Are You Eligible for Grants?

No matter how well-written your proposal may be, grant reviewers cannot approve funding for any application that fails to meet the eligibility criteria set out in the relevant grant guidelines. The eligibility criteria are different for each and every grant. However, you will most likely be asked to provide evidence that shows: 

  • your business’ annual turnover 
  • how long you’ve been running your business 
  • what problem you’re trying to solve 
  • project overview and costings 
  • why you need funding 
  • your customers or market 
  • as well as how your product or service helps meet a specific need. 
Where should you start?

Applications are easier to write if you collect your documented evidence first. It is usually mandatory to supply some documents. If you don’t have the required documented evidence available, consider how long it’ll take to gather them.

Additionally, you must ensure all documents are correct and completed before you submit them. Grant reviewers can only assess what you submit. For example, if there are errors or missing documents, they are unlikely to consider any requests for changes or additions. Since each grant application has specific criteria that you’ll need to address, avoid “cut-and-paste” information that doesn’t fit the criteria.

It’s important to read and understand the grant guidelines

You should learn as much as possible about the grant before you start an application to make sure you are eligible. The program guidelines will include all the information you need to apply. They’ll detail all the requirements you and your project will need to meet. Specifically, these may include whether you: 

  • are based in the right geographic area 
  • have a project meets the priorities for that particular round, as they often change 
  • can also deliver your project or program in the required time 
  • can manage and report on the funds you would receive 
  • meet both the applicant and the project or program requirements 
  • have suitable partnerships if required 
  • understand your obligations if you get the grant
  • your business or organisation is eligible to apply for the grant 

Remember, all applications are assessed against the eligibility requirements in the relevant grant guidelines. Any application that does not meet the eligibility requirements is automatically deemed ineligible.

After reading the guidelines you may still be unsure if you are eligible. If you are unsure, you can contact the funding source using the details supplied on the grant listing page. 

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