Chag Kosher V’Sameach Passover, a Blessed Easter, and Wishes for a Peaceful Ramadan

We want to wish the entire GrantWatch and GrantWriterTeam family a Happy and Healthy: Chag Kosher V’Sameach Passover, a Blessed Easter, and wishes for a peaceful Ramadan.

For the past two years our goal was “staying alive,” having a COVID-safe seder, masked Easter celebrations, very limited egg hunts and for most of the world, no grandparents present at these celebrations.

During this time of serious reflection, we planned for, “when COVID is over.” BC and AC took on a new meaning of time, before COVID and after COVID.

One minute we think it is over and make plans and then next we hear it isn’t. The TV newscasters have become white noise and people getting vaccinated have been replaced with the horrific images of Ukraine.

Even though we can’t actually say AC, with the threat from new variants, myself and my staff are venturing out, going to families in the neighborhood, and flying or driving to other locations. This holiday week, we are going to renew and breathe with a schedule of who is in and who is out, checking in for a part of the day, handling customer service remotely from Australia, Vegas, NJ, Rhode Island, Sarasota, Palm Beach, North Carolina, Israel, India, and Venezuela.

This image is a view from the plane, taken on a 6 am morning flight to avoid delays and cancellations, and still arrive at work by 9 am.

We have all realized that while isolation may have saved us it has also harmed us emotionally. I for one stayed away from my friends and family and imagined germs all around, modeling Monk in the old TV show.

The anxiety of leaving can overcome you or you can overcome it.

If you haven’t planned anything become a tourist in your own location. Blink and see everything with fresh eyes. Stick to your vitamin regimen, stretch regularly and exercise, get enough sleep, and continue your hand washing. Whatever you did right, keep on doing.

And most of all, hold on to your faith. We wish our friends happiness and good health as they celebrate Easter, Passover, Ramadan, Vaisakhi, Mahavir Jayanti, Tamil New Year, and those that just finished celebrating Holly.

Shed your anxiety knowing the things you can control and what is beyond your control. Have the wisdom to know the difference.

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