Secondary Education Grants: 

Grants for the improvement of public, private, religious or charter high school secondary education: high school - the last four years of formal education ( grade nine through grade twelve ) or split between a final year of junior high school and three in high school.

Grants to South Hampton Roads, Virginia Nonprofits for Culture, Health, Economic Stability, Education, and Enviro...

Deadline: 07/01/17

Grants to South Hampton Roads, Virginia nonprofit organizations for programming, seed funding, and capital support. Focus areas include culture, health and wellness, economic stability, education, and environment. Applicants may discuss a potential ... GrantWatch ID#: 181385

Grants to Richland County, Ohio K-12 Teachers for Creative Projects, Programs, or Events

Deadline: 07/14/17

Grants of up to $1,500 to Richland County K-12 public and private school teachers or teams of teachers for new and innovative projects, programs, or events. Prospective applicants must contact the Foundation before applying. Workshops will be held M... GrantWatch ID#: 163768

Grants to California, Maine, Massachusetts, and Ohio Nonprofits for Arts, Arts Education, and the Environment

Deadline: 07/15/17

Grants ranging from $5,000 to $15,000 to California, Maine, Massachusetts, and Ohio nonprofits for programs that will benefit residents in eligible communities. Preliminary applications are due April 10. Funding will be awarded to programs in the ar... GrantWatch ID#: 180098

Grants to Richland County, Ohio K-12 Teachers for Projects in Music, Literature, Writing, and History

Deadline: 07/14/17

Grants ranging from $500 to $1,500 to Richland County, Ohio K-12 teachers for projects in music, literature appreciation, writing, or Ohio history. Applicants must contact Foundation staff before submitting an application. Grant workshops will be he... GrantWatch ID#: 179228

Grants to Central Ohio Nonprofits for Education, Human Services, and the Empowerment of Young People

Deadline: 08/01/17

Grants to Central Ohio nonprofit organizations for projects in the areas of education and human services. Applicants are encouraged to attend a grant information session on May 3. The Foundation places a strong emphasis on empowering young people th... GrantWatch ID#: 178308

Grants to Michigan Nonprofits, Schools, Agencies, and Individuals for Arts Activities and Professional Developme...

Deadline: 08/03/17

Grants to Michigan nonprofits, schools, IHEs, municipalities, individual artist administrators, and professional artists to promote local arts and cultural opportunities. The purpose of this program is to meet local arts and cultural needs and impro... GrantWatch ID#: 172137

Grants to Oklahoma Nonprofits for Health, Education, Youth, Arts, and Animal Welfare

Deadline: 07/14/17

Grants to Oklahoma nonprofits for programs to improve the quality of life for residents of eligible regions. The application process must begin with the submission of a letter of intent by May 5, 2017. Funding is intended to support organizations de... GrantWatch ID#: 179298

Grants to Oregon Nonprofits, Schools, and Agencies for Major Projects in Arts, Education, Health, and Environment

Deadline: 08/18/17
LOI Date: 07/03/17

Grants to Northwest Oregon nonprofit organizations, government agencies, and schools to benefit local communities in a broad range of areas. LOIs are due July 3. Register by May 9 to attend the May 10 workshop. Program areas include education, arts ... GrantWatch ID#: 177339

Grants to New Jersey Public Schools and School Districts for Health and Wellness Projects

Deadline: 06/29/17

Grants of up to $4,000 to New Jersey public schools and school districts to implement health and wellness programs in middle and high schools (including K-8 schools). An informational webinar will be held on May 11. Funds can be utilized to implem... GrantWatch ID#: 176921

Fellowships to Maricopa County, Arizona Nonprofit Leaders for Professional Development Sabbaticals

Deadline: 09/01/17

Fellowships of up to $90,000 to Maricopa County, Arizona individuals in leadership positions at local nonprofit organizations to take a sabbatical for professional development. The fellow’s organization may operate in the areas of education, healt... GrantWatch ID#: 180966

Grants to Maryland Nonprofits for College and Career Guidance Programs for Students in Grades 7-9

Deadline: 07/11/17

Grants to Maryland nonprofit organizations for college preparedness and career awareness programs targeting low-income students in designated public schools and districts. Designated schools are located in Allegany, Caroline, Dorchester, Kent, Princ... GrantWatch ID#: 181672

Grants to Texas Nonprofits to Benefit Women and Children in Tyler and Smith Counties

Deadline: 07/14/17

Grants starting at $30,000 to Texas nonprofit organizations for new programs or program expansion that will benefit women and children in the Tyler or Smith County area. A grant writing conference will be held on May 23, 2017. Focus areas may includ... GrantWatch ID#: 173858

Grants to Illinois Nonprofits for Community Benefit in Oak Park, Forest Park, River Forest, and Surrounding Areas

Deadline: 07/10/17

Grants of up to $10,000 per year to Illinois nonprofit organizations programs, general operating support, and capacity building that will contribute to the welfare, enrichment, and sustainability of Oak Park, Forest Park, River Forest and surroundin... GrantWatch ID#: 144015

Grants to USA Educational Practitioners and Research Organizations for Collaborative Investigation of Student Lea...

Deadline: 09/01/17

Grants to USA educational research-practice partnerships to improve student learning frameworks, with priority given to applicants from California, Colorado, New Hampshire, and Virginia. An LOI is due June 23, 2017. The Foundation's goal is to supp... GrantWatch ID#: 181748

Grants to Rhode Island Nonprofits, Employers, IHEs, and Agencies to Strengthen the Workforce

Deadline: 06/30/17

Grants to Rhode Island nonprofit organizations, employers, colleges and universities, workforce boards, labor unions, local governments, and economic development agencies to form strategic partnerships to strengthen the state’s workforce. Partners... GrantWatch ID#: 162104

Grants to Washington, DC Public Schools, Charter Schools, and CBOs for School-Based Garden Programs

Deadline: 08/09/17

Grants of up to $35,000 per school to Washington, DC public schools, public charter schools, and community-based organizations for school gardening programs. Funding is available to sustain existing programs and establish new programs. The purpose o... GrantWatch ID#: 138581

Grants to Georgia and South Carolina Nonprofits and Agencies in the Augusta Area for Community Needs

Deadline: 08/18/17

Grants of up to $15,000 to Georgia and South Carolina nonprofits and public entities in the Augusta area for programs that address community needs. Grant seeker sessions will be held June 6 and 7, 2017. Program areas include civic affairs, arts and ... GrantWatch ID#: 181288

Grants to Ohio Nonprofits, IHEs, and Libraries for Large Projects to Enhance K-12 Humanities Education

Deadline: 07/12/17

Grants ranging from ranging from $5,001 to $20,000 to Ohio nonprofits, libraries, and IHEs for projects that enhance K-12 teachers’ understanding of humanities disciplines. Draft applications are due by June 12. Applicants are advised to contact p... GrantWatch ID#: 179868

Grants to Chicago Area, Illinois Nonprofits for Health Services to the Underserved

Deadline: 07/20/17

Grants ranging from $15,000 to $80,000 to Chicago Metropolitan Area, Illinois nonprofit organizations to benefit medically underserved populations. LOIs are due June 15. Applicants seeking multi-year support must contact program staff prior to apply... GrantWatch ID#: 179304

In-Kind Grants to California Nonprofits, Agencies, and School Districts to Assess Brownfield Sites for Redevelop...

Deadline: 07/11/17

In-kind grants to California nonprofits, government agencies, school districts, tribes, and redevelopment successor agencies for the environmental investigation of eligible brownfield sites. Prospective applicants are highly encouraged to consult wi... GrantWatch ID#: 144315

Grants to Minneapolis, Minnesota Nonprofits to Promote Education, Economic Vitality, and Civic Engagement

Deadline: 08/25/17

Grants to Minneapolis, Minnesota nonprofit organizations for programs and projects that focus on promoting education, economic vitality, and civic engagement. An Informational Webinar will be available online June 15 and Community Information Sessi... GrantWatch ID#: 145646

Grants to Maryland Public Schools and Nonprofits to Expand School Robotics Clubs and Programs

Deadline: 08/09/17

Grants averaging $10,000 to Maryland public schools and nonprofits partnering with public schools to expand and improve school robotics clubs and programs. The purpose of this program is to assist local schools in engaging with the potential of emer... GrantWatch ID#: 181717

Grants to Maryland School Systems and Nonprofits for Extended Day, Summer Term, and Educational Programming

Deadline: 07/31/17

Grants starting at $50,000 per year to Maryland school systems, community schools, and nonprofit organizations to provide quality educational and extended day programming in designated districts. Funding is available for the creation and expansion o... GrantWatch ID#: 181718

Grants to Brooklyn, New York to Promote Positive Economic and Social Outcomes for Youth

Deadline: 09/06/17
LOI Date: 07/07/17

Grants ranging from $20,000 to $50,000 to Brooklyn, New York nonprofit organizations to promote economic and social success for local youth. New applicants must submit a Letter of Inquiry by July 7 and current grantees must submit a Full Proposal by... GrantWatch ID#: 157423

Grants to Montgomery, Alabama Nonprofits for Programs that Strengthen Local Families

Deadline: 08/08/17

Grants to Montgomery, Alabama nonprofit organizations for programs and services that strengthen local families. Applicants are invited to attend the June 27 workshop. Funding will be provided for programs that promote parenting skills, promote the ... GrantWatch ID#: 156274

Grants to Collierville Area, Tennessee Nonprofits for Arts, Education, Health, Human Services, and Community Deve...

Deadline: 06/29/17

Grants to Collierville area, Tennessee nonprofit organizations for a broad range of activities to improve the quality of life in the area. Funding will be provided for proposals that focus on areas such as education, health, culture, the arts, huma... GrantWatch ID#: 171586

Grants to Henderson County, Texas Nonprofits and Government Entities for Community Benefit Programs

Deadline: 06/29/17

Grants of up to $10,000 to Henderson County, Texas nonprofits and government entities for projects in the areas of education, health, human services, environment, and the arts. The Foundation seeks to enhance the lives of local residents through str... GrantWatch ID#: 171741

Grants to Bay Area, California Organizations to Benefit Disadvantaged Children

Deadline: 06/29/17

Grants to San Francisco Bay Area, California organizations for programs and projects that benefit low-income and disadvantaged children and youth, ages five to fourteen. For the purposes of these grants, the San Francisco Bay Area includes the Coun... GrantWatch ID#: 178347

Grants to Wisconsin Nonprofits and Agencies in Eligible Counties for Arts and Arts Education Projects

Deadline: 06/29/17

Grants to Wisconsin nonprofit organizations and governmental agencies in Milwaukee, Waukesha, Ozaukee, and Washington Counties for local projects that increase appreciation for the arts, and enhance the arts and arts education. First-time applican... GrantWatch ID#: 180406

Grants to Cumberland County, North Carolina Nonprofits for Education, Quality of Life, and Support Services

Deadline: 08/10/17
Conference Date: 06/29/17

Grants to Cumberland County, North Carolina nonprofits to benefit local communities and improve the quality of life. Applicants must attend one of the several information sessions taking place between June 27 and August 9. Funding will be provided f... GrantWatch ID#: 173678

Grants to Washington, DC Non-Governmental Organizations to Reduce High School Truancy

Deadline: 07/14/17
Conference Date: 06/29/17

Grants to Washington, DC non-governmental organizations for pilot programs to address truancy among high school students. Applicants are invited to submit a high school based youth engagement model. For this opportunity, applicants may propose to se... GrantWatch ID#: 181790

Grants to Rutherford County, North Carolina Nonprofits, Agencies, and IHEs for Arts Programs and Operations

Deadline: 06/30/17

Grants starting at $500 to Rutherford County, North Carolina nonprofits, tribal organizations, municipalities, colleges, universities, and libraries to promote access to high-quality arts opportunities. Funding may be requested for specific arts pro... GrantWatch ID#: 147838

Grants to Indiana Nonprofits to Benefit Miami, Cass, and Parts of Wabash Counties

Deadline: 06/30/17

Grants to Indiana nonprofit organizations for innovative programs that enhance the quality of life for those living in Miami County, Cass County, and/or select areas in Wabash County. Funding will specifically be provided for programs focusing on ... GrantWatch ID#: 154157

Grants to USA Nonprofits in the Northeast to Support Medical Research, Education, and Arts Programming

Deadline: 06/30/17

Grants of up to $25,000 to USA nonprofits in the Northeast to support innovative initiatives in medical research, education, and the arts. Applicants must submit a preliminary application well in advance of the deadline. Priority is given to project... GrantWatch ID#: 156285

Grants to Morris County, New Jersey Nonprofits, For-Profits, and Agencies to Prevent Juvenile Delinquency

Deadline: 06/30/17

Grants starting at $1,000 to Morris County, New Jersey nonprofits, for-profits, and public agencies for community-based services to reduce juvenile delinquency and assist at-risk juveniles. All applications under this section must meet at least one ... GrantWatch ID#: 157840

Grants to Iowa Nonprofits and PreK-12 Schools for Arts Field Trips, Arts Equipment, and Artist Residencies

Deadline: 06/30/17

Grants ranging from $200 to $1,000 to Iowa nonprofit organizations and PreK-12 schools to enrich arts learning opportunities for students. Eligible types of projects include the purchase of classroom arts equipment, arts field trips, and in-school a... GrantWatch ID#: 158318

Grants to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Organizations for Research and Advocacy Focused On Improving Pre-K-12 Educat...

Deadline: 08/01/17
LOI Date: 06/30/17

Grants to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania organizations for efforts to increase high-quality educational opportunities for economically disadvantaged students. Online Inquiry forms for larger grant requests are due by June 30. The funding source is spec... GrantWatch ID#: 159713

Grants to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Organizations for Programs that Prepare, Recruit, or Retain Quality Teachers...

Deadline: 08/01/17
LOI Date: 06/30/17

Grants to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania organizations to recruit, retain, and prepare new school principals, directors, and teachers. Online Inquiry forms for larger grant requests are due by June 30. The funding source is specifically seeking to e... GrantWatch ID#: 159716

Grants to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Organizations to Create and Expand Exemplary Educational Sites and Systems

Deadline: 08/01/17
LOI Date: 06/30/17

Grants to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania organizations for efforts to increase high-quality model educational sites for economically disadvantaged students. Online Inquiry forms for larger grant requests are due by June 30. The funding source is specifi... GrantWatch ID#: 159718

Award to a Florida Teacher of the Gifted for Developing Creative Teaching Environments

Deadline: 06/30/17

Award to an outstanding Florida teacher of the gifted to recognize his or her innovation in teaching. The awardee will be a teacher who has developed a creative learning environment that enables his/her gifted students to explore, imagine, and engag... GrantWatch ID#: 160184

Grants to Twin Cities Area, Minnesota Nonprofits for Education, Mental Health, Human Services, Arts, and Civic Pr...

Deadline: 06/30/17

Grants to Twin Cities area, Minnesota nonprofit organizations for community benefit projects in the funding source's service area. Priority funding is intended for K-12 education and children's mental health, but may also be requested for human serv... GrantWatch ID#: 168348

Grants to Jackson, Mississippi Nonprofits to Improve the Lives of Children and Youth

Deadline: 06/30/17

Grants to Jackson, Mississippi nonprofit organizations for programs that will improve the lives of children and youth. Specific priority areas include early literacy, children’s health, and social development. Funding is intended to provide better... GrantWatch ID#: 170428

Awards to Alaska Individuals and Organizations for Significant Contributions to Environmental Conservation

Deadline: 06/30/17

Awards to Alaska individuals and organizations to recognize those making a significant difference in the protection of the State’s natural environment. While nominees are not required to be residents of Alaska, they must have demonstrated exemplar... GrantWatch ID#: 170662

Awards to USA Banks and Banking Employees to Recognize Outstanding Contributions to the Community

Deadline: 06/30/17

Awards to USA and territories banks and individual bank employees to recognize contributions to community development, community wellbeing, and economic growth. Entries will be considered in the award categories of financial education, affordable ho... GrantWatch ID#: 170685

Grants to Colorado Nonprofits and Agencies for Education, Community Development, and Rural Area Projects

Deadline: 06/30/17

Grants ranging from $1,000 to $2,500 to Colorado nonprofit organizations and public agencies for education and community development programs and operating support. Rural community projects and programs will be considered regardless of whether they ... GrantWatch ID#: 170821

Award to an Arkansas Public School Teacher for Outstanding Instruction in PreK-12 Classrooms

Deadline: 06/30/17

Award to an Arkansas PreK-12 public school teacher in recognition of excellence in classroom instruction. The winner will be placed on administrative paid leave during the upcoming academic year for professional development and will provide technica... GrantWatch ID#: 170962

Grants to Connecticut Nonprofits for Health, Education, Arts, Public Safety, and Faith-Based Activities

Deadline: 06/30/17

Grants to Connecticut nonprofit organizations to support charitable, religious, public safety, health, education, and arts programming. Programs must benefit residents of the following towns or defined areas: Bristol, Bethlehem, Burlington, Harwinto... GrantWatch ID#: 171509

Grants to Nelson County, Virginia Nonprofits and Agencies for Education, Environment, and Health

Deadline: 06/30/17

Grants to Nelson County, Virginia nonprofits and government agencies for community needs in categories that include, but are not limited to, education, human services, environment, health, and community development. Careful consideration is given to... GrantWatch ID#: 171635

Grants to Hawaii Middle and High School Teachers to Attend a Workshop on Teaching Modern China

Deadline: 06/30/17

Grants of $1,500 to Hawaii middle and high school teachers teaching at a public, parochial, or private schools to attend a workshop on teaching about modern China. Funding is intended for teachers that already teach or plan to teach about modern Chi... GrantWatch ID#: 171701

Grants to North Carolina and South Carolina Nonprofits and Agencies for Healthcare, Education, and Social Servic...

Deadline: 08/01/17
LOI Date: 06/30/17

Grants to North Carolina and South Carolina nonprofits and government agencies to support women, children, seniors, and the indigent in the Greater Charlotte area. Potential applicants must call the Foundation in advance to discuss the project idea.... GrantWatch ID#: 171884

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