Student Grants: 

Grants for student learning, classroom projects, technology, educational enrichment, art students, Jewish students, out-of-school programs, low-income college students' tuition and grants to students who are planning to become teachers in a high-need field in a low-income area.

Grants to USA, Canada, International Postdoctoral Fellows and Medical Students for Autism Research Activities

Deadline: 12/01/17

Grants of $25,000 to USA, Canada, and International graduate (predoctoral) students and medical students, and grants of $35,000 to postdoctoral scholars, for research activities related to autism spectrum disorders. Please note that USA citizens may... GrantWatch ID#: 174606

Prizes to USA, Canada, and International Students and Professionals for Designing an Energy Efficient Building

Deadline: 01/10/18

Prizes to USA, Canada, and International architects, urban planners, engineers, landscape architects, designers, and students for successfully designing an energy efficient educational and visitor center located in Tiburon, California. The purpose o... GrantWatch ID#: 173777

Fellowships to USA, Canada, and International Graduate Students to Gain Energy Management Experience at Corporat...

Deadline: 12/05/17

Fellowships to USA, Canada, and International graduate students from leading universities to work for the summer in preeminent corporate energy organizations. Fellows will have unparalleled opportunities to gain professional experience in clean ener... GrantWatch ID#: 174397

Scholarships to Greater Hartford, Connecticut Jewish Teens and Young Adults to Participate in Israel Programs

Deadline: 11/20/17

Scholarships ranging from $250 to $2,000 Greater Hartford Area, Connecticut Jewish high school and college students to attend educational programs and internships in Israel. The scholarships are awarded according to financial need, the nature of the... GrantWatch ID#: 179195

Grant to a Delaware Graduate or PhD Student to Present Breast Cancer Research at an Academic Conference

Deadline: 11/30/17

Grant of $1,000 to a Delaware graduate student or doctoral candidate to attend an academic conference related to breast cancer where the recipient will present a poster or research paper. Typical expenses that may be paid from these grants include c... GrantWatch ID#: 165862

Grants to Idaho and Oregon Middle and Junior High Classes to Engage Students in Local Philanthropy

Deadline: 11/30/17

Grants of $3,000 to Idaho and southeastern Oregon middle and junior high school classes to support local nonprofits that are positively impacting communities where the funding source has a business presence. The purpose of this program is to promote... GrantWatch ID#: 167112

Grants to Missouri Schools and IHEs to Pay for Reading Services on Behalf of the Legally Blind

Deadline: 11/30/17

Grants of up to $500 per year to Missouri public schools, special school districts, colleges, universities, technical schools, and professional schools to pay for reading services on behalf of legally blind students. This program will reimburse the ... GrantWatch ID#: 175675

Scholarships to Quebec and International Students to Attend Universities in Israel

Deadline: 11/30/17

Scholarships to Quebec and International students with a bachelor’s degree or higher to study at a university in Israel. Applicants are advised to confirm the deadline for their region prior to applying. Eligible students reside in Austria, Argent... GrantWatch ID#: 175868

Fellowships to USA College Students to Complete a Master's Degree in STEM Teaching at a Georgia University

Deadline: 11/30/17

Fellowships of $30,000 to USA college seniors and recent graduates who have majored in, or have 30 or more college-level credits in, a STEM field (science, technology, engineering, or math). Funding will be provided as a stipend to Fellows to compl... GrantWatch ID#: 177323

Grants to USA Individuals Affiliated with Higher Education Institutions for Research Related to Legal, Graduate, ...

Deadline: 11/30/17

Grants to USA individuals who are affiliated with a nonprofit postsecondary institution or relevant higher or legal education organization to support year-long research projects. The program is a grant competition promoting scholarship on issues re... GrantWatch ID#: 182431

Grants to Kansas Nonprofits, For-Profits, Schools, and Individuals for Wildlife Diversity and Habitat Improvement

Deadline: 12/01/17

Grants of up to $10,000 to Kansas nonprofits, for-profits, schools, clubs, conservation districts, and individuals for projects that promote wildlife diversity and improve habitat for non-game species. Program priorities include habitat projects, ed... GrantWatch ID#: 144088

Grants to USA, Canada, and International Scholars for Travel Expenses for Short-Term Research Projects Related t...

Deadline: 12/01/17

Grants of up to $2,500 to USA, Canada, and International graduate students and scholars who are traveling for research purposes. Funding is intended for travel for short-term projects (less than a month) related to the history of science and technol... GrantWatch ID#: 156895

Awards to Manitoba K-12 Educators to Recognize Effective Educational Methods

Deadline: 12/01/17

Awards of $500 to Manitoba K-12 educators to recognize those whose educational methods have had a significant impact on student learning. Eligible educators may be nominated by students, colleagues, school administrators, school division administrat... GrantWatch ID#: 161720

Fellowships to USA Doctoral Students for Research and Policy Initiatives to Enhance Child Development

Deadline: 12/01/17

Fellowships of $30,000 per year for up to two years to USA doctoral students to complete their dissertations using research that will enhance child development and prevent all forms of child maltreatment. Funding is intended to promote child well-be... GrantWatch ID#: 175539

Grants to New Mexico Jewish High School and College Students for a First-Time Israel Trip

Deadline: 12/01/17

Grants of $500 to New Mexico Jewish high school and college students for financial assistance to participate in an educational trip to Israel. Funding will only be provided for students to attend trips that are under the auspices of a recognized Je... GrantWatch ID#: 178432

Scholarships to Bay Area, California Jewish Youth for Educational Trips and Programs in Israel

Deadline: 12/01/17

Scholarships to Bay Area, California Jewish youth and young adults to attend organized trips and educational programs in Israel. Funds are issued on the basis of financial need and may be applied to travel costs and program fees. Scholarships are av... GrantWatch ID#: 178851


Scholarships to Sturgis Area, Michigan Education Majors to Cover College Expenses

Deadline: 12/01/17

Scholarships to Sturgis area, Michigan college students pursuing a major in education. Funding is intended to support education majors that are fulfilling their student teaching requirement. Applicants must detail their expected education costs duri... GrantWatch ID#: 181643

Fellowships to USA University Faculty in Science, Math, or Engineering for Summer Programs in Military Aviation R...

Deadline: 12/05/17

Fellowships to USA IHE faculty from the mathematics, engineering, or science departments for summer programs that offer hands-on experience in military aviation research. Applications are especially encouraged from the faculty of minority colleges a... GrantWatch ID#: 165512


Grants to USA and Israel Doctoral Students to Carry Out Short-Term Scientific Research Abroad

Deadline: 12/06/17

Grants of $4,000 to USA and Israel PhD candidates to carry out short-term scientific research in the other country. Students are encouraged to apply for thesis-supporting research that requires facilities or expertise not available in their country.... GrantWatch ID#: 177361


Grants to Berkeley, California Nonprofits, Schools, and Agencies for Joint Projects to Benefit the Local Communi...

Deadline: 03/12/18
LOI Date: 12/08/17

Grants to Berkeley, California nonprofits, schools, and government agencies to collaborate with university departments, staff, and student organizations on projects that benefit the local community. Pre-applications are due December 8. Program areas... GrantWatch ID#: 162979

Awards to New Mexico Youth for Excellence in Performing a Piano or String Instrument Concerto

Deadline: 12/08/17

Awards to recognize New Mexico youth for outstanding performances of piano or string instrument concertos. Applicants must be between 13 and 18 years old. Applicants must choose one movement from an approved repertoire list to present. Cash awards ... GrantWatch ID#: 177272

Awards to USA and Canada Schools, Teachers, Students, Companies and Community Leaders for Environmental Preserva...

Deadline: 12/10/17

Awards of $10,000 to USA, Territories, and Canada schools, teachers, students, youth groups, companies, and community leaders for exceptional work in preserving the environment. Nominees should be working at a fundamental, grassroots level. Applican... GrantWatch ID#: 171376

Grants to Southwest USA Nonprofits and Individuals in Multiple States for Oral History Projects

Deadline: 12/10/17

Grants totaling up to $1,500 to Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, and California nonprofit organizations, museums, and historical societies, as well as individual students, teachers, and researchers for oral history projects focusing on the Southwest. Fu... GrantWatch ID#: 176801

Awards to USA Undergraduate Juniors and Seniors for Excellence in Essay Writing on the Theme of Ethics

Deadline: 12/11/17

Awards ranging from $500 to $5,000 to USA undergraduate juniors and seniors at accredited four-year colleges and universities for excellence in essay writing on the theme of ethics. Essay topics may be about anything that explores an ethical proble... GrantWatch ID#: 177575

Awards to USA Student Teams (Grades 6-12) for STEM Projects that Address Environmental Issues

Deadline: 12/11/17

Prizes of $10,000, $15,000, and $30,000 to USA teams of students in grades 6 through 12 for submitting winning projects that offer creative solutions to environmental concerns in the areas of land and water, and air and climate. Topics can address t... GrantWatch ID#: 182107


Grants to USA Veterinarians, Veterinary Students, and Post-Doctoral Fellows for Research Related to Shelter and ...

Deadline: 12/11/17

Grants of up to $25,000 to USA practicing and faculty veterinarians, veterinary students, and post-doctoral fellows for research on free-roaming and shelter cats, with an emphasis on conditions and diseases that affect them. The goal of the funding ... GrantWatch ID#: 182475

Awards to USA Student Teams that Apply STEM Lessons to Solve Real Community Problems

Deadline: 02/28/18
LOI Date: 12/13/17

Awards of up to $5,000 to USA and Territories teams of three to four sixth through ninth grade students for projects that use science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) to solve real problems in their communities. Through this program... GrantWatch ID#: 164406


Award to a USA Scholastic Journalism Teacher, Advisor, or Group to Recognize Commitment to Cultural Awareness an...

Deadline: 12/15/17

Award to a USA scholastic journalism teacher, student, media advisor, or scholastic journalism group with a demonstrated commitment to cultural awareness and encouraging a multicultural approach with their student media staff, media production, and/... GrantWatch ID#: 159744

Scholarships to USA Women to Enroll in Career Advancing Degrees and Certification Programs

Deadline: 12/15/17

Scholarships ranging from $2,000 to $12,000 to USA women who are pursuing degrees and courses of study required for professional advancement or employment opportunities. This program is intended for women who are reentering the workforce, seeking to... GrantWatch ID#: 175119

Grants to USA, Canada, and Mexico Individuals to Advance Knowledge of Organic Agriculture

Deadline: 12/15/17

Grants of up to $20,000 to USA, Canada, and Mexico individuals to conduct research related to organic agriculture and food systems. Projects must involve ranchers or farmers in the design and implementation of the project. Research must take place o... GrantWatch ID#: 177459


Prize to USA, Canada, and International University Student Teams for Groundbreaking Energy Innovations

Deadline: 12/23/17

Prize to USA, Canada, and International teams of college and university students for innovative ideas to harness energy in new ways. Eligible ideas are those that strive to transform the lives of large numbers of people and change the world. Teams m... GrantWatch ID#: 163667


Scholarships to Texas Students to Attend Undergraduate Programs at Public IHEs

Deadline: 12/31/17

Scholarships to Texas students who are planning to attend undergraduate programs and public colleges and universities within the state. This program encourages families to save for their children’s college education by offering tuition grants and ... GrantWatch ID#: 166721


Grants to Virginia Surgical Residents to Participate in Programs that Deliver Surgical Care to Under-Developed C...

Deadline: 12/31/17

Grants to Virginia individual surgical residents for volunteer opportunities to practice in underdeveloped countries. Funding is intended to help cover travel expenses for residents interested in participating in humanitarian programs that deliver s... GrantWatch ID#: 176600

Scholarship to a USA, Canada, or International High School or College Graduate with Autism to Reduce Educational ...

Deadline: 12/31/17

Scholarship of $5,000 to a USA, Canada, or International high school or college graduate with autism to help reduce the cost of education. Funding is intended to nurture the next generation of students with autism. Applicants may apply online by... GrantWatch ID#: 181800

Scholarships to Greater Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Teens to Participate in an Approved Trip to Israel

Deadline: 05/04/18
Conference Date: 01/04/18

Scholarships of up to $1,750 to Greater Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania teens to participate in an approved trip to Israel. Applicants must attend a group interview on one of the following dates: January 4, February 11, March 21, or April 3, 2018. Trips mu... GrantWatch ID#: 178711


Fellowships and Scholarships to Canada Students Pursuing PhDs in the Humanities and Social Sciences

Deadline: 01/09/18

Fellowships of $20,000 per year and scholarships of $35,000 per year to Canada students pursuing doctoral degrees in the social sciences and humanities disciplines. This purpose of this program is to help PhD students develop research skills and to ... GrantWatch ID#: 175208


Scholarships to USA College Students and College Graduates to Attend a University or Participate in a Long-Term P...

Deadline: 01/10/18

Scholarships to USA college students and post-college young adults to study at a university or attend a long-term program in Israel. Funds will be awarded to a limited number of young adults who plan to study at an eligible Israeli university or att... GrantWatch ID#: 176540


Awards to New Mexico Individuals and Organizations for Contributions to the Field of History

Deadline: 01/15/18

Awards to New Mexico students, authors, avocational and professional historians, and organizations to recognize outstanding contributions to the discipline of history. Nominations will be considered across a range of categories for exemplary contrib... GrantWatch ID#: 178095


Grants to Amenia, New York Students, Teachers, Community Members, and Nonprofits for Educational Enrichment Prog...

Deadline: 01/20/18

Grants ranging from $500 to $1,000 to Amenia, New York students, teachers, administrators, community members, and community nonprofit organizations in the eligible school district for projects that enrich the educational experiences of teachers and ... GrantWatch ID#: 139337


Grants to Lanesborough, Massachusetts Nonprofits and Individuals for Projects that will Benefit Elementary School...

Deadline: 01/20/18

Grants generally ranging from $100 to $1,000 to Lanesborough, Massachusetts nonprofit organizations and individuals for projects that will benefit elementary school students. Students, teachers, school staff, parents, and community members are encou... GrantWatch ID#: 177061


Grants to North Dakota Individuals with Vision Impairment forEducation, Equipment, Skills Training, and Personal...

Deadline: 01/26/18

Grants of up to $500 to North Dakota individuals with vision impairment, both children and adults, to help cover their educational expenses. For children (ages infant through 12th grade) funding is intended for personal needs, equipment, daily livin... GrantWatch ID#: 177688


Scholarships to Philadelphia Area, Pennsylvania Jewish Youth and Teachers to Attend Religious Programs in Israel

Deadline: 01/30/18

Scholarships to Greater Philadelphia Area, Pennsylvania high school students, college students, young adults, and teachers in Jewish settings to attend educational programs in Israel. Qualifying individuals have been accepted to an Orthodox yeshiva ... GrantWatch ID#: 177091

Grants to USA Individuals and Students for Research on the Historical Use of Herbs

Deadline: 01/31/18

Grants of up to $5,000 to USA individuals and students for research pertaining to the historical use of herbs in a scientific, horticultural, or social context. Funding is intended to support short-term, small, self-contained research projects. For ... GrantWatch ID#: 159652


Scholarships to New Mexico Students Majoring in Education for Math and Science Unit Development

Deadline: 02/05/18

Scholarships to New Mexico students majoring in education to design and develop a math or science resource unit plan that is relevant to NASA’s mission. Pre-service teachers will use the unit during their student teaching semester. In-service teac... GrantWatch ID#: 182282


Prizes to Arkansas Postsecondary Students for Participating in a Business Plan Competition

Deadline: 02/25/18
LOI Date: 02/16/18

Prizes to Arkansas undergraduate and graduate student teams for participating in a statewide entrepreneurial competition. Applicants must submit an intent to compete by February 16. Teams may be composed of students representing any degree track. T... GrantWatch ID#: 176949


Scholarships to USA High School Students to Travel to Israel on a Summer Program

Deadline: 02/26/18

Scholarships ranging from $750 to $1,000 to USA teens to participate in the funding source's trip to Israel. The funding source's mission is to share the experience of Israel with as many Jewish teens as possible through teen scholarships for trave... GrantWatch ID#: 162454

Fellowships for Israel Students for Master's Degree Studies in a USA Institution of Higher Education

Deadline: 03/01/18

Fellowships to Israel students who plan to begin a master’s degree at a USA university during the upcoming academic year. The purpose of this program is to promote cultural understanding between Israel and the USA. Consideration will be given to s... GrantWatch ID#: 167782

Grants to Itasca County Area, Minnesota High School Students and Graduates to Pursue College or Other Training Pr...

Deadline: 03/01/18

Grants ranging from $1,000 to $4,500 to Itasca County area, Minnesota high school students and high school graduates under 25 years old who plan to pursue colleges, universities, certificate programs, or community technical or tribal colleges anywhe... GrantWatch ID#: 182388


Grants to Hawaii Students for Hawaii and Pacific Region Natural History Research

Deadline: 04/01/18

Grants of up to $500 to Hawaii students for research projects investigating the natural history of Hawaii or the Pacific region. Special consideration will be given to proposals requesting funding to study the dryland forests or aeolian systems of H... GrantWatch ID#: 179903

Scholarships to Baltimore, Maryland Jewish Youth to Subsidize Educational Trips to Israel

Deadline: 04/10/18

Scholarships of up to $2,000 to Baltimore and Baltimore County, Maryland Jewish high school or one-year post-high school students to subsidize educational trips to Israel. Applicants must demonstrate financial need. Funding may be used for class tri... GrantWatch ID#: 178709

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