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Awards for Small Business & Nonprofit Leadership, Teachers & Students: 

Awards in recognition of nonprofit leadership, small business management, teacher excellence and student achievement.
Awards for outstanding individuals' impact on the community and the people they serve.

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Awards to Jackson County, Michigan Teachers to Recognize Dedication to Local Youth

Deadline 10/18/19

Awards of $1,000 and an award of $5,000 to Jackson County, Michigan K-12 teachers to recognize their hard work and dedication to local youth. Funding is intended for professional development or classroom use. The Foundation seeks to honor innovative educators who go above and beyond to make a difference in their students' ...

GrantWatch ID#: 150659

Grants to USA IHEs and Nonprofits for the Advancement of Exemplary Scholars in Scientific Fi...

Deadline 07/17/19

Grants to USA colleges, universities, and nonprofits engaged in educational or research activities to support early-career faculty members who demonstrate a strong potential to advance science and academia. This award is given to faculty who are likely to serve as academic role models in research and education and to lead ...

GrantWatch ID#: 162930

Awards to Canada Published Authors for Outstanding Works of Fiction

Deadline 05/22/19

Awards of $5,000 and one award of $50,000 to Canada authors to recognize newly-published nonfiction books of literary excellence. Eligible literary fiction works can be short story collections or novels. Awards will be available for books published between October 1, 2018, and September 30, 2019. Publishers should note ...

GrantWatch ID#: 158724

Awards to Canada Authors to Recognize Newly Published Literary Nonfiction Works of Distinction

Deadline 05/22/19

Awards of $5,000 and one award of $60,000 to Canada authors to recognize newly-published nonfiction books of literary excellence. Eligible literary nonfiction work may include, among other forms, memoirs, works of personal or journalistic essays, criticism both social and political, commentary, history, and biography. T...

GrantWatch ID#: 181425

Awards to Oklahoma Individuals and Nonprofits for Outstanding Efforts to Advance Healthcare

Deadline 05/24/19

Awards of $5,000 and $15,000 to Oklahoma individuals and nonprofit organizations in recognition of outstanding efforts to improve the health of residents and set an example for other health programs. Awards will be offered in five categories, and, of the five award winners, one will be selected for the top award, the Dr. R...

GrantWatch ID#: 170741

Awards to Minnesota Nonprofits to Recognize Excellence in the Nonprofit Sector

Deadline 05/24/19

Awards to Minnesota nonprofit organizations for outstanding efforts that contribute to a better quality of life in the region. Examples of advocacy honored by the award include systems change, civic engagement, legislative action, and grassroots advocacy. This award recognizes advocacy as one of the most effective and u...

GrantWatch ID#: 185835

Awards to Minnesota Individuals for Making a Positive Impact on Communities

Deadline 05/27/19

Awards of $10,000 to Minnesota individuals who have had a significant impact on the state and its communities. Nominees are considered based on their history of making change, removing barriers, and creating a positive impact in the Twin Cities metro area or Greater Minnesota. The individuals should not have had wide reco...

GrantWatch ID#: 185830

Awards to USA and Canada Sports Teams, Athletes, and Organizations that Promote Healthy Comm...

Deadline 05/29/19

Awards of $10,000 to USA and Canada sports teams, athletes, and organizations to recognize effective uses of sports to foster and sustain healthier communities. Applicants are expected to demonstrate a collaborative and innovative approach to community health improvement. In determining the winners of the RWJF Sports A...

GrantWatch ID#: 154396

Awards to California Journalists for Excellent Reporting Related to Language Arts and Reading

Deadline 05/30/19

Awards to California professional journalists to recognize exceptional reporting related to language arts and reading. Nominations will be accepted in five categories: metropolitan class newspaper, non-metropolitan class newspaper, weekly or semi-weekly newspaper class, magazine, and non-print media. The-material (print...

GrantWatch ID#: 157915

Award to a Nebraska Physician to Recognize Volunteer Health Service to the Community

Deadline 05/30/19

Award to a Nebraska physician to recognize outstanding voluntary contributions to health care. A $10,000 cash award will be gifted to a health-related nonprofit of the recipient’s choice. Nominations are invited on behalf of physicians who have gone outside the scope of their daily practice to serve the community.

GrantWatch ID#: 179674

Awards to Tennessee Individuals and Organizations for Outstanding Contributions to the Arts

Deadline 05/31/19

Awards to Tennessee individuals and organizations for outstanding contributions to arts and cultural life in the State. Awards are given in the following three categories: folklife heritage, arts leadership, and distinguished artist. The awards are Tennessee’s highest honor in the arts, celebrating the outstanding contri...

GrantWatch ID#: 172647

Award to a Montana K-12 Teacher for Excellence in Earth Science Education

Deadline 05/31/19

Award of $1,000 to a Montana K-12 teacher to recognize outstanding contributions to the quality of earth science education. The selected recipient will be eligible for consideration for higher cash awards in the regional and national award pool. Applications are invited from exceptional teachers that promote and teach ear...

GrantWatch ID#: 174261

Awards to USA K-12 Teachers for Creative Literacy and Poetry Programs

Deadline 05/31/19

Awards of $10,000 to USA K-12 teachers to recognize innovative projects that advance literacy and encourage students to become lifelong readers. One award will be given to a teacher who fosters a love of poetry in students and one award will be given to a teacher who inspires students to read all genres of writing. Nomi...

GrantWatch ID#: 174837

Awards to Wyoming PreK-12 Teachers to Recognize Excellence in the Teaching Profession

Deadline 05/31/19

Awards to Wyoming PreK-12 classroom teachers to recognize outstanding contributions to the quality of education within the State. The award is intended to acknowledge the achievements of a certified classroom teacher in pre-kindergarten through grade twelve. Teachers may be eligible for three types of award: District Teach...

GrantWatch ID#: 179339

Awards to USA Individuals in the New England Area to Recognize Outstanding Volunteer Service...

Deadline 05/31/19

Awards to Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont individuals to recognize outstanding volunteer service to a nonprofit in the New England region. Grants will be donated to nonprofit organizations where selected nominees volunteer. Volunteers will be recognized for their dedication, lead...

GrantWatch ID#: 180351

Awards to USA, Canada, and International High School Students for Excellence in Writing Poetr...

Deadline 05/31/19

Awards of $200 to USA, Canada, and International high school students (in grades nine through twelve) who have demonstrated excellence in writing works of poetry, fiction, and nonfiction. The panel will select one winner each in poetry, short fiction, and creative nonfiction categories. Claudia Ann Seaman award winners are...

GrantWatch ID#: 181066

Grants to USA Nonprofits that Use Eligible American-Made Pickup Trucks to Serve their Communi...

Deadline 05/31/19

Grants of $2,000 to USA nonprofit organizations that use and depend on pickup trucks to assist with their operations and benefit their communities. Eligible applicants are volunteers and employees of charities that use Chevrolet Silverados, Ford F-150s, Dodge Rams, or GMC Sierras. The person who nominates the selected cha...

GrantWatch ID#: 182915

Grants to USA, Canada, and International Nonprofits, For-Profits, and Agencies to Promote Pa...

Deadline 05/31/19

Grants to USA, Canada, and International nonprofits, for-profits, and government agencies for the dissemination of research addressing patient-centered approaches to medicine. Funding is intended for projects involving patients, clinicians, caregivers, and other healthcare stakeholders as members of the patient-centered o...

GrantWatch ID#: 183094

Awards to Alabama Individuals and Organizations for Outstanding Conservation Efforts

Deadline 05/31/19

Awards to Alabama individuals, groups, and organizations to acknowledge outstanding conservation efforts. This award program is intended to bring about greater knowledge and awareness of conservation of natural resources, such as air, water, wildlife, soil, and forests, and to recognize those persons and organizations that...

GrantWatch ID#: 183462

Award to a Quebec Author for an Outstanding English-Language Children's Book

Deadline 06/01/19

Award of $3,000 to a Quebec English-language author of children’s literature for an outstanding fiction, nonfiction, or poetry book for middle-grade or young adult readers. The awardee will be selected based on the significance of the contribution to Quebec English-language children’s literature. To accommodate the...

GrantWatch ID#: 170332

Awards to Canada Artists and Arts Professionals for Contributions to the Visual, Media, and ...

Deadline 06/01/19

Awards of $25,000 to Canada individual artists, arts professionals, and groups to recognize outstanding work in the disciplines of media, visual, and fine arts. Nominations will be accepted for artistic achievements in the arts, excellence in fine crafts, as well as contributions through professional and volunteer capaciti...

GrantWatch ID#: 171072

Opportunity for USA High School and College Students to Participate in a Greeting Card Design...

Deadline 06/07/19

Opportunity for USA high school and post-high school students who are studying in a graphic communications or printing, graphic design, advertising, or interactive media program to participate in a competition and win awards. Awards are intended to recognize students who have designed and produced a printed greeting card f...

GrantWatch ID#: 170516

Award to Recognize an Idaho Teacher for Excellence and Achievement in Teaching

Deadline 06/10/19

Award to recognize an Idaho teacher for excellence in the teaching profession. Successful candidates must demonstrate leadership within the school and community and have made a significant impact on students. The award recipient participates in relevant program activities and attends public relations events. The Idaho ...

GrantWatch ID#: 150065

Prizes to USA Young Immigrant Biomedical Scientists in Recognition of Outstanding Achievement

Deadline 06/10/19

Prizes of $50,000 to USA young immigrant biomedical scientists for exceptional achievement in applied, basic, or translational biomedical science. Applicants will be judged according to the significance and quality of their research and publication record attained by their 38th birthday. In addition, the applicants will a...

GrantWatch ID#: 169727

Award to an Arkansas Public School Teacher for Outstanding Instruction in PreK-12 Classrooms

Deadline 06/20/19 Conference Date: 06/11/19

Award to an Arkansas PreK-12 teacher to recognize outstanding contributions to the quality of public education. The selected candidate will spend a year of service providing technical assistance to other teachers and participate in professional development opportunities. Each public school district in Arkansas may select o...

GrantWatch ID#: 170962

Awards to Arizona Individuals or Groups for Outstanding Application of Information Technology

Deadline 06/13/19

Awards to Arizona individuals or groups to recognize outstanding achievement in the application of information technology in their organizations and businesses. Nominees may be CEOs, CIOs, CTOs, technology innovators or advocates, as well as individuals demonstrating excellence in leadership in the development of technolog...

GrantWatch ID#: 182763

Award to a Vermont Educator for Outstanding Humanities Education in Grades 6-12

Deadline 06/14/19

Award of $1,000 to a Vermont educator to recognize outstanding contributions to humanities education in grades 6 through 12. Examples of eligible humanities subjects include, but are not limited to, history, literature, language, and social studies. Nominations are invited on behalf of an educator who: -Inspires his or...

GrantWatch ID#: 181071

Award to a USA Playwright to Recognize a Dramatic New Work that is Challenging and Truthful

Deadline 06/15/19

Award of $45,000 and professional development opportunities to a USA playwright in recognition of an unproduced new play that is unique, truthful, and fearless. Applications are encouraged from playwrights of color, first-time playwrights, and playwrights of diverse gender identifications. Funding is intended for unproduce...

GrantWatch ID#: 180988

Award to a Nova Scotia Artist or Group of Artists for Outstanding Work Reflecting Acadian Cul...

Deadline 06/15/19

Award of $5,000 to a Nova Scotia individual artist or group of artists to recognize excellence in artistic work that reflects Acadian values. Eligible artists may work in any artistic discipline. Candidates will be evaluated on the basis of knowledge of arts practices, knowledge of the cultural sector, and representation o...

GrantWatch ID#: 181075

Awards to Utah Businesses, Nonprofits, and Government Agencies that Lead with Integrity

Deadline 06/21/19

Awards to Utah businesses, nonprofit organizations, and government agencies to recognize best practices in ethical behaviors. Nominees will be evaluated according to the principles of integrity, trust, accountability, transparency, fairness, respect, viability, and rule of law. The Utah Ethical Leadership Awards are de...

GrantWatch ID#: 172725

Awards to Henderson County, North Carolina Individuals for Superior Philanthropic Leadership

Deadline 06/28/19

Awards to Henderson County, North Carolina local philanthropists who make a difference in the community. The purpose of these grants is to honor individuals who demonstrate outstanding leadership abilities through their personal philanthropic efforts in Henderson County. Recipients will be those who have made significant c...

GrantWatch ID#: 128632

Awards and Scholarships to Alaska Youth for Outstanding Community Service Efforts

Deadline 06/28/19

Awards providing a scholarship of $1,500 to Alaska youth between the ages of 6 and 18 to recognize outstanding efforts to give back to the community. Nominations are invited on behalf of youth who are working to make a positive difference. Nominees may be recognized for the following types of efforts: -Volunteering or ...

GrantWatch ID#: 181350

Awards and In-Kind Benefits to Recognize Outstanding Nonprofits in Northwest Ohio or Southea...

Deadline 06/30/19

Awards of $6,000 and in-kind benefits to Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan nonprofit organizations to recognize excellence. Awards are available to recognize both overall organizational excellence and project, program, or initiative excellence. Awards will be given to three nonprofit organizations, one in each of t...

GrantWatch ID#: 124952

Awards to Washington K-12 Teachers in Recognition of Exceptional Community, Environmental, an...

Deadline 06/30/19

Awards of $10,000 to Washington K-12 teachers in public or private schools to recognize efforts to inspire students through environmental and community stewardship projects. The awards program honors teachers who extend learning opportunities beyond the classroom. Candidates for the Patsy Collins Award should exhibit t...

GrantWatch ID#: 142502

Awards to Nebraska Nonprofits, Schools, Individuals, and Businesses for Environmental and Be...

Deadline 06/30/19

Awards of up to $100 to Nebraska nonprofits, civic groups, youth groups, schools, individuals, and businesses to honor outstanding work in environmental and beautification projects. Several different award categories are available. All activities included in the application must have taken place between June 1, 2018 and Ma...

GrantWatch ID#: 173048

Grants to USA Veterans to Recognize Patriotism and Service to the Country

Deadline 07/01/19

Grant of $1,000 and grant of $500 to USA military veterans to recognize their contribution and patriotism. Funding is intended to honor the sacrifice and service of veterans and show appreciation for their efforts on behalf of the country's security. Nominations are submitted in the form of an essay, and anyone can nominat...

GrantWatch ID#: 185339

Grants to USA Veterans to Honor Their Service to the Country

Deadline 07/01/19

Grants of $500, $1,000, and $2,500 to USA military veterans to recognize their contribution and service to the country. Funding is intended to honor veterans and acknowledge their sacrifice on behalf of the country's security. Nominations are submitted in the form of an essay, and anyone can nominate a veteran of the U.S. ...

GrantWatch ID#: 185340

Awards to Recognize USA Public Libraries that Provide Exceptional Service to Small Communities

Deadline 07/02/19

Awards of $1,000 and an award of $5,000 to USA public libraries that demonstrate excellence in providing services to populations of 25,000 or less. The awards are intended to encourage and recognize libraries for their exemplary work. Judges will evaluate nominations based on key factors, including: - Innovation in dev...

GrantWatch ID#: 161277

Awards to Kentucky Individuals, Agencies, Schools, and Businesses to Recognize Outstanding En...

Deadline 07/08/19

Awards to Kentucky individuals, organizations, agencies, schools, and businesses for outstanding contributions to the field of environmental education. This award program recognizes extraordinary commitment, dedication, and influence in the field of environmental education (EE). The nominee must have an earnest involvement...

GrantWatch ID#: 181404

Awards to Utah Individuals and Organizations for Exemplary Substance Abuse Prevention and Tr...

Deadline 07/08/19

Awards to Utah individuals, organizations, coalitions, and programs to recognize contributions to the community in the areas of treating and educating the public about substance use disorders. Award recipients will have demonstrated excellence in providing services for substance abuse prevention, treatment, criminal justic...

GrantWatch ID#: 181955

Award to a Missouri Individual in an Eligible Area for Contributions to the Health of Vulner...

Deadline 07/08/19

Award of $2,500 to a Missouri individual from an eligible area to recognize outstanding contributions to the health of vulnerable populations, especially children. Criteria for the award include commitment, leadership, impact, and the creation of positive change in the local health care environment. Preference will be give...

GrantWatch ID#: 183808

Awards to Phoenix, Arizona Corporations and Organizations to Recognize Contributions to the ...

Deadline 07/11/19

Awards to Phoenix, Arizona local organizations, corporations, and nonprofit organizations to recognize and celebrate their contributions to the community. Award recipients include outstanding board members, corporate volunteers, and charitable donors who have made an impact on the community. The Phoenix Business Journal...

GrantWatch ID#: 183818

Awards to Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, DC Women in Eligible Areas to Recognize Excell...

Deadline 07/12/19

Awards to Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, DC women in eligible areas to recognize outstanding leadership in businesses and contributions to the community. Nominated businesswomen must be available for events taking place between August and October 2019. The purpose of this award is to honor the most influential busines...

GrantWatch ID#: 179230

Awards to Arkansas CFOs to Recognize Outstanding Accomplishments

Deadline 07/13/19

Awards to Arkansas chief financial officers to recognize outstanding accomplishments. Awards will be presented to CFOs in nine separate categories: small and large companies, nonprofits, small and large banks, public sector, education, and CFO and accounting lifetime achievement awards. Small and large private companies...

GrantWatch ID#: 183661

Awards to Kentucky Individuals and Organizations for Outstanding Service in Preserving State...

Deadline 07/15/19

Awards to Kentucky individuals and organizations for projects related to state or local history. These awards are intended to recognize and express appreciation to civic and business leaders, volunteers, public history professionals, historians, libraries, historical organizations, and communities that strive to promote th...

GrantWatch ID#: 170481

Award to a USA, Canada, or International Teacher for Outstanding English Language Education

Deadline 07/19/19

Award of $1,000 and additional benefits to a USA, Canada, or International teacher to recognize their hard work and commitment to the instruction of English as a second language. Applicants for the award will be evaluated according to their demonstrated ability to: -Inspire students of all backgrounds and abilities to ...

GrantWatch ID#: 172529

Awards to Utah Artists and Students for Outstanding Original Design Projects

Deadline 07/26/19

Award of $3,000 and awards of $500 to a Utah professional or student designer for their original work in any design medium. Designers may submit up to five design projects and up to 20 images for selection in this juried competition. The submitted works will be reviewed and may be included in a gallery exhibition. The s...

GrantWatch ID#: 171920

Award to a USA, Canada, or International Individual for Outstanding Innovation in Multiple S...

Deadline 07/31/19

Award to a USA, Canada, or International researcher or team of researchers for exceptional contributions to multiple sclerosis research. The goal of the award is to acknowledge scientists who have demonstrated outstanding originality and innovation through their work. A selection committee comprised of leaders in scien...

GrantWatch ID#: 139483

Awards to New Mexico Nonprofits, Businesses, and Individuals for Exceptional Conduct in Busi...

Deadline 07/31/19

Awards to recognize New Mexico businesses, nonprofit organizations, and individuals for exceptional business and ethical conduct. Awards are available in four different categories. Eligible nominees are those that set high ethical standards and encourage ethical behavior in the local community or statewide. This progra...

GrantWatch ID#: 172349

Award to a USA, Canada, or International Scientist to Recognize Contributions to Public Inter...

Deadline 08/01/19

Award of $5,000 to a USA, Canada, or International scientist or engineer with less than seven years' experience, who has demonstrated excellence in engaging the public in science activities. Eligible activities include public outreach, informal science education, public policy, science fairs and cafés, social and online m...

GrantWatch ID#: 160041