7 Strategies for Business Networking Success

Networking for your business is powerful! Why? Because networking works! Successful professionals have utilized face-to-face networking tools like seminars and social events to share ideas and make new connections for centuries. These days, the business world is quickly changing. Yellow phonebooks being tossed on your doorstep is a thing of the past. However, networking for your business remains an impactful way to ensure you and your business is thought of first. When an individual is in need of services or products that you specialize in, you want to be the first number they dial…and vice versa. In truth, Seventy-nine percent of professionals believe career success depends on networking.

Importance of Business Networking

Implementing a powerful networking plan for your business is a cost-effective tool to help grow your businesses. In our current global economy it is crucial to utilize in-person and virtual networking opportunities. In truth, it can be quite simple to position yourself as an expert in your field by providing useful information. And most credible, skilled professionals ooze helpful knowledge. The three P’s of networking are purpose, people, and process. Utilize our global economy to meet your goals. To illustrate: is your business looking to recruit more staff, entice new customers, or aggressively launch a new brand? Every networking plan should be uniquely tailored to suit your need. In reality, no matter your end goal, networking is a cost-effective and tried-and-true method to increase revenue and boost interest in your brand.

Networking for Business Success

It follows then, that your networking plan should begin with the discovery of your goal. After that, implement a sustainable plan. Use your networking tools as they present themselves, and employ both in-person and remote opportunities. After all, you don’t want to stretch yourself too thin. Leaning too much on one platform will only weaken your networking campaign. For example, when creating a networking plan do not make commitments you can not fulfill, this will only hurt your reputation. Low on time? Do not let the pressure of networking overwhelm you. Network with people through social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn. Virtual networking events, groups, and other online opportunities are the future.

7 Strategies for Business Networking

  1. Set Goals – If your goal is to introduce a new product, you know that leveraging your network is essential to generate widespread buzz. Demos, free giveaways, public venues, social media, referrals, feedback, and a trendy launch are key.
  2. Join a Local Networking Group – Utilize organizations like the Chamber of Commerce and other local networking groups. Involve yourself in your community for a face to face approach.
  3. Attend Industry Conferences – Seek out conferences that are niche to your industry you will make valuable connections. In particular, look for ways to offer your experience as as a speaker or an organizer.
  4. Build and Maintain a Social Media Presence – Your social media should be up to date and accurate with active engagements.
  5. Expand Your Knowledge – Ask questions. Listen, learn, and observe. In effect, be genuinely interested in the person you’re cultivating a relationship with.
  6. Offer Valuable Support – Networking is a two-way street. Successful networking includes opportunities where you can share your knowledge. Give valuable advice the will make an impact to those who follow it.
  7. Follow Up – In reality, networking isn’t a one-off thing. If you’re looking to build a strong network, building relationships is an on-going task.

Reputation Management Matters

Effective networking can occur face-to-face or online. In fact, however you interact with individuals and organizations your reputation will grow based on those encounters. Be in the mindset that you always are networking. Cultivate opportunities in your everyday life to meet new people. When you plan your networking goals you can connect with people you’ve known in a more effective way, revisit stale connections, and become a nurturer for your industry. When you are generally be helpful to others your reputation will organically blossom.

Grant Funding For Business

How can GrantWatch help you network? Often times, entrepreneurs have a great idea, yet they are left feeling isolated with no direction to facilitate their dreams. If this sounds like you, don’t fret. There is hope. Believe it or not, while you are networking you should consider asking new contacts if they know of business grants available. If nothing else, this is just one more subject to organically discuss with new connections to start a conversation. Often times all an idea needs is a skilled team and resources to turn into the next big thing. Many new entrepreneurs seek out a personal loan or business loan to get an idea off the ground, but those that that nurture relationships and use grants do not have the stress of paying back a loan while spending countless hours growing a new business.

How To Search For Business Grants

If networking is all about making connections, then GrantWatch has the perfect search tools. The best way to locate a grant that suits your needs is to start with the SMART Advanced Search Filter. This tool allows you to search by recipient type, location, category interests, funding source type, and deadline date. Furthermore, utilize grant categories like Capital FundingEntrepreneurs and Startups, BIPOC, and Veterans and Military for your business. Each grant process is different based on the grant funder. On the grant detail page, you will see eligibility requirements, the deadline, the application, and more. When you view the full grant details, scroll down the page until you see “Full Grant Text RFP” and click that link. It will take you to the funder’s website to apply for the grant.

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