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Grants for science education, technology, computer science, information science, engineering, human sciences, social, behavioral and economic sciences.   156 Science Grants.

Awards to USA Schools for Creative Use of Cartons in a Gardening Project

Deadline: 04/12/17

Awards to USA PreK-12 public, private and charter schools for creative use of milk and juice cartons to build or improve their school garden. Potential applicants are invited to participate in the Carton 2 Garden webinar on January 11, 2017. Car... GrantWatch ID#: 178027

Grants to Israel and China Technology Companies for Collaborative Research Projects

Deadline: 03/01/17

Grants to Israel and China technology companies to collaborate on the development of a new technological product, industrial process, or service. The first phase of the application is due January 15. Consideration will be given to proposals in all t... GrantWatch ID#: 177694

Grants to Missouri and Illinois Nonprofits and Agencies to Promote Student Success in Math and Science

Deadline: 02/28/17

Grants averaging $40,000 to Missouri and Illinois nonprofits and government agencies, including schools, for programs that promote success in math and/or science education at the elementary, middle, or high school level. Conference calls will take ... GrantWatch ID#: 178171

Grants to Michigan Education Agencies, Churches, and Community Groups for Academic Enrichment Programs

Deadline: 02/22/17

Grants starting at $50,000 to Michigan education agencies, community organizations, faith-based organizations, and public or private agencies for programs that will enhance education for students outside of regular academics. LOIs are due February 1... GrantWatch ID#: 141711

Grants to Colorado Nonprofits, For-Profits, IHEs, and Agencies to Expand the Recycled Tire Product Market

Deadline: 02/28/17

Grants of up to $50,000 to Colorado nonprofit organizations, government agencies, IHEs, and for-profit companies to develop the market for reused tire products. Questions may be submitted through February 1. Requests may be for innovative projects t... GrantWatch ID#: 177818

Grants to Montana Nonprofits, For-Profits, IHEs, and Agencies to Improve Agricultural Markets

Deadline: 02/22/17

Grants starting at $30,000 to Montana nonprofits, for-profits, IHEs, and government agencies to improve markets for specialty crops produced in the state. A technical assistance session is scheduled for February 1. A question and answer session is s... GrantWatch ID#: 178446

Grants to Mecklenburg County, North Carolina Individuals and Nonprofits for Arts, Science, and History Projects

Deadline: 05/26/17
LOI Date: 03/03/17
Conference Date: 02/01/17

Grants of up to $10,000 to Mecklenburg County, North Carolina nonprofit organizations and individual residents for arts, science, history, and/or heritage projects. LOIs are due by March 3 and applicants must meet with the Program Director during t... GrantWatch ID#: 179852

Grants to USA and Territories Organizations for Team Research on Youth and Community Health

Deadline: 03/08/17

Grants to USA and territories teams of mid-career researchers and community members to produce community-based research that improves public health and well-being. A webinar will take place February 2, 2017. Applications must be submitted by organi... GrantWatch ID#: 179183

Grants to New Jersey Employers for Workforce Training Programs

Deadline: 02/22/17
LOI Date: 02/08/17

Grants to New Jersey employers to invest in growing a skilled workforce through training programs. LOIs are due February 8. Priority will be given to employers in the following industries: health care, advanced manufacturing, financial services, con... GrantWatch ID#: 179164

Grants to New Hampshire Nonprofits, Schools, and School Districts for Youth Arts and Cultural Programs

Deadline: 04/14/17
Conference Date: 02/10/17

Grants ranging from $1,000 to $4,500 to New Hampshire nonprofit organizations, schools, and school districts to provide youth with quality arts and cultural programming. An informational workshop is scheduled for February 10. Applicants may submit ... GrantWatch ID#: 179328

Grants to Utah Nonprofits for Arts, Community Development, Health, Families, and Animal Welfare

Deadline: 03/30/17
Conference Date: 02/13/17

Grants of $1,250, $2,500, and $5,000 and additional fundraising opportunities to Utah nonprofit organizations providing services in a broad range of areas. Training sessions are scheduled for February 13 and 28. Organizations are currently invited t... GrantWatch ID#: 179384

Grants to USA and Territories Agencies and Nonprofits for Research on Public Health and Well-Being

Deadline: 06/16/17
LOI Date: 03/10/17

Grants to USA and territories agencies and nonprofits to conduct research on public and private-sector policies that affect community health, well-being, and equity. A brief proposal is due March 10, 2017, and an informational webinar will be held o... GrantWatch ID#: 179185

Grants to USA and Territories Doctoral Students for Public Health Policy Research

Deadline: 03/29/17
Conference Date: 02/16/17

Grants of $30,000 per year to USA and territories doctoral students from underrepresented populations and disadvantaged backgrounds to learn to use research to influence health policy and improve public health. Students may apply from any academic d... GrantWatch ID#: 179179

Grants to USA School Districts in Eligible Counties for Math and Science Education Programs

Deadline: 04/01/17

Grants of $10,000 and $25,000 to USA public K-12 school districts in eligible rural counties for new and existing math and science programs. Applicants must be nominated by local farmers to participate. Information sessions will be held on February ... GrantWatch ID#: 178842

Awards to USA Teachers for Excellence in Science and Mathematics Education

Deadline: 05/01/17
LOI Date: 04/01/17
Conference Date: 02/21/17

Awards of $10,000 to USA and territories teachers to recognize outstanding contributions to mathematics and science (including computer science) education. Webinars are scheduled for February 21, March 2, March 15, March 28, April 4, April 12, April... GrantWatch ID#: 180026

Grants to USA, Canada, and International Individuals and Teams for the Innovative Use of Technology in Art

Deadline: 02/22/17

Grants of up to $50,000 and in-kind support to USA, Canada, and International individuals and teams for projects that use emerging technology for artistic purposes. This program supports innovative new projects and offers the input of experts in a r... GrantWatch ID#: 178320

Grants to USA Academic Institutions and Pharmaceutical Firms for Research Leading to the Early Detection of Pancr...

Deadline: 02/22/17

Grants to USA academic institutions and for-profit biotechnology and pharmaceutical firms for innovative research projects that lead to the early detection of pancreatic cancer. Funding is specifically intended to support research projects that ind... GrantWatch ID#: 179077

Grants to Olathe, Kansas Public School Teachers for Before and After School Learning Programs

Deadline: 02/23/17

Grants of up to $2,500 per classroom and up to $5,000 for building-level programs to Olathe, Kansas public school staff members and teachers for extracurricular academic enrichment programs in math, science, reading, writing and social studies. Fund... GrantWatch ID#: 177641

Awards to USA, Canada, and International Students for Compelling Videos on the Effects of Population Growth

Deadline: 02/23/17

Awards ranging from $250 to $1,000 to USA, Canada, and International students in grades 6 - 12, for short videos that demonstrate environmental or medical issues caused by population growth. Videos must focus on one of the following three global iss... GrantWatch ID#: 177778

Grants to Multiple USA States Nonprofits, Individuals, Agencies, and IHEs to Protect Marine Resources

Deadline: 02/23/17

Grants of up to $15,000 to Hawaii, Guam, American Samoa, and Northern Mariana Islands nonprofit organizations, IHEs, individuals, commercial organizations, government agencies, and tribal governments to address fishing and marine resources throughou... GrantWatch ID#: 178410

Grants to North Carolina, California, and Oklahoma K-12 Schools to Enhance Education and Infrastructure

Deadline: 05/11/17
Conference Date: 02/23/17

Grants ranging from $20,000 to $75,000 to North Carolina, California, and Oklahoma K-12 public schools in eligible districts to enhance education. Informational conference calls are scheduled for February 23; March 1, 16, 21, and 29; April 6, 12, 18... GrantWatch ID#: 179043

Fellowships to USA and Territories Individuals for Professional Development in Aging and Health Care Policy

Deadline: 04/17/17
Conference Date: 02/23/17

Fellowships to USA and territories professionals in health and aging that consist of ongoing mentorship, professional training, network building, and policy work. Information sessions will be held February 23, March 10 and 23, and April 3, 2017. Th... GrantWatch ID#: 179606

Grants to USA Teachers in Multiple States for STEM and Classroom Projects to Inspire Student Learning

Deadline: 02/24/17

Grants ranging from $100 to $500 to USA individual teachers in multiple states for projects that will increase student success and achievement. Teachers in Arkansas, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Ohio, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia ... GrantWatch ID#: 173167

Fellowships to Alaska Graduate Students and Graduates for Ocean Resource Management

Deadline: 02/24/17

Fellowships to Alaska graduate students and graduates for job experience in planning and implementing marine resource programs and policies. Funding is intended for highly motivated individuals committed to keeping Alaska's marine resources healthy.... GrantWatch ID#: 177363

Grants to Mecklenburg County, North Carolina Nonprofits for Health Programs

Deadline: 02/24/17

Grants to Mecklenburg County, North Carolina nonprofit organizations for programs that aim to improve the health of community members. Eligible health-related programs are those that are either scientific, charitable, or address the educational need... GrantWatch ID#: 177861

Grants to USA IHEs to Sponsor Doctoral Students for Research on Crime, Violence, and Justice

Deadline: 02/24/17

Grants of up to $45,000 to USA colleges and universities to support doctoral research addressing criminal-justice, violence, and crime. Higher education institutions may request funding to sponsor dissertation research carried out in a topic related... GrantWatch ID#: 178154

Grants to Maine IHE Staff and Faculty for Coastal Ecosystem Research and Community Resiliency

Deadline: 06/05/17
LOI Date: 02/24/17

Grants to Maine IHE staff and faculty members for environmental research and projects addressing marine and coastal ecosystems. Preliminary proposals are due February 24. Priority areas include coastal ecosystem health, coastal community resiliency,... GrantWatch ID#: 178816

Grants to Rutherford County, Tennessee Public School Teachers for Innovative Educational Projects

Deadline: 02/24/17

Grants of up to $500 to Rutherford County, Tennessee public school teachers for innovative educational projects and activities that teach concepts beyond the basic curriculum. Funding is intended to provide teachers with resources to creatively teac... GrantWatch ID#: 178964

Grants to Montcalm County, Michigan Nonprofits and Greenville Public Schools to Enhance Education

Deadline: 02/24/17

Grants to Montcalm County, Michigan nonprofit organizations as well as public schools (only in the Greenville Public School District) for youth-serving programs with a strong educational component. Funding is available for programs, projects, as wel... GrantWatch ID#: 179849

Grants to USA Government Agencies for Research to Improve Forensic Laboratory Protocols

Deadline: 02/27/17

Grants to USA and territories governmental forensic science laboratories for research projects to improve laboratory policies and protocols. Consideration will be given to proposals with the potential to enhance the interpretation and examination of... GrantWatch ID#: 169947

Awards to USA, Canada, and International Individuals to Recognize Achievements in the Conservation of Animal Speci...

Deadline: 02/28/17

Awards to USA, Canada, and International individuals who have greatly achieved in the area of animal species or group of species conservation. Nominees must show proof of a success or a series of successes that have resulted in a positive impact on ... GrantWatch ID#: 176761

Grants to USA Nonprofits, For-Profits, IHEs, Agencies, and Individuals for Forensic Sciences Research

Deadline: 02/28/17

Grants to USA and territories nonprofit organizations, for-profits, government agencies, IHEs, tribal governments, and individuals for research and development projects related to forensic science. Qualifying proposals include both basic and applied... GrantWatch ID#: 177785

Grants to Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware Nonprofits, Schools, and Individuals for Environmental Programs

Deadline: 02/28/17

Grant of up to $2,000 to Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware nonprofits, schools, residents and youth groups in the Greater Philadelphia area for projects that protect, restore and enhance the environment. Priority will be given to projects invol... GrantWatch ID#: 177957

Grants to Central Arizona K-12 Educators for Innovative Math and Science Classroom Projects

Deadline: 02/28/17

Grants of up to $5,000 to Central Arizona educators for innovative projects and programs geared toward state-mandated competencies. Funds can be used to support creative teaching strategies that enhance student performance objectives in science and ... GrantWatch ID#: 178216

Grants to Hawaii Nonprofits, For-Profits, IHEs, Agencies, and IHEs to Protect Native Seal Populations

Deadline: 02/28/17

Grants ranging of up to $40,000 Hawaii nonprofit organizations, individuals, IHEs, for-profit commercial organizations, and government agencies for the conservation and protection of seal monk populations. Program objectives include the following: d... GrantWatch ID#: 178288

Grant to a Rhode Island College Student, Educator, or Environmental Association Member for Projects on Wild Plan...

Deadline: 02/28/17

Grant of up to $1,000 to a Rhode Island individual for projects relating to the study of wild plants and their habitats. Funding is intended for workshops, project materials, or courses that will contribute to the project's success. College students... GrantWatch ID#: 178420

Grants to USA, Canada, and International Primary and Secondary Schools for Science and Additive Education

Deadline: 04/07/17
LOI Date: 02/28/17

Grants to USA, Canada, and International primary and secondary schools for curriculum and materials to support STEM and STEAM programs that educate youth on the value of Additive manufacturing. Applicants must submit an introductory application by F... GrantWatch ID#: 178783

Grants to USA, Canada, and International IHEs for Additive Program Development

Deadline: 04/30/17
LOI Date: 02/28/17

Grants to USA, Canada, and International IHEs to subsidize the purchase of metal additive machines. Applicants must first submit an introductory application by February 28, 2017. Funding is intended to promote the education and awareness of Additive... GrantWatch ID#: 178784

Grants to Dane County, Wisconsin Youth-Serving Groups and Individuals to Benefit Children (Ages Birth to Seventee...

Deadline: 02/28/17

Grants of up to $1,000 to Dane County, Wisconsin youth-serving groups for a wide range of programs and projects that benefit children, ages birth through seventeen years old. Funding will also be provided to benefit individuals, ages seventeen and ... GrantWatch ID#: 179154

Grants to Nevada IHE Faculty Members to Improve STEM Learning Opportunities

Deadline: 02/28/17

Grants of up to $43,030 to Nevada IHE faculty members to enhance STEM curricula and provide hands-on opportunities for students to engage with STEM disciplines. This program places emphasis on student participation, partnerships between other projec... GrantWatch ID#: 179580

Grants to USA Organizations in Multiple States for Environmental Stewardship in the Delaware River Watershed

Deadline: 03/31/17
LOI Date: 02/28/17

Grants to Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, and New York organizations for a broad range of projects that protect the Delaware River watershed. Initial inquiries are due by February 28. Funding may be requested for research, science, and... GrantWatch ID#: 179721

Grants to North Dakota K-12 Schools, Career Centers, and REAs for the Integration and Innovation of STEM Program...

Deadline: 03/01/17

Grants of up to $15,000 to North Dakota K-12 schools, career and technology centers, and REAs to integrate and innovate STEM methodology into new and existing educational programming. Funding is intended to encourage business and industry partners t... GrantWatch ID#: 160916

Grant to a USA or Canada Vascular Surgeon Scientist for Academic Career Development

Deadline: 03/01/17

One grant of $50,000 per year for up to three years to a USA or Canada vascular surgeon-scientist who is in the early stages of his or her career, and is dedicated to an academic career combining his/her clinical practice with original, innovative b... GrantWatch ID#: 165309

Scholarships to USA, Canada, and International Students Pursuing Earth Science Degrees

Deadline: 03/01/17

Scholarships ranging from $500 to $14,000 per academic year to USA, Canada, and International students to pursue geophysics and geosciences degrees. Applicants will be accepted from high school students planning to start in the fall, undergraduates,... GrantWatch ID#: 174411

Awards to USA Teachers of First through Fourth Grades for Classroom Lessons that Incorporate Children's Books

Deadline: 03/01/17

Awards to USA teachers of first through fourth grades for incorporating a children's book series into the classroom curriculum. The winning entries will be judged on how well the children's book series was used to teach subjects such as history, mat... GrantWatch ID#: 177747

Grants to USA, Canada, and International IHEs and Organizations for Massage Therapy Research

Deadline: 03/01/17

Grants ranging from $1,000 to $30,000 to USA, Canada, and International universities and research organizations on behalf of individual investigators for studies addressing massage therapy. Research may address the role of massage therapy in healthc... GrantWatch ID#: 178430

Grants to Vermont Nonprofits for Projects Related to Conservation, Renewable Energy, and Water Quality

Deadline: 03/01/17

Grants ranging from $5,000 to $30,000 to Vermont nonprofit organizations for environmental conservation projects and general operating support. Funding is intended to give nonprofits the resources needed to create positive and sustainable change for... GrantWatch ID#: 178569

Grants to North and South Carolina Nonprofits for Educational, Athletic, and Human Services Programs

Deadline: 03/01/17

Grants of up to $10,000 to North and South Carolina nonprofit arts, science, and civic organizations for programs and projects that address the educational, athletic, and human services needs of local community residents. Funding will be provided f... GrantWatch ID#: 178959

Awards to Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia K-8 Teachers for Outstanding Science Education

Deadline: 03/01/17

Awards of $1,000 to Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia K-8 teachers to recognize outstanding contributions to science education within the funding source’s service area. Nominations must be submitted well in advance of the deadline date. Nomina... GrantWatch ID#: 179014

Award to a Louisiana Teacher in Grades PreK-12 for Excellence in Educating Students about Agriculture

Deadline: 03/01/17

Award of $500 to a Louisiana preK-12 teacher for successfully incorporating national agricultural literacy themes into the classroom and across all curricula throughout the school year. The agricultural literacy themes contain content that pertains ... GrantWatch ID#: 179093

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