10 Small Business Grants for Women and Minority Entrepreneurs

In many ways, small business owners embody the spirit of American independence and determination. Don’t all Americans deserve an equal opportunity to pursue the American dream? It’s easy to say yes, and even mean it. However, new entrepreneurs still face so many challenges, starting out. And sadly, women and minority entrepreneurs frequently face even greater obstacles.

For this reason many foundations provide minority and women small business owners with entrepreneurial support and funding opportunities.
Today, GrantWatch features 10 grants dedicated to closing the gap for women and minority entrepreneurs. These grants range from accelerator and mentoring programs to funding for business expansion.

In conclusion, we hope you find the funding you need for your special project. And remember, our website has over 1800 grants listed under our PIBOC (black, indigenous, and other people of color) category. Happy Grant Hunting!

10 Grants for Women and Minority Business Owners

  1. Galaxy of Stars Grant: First, grants to women and minority entrepreneurs for business development. Funding supports starting or advancing business.
  2. Creative Capital x Skoll Creator Fund: In addition, Black, Asian, Latinx, and Indigenous individuals can apply for grants to create projects.
  3. Black Founder Startup Grant: Up to $10,000 in funding and support to Black women entrepreneurs. Funding promotes equal opportunities in business.
  4. Black Business Accelerator: Opportunities for Black business owners to participate in a business accelerator to help foster entrepreneurial growth.
  5. Awesome Without Borders Grant: Also, grants of $1,000 to women, minorities, and individuals for creative and innovative projects.
  6. Small Business Marketing Grant: BIPOC-owned small businesses can apply for grants to support capacity-building initiatives.
  7. Autistic People of Color Fund: Funding for autistic adults and youths of color to support individual needs.
  8. Juntos Crecemos Hispanic Digital and Delivery Program: Program gives Jefa-owned restaurants the resources they need to shine in the spotlight.
  9. BOSS Impact Fund – Invest in Progress Grant: Grants, in-kind support, and mentoring for Black female entrepreneurs.
  10. Giving Joy Grant: Grants and in-kind support for women entrepreneurs to enhance business or organizational development. Finally, funding supports the improvement, expansion, and strengthening of businesses that impact families, girls, and women throughout the world.

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