Families In Oklahoma Will Be Able To Apply For School Supply Funds

With everyone struggling all over the country, families are scrambling to cover costs that were a stretch even before the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic. With schools closed, finding appropriate childcare has been difficult and expensive, and working parents have had to make some really tough choices.

Bridge the Gap Digital Wallet Initiative is doing their part to relieve the finical stress. They will connect 5,000 low-income Oklahoma families to $1500 in school supply grants so that they can have the ability to cover the costs of those supplies ahead of the 2020-21 school year. Now families in the state of Oklahoma will be able to apply for funds to cover school supplies.

Oklahoma Education

Here’s how this will work: This initiative will reallocate 8 million from the Governor’s Emergency Education Relief (GEERF) which was set up to help residents who fall below the poverty line. Governor Kevin Stitt spoke on this initiative and awarding these grant funds:

Bridge the Gap puts the power in Oklahoma families’ hands to choose what materials are most necessary to make sure their students are academically successful. This could be buying new technology, accessing online curriculum, or buying books and supplies for learning at home. We’re proud to offer this program that provides parents with the flexibility they need in order to meet the needs of their individual students.”

The governor also said that the putting the ability in parent’s hands to properly purchase necessary items to help with student’s success is important, he said that the funds could be spent on new technology, accessing online curriculum, or buying books and supplies for learning at home. For students and their families, these funds could mean the difference between students actually being able to access virtual learning or be left out of the educational experience.

Families who are below the poverty line of $26,000 in Oklahoma will be given first priority.

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