline: 06/12/17
Conference Date: 04/24/17

Grants to USA nonprofit organizations operating on a national scale to improve the capacity of state and local government agencies to provide quality health services. An informational conference call is scheduled for April 24. Applicants are advised... GrantWatch ID#: 181640

Large Grants to Greater San Antonio, Texas Nonprofits for Arts, Education, Environment, and Health and Wellness P...

Deadline: 06/09/17
Conference Date: 04/25/17

Large grants to Greater San Antonio, Texas area nonprofit organizations that deliver critical services to local community members. Two training sessions will be held on April 25. Funding will specifically be provided for proposals addressing any ... GrantWatch ID#: 180856

Grants to Montana Nonprofits, Agencies, and Educational Institutions to Promote Health

Deadline: 06/05/17
Conference Date: 05/02/17

Grants ranging from $10,000 to $75,000 to Montana nonprofit organizations, government agencies, and educational institutions for a broad range of projects that promote health. An informational webinar is scheduled for May 2. This grant program is in... GrantWatch ID#: 180767

Grants to Washington, DC Nonprofits and Agencies to Prevent Juvenile Delinquency and to Support Reentry

Deadline: 05/25/17
Conference Date: 05/03/17

Grants to Washington, DC nonprofit organizations and government agencies for the prevention of juvenile delinquency for youth (under age 21) and for reentry programs for adults and youth involved in the criminal justice system. The pre-bidders' webi... GrantWatch ID#: 173135

Grants to Washington, DC Nonprofits for Services Addressing Youth, Children, and Family Interventions

Deadline: 05/26/17
Conference Date: 05/08/17

Grants to Washington, DC nonprofit organizations for community-based programs to help K-8 youth who have been the subject of child and family services interventions. The bidder’s conference is scheduled for May 8. Questions will be accepted throu... GrantWatch ID#: 181280

Grants to Kansas Nonprofits, Agencies, Schools, and IHEs to Prevent Underage Drinking and Drug Use

Deadline: 06/02/17
Conference Date: 05/09/17

Grants to Kansas coalitions of nonprofit organizations, government agencies, schools, and IHEs for the development of a comprehensive, community-based strategy to prevent underage drinking and drug use. Coalition planning will result in a community-... GrantWatch ID#: 181625

Grants to Kansas Nonprofits, Agencies, Schools, and IHEs for Coalitions to Prevent Substance Abuse

Deadline: 06/02/17
Conference Date: 05/09/17

Grants to Kansas nonprofits, government agencies, schools, and IHEs representing community coalitions to prevent substance abuse. The pre-bid conference is scheduled for May 9. Questions will be accepted through May 16. The purpose of this program i... GrantWatch ID#: 181626

Grants to USA Higher Education Institutions for the Training of Behavioral Health Professionals

Deadline: 06/12/17
Conference Date: 05/10/17

Grants to USA and territories IHE medical certification programs to expand and develop the behavioral health workforce to serve patients across the lifespan, including in medically underserved and rural areas. Technical assistance sessions are sched... GrantWatch ID#: 142815

Grants to New Mexico Nonprofits to Increase Access to Health Care for the Underserved and Cultural Minorities

Deadline: 06/21/17
Conference Date: 05/10/17

Grants of up to $15,000 to New Mexico nonprofits for initiatives that adapt existing health care systems to provide equal access to the populations of diverse communities. Pre-proposal webinars will be held on May 10 and 11. Priority will be given t... GrantWatch ID#: 181344

Grants to New Jersey Public Schools and School Districts for Health and Wellness Projects

Deadline: 06/29/17
Conference Date: 05/11/17

Grants of up to $4,000 to New Jersey public schools and school districts to implement health and wellness programs in middle and high schools (including K-8 schools). An informational webinar will be held on May 11. Funds can be utilized to implem... GrantWatch ID#: 176921

Grants to Missouri Nonprofits, For-Profits, Schools, and IHEs for After-School Enrichment Programs

Deadline: 06/27/17
LOI Date: 05/26/17

Grants starting at $50,000 per year to Missouri nonprofits, for-profits, schools, school districts, and IHEs for the provision of after-school enrichment programs. Applicants may submit an Intent to Apply through May 26. Funding will support the est... GrantWatch ID#: 143170

Grants to USA Nonprofits and Agencies in Multiple States to Promote Healthy Childhood Development

Deadline: 09/22/17
LOI Date: 05/26/17

Grants of up to $25,000 to Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Western Wisconsin nonprofit organizations and government agencies to promote early childhood health. Initial applications are due May 26. The funding source seeks proposals that f... GrantWatch ID#: 180522

Grants to Iowa Nonprofits to Benefit At-Risk, Underprivileged, and Special Needs Children

Deadline: 05/26/17

Grants to Iowa nonprofit organizations that provide services, treatment, care, and shelter to underprivileged, at risk, special needs, and critically ill children. Funding will primarily be provided for brick and mortar projects, programming, equip... GrantWatch ID#: 181214

Grant to a New York Nonprofit, Hospital, or IHE for Research to Prevent the Abuse of Individuals with Disabiliti...

Deadline: 06/23/17
LOI Date: 05/26/17

Grant of up to $75,000 to a New York nonprofit organization, IHE, hospital, community-based organization, disability-service organization, consortia, or partnership for a research project to prevent the abuse and exploitation of individuals with int... GrantWatch ID#: 181560

Grants to Western Montana Organizations for Hospice and Palliative Care Services

Deadline: 05/30/17

Grants ranging from $500 to $1,000 to Western Montana organizations that provide palliative and hospice care services. Priority will be given to organizations with nonprofit status, and those organizations serving individuals in Lake, Missoula, Mine... GrantWatch ID#: 180418


Grants to New York City Nonprofits to Aid Individuals With Severe Mental Illness in the Bronx and Brooklyn Areas

Deadline: 07/18/17
LOI Date: 05/30/17

Grants to New York City nonprofits for programs that will help serve individuals who are diagnosed with severe mental illnesses. An LOI is due by May 30. Questions concerning the grant program must be submitted by June 6, 2017. Programs should serve... GrantWatch ID#: 181612

Grants to Allegheny County, Pennsylvania Nonprofits to Support Healthy Families and Communities

Deadline: 05/31/17

Grants ranging from $10,000 to $25,000 per year to Allegheny County, Pennsylvania nonprofits to support programs at the community level that create supportive and healthy home environments by addressing physical and behavioral health issues. Prefer... GrantWatch ID#: 153472

Grants to Kansas Nonprofits, For-Profits, Agencies, and IHEs to Prevent the Abuse of People with Disabilities

Deadline: 05/31/17

Grants of up to $50,000 per year to Kansas government agencies, nonprofits, for-profits, IHEs, and hospitals to develop a system to prevent the abuse, exploitation, and neglect of individuals with developmental and intellectual disabilities. Questio... GrantWatch ID#: 155452

Grants to Nevada Nonprofits, Agencies, Tribes, and Businesses for Programs to Mitigate Gambling Problems

Deadline: 05/31/17

Grants of up to $5,000 to Nevada nonprofits, local agencies, tribal entities, and businesses for gambling awareness and prevention programs. Funding and resources will be provided to develop programs that target families, youth, and seniors. Applica... GrantWatch ID#: 169787

Grants to Newfoundland and Labrador Nonprofits and Individuals for Wellness Initiatives in Eligible Regions

Deadline: 05/31/17

Grants of up to $1,000 to Newfoundland and Labrador nonprofits and individuals in eligible regions for initiatives that enhance health and wellness for the province and its residents. Grants are intended to assist school councils, family and commun... GrantWatch ID#: 180739

Grants to USA and Canada Medical Schools for Student-Run Mental Health Projects

Deadline: 05/31/17

Grants of up to $5,000 to USA and Canada medical schools for projects that address mental health and substance abuse disorders, with particular focus on underserved minority populations. Projects will be developed and managed by medical students and... GrantWatch ID#: 180999

Grants to North Dakota Nonprofits and Agencies for Homeless Shelters and Services

Deadline: 05/31/17

Grants of up to $50,000 to North Dakota nonprofit organizations and government agencies that operate programs and facilities serving the homeless. Funding is available to programs that identify both unsheltered and sheltered homeless individuals, as... GrantWatch ID#: 181193

Grants to Chicago, Illinois Nonprofits for Employment Training, Education, and Arts Learning

Deadline: 06/01/17

Grant to Chicago, Illinois nonprofit organizations for programs or projects in the areas of arts learning, education, vocational training, and access to health care. Applicants are strongly encouraged to submit an LOI prior to the deadline. Priority... GrantWatch ID#: 176449

Grants to Alabama Nonprofits for Arts, Culture, Community, and Health

Deadline: 07/28/17
LOI Date: 06/01/17

Grants to Alabama nonprofit organizations for a broad range of activities to enhance the quality of life in Birmingham and statewide. LOIs are due June 1. For the upcoming cycle, requests will be considered in the areas of arts, culture, community a... GrantWatch ID#: 177222

In-Kind Grants to Illinois, California, and New York Nonprofits and Schools in Eligible Areas to Expand Capacity

Deadline: 06/01/17

In-kind grants valued at $45,000 or more to Chicago, Illinois, Los Angeles and San Francisco area, California, and New York City, New York, nonprofits and schools for professional consulting services that will enhance organizations' operations and e... GrantWatch ID#: 177866

Grants to Gratiot County, Michigan Nonprofits for Community Needs and to Enrich the Quality of Life

Deadline: 06/01/17

Grants to Gratiot County, Michigan nonprofit organizations for projects that aim to improve the quality of life for local residents. Funding is intended for projects in the following areas: arts and culture, community development, environment, educa... GrantWatch ID#: 178235

Grants to California Nonprofits to Support K-12 Public Schools in Alameda and West Contra Costa Counties

Deadline: 08/01/17
LOI Date: 06/01/17

Grants to California nonprofits to support K-12 public school students in Alameda and West Contra Costa Counties that face the most significant economic, racial, and social barriers. An LOI is due June 1, 2017. Priority is given to programs that are... GrantWatch ID#: 179631

Grants to Pennsylvania Nonprofits for Health and Wellness Projects in Lackawanna, Luzerne, and Wyoming Counties

Deadline: 08/01/17
LOI Date: 06/01/17

Grants to Northeastern Pennsylvania nonprofit organizations for programs and projects that aim to promote the health and wellness of those living in Lackawanna, Luzerne, and/or Wyoming Counties. LOIs are due by June 1. The funding source encourages... GrantWatch ID#: 181236

Grants to Georgia Nonprofits for Health and Human Services Projects in Ben Hill, Irwin, and Wilcox Counties

Deadline: 06/01/17

Grants to Georgia nonprofit organizations for health and human services projects that benefit those living in Ben Hill, Irwin, and Wilcox counties. Funding will be provided to nonprofits that support, care for, and educate orphaned and underprivil... GrantWatch ID#: 181591

Grants to Greater Newark Area, New Jersey Nonprofits for Health Projects Serving Vulnerable Communities and At-Ri...

Deadline: 06/02/17

Grants starting at $25,000 to New Jersey nonprofit organizations for physical and mental healthcare projects, programs, or services in Essex, Morris, or Union counties. Specifically, priority funding is intended for proposals focusing on underserved... GrantWatch ID#: 177858

Grants to Massachusetts Schools and School Districts for Programs to Help Homeless Students Succeed

Deadline: 06/02/17

Grants of up to $60,000 to Massachusetts schools and school districts for programs that encourage homeless children and youth to be enrolled in school, attend school, and have the opportunity to succeed academically. Proposals are invited for high-q... GrantWatch ID#: 181130

Grants to Kentucky Nonprofits and Government Agencies to Provide Services for Victims of Violent Crimes

Deadline: 06/02/17

Grants to Kentucky nonprofits and government agencies for projects that will provide assistance to the victims of violent crimes. Priority will be given to projects that benefit victims of sexual assault, child abuse, and domestic violence. The prog... GrantWatch ID#: 181405

Grants to USA Medical Researchers to Advance Drugs and Therapies for Alzheimer's Patients

Deadline: 09/22/17
LOI Date: 06/02/17

Grants to USA faculty members of qualifying research institutions for medical research to advance therapies and drugs that will lead to improved outcomes for Alzheimer’s patients. Initial applications are due June 2. Applications are invited from ... GrantWatch ID#: 181412


Grants for Arizona Community Health and Wellness Projects in Cochise and Eastern Santa Cruz Counties

Deadline: 10/13/17
LOI Date: 08/25/17
Conference Date: 06/05/17

Grants of up to $50,000 per year for Arizona-based projects that promote health and wellness in Cochise and eastern Santa Cruz counties. Mandatory workshops will be held June 5, 6, and 7, 2017. A letter of intent is due August 25, 2017. The Foundati... GrantWatch ID#: 181599


Grants to Missouri and Kansas Nonprofits and Agencies to Address Health Issues in the Kansas City Area

Deadline: 06/07/17

Grants of up to $75,000 to Missouri and Kansas nonprofit organizations and government agencies in the Greater Kansas City area for programs and projects that address important health issues. Funding is intended to improve health access and quality ... GrantWatch ID#: 179502

Grants to New Hampshire Individuals with Disabilities for Rehabilitative Equipment and Products

Deadline: 06/08/17

Grants of up to $1,200 to New Hampshire individuals with physical and intellectual disabilities and their families for specialty equipment, home modifications, medical treatments, and other goods and services not funded elsewhere. Funding is intende... GrantWatch ID#: 178797

Grants to Michigan Health Clinics for Physical, Mental, and Dental Health Services to Uninsured Residents

Deadline: 06/09/17

Grants of up to $12,500 and matching grants of up to $25,000 to Michigan nonprofit health clinics to increase access to high-quality healthcare for the uninsured and underinsured. Funding may be used for ongoing operations, to expand hours and servi... GrantWatch ID#: 171926


Grant to a USA Nonprofit, For-Profit, Agency, IHE, or School District to Assist Homeless and Runaway Youth

Deadline: 07/10/17
LOI Date: 06/09/17

Grant to a USA nonprofit, for-profit, government agency, IHE, or school district to operate a national program for homeless and runaway youth. LOIs are due June 9. The selected grantee will work through a national communication system to assist yout... GrantWatch ID#: 181553


Grants to Mat-Su Borough, Alaska Nonprofits, Agencies, and Schools to Promote Health and Wellness

Deadline: 07/31/17
LOI Date: 06/10/17

Grants of over $15,000 to Mat-Su Borough, Alaska nonprofit organizations and, in certain cases, religious, educational, tribal, or governmental agencies to promote health and wellness. Applicants must submit an initial application by June 10. The Fo... GrantWatch ID#: 180717


Grants to Colorado Nonprofits and Agencies to Improve Home Visitation Programs in the Denver Metro Area

Deadline: 06/12/17

Grants to Colorado nonprofit organizations and government agencies to improve home visitation programs in the Denver metropolitan area (which includes Adams, Arapahoe, Boulder, Broomfield, Denver, Douglas, and Jefferson counties). Funding is inten... GrantWatch ID#: 181154

Grants to Minnesota Nonprofits to Help Foreign Doctors and Medical Professionals Integrate into the Healthcare S...

Deadline: 06/12/17

Grants to Minnesota nonprofit organizations to assist immigrant medical graduates and foreign-trained healthcare professionals to integrate into the State’s healthcare system. The goal of this program is to expand primary care access in underserve... GrantWatch ID#: 181617


Grants to Battle Creek Area, Michigan Nonprofits for Education, Youth, Health, Emergencies, Seniors, Workforce, a...

Deadline: 07/28/17
Conference Date: 06/14/17

Grants ranging from $1,000 to $20,000 to greater Battle Creek area, Michigan nonprofit organizations for community benefit programs and capital projects. Grant orientations will be held the second and fourth Wednesday of every month. For the purpose... GrantWatch ID#: 176494


Grants to USA Nonprofits, For-Profits, Agencies, and IHEs for Services to Child Victims of Trafficking and Explo...

Deadline: 06/15/17

Grants to USA and territories nonprofits, for-profits, government agencies, tribal governments, and IHEs to enhance the capacity of programs responding to the needs of child victims of trafficking and exploitation. Funding is available in two catego... GrantWatch ID#: 167678


Grants to Kansas Nonprofits, Agencies, and Schools to Benefit Children in Central Kansas

Deadline: 06/15/17

Grants of up to $5,000 to Kansas nonprofits, public agencies, educational institutions, and faith-based organizations for programs that directly benefit children residing in the Foundation's service area and its affiliates. Funding is intended for t... GrantWatch ID#: 172682


Grants to Wisconsin and Minnesota Nonprofits for Housing, Health, Education, Human Services, and Youth

Deadline: 06/15/17

Grants to Wisconsin and Minnesota nonprofit organizations to enhance the quality of life in the funding source’s communities. Applicants must submit an initial inquiry prior to the deadline. Program areas include affordable housing, health and saf... GrantWatch ID#: 175481

Grants to Wisconsin Nonprofits to Assist Disadvantaged Groups in Milwaukee and Waukesha Counties

Deadline: 06/15/17

Grants to Wisconsin nonprofit organizations to assist substantially disadvantaged populations in Milwaukee and Waukesha Counties. Priority will be given to programs that address mental health, physical disabilities, and intellectual disabilities. Se... GrantWatch ID#: 176485

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