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Research Grants: 

Research grants encompassing life sciences, social science, medical research, agriculture research, STEM literacy research and more. Grants to USA and international academic and medical research institutions.   204 Research & Evaluation Grants.

Grants to USA Nonprofits for Programs, Research, and Services to Assist the Elderly

Deadline: 02/01/17

Grants to USA nonprofit organizations and IHEs for programs and services that assist the elderly. An optional letter of inquiry is due by December 1, 2016. Funding is intended for the areas of research, advocacy, improving services, and professional... GrantWatch ID#: 175798

Grants to USA Nonprofits, Agencies, Libraries, and Schools to Enhance Practices in the Library and Archive Fields

Deadline: 06/09/17
LOI Date: 02/01/17

Grants to USA and territories nonprofits, agencies, libraries, and schools for projects that will address challenges, and advance practices, within the library and archive fields. Information sessions will take place December 15th and January 9th. L... GrantWatch ID#: 147018

Grants to USA Nonprofits, Agencies, Libraries, and Schools to Enhance Libraries Through Employees' Education

Deadline: 06/09/17
LOI Date: 02/01/17

Grants to USA and territories nonprofits, agencies, libraries, and schools to enhance libraries through graduate education, professional development, and continuing education for employees. Information conferences will be held December 15 and Januar... GrantWatch ID#: 162207

Grants to USA Nonprofits, IHEs, and Businesses for Research Projects that Address Best Practices of Maryland Wate...

Deadline: 02/20/17

Grants to USA nonprofits, IHEs, and businesses for research projects that aim to answer questions on the most effective methods of watershed restoration in Maryland. An informational session will be held on December 15, 2017. Organizations do not ha... GrantWatch ID#: 178041

Grants and Coaching to USA College and University Student Teams to Bring STEM Innovations to Market

Deadline: 01/25/17

Grants of up to $25,000 to USA university or college-based student teams to support the development and marketing of STEM innovations that address important problems in the world. This program provides early-stage funding, coaching, training, and wo... GrantWatch ID#: 177836

Grants to Arkansas Nonprofits, Agencies, and Property Owners to Restore Historic Sites

Deadline: 03/10/17
LOI Date: 01/27/17

Grants of up to $60,000 to Arkansas nonprofit organizations, government agencies, and property owners for the restoration of historically significant sites. An informational conference is scheduled for January 5. Optional letters of inquiry will be ... GrantWatch ID#: 177955

Grants to Washington, DC Nonprofits, For-Profits, Agencies, and IHEs to Develop Green Building Solutions

Deadline: 02/03/17

Grants to Washington, DC nonprofits, for-profits, government agencies, faith-based organizations, and IHEs for case studies that inform green building design and sustainable historic preservation projects. The goal of this program is to preserve his... GrantWatch ID#: 178987

Grants to Israel and China Technology Companies for Collaborative Research Projects

Deadline: 03/01/17

Grants to Israel and China technology companies to collaborate on the development of a new technological product, industrial process, or service. The first phase of the application is due January 15. Consideration will be given to proposals in all t... GrantWatch ID#: 177694

Grants to Rhode Island Nonprofits, IHEs, and Individuals for Small-Scale Humanities Projects

Deadline: 02/01/17

Grants of up to $2,000 to Rhode Island nonprofit organizations, educational institutions, and individuals for humanities research and projects. Applicants may submit an optional proposal draft by mid-month before the quarterly deadline. Funding is a... GrantWatch ID#: 176890

Grants to North Dakota, Wisconsin, and Minnesota Nonprofits, Agencies, and IHEs to Protect Natural Resources

Deadline: 01/27/17
LOI Date: 01/23/17
Conference Date: 01/25/17

Grants starting at $25,000 to North Dakota, Wisconsin, and Minnesota nonprofit organizations, government agencies, tribes, and IHEs for the protection and restoration of natural resources. Application drafts will be accepted for review through Janua... GrantWatch ID#: 177822

Grants to Maine Individuals and Companies for Projects That Will Contribute to Economic Growth

Deadline: 01/23/17

Grants of up to $5,000 to Maine individuals and companies for projects that will contribute to the state's economy. Funding is intended for entrepreneurial and research projects that have clear and defined outcomes. Economic benefit includes the cre... GrantWatch ID#: 176815

Grants to Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, DC Nonprofits to Assist Low-Income Individuals

Deadline: 01/24/17

Grants typically ranging from $10,000 to $50,000 to Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, DC nonprofit organizations to assist low-income youth and adults gain financial stability in the Washington, DC area. Funding is intended primarily for operation... GrantWatch ID#: 177109

Grant to a USA Nonprofit, For-Profit, or IHE to Operate an Anti-Gang Resource Center

Deadline: 01/25/17

Grant to a USA nonprofit organization, for-profit organization, or IHE to operate a resource center for the prevention and intervention of gang activities. The selected agency will provide technical assistance and training to anti-gang programs thro... GrantWatch ID#: 144043


Grants to Manitoba Professional Artists for Media-Based Expressive Art Projects

Deadline: 01/25/17

Grants of up to $7,500 and grants of up to $20,000 to Manitoba professional artists for support in media-related projects such as video, film, sound or audio art, and new media that are used for the artist's individual expression. Funding is divided... GrantWatch ID#: 178696


Grants to Missouri and Illinois Nonprofits and Agencies to Promote Student Success in Math and Science

Deadline: 02/28/17
Conference Date: 01/25/17

Grants averaging $40,000 to Missouri and Illinois nonprofits and government agencies, including schools, for programs that promote success in math and/or science education at the elementary, middle, or high school level. Conference calls will take ... GrantWatch ID#: 178171


Grants to New York Nonprofits and Agencies for Efforts to Reduce Gun Violence

Deadline: 02/22/17
Conference Date: 01/25/17

Grants to New York nonprofits, government agencies, and law enforcement agencies in eligible counties for initiatives to reduce gun violence. The conference is scheduled for January 25. Questions will be accepted through January 27. These funds are ... GrantWatch ID#: 178839

Grants to Kansas Nonprofits for Historic Preservation and Cultural Resources

Deadline: 02/23/17
LOI Date: 01/26/17

Grants of up to $3,500 to Kansas nonprofit organizations for the preservation and interpretation of cultural and historical resources. Application drafts are due by January 26. Applicants are encouraged to discuss project eligibility with funding so... GrantWatch ID#: 178533

Grants to Canada Nonprofits to Enhance Archival Access and Preserve Historic Documents

Deadline: 01/27/17

Grants to Canada nonprofit museums, historical organizations, libraries, and archives to improve archival capacities in order to preserve historical and heritage resources. The objectives of this program are to promote access to and increase awarene... GrantWatch ID#: 177613

Grants to Texas Nonprofits to Address Community and Civic Needs

Deadline: 01/27/17

Grants to Texas nonprofits that address human needs and benefit residents of East Texas. Preference will be given to organizations located in North East Texas. The Foundation focuses on programs that help people help themselves, specifically in the ... GrantWatch ID#: 177487

Grants to New Mexico Organizations and Individuals for the Inventory and Management of Urban Forests

Deadline: 01/27/17

Grants to New Mexico organizations and individuals to carry out urban and community forestry management activities throughout the State. Proposals are invited from applicants demonstrating advanced professional qualifications and expertise in the fi... GrantWatch ID#: 178572


Grants to Central Missouri Nonprofits, For-Profits, Agencies, and Individuals to Reduce Solid Waste

Deadline: 03/17/17
LOI Date: 02/10/17
Conference Date: 01/27/17

Grants of up to $5,000 to Central Missouri nonprofits, for-profits, government agencies, and individuals to reduce solid waste and expand markets for recycled materials. Applicants may attend the January 27 workshop, or schedule a consultation prior... GrantWatch ID#: 178942

Scholarships to Canada Graduate Students for Physiotherapy-Related Studies and Research Projects

Deadline: 01/29/17

Scholarships of up to $4,000 to Canada graduate students who are enrolled in a PhD or Masters program in physiotherapy. Priority is given to blind individuals. Eligible applicants are those who are involved in a research project that is required for... GrantWatch ID#: 178676

Grants to Canada Aboriginal Individuals and Arts Organizations to Support Travel for Arts Collaborations

Deadline: 01/31/17

Grants of up to $3,000 to Aboriginal individual artists and arts organizations for travel and accommodation costs for the purposes of national or international travel to collaborate on an artistic project. Funding can also be used to travel to resea... GrantWatch ID#: 163974

Grants to USA, Canada, and International PhD Candidates for Social Sciences Dissertations

Deadline: 01/31/17

Grants of $7,500 to USA, Canada, and International PhD candidates for research addressing social policy on a local or global scale. Applications will be considered according to merit and evaluated according to project feasibility, quality of methodo... GrantWatch ID#: 174679

Grants to USA, Canada, and International Individuals for Film Study Research Projects

Deadline: 01/31/17

Grants of $25,000 to USA, Canada, and International recognized individuals for projects that explore new aspects of film and the film industry. Priority will go to projects that address underrepresented topics within the field. Projects should inves... GrantWatch ID#: 177172

Grants to USA Scholars for Innovative Research Projects Addressing Retirement Income Issues

Deadline: 01/31/17

Grants of $45,000 to USA junior scholars who are within the first ten years of completing their Ph.D. or equivalent professional certification, and to senior scholars who are working in a new area, to conduct innovative research projects that are re... GrantWatch ID#: 177626

Grants to Massachusetts School Districts and IHEs for Teachers' STEM Professional Development

Deadline: 01/31/17

Grants averaging $2,300 per participating teacher to Massachusetts high-needs school districts and IHE departments for collaborative projects to enhance science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) education for grade school students. Funding w... GrantWatch ID#: 178161

Grants to USA Nonprofits and Institutions for Research that Leads to Improved Safety in the Mining Industry

Deadline: 01/31/17

Grants to USA nonprofit organizations and academic institutions for research projects that lead to positive changes and improvements in the health and safety of workers, operators, and policymakers in the mining industry. Funded projects will fall ... GrantWatch ID#: 177479

Award to a USA Nonprofit or IHE for Training to Assist Children with Autism and Developmental Disabilities

Deadline: 01/31/17

Award to a USA nonprofit organizations or IHE to operate a resource center focused on improving the health and wellbeing of children and youth who have, or are at risk for developing, autism spectrum disorders and developmental disabilities (ASD/DD)... GrantWatch ID#: 178032

Grants to Fairbanks Area, Alaska Nonprofits for Health, Basic Needs, Disaster Relief, and Self-Sufficiency

Deadline: 01/31/17

Grants of up to $15,000 to Fairbanks Area, Alaska nonprofit organizations for programs and projects that benefit communities within the funding source’s service area. Eligible requests may involve community services, quality of life, health, educa... GrantWatch ID#: 177080

Grants to Ohio Nonprofits, Government Units, and Faith-Based Organizations for Community Benefit and Research Ac...

Deadline: 03/15/17
LOI Date: 01/31/17

Grants to Ohio nonprofit organizations, government units, and faith-based organizations for a range of community benefit and research activities. A request summary is due January 31, 2017. Focus areas include education, art, culture and humanities, ... GrantWatch ID#: 178309

Grants to Hawaii Nonprofits for Education, Research, Religion, and Services to the Needy

Deadline: 01/31/17

Grants to Hawaii nonprofit organizations, agencies, and educational institutions for programming and capital support. Initiatives may be in the focus areas of religion, charitable services, science, education, and humanities. Proposals should addres... GrantWatch ID#: 177083


Grants to USA Nonprofits, Agencies, and Schools for Natural Resources Stewardship Projects

Deadline: 01/31/17

Grants ranging from $20,000 to $50,000 to USA, Puerto Rico, and Virgin Islands nonprofit organizations, government agencies, tribes, and educational institutions to involve communities in the protection of natural resources and wildlife habitat. Pro... GrantWatch ID#: 167420


Grants to Montana Individuals for Activities that Promote Appreciation for Indigenous Plants

Deadline: 01/31/17

Grants of up to $1,500 to Montana individuals for research projects, educational activities, or conservation programs that promote the conservation of, and appreciation for, plants that are indigenous to the State. Preference will be given to propo... GrantWatch ID#: 177727


Grants to USA Mathematics Scholars for Travel Related to Collaborative Research

Deadline: 01/31/17

Grants of $8,400 per year to USA PhDs affiliated with higher education institution for joint research in the field of mathematics. This grant is intended to support travel and associated costs to foster collaborative work between mathematics scholar... GrantWatch ID#: 178953

Grants to USA Graduate Students for Research on Disabilities and Employment

Deadline: 03/02/17
Conference Date: 01/31/17

Grants providing a $10,000 stipend to USA graduate students for independent research addressing disabilities and employment. Informational webinars are scheduled for January 31 and February 8. Recipients will conduct supervised research aimed to add... GrantWatch ID#: 178363

Grants to USA and Canada Nonprofits and Individuals to Benefit Those with Spinal Cord Injury and Disease

Deadline: 02/01/17

Grants of up to $50,000 to USA and Canada health care providers and organizations, members of academic institutions, and consumer advocates and organizations for projects designed to improve the quality of life for individuals with Spinal Cord Injur... GrantWatch ID#: 176906

Grants to Canada Nonprofits, IHEs, and Individuals for Humanities Outreach and Events

Deadline: 02/01/17

Grants of up to $50,000 to Canada nonprofit organizations, higher education institutions, and individuals for events and outreach projects related to the humanities. Institutional applicants may be required to obtain eligible status at least five bu... GrantWatch ID#: 177170

Grants to Western Nebraska and Eastern Wyoming Nonprofits to Promote the Health and Wellness of Residents

Deadline: 02/01/17

Grants to Western Nebraska and Eastern Wyoming nonprofit organizations and tax-exempt educational institutions for programs and projects that promote the physical and mental health and wellness of local residents. For the purposes of these grants, ... GrantWatch ID#: 177217

Grants to USA Individuals to Write Humanities Books for a General Public Audience

Deadline: 02/01/17

Grants of up to $50,400 to USA individual authors and scholars for the writing of books that promote a deep understanding of the humanities for a broad readership. Applicants are advised to register online at least two weeks prior to the deadline. T... GrantWatch ID#: 177811

Grants to Texas Nonprofits for Arts, Human Services, Youth, Education, and Medical Research

Deadline: 02/01/17

Grants ranging from $2,000 to $5,000 to Texas nonprofit organizations to benefit local communities in the areas of education, human services, medical research, arts, culture, humanities, and youth development. The Foundation gives preference to prog... GrantWatch ID#: 146881

Grants to Texas Nonprofits for Cancer-Related Medical Research

Deadline: 02/01/17

Grants ranging from $2,500 to $5,000 to Texas nonprofit organizations for cancer-related medical research. Funding will be awarded solely to nonprofit organizations for research projects that are directly related to seeking out a cure for cancer. Or... GrantWatch ID#: 146905

Grants to Central Illinois Nonprofits and Institutions for Healthcare and Medical Research

Deadline: 02/01/17

Grants to Central Illinois nonprofit organizations and educational institutions to improve health and healthcare delivery throughout the region. Funding may be requested for healthcare education and workforce development, the improvement of care del... GrantWatch ID#: 177193

Grants to Georgia and South Carolina Individuals and Organizations for Educational and Cultural Enrichment

Deadline: 02/01/17

Grants to Georgia and South Carolina individuals and organizations for programs that will enhance the lives of residents in eligible communities. Funding will be awarded to programs that seek to provide artistic, educational, scientific, literary, h... GrantWatch ID#: 177215

Grants to USA Courts, Agencies, IHEs, Nonprofits, For-Profits, and Individuals for Judicial Training

Deadline: 02/01/17

Grants of up to $30,000 to USA judicial courts, related court organizations, IHEs, nonprofits, individuals, government agencies, and corporations to develop and enhance curricula to meet the educational needs of their jurisdiction. Courts are invite... GrantWatch ID#: 175918

Grants to USA Courts, Nonprofits, For-Profits, IHEs, Agencies, and Individuals to Enhance the Court System

Deadline: 02/01/17

Grants to USA courts, related court organizations, IHEs, nonprofits, individuals, government agencies, and corporations for projects that enhance training and education related to courts and the justice system, as well as to improve justice administ... GrantWatch ID#: 175921

Grants to USA Nonprofits, For-Profits and Agencies to Improve the Integration of Healthcare Resources

Deadline: 02/01/17

Grants to USA nonprofits, for-profits, and government agencies for projects that improve healthcare outcomes through the development of patient-centered strategies. Eligible projects include workforce training, information dissemination, and evaluat... GrantWatch ID#: 176850

Grants to USA and Canada Scientists and Trainees for Travel Costs Associated with Biomedical Research

Deadline: 02/01/17

Grants of up to $15,000 to academic scientists or trainees at USA and Canada degree-granting institutions for travel funds associated with biomedical research. Trainees can be post-doctoral candidates or fellows. Grants are intended for domestic or... GrantWatch ID#: 176944

Grants to USA Judicial Courts for Expert Consultants to Address Problems Areas

Deadline: 02/01/17

Grants of up to $50,000 to USA state, local, and regional courts to retain expert consulting services in order to understand an issue, plan a response to the problem, and carry out required changed. Funding may be used for consultant fees, or travel... GrantWatch ID#: 178299

Grants to USA Nonprofits, Agencies, and Organizations for Health Care Related Conferences and Meetings

Deadline: 02/01/17

Grants of up to $50,000 or higher to USA nonprofits, government agencies, private organizations, and public organizations to help support conferences and meetings related to the funding source's mission of helping people make informed health care de... GrantWatch ID#: 178599

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