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Grants for individuals: teachers, students, homeowners, veterans, minorities, Native Americans, new immigrants, American Citizens. Grant Watch has a wide array of grants for individuals representing the diverse population of the USA.

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Fellowships to New Orleans Area, Louisiana Graduate Students to Address Health Disparities

Deadline 02/03/20

Fellowships to Greater New Orleans, Louisiana graduate students to implement a community-centered program to address health disparities. Funding is intended to prepare a cohort of the next generation of professionals to empower and serve vulnerable populations to live healthier lives and create healthier communities.

GrantWatch ID#: 177433

Grants to Nevada Artists to Recognize Exceptional Achievement in the Performing and Literary...

Deadline 04/15/20

Grants of $5,000 to Nevada individual artists to recognize exceptional artistic achievements. Applications will be accepted from artists involved in the performing and literary arts, including areas such as music, theater, choreography, creative prose, and poetry. Funding is intended to promote public awareness and apprec...

GrantWatch ID#: 178277

Grants to Nevada Individual Artists for the Creation and Presentation of Artistic Projects

Deadline 05/01/20

Grants of up to $1,500 to Nevada individual artists to create and present arts projects. Funding is intended for a wide range of artistic projects, such as performances, exhibitions, concerts, readings, the creation of portfolios, and publicity and marketing activities that are related to the arts project.

GrantWatch ID#: 185636

Grants to Nevada Artists for Exceptional Achievements in an Eligible Art Form

Deadline 04/15/20

Grants of $5,000 to Nevada individual artists to recognize exceptional achievements in an eligible art form. Interested applicants are required to contact staff prior to submitting an application. Applications will be accepted from artists who work in the media of dance, music, decorative arts, hand-crafted objects, ceremo...

GrantWatch ID#: 187556

Grants to Boulder, Colorado Educators, Presenters, and Administrators to Create Unique Arts ...

Deadline 03/23/20

Grants of up to $3,000 to Boulder, Colorado educators, presenters, and administrators for projects that expose students to the arts. Funding is intended to give students enhanced instruction in the creative process, access to techniques and tools, and new experiences with practicing artists. The program aims to increase th...

GrantWatch ID#: 178127

Grants to USA Individuals to Write Nonfiction Humanities Books for a General Public Audience

Deadline 02/05/20

Grants of up to $60,000 to USA individual authors and scholars for writing nonfiction books that promote a deep understanding of the humanities for a broad readership. Applicants are advised that required online registration may take several weeks. Funding is intended for well-researched, humanities-based books that explor...

GrantWatch ID#: 177811

Grants to Virginia Artists and Organizations for Community Arts Initiatives in Eligible Areas

Deadline 03/15/20

Grants to Virginia arts organizations, community organizations, and individual artists working in eligible areas for arts-related programs with a community focus. Eligible disciplines include the visual arts, music, literature, theater, dance, media, film and video, as well as projects combining more than one type of media...

GrantWatch ID#: 168356

Fellowships to USA IHE Students for Projects Involving Data Analysis

Deadline 02/02/20

Fellowships of $6,000 to USA and territories students at institutions of higher education for projects to analyze data that is relevant to a wide range of fields. Funding is intended for paid fellowships pairing students with qualifying nonprofits to complete challenging spatial analysis projects. Work will be done in the ...

GrantWatch ID#: 182873

Fellowships to USA PreK-12 Teachers and Educators for Professional Development Projects

Deadline 01/30/20

Fellowships of up to $5,000 to USA PreK-12th grade educators and up to $10,000 to educator teams for projects that support professional growth and development. Funding is intended to offer educators who have a broad vision of teaching and learning the tools required to pursue self-designed professional learning experiences.

GrantWatch ID#: 177420

Grants to Minnesota Nonprofits, Agencies, and Individuals for Projects That Support Particip...

Deadline 02/07/20

Grants to Minnesota nonprofit organizations, public entities, government agencies, and individuals for projects that promote participatory artistic experiences in a range of genres and forms. Funding is intended for projects that enable lifelong learners to acquire knowledge, understanding, and skills in the arts.

GrantWatch ID#: 166720

Grants to Illinois Artists in Eligible Regions for Career Support

Deadline 02/16/20

Grants of $2,000 to Illinois visual artists in eligible regions for career support and recognition of artistic excellence. Eligible applicants are exceptional artists that are at least 21 years of age, artists with a demonstrated need, artists that belong to an eligible minority group (ALAANA), artists with a disability, o...

GrantWatch ID#: 187577

Grant to a South Dakota Team of Artists for a Joint Arts Project

Deadline 03/01/20

Grant of up to $6,000 to a South Dakota team of artists to support a joint arts project. The purpose of funding is to support artists in the creation of new work and to create projects that reach new audiences. Partnering artists may work in the same discipline or difference disciplines.

GrantWatch ID#: 178590

Grants to South Dakota Early Stage Artists for Professional Development Activities

Deadline 03/01/20

Grants of $2,000 to South Dakota early stage artists for professional development activities. Funding is intended to support projects that help artists promote and market their work, create new artistic works, and attract new audiences. The purpose of the program is to assist emerging artists in advancing their work and fu...

GrantWatch ID#: 178592

Grants to South Dakota Individual Artists for Arts Projects that Benefit the Local Community

Deadline 03/01/20

Grants of up to $2,000 to South Dakota individual artists to support arts projects that advance the artist's professional development and career. Funding is intended to recognize gifted artists across the disciplines, foster creative accomplishment, and assist artists in the planning and implementation of projects that ben...

GrantWatch ID#: 178595

Grants to South Dakota Individuals to Recognize Artistic Achievement

Deadline 03/01/20

Grants of $5,000 to South Dakota individuals to recognize artistic achievement. Requests will be accepted from accomplished artists from across the arts disciplines who have raised the bar for arts throughout the State. Funding is intended to recognize creative talent and to foster future artistic and career development.

GrantWatch ID#: 178598

Contracts for Services to Washington, DC Businesses, Organizations, and Individuals to Opera...

Deadline 02/14/20

Contracts for services of up to $10,000 to Washington, DC businesses, organizations, and individuals to operate summer camps for local youth and children in eligible regions. Funding is intended for programs that offer social, emotional educational, and physical health opportunities and activities for children and youth as...

GrantWatch ID#: 184935

Grants to Minnesota Artists in Eligible Regions for Arts and Culture Activities

Deadline 03/03/20

Grants to Minnesota individual artists in eligible regions for local arts and culture activities. Applicants requesting a higher amount must contact program staff in advance of the deadline. Funding is intended for initiatives that promote access to the arts, arts education, and engagement with the state’s arts and cultu...

GrantWatch ID#: 174005

Fellowships to USA College Students and Graduates to Complete a Master's Degree in STEM Teac...

Deadline 01/30/20

Fellowships to USA college students and graduates to complete a Master's degree in STEM education at eligible universities. Participants will receive a stipend to cover living expenses and tuition, and must commit to teaching at underserved schools in Pennsylvania upon completion of their degree.

GrantWatch ID#: 177323

Grants and Fellowships to Alaska Artists and Groups to Further Artistic Development

Deadline 03/02/20

Grants and fellowships to Alaska individual artists, collaboratives, and groups to advance their professional careers across a range of artistic disciplines. Grants are intended to support specific projects of artists at all stages of their careers, while fellowships will support professional development opportunities for ...

GrantWatch ID#: 177968

Fellowships to Iowa Art Professionals for Activities that Support Advancement in the Field

Deadline 05/01/20 LOI Date: 03/13/20

Fellowships to Iowa art professionals for activities that support advancement in the field. An initial application is required prior to submission of a full proposal. Requests will be accepted from creative individuals working across a range of disciplines who indicate potential for continued contribution to the arts withi...

GrantWatch ID#: 179815

Grants to Canada Research Teams for High-Risk Interdisciplinary Projects

Deadline 04/15/20 LOI Date: 02/18/20

Grants to Canada teams of investigators at eligible institutions for high-risk research projects with the potential for high reward. Applicants must submit a notice of intent and a letter of intent prior to submitting a full proposal. Funding is intended to support large-scale, Canadian-led interdisciplinary research proje...

GrantWatch ID#: 186427

Opportunity for New York City Artists to Develop Work

Deadline 01/30/20

Opportunity for New York City artists of all career levels to develop their work. Artists will receive a stipend, studio access, technical support, and the opportunity to arrange showings. Funding is intended for a wide range of disciplines, methods, and racial and cultural perspectives.

GrantWatch ID#: 187708

Grants to Maryland Individuals in Eligible Regions for Arts and Humanities Projects

Deadline 02/07/20

Grants of up to $5,000 to Maryland individual artists and scholars to carry out arts and humanities projects across a broad range of disciplines. Funding is intended to support the work of individual artists and scholars, as well as artistic and scholarly collaborations in Montgomery County. Grants support artists and sch...

GrantWatch ID#: 178104

Grants to Louisiana Artists in Eligible Regions for Professional Development

Deadline 03/06/20

Grants of up to $5,000 to Louisiana individual artists in eligible regions for career and professional development. Funding is intended for short-term projects that give artists the opportunity to advance professionally, and to provide them with encouragement and support in the creation of new works. The goal of the progra...

GrantWatch ID#: 184106

Fellowships to North Carolina Individuals in Eligible Regions for Creative Activities

Deadline 02/17/20

Fellowships to North Carolina individuals for activities to further creative opportunities in eligible regions. Fellowships are intended for research, instruction, conferences, apprenticeships, travel, or other experiences that help the recipient explore his or her creative journey in arts, science, and history. Fellowship...

GrantWatch ID#: 187942

Grants to USA Staff at IHEs for Humanities Research and Publications

Deadline 04/08/20

Grants of up to $60,000 to USA educators and staff members at eligible IHEs in multiples states for humanities-based activities. Funding is intended to support a wide range of research projects, publications, and scholarly activities related to the study of the humanities. Eligible projects are conducted at Tribal colleges...

GrantWatch ID#: 151093

Grants to USA and Puerto Rico Faculty at Eligible IHEs for Humanities Research

Deadline 04/08/20

Grants of up to $60,000 to USA and Puerto Rico faculty and staff members at eligible IHEs for humanities-based activities. Funding is intended to support a wide range of research projects, publications, and scholarly activities related to the study of the humanities. Eligible projects are conducted at Hispanic-serving coll...

GrantWatch ID#: 164800

Awards to USA Faculty and Staff Affiliated with Eligible IHEs for Humanities Research Projec...

Deadline 04/08/20

Awards of up to $60,000 to USA faculty and staff affiliated with Eligible IHEs for humanities research projects. Applicants must create or verify the required registrations prior to applying. This program supports humanities research. Expected output includes books, articles, digital material and publications, archaeologi...

GrantWatch ID#: 164801

Grants to Arizona Teachers to Enhance Education Related to Animals

Deadline 02/15/20

Grants of up to $2,000 to Arizona teachers to enhance education related to animals. Funding may be used for professional development and implementing and developing resources and programs. Grant funds may also support opportunities for students to be in nature and explore wildlife and habitats firsthand. Preference will be...

GrantWatch ID#: 187850

Fellowships to USA Scholars for Advanced Research

Deadline 04/08/20

Fellowships to USA individuals for extensive research projects. The fellowships are intended to support a range of projects and activities that display outstanding analytics and high-level writing skills. Applications must clearly express a project's value to humanities scholars, general audiences, or both. Applications ar...

GrantWatch ID#: 151114

Grants to Manitoba Nonprofits, Organizations, Groups, and Individuals for Arts Programming

Deadline 01/30/20

Grants of up to $7,500 to Manitoba individuals and grants of up to $15,000 to nonprofit organizations and groups for programs related to the arts. Applicants must register with the online application system before submitting an application. Funding is intended for arts-related activities by artists, arts groups, organizati...

GrantWatch ID#: 147768

Grants to California Artists and Nonprofits to Provide Arts for the Underserved in Santa Cla...

Deadline 01/30/20

Grants to California individual artists and nonprofit arts organizations for projects and activities that provide increased access to arts opportunities for the diverse cultural communities and underserved populations of Santa Clara and San Mateo counties. Eligible projects must fit into one of six categories (Arts Educ...

GrantWatch ID#: 173162

Scholarships to Philadelphia Area, Pennsylvania Jewish Youth and Teachers to Attend Religious...

Deadline 01/30/20

Scholarships to Greater Philadelphia Area, Pennsylvania high school students, college students, young adults, and teachers in Jewish settings to attend educational programs in Israel. Eligible applicants must submit a letter of acceptance from the Orthodox yeshiva program with their application and demonstrate financial ne...

GrantWatch ID#: 177091

Awards to USA Journalists for Excellence in Public Service Journalism

Deadline 01/30/20

Awards of $5,000 to USA journalists to recognize outstanding commentary or investigative journalism that serves the common good. Nominees should demonstrate strong storytelling skills, reportorial excellence, and social justice impact. The contest is open to journalists and subjects globally, although work must have been i...

GrantWatch ID#: 177619

Grants to Oregon Nonprofits, Agencies, Schools, and Individuals in Eligible Regions for Cultu...

Deadline 01/30/20

Grants of up to $1,000 to Oregon nonprofit organizations, agencies, schools, and individuals in eligible regions for cultural programs. Funding is intended to preserve, develop, and protect arts, humanities, and heritage throughout the county. Eligible programs are those that:

GrantWatch ID#: 177724

Grants to USA Organizations and Artists to Create and Release New Music

Deadline 01/30/20

Grants of up to $15,000 to USA organizations and individuals for a broad range of music-related projects. Eligible projects are activities that release new music through a recording or a live performance. Preference is given to funding artists directly for their work, such as creating, engaging, and performing. Please note...

GrantWatch ID#: 178453

Grants to USA Mathematics Scholars for Travel Expenses Related to Collaborative Research

Deadline 01/30/20

Grants of $8,400 per year to USA PhDs affiliated with a higher education institution for collaborative research projects in the field of mathematics. Funding is intended to support travel and related expenditures associated with the collaborative work between mathematics scholars.

GrantWatch ID#: 178953

Grants to Canada Individuals, Performers, and Corporations for the Creation of New Musical W...

Deadline 01/30/20

Grants of up to $3,000 to Canada individuals, businesses, performers, presenters, and ensembles to support members of the funding source as they create new musical works. Funding is intended to encourage community members to commission new musical works, which will be presented in a public performance.

GrantWatch ID#: 185306

Grants and In-Kind Services to USA Art Collaboratives and Artists for Arts Projects and Prof...

Deadline 02/29/20 Conference Date: 01/30/20

Grants and in-kind services to USA art collaboratives and artists for projects and professional development activities. The purpose of this grant program is to support original arts projects as well as the training and support of artists. Eligible artists may be in a wide variety of art disciplines.

GrantWatch ID#: 152012

Grants to Washington Artists, Arts Organizations, and Agencies in Eligible Regions for Arts P...

Deadline 02/24/20 Conference Date: 01/30/20

Grants of up to $12,000 to Washington arts organizations, individual artists, educational institutions, and youth-service agencies in eligible regions for art and cultural programs that benefit youth in middle school and high school. Funding is intended for programs that that take place out of school and in the city of Sea...

GrantWatch ID#: 168197

Grants to Florida Businesses and Property Owners in Eligible Regions to Make Capital Improve...

Deadline 03/06/20 Conference Date: 01/30/20

Grants to Florida businesses and property owners in eligible regions to make capital improvements that enhance the local community. Funding is intended to support renovations to lighting, landscaping, building and storefronts, service and loading areas, and other features of their sites visible from the public right-of-way.

GrantWatch ID#: 187986

Grants to Utah Community Groups, Small Businesses, and Individuals for Food and Nutrition Pr...

Deadline 01/31/20

Grants of up to $2,000 to Utah community groups, small businesses, and individuals for community projects related to food and nutrition. Applicants must submit a letter of intent prior to submitting a full application. Proposals must serve a need in the community and support sustainable agricultural practices.

GrantWatch ID#: 143560

Grant to Canada Nonprofits, Artists, and Groups for the Production of New Jazz Works

Deadline 01/31/20

Grants of $5,000 to Canada individual artists, collectives, and nonprofit organizations to develop, produce, and present works in the field of jazz. First-time applicants must contact program staff prior to applying. Funding is intended to support the creation, production, and dissemination of new jazz works and to help pr...

GrantWatch ID#: 144248

Scholarships to Israel and Europe Individuals to Study Jewish Culture and Texts in Sweden

Deadline 01/31/20

Scholarships to Israel and Europe individuals to participate in a year-long academic program for European Jewish cultural revival. Based in Sweden, this program is committed to the interdisciplinary interpretation and study of textual sources that have served as the base for Jewish civilization. The program offers a co...

GrantWatch ID#: 151422

Opportunity for Texas Individuals, Businesses, IHEs, and Nonprofits to be Listed on a Perform...

Deadline 01/31/20

Opportunity for Texas nonprofits, individuals, IHEs, and businesses providing performing arts performances to be listed on a state roster of available performers. Eligible disciplines include dance, music, theater, literature, storytelling, visual arts, and film/media arts. The Texas Commission on the Arts maintains an ...

GrantWatch ID#: 154121

Grant to a USA Professional, Student, or Individual for Research on Historical Herb Usage

Deadline 01/31/20

Grant of $5,000 to a USA professional, student, or individual for a research project on the way herbs have been used throughout history. Funding may be used for materials and supplies, professional assistance, computer use, and to pay researchers. Proposed projects should be small, self-contained, and take place over a sho...

GrantWatch ID#: 159652

Award to a USA, Canada, or International Classical Music Composer to Honor Exceptional Achie...

Deadline 01/31/20

Award to a USA, Canada, or International classical music composer for exceptional achievement in overall work, distinctive creativity, and career attainment. The prize will include an orchestra performance in addition to a cash award. The award recipient will participate in a residency of two to three weeks at a music scho...

GrantWatch ID#: 163158

Grants to USA Scholars and Doctoral Graduates for Costs Associated with Research and Fieldwo...

Deadline 01/31/20

Grants of up to $6,000 to USA scholars and doctoral graduates for expenses related to non-commercial research. The Foundation is particularly interested in applicants that have recently completed their doctorates. Funding is intended to help cover the costs of travel to libraries and archives, laboratory research purposes;...

GrantWatch ID#: 163655

Scholarships to Israel Students to Pursue Academic Studies at Belgian Universities

Deadline 01/31/20

Scholarships to Israel students who wish to pursue academic studies at universities in Belgium. Undergraduate students may apply for short-term French language courses taking place during the summer term. Graduate students may apply for longer-term programs taking place during the upcoming academic year.

GrantWatch ID#: 164777

Residency for a USA, Canada, or International Visiting Artist or Designer to Develop New Work...

Deadline 01/31/20

Residency for a USA, Canada, or International visiting artist or designer to work at an eligible art school. The program is intended to encourage the resident artist or designer to develop a new work in collaboration with students and faculty. The goal of the residency is to foster an atmosphere of inventive creative activ...

GrantWatch ID#: 165501