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Awards for Small Business & Nonprofit Leadership, Teachers & Students: 

Awards in recognition of nonprofit leadership, small business management, teacher excellence and student achievement.
Awards for outstanding individuals' impact on the community and the people they serve.

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Fellowship and Award to Rhode Island Artists for Artistic Excellence

Deadline 04/15/20

Fellowship and award to Rhode Island artists for professional excellence. Applicants must contact program staff prior to the application deadline. The award and fellowship are offered to artists who display exceptional achievements and talent in a discipline related to folk arts. Applications will be evaluated on the bas...

GrantWatch ID#: 180693

Awards New York City Nonprofits to Recognize Outstanding Performance in Organizational Manag...

Deadline 04/20/20 Conference Date: 04/09/20

Awards of up to $30,000 to New York City area nonprofit organizations to recognize outstanding achievements in organizational management and administration. Funding is intended to help awardees reach their full potential. Finalists will also receive scholarships to Columbia Business School leadership programs for nonprofit...

GrantWatch ID#: 180417

Award to a USA Korean-American Artist in Recognition of Outstanding Works of Art

Deadline 04/10/20

Award of $15,000 to a USA and territories individual artist of Korean descent to recognize excellence and promote advancement in the visual arts. The purpose of this award program is to further artistic achievement and endorse outstanding Korean-American artists. The awardee will exhibit artwork in a preselected cultural c...

GrantWatch ID#: 167754

Prizes to USA, Canada, and International Nonprofits, For-Profits, and Individuals for Social...

Deadline 04/10/20

Prizes to USA, Canada, and International nonprofit and for-profit organizations, and individuals and teams to recognize and support projects that have a significant social impact. The awards are intended to support creative approaches from diverse members of the global community, and projects that inspire others to take in...

GrantWatch ID#: 183720

Awards to Colorado Individuals Impacted by COVID-19 for Art Projects

Deadline 04/10/20

Awards of $200 to Colorado individuals for art projects. The purpose of this program is to support local artists who have been affected by Coronavirus (COVID-19). Eligible art projects are videos with running time of up to 20 minutes. New video projects that respond to the current moment are encouraged.

GrantWatch ID#: 188616

Award to a Minnesota Individual for Exceptional Contributions to the Advancement of Libraries

Deadline 04/13/20

Award to a Minnesota individual or team to recognize exceptional contributions to the advancement of libraries. The purpose of this program is to acknowledge librarians who have promoted the mission of academic libraries through creative programs, projects, or services. The recipient of the Innovators Award is recognized a...

GrantWatch ID#: 144974

Award to a Minnesota Individual Artist to Recognize Outstanding Contribution to the Arts

Deadline 04/15/20

Award of $5,000 to a Minnesota artist living in one of several eligible counties to acknowledge outstanding contribution to the arts over a long period of time. The award will honor an artist who has demonstrated the finest quality of artistic work, and who has been recognized by his or her artistic peers. In recognizing t...

GrantWatch ID#: 149917

Awards to USA, Canada, and International Museums for Outstanding Exhibitions

Deadline 04/15/20

Awards of up to $1,000 to USA, Canada, and International museums to acknowledge outstanding exhibitions. Eligible exhibits must be open for less than two years and should be educational and interesting. Nominations will be accepted for public exhibits that focus on the history of engineering, industry, and technology.

GrantWatch ID#: 161386

Awards to USA and Canada Youth for Outstanding Contributions to the Community and the Enviro...

Deadline 04/15/20

Awards of $10,000 to USA and Canada youth, ages 8 to 18 years, to recognize outstanding contributions to their communities, the environment, and society. Awards are intended for recipients to continue their public service activity or can be applied to higher education costs.

GrantWatch ID#: 178282

Award to a Minnesota Teacher or Educator to Recognize Contributions to the Arts

Deadline 04/15/20

Award of $1,000 to a Minnesota teacher or educator to recognize significant contributions to the arts in eligible counties. The purpose of funding is to promote the arts by publicly acknowledging an individual who has made an impact in the field. The award is intended for an individual who resides in one of the following c...

GrantWatch ID#: 180955

Awards to USA, Canada, and International Individuals for Innovative Science, Environment, an...

Deadline 04/15/20

Awards to USA, Canada, and International individuals above the age of 18 to recognize and support innovative and ground-breaking projects that address major world challenges. Awards are intended to support projects taking place anywhere in the world. Candidates can apply in five areas: science and health, applied technolog...

GrantWatch ID#: 181058

Prizes to USA, Canada, and International Students and Professionals for Designing an Energy ...

Deadline 05/20/20 LOI Date: 04/17/20

Prizes of up to $25,000 to USA, Canada, and International students and professionals for designing an energy efficient library in a pre-selected location in California. All applicants must first register before the final deadline. The purpose of this competition is to promote net-zero energy building projects.

GrantWatch ID#: 173777

Awards to Greater Baltimore Area, Maryland Corporations and Nonprofits to Recognize Communit...

Deadline 04/17/20

Awards to Greater Baltimore Area, Maryland corporations and nonprofit organizations to recognize contributions to the community. Awards are intended for corporations that contribute money, leadership, resources, board participation, and volunteerism to local causes. Awards are also intended for nonprofits with a demonstrat...

GrantWatch ID#: 187303

Awards to Texas Schools, Educators, Organizations, and Students to Acknowledge Community Imp...

Deadline 04/17/20

Awards to Texas schools, IHEs, clubs, educators, organizations, and students to acknowledge community improvement efforts. The purpose of this program is to recognize individuals and groups who have worked to create cleaner neighborhoods and those who have promoted youth involvement through environmental education.

GrantWatch ID#: 188393

Awards to Oregon Artists in Recognition of Activities that Advance Social Change

Deadline 04/17/20

Awards of $10,000 to honor Oregon individuals for arts and cultural activities that address contemporary issues and help facilitate social change. Eligible applicants must be artists who identify as womxn or femmes, including musicians, performers, filmmakers, dancers, writers, poets, photographers, printmakers, sculptors,...

GrantWatch ID#: 188818

Award to a Southwest Louisiana Individual, Group, or Organization to Recognize Outstanding Vo...

Deadline 04/19/20

Award to a Southwest Louisiana individual, group, or organization to recognize outstanding and ongoing contributions achieved through volunteerism. The award is intended to acknowledge and honor those who have made a significant and sustained impact through excellence in one or all of the following areas: a variety of comm...

GrantWatch ID#: 170141

Awards to Arizona Nonprofits in Eligible Counties for Articles Related to Success and Achieve...

Deadline 04/19/20

Awards to Arizona nonprofit organizations in eligible counties for outstanding articles related to success and achievements. Awards are intended to allow nonprofits to interact with the local business community as they share their 2019 success stories. Eligible nonprofit are located in or serve Maricopa and/or Pinal counti...

GrantWatch ID#: 188390

Awards to Israel and International Women Entrepreneurs for Exceptional Leadership

Deadline 04/21/20

Awards to Israel and International women entrepreneurs for exceptional and creative contributions to the business sector. The award is intended to acknowledge the role that these women play in providing ground-breaking changes to the market, and to recognize the outstanding achievements of women entrepreneurs who run parti...

GrantWatch ID#: 160966

Award to a USA Photographer from an Eligible State to Recognize Artistic Excellence

Deadline 04/21/20

Award to a Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, or Florida eligible photographer to recognize artistic excellence and a sustained commitment to a cultural project. In addition to a cash prize, the winner will have the opportunity to exhibit their work in a photography gallery. The award is intended for documentary photo...

GrantWatch ID#: 180471

Awards to New Mexico Businesses to Recognize Exceptional Success and Rapid Growth of Revenue

Deadline 04/23/20

Awards to New Mexico for-profits to recognize exceptional success and growth. Applicants must represent locally-owned businesses. Awards will be publicized online and in print, and a ceremony will be held in the Fall of 2020 to celebrate the recipients. The purpose of the award program is to honor the fastest growing compa...

GrantWatch ID#: 179039

Awards to Texas Teachers in Eligible Regions to Recognize Outstanding Math and Science Teach...

Deadline 04/24/20

Awards of $1,000 to Texas teachers in eligible regions to recognize outstanding math and science teaching. One award will be given to a K-5th grade teacher and another award will be presented to a 6th-12th grade teacher. Eligible recipients must demonstrate exemplary teaching methods and philosophy that profoundly impact t...

GrantWatch ID#: 145270

Award to an Idaho Educator for Excellence in Teaching

Deadline 04/27/20

Award to an Idaho teacher to recognize excellence in the teaching profession. The award is intended to acknowledge and honor teachers who demonstrate leadership within the school and community, and who have made a significant impact on students. Eligible teachers are those who inspire students to achieve; innovate in the c...

GrantWatch ID#: 150065

Grants to Western Montana Hospice and Palliative Care Organizations to Provide End-of-Life P...

Deadline 04/30/20

Grants to Western Montana hospice and palliative care organizations for end-of-life volunteer care services. Preference is given to organizations that serve Missoula, Lake, Sanders, and Mineral Counties. Funding is intended to support volunteer programs that assist hospice patients and their families, as well as volunteer ...

GrantWatch ID#: 180420

Awards to USA Organization Founders Ages 50 and Over to Recognize Positive Change and Signifi...

Deadline 04/30/20

Awards of $5,000 and $50,000 to USA and territories individual nonprofit founders ages 50 and older to recognize efforts to create positive social change and impact. The award is intended to acknowledge organizational leaders who use their life experiences to make a difference. Applicants must have started the work at age ...

GrantWatch ID#: 180642

Awards to USA, Canada, and International High School Students for Excellence in Writing Poetr...

Deadline 04/30/20

Awards of $200 to USA, Canada, and International high school students (in grades nine through twelve) who have demonstrated excellence in writing works of poetry, fiction, and nonfiction. The panel will select one winner each in poetry, short fiction, and creative nonfiction categories. Claudia Ann Seaman award winners are...

GrantWatch ID#: 181066

Awards to Arizona PreK-12 Teachers to Recognize Excellence in the Teaching Profession

Deadline 04/30/20

Award of $15,000, and awards of $5,000 and $1,000, to Arizona Pre-K through 12 teachers to recognize outstanding contributions to the teaching profession. Nominees should be active and take a leadership role in their schools and communities, demonstrate the ability to help all students achieve, and create a successful scho...

GrantWatch ID#: 181603

Awards to Arizona Young Business Professionals to Recognize Leadership and Achievements

Deadline 04/30/20

Awards to Arizona young professionals in eligible areas to recognize outstanding leadership and achievements in the business sector. Nominees must be under 40 years old and demonstrate business success, community engagement, leadership, and impact in their area. Nominees must live and work in the Phoenix region.

GrantWatch ID#: 182764

Award to a New York Public School Principal in Eligible Regions for an Exemplary Teacher Deve...

Deadline 05/01/20

Award of $25,000 to an eligible New York public school principal in eligible regions to enhance or replicate a current teacher development program. Funding is intended to highlight and support excellent practices in increasing equity in education. Funds may be used for staffing, consultants, release or common planning time...

GrantWatch ID#: 144416

Awards to USA Educators to Honor Excellence in Public Education

Deadline 05/01/20

Awards of $10,000 and an award of $25,000 to USA educators, including teachers, higher education faculty and staff, and education support professionals, in recognition of excellence in teaching. The annual prize is intended to honor public school educators throughout the country that shine in their schools, their communiti...

GrantWatch ID#: 151602

Awards to USA, Canada, and International Youth for Environmental Advocacy

Deadline 05/01/20

Awards to USA and territories, Canada, Mexico, and Caribbean Islands youth to honor environmental protection efforts. The award program recognizes young activists that have demonstrated exceptional leadership in environmental initiatives. Grant winners will receive cash prizes, a professionally produced short film about th...

GrantWatch ID#: 155875

Awards to Alaska Individuals and Groups for Environmental Protection Efforts

Deadline 05/01/20

Awards to Alaska organizations and individuals to honor significant contributions and activities in the field of environmental stewardship. Nominations are invited on behalf of those who have furthered the goals of the environmental conservation movement within the state. All nominations must be consistent with the Foundat...

GrantWatch ID#: 170662

Awards to Oklahoma Individuals and Nonprofits for Outstanding Efforts to Advance Healthcare

Deadline 05/01/20

Awards to Oklahoma individuals and nonprofit organizations in recognition of outstanding efforts to improve the health of residents and set an example for other health programs. The awards are intended to honor people and groups that work to improve the health of local communities and to create partnerships that improve Ok...

GrantWatch ID#: 170741

Prizes to USA PreK-12 Schools for Creative Repurposing of Milk and Juice Cartons in School G...

Deadline 05/01/20

Prizes to USA PreK-12 schools for imaginative use of repurposed juice and milk cartons in creating or enhancing a school garden. Some of the prizes will be awarded specifically in the categories of creative arts, health and nutrition, STEM, and environmental stewardship.

GrantWatch ID#: 178027

Opportunity for New York Early-Career and Student Composers to Participate in a Competition

Deadline 05/01/20

Opportunity for New York early-career and student composers to participate in a competition. Winners will receive cash prizes of $750 or $1,000. The goal of this program is to encourage emerging composers who have created concert music for one to seven performers, in any combination of instruments, electronic or digital in...

GrantWatch ID#: 179713

Award to a USA Nonprofit Collaboration for a Significant Contribution to Society

Deadline 05/01/20

Award to a USA nonprofit organization for collaborating on a project that has made a significant impact in promoting each organization's cause and society as a whole. Funding is intended to recognize contributions that have been made to society by partnerships facilitated by nonprofit organizations with public, private, an...

GrantWatch ID#: 180126

Awards to USA Individuals in New England States to Recognize Outstanding Volunteer Service t...

Deadline 05/01/20

Awards of $10,000 and award of $25,000 to Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont individuals to recognize outstanding volunteer service to a nonprofit. Grants will be donated to nonprofit organizations where selected nominees volunteer. Volunteers will be recognized for their dedication...

GrantWatch ID#: 180351

Awards to USA School Libraries to Recognize Exemplary Programming

Deadline 05/04/20

Awards of $5,000 to USA school libraries to recognize outstanding programming. Eligible recipients are libraries in K-8 private and public schools, and eligible focus areas of humanities programming include: arts and culture, languages, and social studies. The program should be coordinated and initiated by the school libra...

GrantWatch ID#: 188094

Awards to USA and Canada Sports Teams, Athletes, and Organizations that Promote Healthy Comm...

Deadline 05/06/20

Awards of $25,000 to USA and Canada sports teams, athletes, and organizations to recognize effective uses of sports to foster and sustain healthier communities. Applicants are expected to demonstrate a collaborative and innovative approach to community health improvement.

GrantWatch ID#: 154396

Awards to USA, Canada, and International Nonprofits, Agencies, Businesses, and Individuals t...

Deadline 05/07/20

Awards to USA, Canada, and International nonprofit organizations, community groups, government agencies, businesses, and individuals for initiatives or projects that have made a significant and lasting impact on communities. Funding is intended to recognize sustainable urban transformations. The Prize seeks to inspire urba...

GrantWatch ID#: 188527

Awards to Washington Teachers, Literacy Coaches, Administrators, and Teacher Educators to Ac...

Deadline 05/15/20

Awards of $2,500 to Washington teachers, literacy coaches, administrators, and teacher educators to acknowledge dedication to literacy education in grades K-8. Award funds must be used for professional development activities. This award is designated for education professionals who are dedicated to improving their own expe...

GrantWatch ID#: 158045

Grants to British Columbia Nonprofits and First Nations Bands for Community-Based Arts Activ...

Deadline 05/15/20

Grants and an award to British Columbia nonprofit organizations and First Nations Bands for community-based arts activities. Eligible projects involve the production of events, the creation of artistic work, and the development of resource materials for arts-based community development practitioners.

GrantWatch ID#: 169447

Grants and Awards to USA Authors, Translators, Agents, and Publishers for Translation of Fre...

Deadline 05/15/20

Grants and awards to USA publishers, translators, authors, and literary agents for the translation and subsequent publication of French literary works for English-speaking audiences. Funding will be awarded for both fiction and nonfiction works, as well as for poetry, digital books, and comic books. The Book Department...

GrantWatch ID#: 179274

Award to a West Virginia PreK-12 Teacher for Outstanding Contributions to Classroom Education

Deadline 05/15/20

Award to a West Virginia full-time classroom teacher to recognize excellence in Pre-K to 12 education. The purpose of this award program is to honor outstanding teachers and invite them into a network of other innovative and inspirational educators. Each year the State of West Virginia identifies an outstanding teacher...

GrantWatch ID#: 180664

Prizes to USA, Canada, and International Institutions and Individuals for New Media Projects

Deadline 05/15/20

Prizes of $4,000 to USA, Canada, and International institutions and individuals for projects that combine digital technology and history. The purpose of the award program is to support already existing innovative projects that are open to the public. Eligible projects will demonstrate thoughtful, critical, and rigorous eng...

GrantWatch ID#: 180734

Award to a USA, Canada, or International Group for Contributions to History Education in Gra...

Deadline 05/15/20

Award to a USA, Canada, or International group to recognize outstanding contributions to K-12 history education. Nominations are invited on behalf of a group that has shown innovation and excellence in the field of history education. In the past, grants have been awarded to elementary, middle, and high schools across the U...

GrantWatch ID#: 180737

Awards to USA Researchers to Foster the Development of Drugs to Cure, Treat, and Prevent Alzh...

Deadline 08/10/20 LOI Date: 05/18/20

Awards to USA faculty members at IHEs or research centers to support the development of drugs to cure, treat, and prevent Alzheimer's disease. Applicants must submit a letter of intent prior to submitting a full application. Funding is intended to provide drug development support and to help bridge the gap between basic di...

GrantWatch ID#: 182103

Award to a Minnesota Nonprofit for Creative Solutions in Addressing Community Needs

Deadline 05/18/20

Award to a Minnesota nonprofit organization to recognize creative work in addressing community needs. Organizations may self-nominate or apply on their own behalf. The purpose of the award program is to honor organizations that have displayed creativity, resourcefulness, and innovation in their strategies and solutions.

GrantWatch ID#: 185832

Award to a Minnesota Nonprofit to Honor Efforts in Combating Racism

Deadline 05/18/20

Award to a Minnesota nonprofit organization to recognize efforts in eradicating racism. Eligible organizations may serve residents in or outside the State. The purpose of the award program is to honor an organization that has demonstrated outstanding work in promoting a pluralistic society.

GrantWatch ID#: 185833

Award to a Minnesota Nonprofit to Honor Collaborative Strategies to Address Community Needs

Deadline 05/18/20

Award to a Minnesota nonprofit organization to recognize collaborative efforts to address community needs. The purpose of the award program is to honor organizations whose programs and activities have benefited local residents and disadvantaged populations. Organizations may self nominate or apply on their own behalf.

GrantWatch ID#: 185834

Award to a Minnesota Nonprofit to Recognize Extraordinary Advocacy Efforts

Deadline 05/18/20

Award to a Minnesota nonprofit organization to recognize extraordinary advocacy efforts. The purpose of the award program is to honor an organization that serves residents in or outside the State. Eligible organizations have implemented successful and effective strategies that have significantly impacted the organization's...

GrantWatch ID#: 185835