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Grants for Capital Funding: 

GrantWatch has published hundreds of grants for capital funding to help nonprofits, for-profits and small businesses with the purchase, construction, or renovation of a building or the purchase of equipment.   397 Capital Funding Grants.

Grants to North Carolina Local Governments to Develop Parks and Recreational Facilities

Deadline: 05/01/17
Conference Date: 09/07/16

Grants to North Carolina local governments for the acquisition and development of public parks and recreational facilities. An applicant workshop is scheduled for September 7. Applicants may submit a proposal draft four weeks prior to the deadline t... GrantWatch ID#: 150445

Grants to Ohio Artists, Nonprofits, Schools, and Agencies for Resources to Advance the Careers of Disabled Artis...

Deadline: 06/01/17

Grants of up to $1,000 to Ohio artists and ranging from $1,000 to $3,000 to nonprofits, agencies, and schools for professional services, travel costs, planning and development, and for equipment and studio expenses to further the careers of artists ... GrantWatch ID#: 178196

Grants to Pennsylvania Nonprofits for Preservation of Historic Structures in Lancaster and Cumberland Counties

Deadline: 05/18/17
Conference Date: 02/23/17

Grants ranging from $25,000 to $84,500 to Pennsylvania nonprofit organizations that own historically significant structures in Lancaster and Cumberland counties for preservation projects. An informational session will be held February 23, 2017. May ... GrantWatch ID#: 180248

Grants to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Nonprofits to Serve Disadvantaged Youth and the Elderly

Deadline: 05/01/17
Conference Date: 02/28/17

Grants ranging from $1,000 to $7,000 to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania nonprofit organizations for programs, projects, and/or services that benefit disadvantaged children and youth and/or the elderly. An Information Session will take place on February ... GrantWatch ID#: 179595

Grants to Vermont Nonprofits and Agencies for Capital Projects to Provide Cultural Activities

Deadline: 05/01/17
Conference Date: 03/01/17

Grants ranging from $1,000 to $30,000 to Vermont nonprofits and municipalities to create, expand, or enhance the capacity of existing buildings to provide cultural activities for the public. Grant workshops will be held March 1, 2, and 3, 2017. Proj... GrantWatch ID#: 179681

Grants to New Hampshire and Maine Artists in Eligible Areas to Promote their Artistic Growth

Deadline: 04/28/17
Conference Date: 03/02/17

Grants of up to $25,000 to New Hampshire and Maine individual artists and craftspeople in select areas for assistance to promote their artistic growth. An optional information session will take place on March 2; applicants must RSVP by February 27 ... GrantWatch ID#: 179749

Grants to Idaho Nonprofits for Education, Healthcare, and to Benefit the Underserved

Deadline: 05/01/17
LOI Date: 03/15/17

Grants to Idaho nonprofit organizations for community benefit programs, organizational support, and capital projects. A letter of intent is due by March 15, 2017. Priority areas include children's education, rural healthcare, and programs that benef... GrantWatch ID#: 179367

Grant to a Washington, DC Nonprofit, For-Profit, or IHE for the Weatherization of Low-Income Houses

Deadline: 05/12/17
Conference Date: 03/17/17

Grant to a Washington, DC nonprofit organization, private enterprise, IHE, or faith-based organization for the provision of cost-effective, high-quality weatherization for low-income households in the District. An informational conference call is sc... GrantWatch ID#: 180697

Grants to Greater Owensboro area, Kentucky Nonprofits for Education, Culture, Family, Environment, Recreation, a...

Deadline: 06/01/17
Conference Date: 03/30/17

Grants to Kentucky nonprofit organizations for community benefit initiatives in the Greater Owensboro area. Funding areas include education, culture, family, environment and recreation, and health and wellness. A grant workshop will be held on March... GrantWatch ID#: 181283

Grants to California Local Government Agencies to Enhance Safety and Law Enforcement on Waterways

Deadline: 04/30/17
Conference Date: 04/05/17

Grants to California local government agencies to enhance boating safety and law enforcement on waterways. Application training sessions are scheduled for April 5. Applicants who wish to attend must RSVP at least one week prior to the session. Fundi... GrantWatch ID#: 150443

Grants to Buncombe County, North Carolina Nonprofits and Agencies for Capital Projects to Enhance Tourism

Deadline: 08/30/17
LOI Date: 05/31/17
Conference Date: 04/05/17

Grants to Buncombe County, North Carolina nonprofit organizations and government agencies for capital projects that enhance the local tourism industry. An information session is scheduled for April 5. Initial applications are due May 31. Funding is ... GrantWatch ID#: 180507

Grants to Greater Park City and Summit County, Utah Nonprofits for Arts, Environment, Health, and Human Services

Deadline: 05/11/17
Conference Date: 04/06/17

Grants ranging from $1,000 to $10,000 to Greater Park City and Summit County region, Utah nonprofit organizations to benefit local communities. An informational meeting is scheduled for April 6. The purpose of this program is to meet community needs... GrantWatch ID#: 179382

Grants to Canmore, Alberta Nonprofits and Organizations for Community Initiatives and Safety Programs

Deadline: 04/28/17
Conference Date: 04/10/17

Grants of up to $5,000 to Canmore, Alberta nonprofits and community organizations for projects that benefit residents of Canmore. Information workshops will be held on April 10, 2017. Funding is intended for one-time, project-based initiatives. F... GrantWatch ID#: 180976

Grants to Monterey, San Benito, and Santa Cruz County, California Public Agencies for Vehicle Emission Reduction...

Deadline: 06/23/17
Conference Date: 04/12/17

Grants to Monterey, San Benito, and Santa Cruz Counties, California public agencies for projects that promote vehicle emission reduction. There will be an application workshop on April 12, 2017. Emission reduction projects must enable reduction of o... GrantWatch ID#: 143977

Grants to Salt Lake County, Utah Cultural Zoos and Nonprofits to Build Capacity and Fund Facilities

Deadline: 05/12/17
Conference Date: 04/14/17

Grants to Salt Lake County, Utah large cultural organizations and zoological organizations to enhance the state's arts, culture, and recreational offerings. An application workshop will be held on April 14, 2017. Funding can be used to build organiz... GrantWatch ID#: 180771

Grants to Michigan Nonprofits and Agencies to Improve Arts and Cultural Facilities

Deadline: 06/01/17

Grants starting at $5,000 to Michigan municipalities and nonprofit arts and cultural organizations for the renovation, construction, and expansion of cultural facilities. Upcoming grant workshops are scheduled for April 10, 12, 19, 25, 26, and 27. A... GrantWatch ID#: 180941

Grants to Michigan Arts and Cultural Nonprofits for General Operating Support

Deadline: 06/01/17

Grants to Michigan nonprofit arts and cultural organizations to support general operations. Upcoming grant workshops are scheduled for April 10, 12, 19, 25, 26, and 27. Additionally, an orientation webinar will be held May 4. Eligible organizations ... GrantWatch ID#: 181007

Grants to New Jersey Nonprofits in Eligible Counties for Arts, Education, Children, Families, Health, Environmen...

Deadline: 05/18/17
Conference Date: 04/24/17

Grants to New Jersey nonprofit organizations serving Morris, Somerset, Passaic, and Sussex counties for community benefit projects. An information session will be held on April 24. Funding is intended for arts and culture, education, children and fa... GrantWatch ID#: 180659

Grants to King County, Washington Cultural Nonprofits and Agencies to Purchase Equipment

Deadline: 05/17/17
Conference Date: 04/24/17

Grants of up to $10,000 to King County, Washington nonprofit cultural institutions and local government cultural agencies for the purchase of specialized equipment for cultural programming. Information sessions are scheduled for April 24 and May 4 ... GrantWatch ID#: 181120

Large Grants to Greater San Antonio, Texas Nonprofits for Arts, Education, Environment, and Health and Wellness P...

Deadline: 06/09/17
Conference Date: 04/25/17

Large grants to Greater San Antonio, Texas area nonprofit organizations that deliver critical services to local community members. Two training sessions will be held on April 25. Funding will specifically be provided for proposals addressing any ... GrantWatch ID#: 180856

Grants to Washington, DC Nonprofits, IHEs, Agencies, and Businesses for Educational Projects on Lead Poisoning

Deadline: 05/15/17
Conference Date: 04/26/17

Grants to Washington, DC nonprofits, agencies, IHEs, faith-based organizations, and private enterprises for educational outreach projects on lead exposure and environmental illness. An informational conference call will take place on April 26. Quest... GrantWatch ID#: 181179

Grants to USA Agencies and Water Authorities in Multiple States for Water Resources Reclamation

Deadline: 04/27/17

Grants of up to $75,000 to multiple USA states and territories government agencies and regional water or electric authorities to implement water management improvements. Proposals may involve small-scale, on-the-ground water resources reclamation pr... GrantWatch ID#: 177535

Grants to Michigan Nonprofits for Arts, Education, Health, and Human Needs in Grand Traverse County

Deadline: 04/27/17

Grants of up to $5,000 to Michigan nonprofits for programs in the areas of education, the environment, arts and culture, basic human needs, health and safety, and recreation that serve residents of Grand Traverse County. Funding is available for equ... GrantWatch ID#: 179765

Grants to Cecil County, Maryland Nonprofits and Agencies for Community Development, Education, and Public Safety

Deadline: 05/12/17
Conference Date: 04/27/17

Grants of up to $25,000 to Cecil County, Maryland nonprofit organizations and government agencies to benefit local communities. An informational workshop is scheduled for April 27. Funding is intended to address the needs of local populations throug... GrantWatch ID#: 181140

In-Kind Donations of Technology and Equipment to Illinois High Schools With Journalism Programs

Deadline: 04/28/17

Grants of up to $1,500 in the form of in-kind technology and equipment donations to Illinois public and private high schools with existing journalism programs. These donations may include computers, software, or other technology-related equipment f... GrantWatch ID#: 140895

Grants to British Columbia Nonprofits to Benefit North Kootenay Lake Region Communities

Deadline: 04/28/17

Grants ranging from $500 to $1,500 to British Columbia nonprofit organizations to benefit rural communities in the North Kootenay Lake region. Program areas include, but are not limited to, education, environment, health, seniors, recreation and spo... GrantWatch ID#: 171066

Grants to USA Nonprofits and IHEs for the Production of Mine Health and Safety Technology

Deadline: 04/28/17

Grants to USA nonprofit organizations and academic institutions for the initial development of research on new technology that improves mine health and safety. Funding is intended to assist the organization or institution to construct a tangible dev... GrantWatch ID#: 180179

Grants to USA Nonprofits and IHEs for Research Projects on Innovative Solutions for Mining Health Issues

Deadline: 04/28/17

Grants to USA nonprofit organizations and academic institutions for new and developmental research projects that explore causes of and present plausible, innovative solutions for mining health problems. Focus areas include musculoskeletal disorders,... GrantWatch ID#: 180180

Grants to Illinois Nonprofits, Agencies, IHEs, and Producer Organizations to Expand the Specialty Crop Market

Deadline: 04/28/17

Grants to Illinois nonprofit organizations, government agencies, universities, and producer organizations to improve the market competitiveness of specialty crops produced within the state. Specialty crops include agricultural products such as tree ... GrantWatch ID#: 180385

Grants to Louisiana Nonprofits and Businesses in St. Landry Parish for Tourism-Related Marketing Expenses

Deadline: 04/28/17

Grants to St. Landry Parish, Louisiana nonprofit organizations and business for projects and events that promote tourism to the area. Funding is intended to cover marketing expenses related to public tourism activities that promote the history and a... GrantWatch ID#: 180407

Grants to Kentucky Fire Departments to Enhance Service in Rural Communities

Deadline: 04/28/17

Grants ranging from $1,000 to $5,000 to Kentucky fire departments to enhance capacity to serve rural communities throughout the state. The purpose of this program is to improve fire protection in communities with populations up to 10,000. Funding ma... GrantWatch ID#: 180543

Grants to Washington Rural Fire Departments to Purchase Equipment at a Discounted Rate

Deadline: 04/28/17

Grants of up to $2,500 to Washington volunteer fire departments and districts serving rural communities to defray the cost of purchasing equipment. The purpose of this program is to enhance the capability and capacity of rural volunteer fire protect... GrantWatch ID#: 180754

In-Kind Donations to Baltimore Area, Maryland Nonprofit Youth Football Teams for Sports Apparel and Equipment

Deadline: 04/28/17

In-kind donations valued at over $1,000 to Baltimore area, Maryland nonprofit youth tackle football and flag football teams for jerseys, cleats, footballs, and/or other accessories needed for the 2017 season. The following three types of donation pa... GrantWatch ID#: 180972

Grants to USA Nonprofits, Schools, and Agencies to Plan and Build a Community Playground

Deadline: 04/28/17

Grants of $15,000 to USA nonprofits, schools, and agencies to purchase playground equipment to construct or renovate a playground. Priority will be given to applicants that serve children from a special needs community or a low-income population. Sp... GrantWatch ID#: 181051

Grants to Teton County, Wyoming Nonprofits, Schools, and Agencies for Arts, Social Services, and Education

Deadline: 04/28/17

Grants to Teton County, Wyoming nonprofits, faith-based organizations, schools, and government agencies to meet local community needs. Proposals may be in the areas of arts, social services, environment, recreation, education, civic, and animals. Fu... GrantWatch ID#: 181097

Grants to Utah Fire Departments for Training, Equipment Purchase, and Fire Prevention

Deadline: 04/28/17

Grants of up to $15,000 to Utah fire departments to improve capacity to respond to fires and hazardous materials incidents. Funding may be used for equipment purchase, fire training, and fire prevention programs. Please note that because of changes ... GrantWatch ID#: 181104

Grants to Thurston County, Washington Groups and Individuals to Promote a Just and Equitable Society

Deadline: 04/28/17

Grants of up to $1,000 to Thurston County, Washington groups and individuals for projects involving social justice, environment, and community building. The Fund’s goal is to foster a just, democratic, ecologically sound, and non-violent society. ... GrantWatch ID#: 181123

Grants to Allegheny County, Pennsylvania Nonprofits and Agencies for Economic Development

Deadline: 04/28/17

Grants to Allegheny County, Pennsylvania nonprofit organizations and government agencies for economic development projects. Eligible activities include infrastructure development, job training, economic development, community improvement, public saf... GrantWatch ID#: 181125

Grants to Albuquerque Area, New Mexico Artists and Collectives for Public Art Presentations

Deadline: 08/01/17
Conference Date: 04/29/17

Grants ranging from $2,000 to $5,000 to Albuquerque Area, New Mexico individual artists and collectives for the presentation and development of artist-led visual arts programs and projects that will be accessible to the public. Information sessions ... GrantWatch ID#: 170644

Grants to Rhode Island Nonprofits for Property Purchase, Equipment, and Renovations

Deadline: 04/30/17

Grants to Rhode Island nonprofit organizations for capital projects, including equipment purchase, construction, renovations, the purchase of real property, and reduction or mortgage indebtedness. Consideration will be given to organizations in the ... GrantWatch ID#: 168643

In-Kind Grants to Florida Pre-K-12 Teachers for Native Wildflower Garden Resources

Deadline: 04/30/17

In-kind grants to Florida public and private pre-K-12 teachers for wildflower plants and classroom garden resources. Funding is intended for teachers and students to establish a native plant garden or improve an existing one. Plants are intended to ... GrantWatch ID#: 170657

Grants to Boulder, Colorado Nonprofits and Homeowners to Install Renewable Energy Systems

Deadline: 04/30/17

Grants to Boulder, Colorado nonprofit organizations and qualifying homeowners to defray the cost of installing solar electric or solar thermal systems. Applicants must demonstrate a serious interest in increasing the energy efficiency of their home ... GrantWatch ID#: 175299

Grants to Western North Dakota Nonprofit Organizations and Agencies for Health, Environment, and Housing Initiat...

Deadline: 04/30/17

Grants of up to $50,000 to Western North Dakota nonprofits and agencies that serve rural communities to facilitate development initiatives and infrastructure improvement, including health, safety and environmental programs, housing projects, medical... GrantWatch ID#: 178825

Grants to Hawaii Nonprofits and CBOs for Financial Assistance to Children and the Elderly

Deadline: 04/30/17

Grants to Hawaii nonprofits and community-based service organizations for financial assistance to qualified individuals. Specifically, funding is intended to help children and the elderly with resources and activities that are not covered by other s... GrantWatch ID#: 179665

Grants to Northwest Connecticut Nonprofits, Schools, and Agencies for Arts, Health, and Education

Deadline: 04/30/17

Grants of up to $1,500 or grants starting at $1,500 to Northwest Connecticut nonprofits, schools, and agencies for programs in the areas of arts and culture, civic and education, the environment, social services, and health. Funding is available for... GrantWatch ID#: 179778

Grants to Phoenix, Arizona Nonprofits to Provide Healthcare Services to Women, Children, and Seniors

Deadline: 08/31/17
LOI Date: 04/30/17

Grants to Arizona nonprofit organizations in the greater Phoenix area to provide for the healthcare needs of the elderly, women, and children. LOIs are due April 30, 2017. Funding is available for general operating support, start-up costs for specif... GrantWatch ID#: 179844

Grants to Connecticut Municipalities to Preserve and Manage Government Records

Deadline: 04/30/17

Grants of up to $7,500 to Connecticut municipalities to preserve and manage their governmental records. Funding is intended to enable municipalities to improve efficiency and reduce the cost associated with records management. Through microfilming s... GrantWatch ID#: 180063

Prize to a USA Teacher or Professor to Purchase Technology for the Classroom

Deadline: 04/30/17

Prize valued at $1,000 to a USA K-12 teacher or college professor to be used for the purchase of technological equipment and supplies to enhance classroom learning. Applicants may enter the contest by submitting a written or video essay explaining h... GrantWatch ID#: 180138

Grants to Maine K-12 Teachers in the Mount Desert Island School District for Science-Related Activities

Deadline: 04/30/17

Grants ranging from $100 to $2,000 to Maine K-12 teachers in the Mount Desert Island Regional School District for science-related classroom activities. Funding is intended to help students learn science and understand its relevance to their daily li... GrantWatch ID#: 180145

Grants to Ohio Nonprofits for Agriculture Programs in Education, Animal Welfare, and Environment

Deadline: 04/30/17

Grants ranging from $1,000 to $3,000 to Ohio nonprofits for agriculture programs in the areas of economic development, the human-animal bond, the environment, and education. Funding is available for program expansion, capital costs, general support,... GrantWatch ID#: 180274

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