will continue to serve the nonprofit and small business community during the COVID-19 global crisis.  In addition to posting new COVID-19 Coronavirus funding opportunities, we will continue to update active grants with new extended grant deadlines.  While we are carefully monitoring funding opportunities and updating throughout each day, the situation is dynamic. We ask that all GrantWatch members review the URL listed in the grant posting and all material provided by the funding source prior to submitting applications.

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Transportation Grants: 

Transportation grants for organizations to provide seniors, single mothers, the disabled, college students and individuals with transportation in rural areas.

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Grants to Iowa Artists, Nonprofits, Schools, IHEs, and Agencies for Arts Activities

Deadline 05/01/20

Grants of up to $10,000 to Iowa individual artists, nonprofit organizations, PreK-12 schools, IHEs, and government agencies for arts activities. Funding is intended to help create and present new works of art, develop arts experiences, and implement arts education programs. Project grants provide support to positively impa...

GrantWatch ID#: 179803

Grants to Missouri Nonprofits, Agencies, and Schools for Programs that Benefit Residents in ...

Deadline 04/06/20

Grants averaging $5,000 to Missouri nonprofit organizations, government agencies, and educational institutions for programs that benefit communities in eligible regions. Funding is intended to support programs in the areas of wildlife conservation, health and human services, community betterment, adult and non-traditional ...

GrantWatch ID#: 180071

Grants to Iowa Nonprofits and Agencies for Cultural Activities

Deadline 05/01/20

Grants of up to $10,000 to Iowa nonprofit organizations and government agencies for a broad range of programs and activities that benefit local communities. Funding is intended to support publicly accessible community-based projects that offer a variety of cultural experiences and promote the creation of jobs. Eligible pro...

GrantWatch ID#: 179810

Grants to Iowa PreK-12 Schools for Arts-Based Field Trips, Equipment, and Residencies

Deadline 05/01/20

Grants of up to $1,000 to Iowa PreK-12 schools for a wide range of activities that enhance arts education. Funding is intended to promote field trips to arts events, artist residencies, and in-school arts activities; or to purchase equipment that will improve the school's arts curriculum. Grants are available for trips to ...

GrantWatch ID#: 158318

Grants to Kansas Agencies to Develop Trails and Trail Facilities

Deadline 08/01/20

Grants to Kansas government agencies for the development of recreational trails and trail-related projects. Funding is intended for the following three project categories: non-motorized, motorized, and multi-use trails. High priority will be given to projects that promote improved ADA and environmental impacts. The objecti...

GrantWatch ID#: 172404

Grants to Oregon Local and Tribal Governments and Special Districts for Local Planning Proje...

Deadline 06/11/20

Grants to Oregon cities, counties, tribal governments, and certain special districts for local planning projects. Funding is intended for projects that improve the quality of life for local residents, increase mobility and equity, support economic growth, and promote environmental stewardship. Eligible project categories i...

GrantWatch ID#: 181220

Grants to Minnesota Businesses, Nonprofits, and Agencies to Benefit Elderly Residents

Deadline 04/17/20

Grants to Minnesota businesses, nonprofit organizations, government agencies, and tribes to benefit residents who are elderly. The purpose of this program is to strengthen the community's capacity to provide long term support and services for senior citizens above the age of 65. Grants are intended to stimulate innovation ...

GrantWatch ID#: 188282

Grants to Oregon Local, State, and Tribal Agencies to Acquire and Develop Property for Publi...

Deadline 04/13/20

Grants to Oregon local, state, and tribal government agencies to acquire and develop outdoor recreation facilities and areas for public use. Funding is intended to support property acquisition, development and renovation, or a combination of those activities (renovation, acquisition, and development). Projects must be cons...

GrantWatch ID#: 167623

Grants to New York Public-Use Airports for Infrastructure Improvements

Deadline 05/04/20

Grants to New York airports for infrastructure improvements and economic development. Funding is intended to support projects that are designed to enhance operational efficiencies, have a positive economic impact on the locality and the state, preserve assets, or enhance safety at public-use airports. Eligible project acti...

GrantWatch ID#: 183605

Grants to Canada Nonprofits and First Nations Bands to Help Women Develop Greater Economic P...

Deadline 04/09/20

Grants to Canada nonprofit organizations and First Nations Bands to help women develop greater economic prosperity. The Foundation seeks to prioritize funding to organizations that reach women who face multiple barriers, in communities where the needs are greatest. The Foundation aims to help social purpose organizations b...

GrantWatch ID#: 187017

Grants to North Carolina Agencies for Plans to Promote Healthy Mobility Options

Deadline 05/19/20

Matching grants to North Carolina municipalities and eligible counties for the development of healthy mobility options and solutions. Funding is intended to support consultant fees, mapping services, and other costs associated with the creation of statewide comprehensive bicycle plans and pedestrian plans. Eligible plans a...

GrantWatch ID#: 161664

Scholarships to Greater Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Teens to Participate in an Approved Trip to ...

Deadline 04/30/20

Scholarships of up to $3,000 to Greater Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania teens to participate in an approved trip to Israel. Applicants must attend a group session prior to applying. Funding is available for programs that are offered by an organization and that provide supervision, travel and/or study. College, high school, summer...

GrantWatch ID#: 178711

Grants to Washington Nonprofits and Agencies for Historic Preservation Projects

Deadline 06/25/20 LOI Date: 04/23/20

Grants to Washington nonprofit organizations, local and tribal governments, and public development ports and authorities for preservation projects that promote public access to historic resources. Applicants must submit an LOI prior to applying. Funding is intended to support capital projects involving history interpretati...

GrantWatch ID#: 141243

Reimbursement Grants to New Jersey Public Agencies for Programs that Promote Clean Transport...

Deadline 05/29/20

Reimbursement grants to New Jersey government agencies and agencies collaborating with nonprofits and private firms for activities that promote clean transportation and reduce emissions. Applicants must contact and meet with program staff prior to applying. Grants are available for new projects in New Jersey counties (Burl...

GrantWatch ID#: 185739

Grants to Mississippi School Districts for Literacy Programs

Deadline 04/15/20

Grants to Mississippi school districts for literacy programs. Funding is intended for individual schools to improve reading proficiency for elementary school children. Funding is also intended for program implementation and operating expenses for the programs, including evidence-based intervention programs, reading materia...

GrantWatch ID#: 188497

Grant to a USA Nonprofit, Agency, For-Profit, IHE, or Tribe to Create a Research Center for ...

Deadline 04/28/20

Grant to a USA nonprofit entity, local or state agency, for-profit agency or organization, IHE, tribe, or tribal organization to establish a research center to develop mobility and accessibility technology for individuals with disabilities. Required registrations may take several weeks to complete.

GrantWatch ID#: 188453

Grants to California Agencies for Water Safety Equipment

Deadline 04/30/20

Grants to California local government agencies to promote boating safety and support water-based law enforcement activities. Funding is intended to support only local safety programs and for the administration of local laws. Applications are invited from agencies with a need for boating safety and law enforcement equipmen...

GrantWatch ID#: 150443

Matching Grants to Iowa Nonprofits and Agencies in Eligible Counties for Emergency Health Car...

Deadline 04/06/20

Matching grants of up to $5,000 to Iowa nonprofit organizations and government agencies for urgent health services that will benefit the residents of eligible rural communities. Funding is intended to address the training, equipment, and transportation needs of a range of emergency services, including ambulance services, f...

GrantWatch ID#: 142497

Grants to Alabama Port Authorities and Agencies to Improve and Maintain Inland Ports

Deadline 04/06/20

Grants to Alabama port authorities and commissions, local and tribal governments, and public agencies to improve and maintain inland ports. Funding is intended for capital projects that help to develop, enhance, and maintain publicly owned inland ports. The improvements should advance the ports' regional competitiveness.

GrantWatch ID#: 187279

Grants to California Nonprofits, Schools, and Agencies to Promote Parks and Open Spaces

Deadline 05/01/20 Conference Date: 04/06/20

Grants to California nonprofit organizations, schools and school districts, and government agencies to promote park areas and open spaces in eligible locations. Funding is intended to support activities in the focus areas of environmental stewardship; trails, parks, and public access; environmental education; and urban agr...

GrantWatch ID#: 182466

Grants to Florida Agencies to Promote Boating Access

Deadline 04/07/20

Grants to Florida local government agencies to address the needs of boaters and support boating-related activities throughout the state. Funding is intended to promote boating access projects and other boating-based initiatives on coastal and/or inland waters of Florida. Eligible projects include but are not limited to cha...

GrantWatch ID#: 154793

Grants to Ontario Nonprofits for Programs that Engage or Benefit Youth

Deadline 04/07/20

Grants of up to $1,000 to Ontario nonprofit organizations in eligible regions for initiatives that benefit youth. Funding is intended to support programs that engage or enhance well-being of youth. Youth-led projects are encouraged to apply. Eligible regions include London and Middlesex.

GrantWatch ID#: 170942

Grants to Massachusetts Agencies to Improve the Safety of Cyclists and Pedestrians

Deadline 04/07/20

Grants of up to $6,000 to Massachusetts agencies for projects and programs that improve the safety of cyclists and pedestrians. Funding is intended to reduce injuries, crashes, and fatalities. Grant funds must be used for targeted enforcement. Grant funds may also support educational materials and the distribution of safet...

GrantWatch ID#: 172031

Grants to Arkansas Agencies and School Districts to Benefit Communities and Promote Safety

Deadline 05/01/20 Conference Date: 04/07/20

Grants to Arkansas government agencies, tribal governments, transit agencies, schools, and school districts for infrastructure changes and improvements that enhance communities and protect the environment. Funding is intended to support a range of community-based activities and projects, such as pedestrian and bicycle faci...

GrantWatch ID#: 169702

Grants to Virginia Organizations in Eligible Locations for High-Quality Arts Activities

Deadline 05/22/20 Conference Date: 04/08/20

Grants of up to $30,000 to Virginia arts organizations in eligible locations for arts activities that engage new audiences in the arts and contribute to the vibrancy and quality of life of local communities. Funding is intended for projects within the focus areas of arts in education; partnerships with individual artists; ...

GrantWatch ID#: 165365

Grants to North Carolina Artists and Artist Groups in Eligible Counties for New Works and Equ...

Deadline 04/10/20

Grants to North Carolina emerging and established individual artists, as well as small, unincorporated groups of collaborating artists based in eligible counties. Funds may be spent on only those activities specified in the application or approved in writing for a revision. Eligible counties are Franklin, Johnston, Vance, ...

GrantWatch ID#: 147813

Grants to Oregon Public Agencies to Promote Recreational Activities

Deadline 04/10/20

Grants to Oregon public agencies to promote recreational activities that benefit residents of the state. Funding is intended to help local governments in the planning, creation, maintenance, and upgrade of amenities and services that are publicly available and that benefit local communities. Grants are available to support...

GrantWatch ID#: 164411

Grants to California Nonprofits, Agencies, and Businesses to Reduce Pollution

Deadline 04/10/20

Grants to California nonprofit organizations, public agencies, and businesses for projects that reduce pollution in eligible regions. Project areas include public education, alternative fuels and clean technology, transit services, and alternative transportation. Projects must be based or operate in Yolo-Solano AQMD’s ju...

GrantWatch ID#: 169573

Grants to California Nonprofits for Capacity Building and Capital Improvements

Deadline 04/10/20

Grants of up to $50,000 to California nonprofit organizations for consulting contracts and specific capital expenditures in Northern Santa Clara and San Mateo Counties. Applicants must contact program staff prior to applying. Funding is intended to strengthen organizations and build capacity.

GrantWatch ID#: 181972

Grants to Minnesota Nonprofits and Agencies to Address Urgent Needs Due to COVID-19

Deadline 04/10/20

Grants up to $10,000 to Minnesota nonprofit organizations, government agencies, American Indian Nations, and schools to respond to needs of women and girls due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Grant funds may be used for general operating support. Eligible applicants are organizations that fulfill the urgent needs o...

GrantWatch ID#: 188828

Grants to Colorado EMS Providers for Staff Training

Deadline 04/13/20

Grants to Colorado emergency medical and trauma service providers for education and training activities that enhance services in both rural and urban areas. Applicants must complete the pre-application process prior to submitting a full application. Funding is intended for tuition, required course fees, specific prerequisi...

GrantWatch ID#: 177337

Grants to USA Farmers Affiliated with Nonprofits, Agencies, IHEs, and For-Profits for Sustai...

Deadline 04/14/20

Grants of up to $30,000 to USA individuals affiliated with nonprofit organizations, IHEs, agencies, and agriculture-based for-profit businesses in eligible states to work with farmers on sustainable agriculture projects. Funding is intended to support the development and implementation of innovative solutions to sustainabi...

GrantWatch ID#: 175200

Grants to Wisconsin Agencies and Tribes for Trail Maintenance and Restoration Projects

Deadline 04/15/20

Grants to Wisconsin local government agencies and tribes to maintain, develop, and restore trails. Applicants must contact the funding source prior to submitting a full proposal. Eligible projects include bridge rehabilitation, trail development, trail rehabilitation, and maintenance of snowmobile trails.

GrantWatch ID#: 143594

Grants to USA, Canada, and International High School Teachers and Counselors to Cover the Co...

Deadline 04/15/20

Grants of $1,000 to USA, Canada, and International teachers and counselors currently employed in public or private high schools to cover the costs associated with attending an educational conference. Funding may be used to cover registration, accommodations, and travel costs.

GrantWatch ID#: 164647

Grants to Florida Nonprofits for Services to Address Social Isolation Among Aging Residents

Deadline 04/15/20

Grants to Florida nonprofit organizations in eligible cities for services to improve the quality of life for aging residents. Funding is intended for programs that address social isolation for residents over the age of 65, specifically in the areas of access to services, removing barriers to transportation, finances, and a...

GrantWatch ID#: 167121

Grants to Manitoba Artists and Arts and Cultural Professionals for Career Development Opport...

Deadline 04/15/20

Grants of up to $1,000 to Manitoba individual professional artists and arts and cultural practitioners for travel, public readings, and career development opportunities. Funding is intended for a range of professional development activities, such as presentations, workshops, specialized training, mentorships, and public re...

GrantWatch ID#: 176175

Grants to Wisconsin Agencies to Acquire, Improve, and Maintain Local Trails

Deadline 04/15/20

Grants to Wisconsin local units of government and tribes for the acquisition, improvement, development, and maintenance of eligible local trails, routes, and areas. Applicants must contact the funding source prior to submitting a full proposal. Funds may be used to acquire, insure, develop and maintain ATV/UTV trails, area...

GrantWatch ID#: 179916

Scholarships to USA Alaska Native and American Indian Students to Attend Criminal Justice Co...

Deadline 04/15/20

Scholarships to USA Alaska Native and American Indian students to attend conferences in the field of criminal justice. Applications are invited from individuals currently enrolled in graduate and undergraduate programs and who are interested in learning more about issues of crime, justice, and public safety.

GrantWatch ID#: 183381

Grants to Montana Schools and Community Organizations for Food Programs That Benefit Local Ch...

Deadline 04/15/20

Grants of up to $3,000 to Montana schools and community organizations for summer food programs that benefit local children. Funding is intended to help cover the costs of equipment, personnel, transportation, supplies for activities, promotional materials, and other non-food program expenses. The purpose of the grant progr...

GrantWatch ID#: 185590

Grants to Utah Nonprofits and Agencies to Improve Off-Highway Vehicle Recreation

Deadline 04/15/20

Grants of up to $12,500 to Utah nonprofit organizations and city, county, and federal agencies to improve and maintain off-highway vehicle recreation within the State. Funding is intended to support the improvement, acquisition, construction, operation, and maintenance of OHV facilities, trails, and infrastructure.

GrantWatch ID#: 186946

Grants to New Jersey Agencies to Increase the Use of Electric Vehicles

Deadline 04/15/20

Grants of up to $9,500 to New Jersey local government authorities to improve air quality through the use of electric vehicles. Funding is intended to support the purchases of battery-powered vehicles and charging stations by municipal, county, and local utility authorities in New Jersey.

GrantWatch ID#: 187491

Grants to Delaware Businesses to Enhance State Roadways and Transit Systems

Deadline 04/15/20

Grants to Delaware businesses for activities to enhance roadways and conduct transit capital improvements throughout the State. Funds are intended to assist with projects that extend, enhance, or maintain bridges, highways, and roads, and improve the accessibility of airports, commercial ports, and transit and intermodal s...

GrantWatch ID#: 188538

Grants to Michigan Schools for Traffic Safety Programs

Deadline 06/24/20 Conference Date: 04/15/20

Grants to Michigan schools for projects that make it safer for children to travel to and from school. Applicants must register their school prior to submitting an application. Funding is intended for safety programs whose primary beneficiaries are K-8 students who walk or bicycle between home and school. Whether you live ...

GrantWatch ID#: 188279

Grants to Alberta Nonprofits, Registered Charities, Community Leagues, Schools, and First Na...

Deadline 04/17/20

Grants of up to $20,000 and grants of up to $50,000 to Alberta registered nonprofits, registered charities, community leagues, schools, and area First Nations in eligible regions to prepare for and adapt to climate change. Funding may be used for projects to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and increase energy sustainabilit...

GrantWatch ID#: 168834

Grants to USA Nonprofits for Training Programs in Maintenance and Restoration of Collector V...

Deadline 04/17/20

Grants to USA nonprofit organizations for hands-on educational programs that teach young people about vehicle and boat restoration. Priority will be given to programs that focus on high school and college-age students. Funding is intended to teach the specialized skills and knowledge needed to maintain vintage cars, trucks...

GrantWatch ID#: 178548

Grants to South Dakota Nonprofits and Agencies to Develop and Maintain Outdoor Facilities

Deadline 04/17/20

Grants to South Dakota nonprofit organizations and government agencies to improve outdoor facilities throughout the state. The purpose of funding is to support projects that develop or maintain pathways for a broad range of uses, including both motorized and non-motorized recreational trails.

GrantWatch ID#: 179109

Grants to Missouri Nonprofits in Eligible Regions to Promote Economic Security for Women and...

Deadline 04/17/20

Grants of up to $10,000 to Missouri nonprofit organizations in eligible regions to improve economic security for women and girls. Funding is intended for programs that focus on enhancing support for working families and increasing access to jobs and fair wages for women in the metropolitan St. Louis region.

GrantWatch ID#: 180513

Grants to Massachusetts Arts Nonprofits and Municipal Arts Centers to Support Programming

Deadline 04/17/20

Grants to Massachusetts nonprofit organizations and municipal performing arts centers to support programming. Funding is intended to support arts-based organizations and facilities that offer performances that take place in the state; are available to the general public by free or paid admission; and feature touring arts s...

GrantWatch ID#: 188505

Grants to Colorado Community Organizations to Address Critical Needs of Communities Impacted...

Deadline 04/18/20

Grants of up to $25,000 to Colorado community organizations to address the critical needs of communities impacted by COVID-19. Funding is intended to support general operating expenses of organizations that serve local residents affected by the Coronavirus pandemic. Eligible activities include programs and services such as...

GrantWatch ID#: 188765

Grants to New Hampshire Public Schools to Promote Music Education for Students in Grades K-12

Deadline 04/20/20

Grants of up to $7,500 to New Hampshire public schools for programs and projects that promote music education for students in kindergarten through grade 12. Funding is intended to be used for musical instruction, field trips, programs, equipment, concerts, and performances (including music licensing, professional assistan...

GrantWatch ID#: 182742