A Chanukah Miracle: The Season of Giving

It’s that season again. It’s almost winter, the holiday season has started, and my favorite holiday is here. Starting at sunset on December 7th, for eight days, Jewish people worldwide will celebrate the miracles of Chanukah. The story of Chanukah is one of resilience, faith, and the endless struggle between good and evil. Even more than that, though, it’s a story of unity. The holiday season is one of family and friends, and whether you celebrate, we wish you a great holiday season and a happy New Year!

In the spirit of giving, we’re also going to share some fun grants just in time for the holidays!

The Story of Chanukah

Last year, we talked all about the story of Chanukah. You can follow the link for more information, but here’s a quick summary.

  1. The Greek Rule and Jewish Oppression: Chanukah begins with the conquest of Judea by the Hellenistic-Greek army led by Antiochus IV, following his father, Antiochus III. Initially, Jews were allowed to practice their religion, but later, under Antiochus IV, they were forced to abandon their faith and adopt Hellenistic customs. This period saw a significant oppression of Jewish traditions and a massacre in Jerusalem around 168 B.C.E​​.
  2. Jewish Resistance: A brave Jewish priest named Mattityahu led a revolt against the Hellenistic Greeks to defend Jewish traditions. He, along with his sons and a group of resistance fighters, engaged in guerrilla warfare from the Judean mountains. Despite the harsh conditions, they maintained their Jewish customs and Torah learning​​.
  3. The Miracle of the Menorah: After a series of battles, the Jewish fighters, known as the Maccabees, reclaimed Jerusalem and found the Holy Temple desecrated. With only a small jug of pure olive oil available, which was expected to last only a few hours, the Menorah was lit. Miraculously, this oil lasted for eight days, symbolizing hope and resilience.

Beyond the Story: The Miracle of The Aftermath

But beyond the details of the story itself. There’s a miracle not often discussed that I think is so relevant today. That miracle is the unity that followed the rededication of the temple. The reason that this is so powerful is because part of the reason the story came about was the divisions that existed. But the story ends with the Jewish people coming back together as a result of the Maccabees winning the war and regaining Jerusalem.

There’s an inherent lesson in this. And it’s this: we are better together. A universal lesson of how unity is the way to end division, and love and strength, the path towards ending hate. We live in a sometimes divided world, but this holiday season and celebration of Chanukah, let’s embrace something better. And on a personal note, that is my wish for the world this holiday season.

And now, in the spirit of giving and togetherness, the team at GrantWatch thought we’d share some of our favorite grants. These are specifically focused on benefiting the Jewish community in honor of Chanukah. But if there are any grants you’re looking for, feel free to reach out to our amazing customer service team!

Grants to Help Us Celebrate

  1. There are grants available to nonprofits for programs centering around Israel education for Jewish people.
  2. And there are also grants available to individuals and institutions for projects focusing on Jewish history.
  3. There are also grants available to nonprofits for general support and capital projects in the Jewish community.
  4. And there are grants available to nonprofits for educational activities related to the Holocaust.
  5. In addition, there are grants available to institutions for services that support Holocaust survivors.
  6. Grants to individuals and organizations for career advancement opportunities. Funding promotes professional development for Jewish educators.
  7. Awards of up to $10,000 to authors to recognize new outstanding manuscripts appropriate for children between the ages of 9 and 12. 
  8. Finally, grants to nonprofit organizations and synagogues to preserve and support Jewish institutions and Jewish culture.

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