The Giving Cupboard Awarded Critically Needed Assistance for Jefferson County

Residents of Jefferson County, Idaho are going to have access to critically important fresh fruits and vegetables thanks to a $5,000 grant that is being given to The Giving Cupboard, a choice food pantry that supplies food assistance to families in need in Jefferson County. The funds, which are being awarded by the Idaho Community Foundation will go towards the purchase of food coolers for The Giving Cupboards choice food pantry. This will help The Giving Cupboard to purchase and maintain fresh items that require refrigeration, like fruits, vegetables, eggs, and milk.    

At a time where food deserts are rampant, organizations like The Giving Cupboard provide a crucial service to families who might otherwise struggle with receiving adequate nutrition to their children. The Giving Cupboard is a 501c3 nonprofit with the mission to establish programs in Jefferson County, such as a choice food pantry, to alleviate hunger and hardship, increase self-sufficiency and instill hope for a better future. It is the only organization in the entirety of Jefferson County that received an ICF grant which Naomi Schilling the President of The Giving Cupboard says is remarkable. This points to the important mission that The Giving Cupboard is involved in, feeding those who are suffering sincere hardship. 

According to the news release put out by the Idaho Community Foundation, The Giving Cupboard is among 71 non-profits to receive an ICF grant. These other recipients of this grant are from areas in Bannock, Bear Lake, Bingham, Bonneville, Caribou, Custer, Franklin, Jefferson, Lemhi, Madison, and Oneida, as well as Power and Trenton Counties. 

Everyone cares about communities having access to proper nutrition and fresh fruits and vegetables which. We would all like access to these resources if ever in a dire situation, this is a area in which organizations like GrantWatch can help greatly. They aim to make sure to list several grants in categories aimed at helping communities thrive.

Authored by Lianne Hikind

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