Grants For Mom-And-Pop Businesses: Improving Our Communities

Grants are a great resource for mom-and-pop business owners to secure funding. Funding awarded to a mom-and-pop business helps these folks grow their brands and expand their customer bases. In turn, this creates new jobs and resources, and builds a stronger, more prosperous community for everyone. And, because of this, smart mom-and-pop businesses include grant-seeking in their Business Plan to secure the capital funding they need for success. Enter GrantWatch, stage left. Our database has several grant categories that pertain to business, capital funding, and operating support. It follows then, that any one of these categories (along with a host of others) can lead to much needed support for mom and pop businesses.

Mom-And-Pop Businesses Enrich the Community

Today, we honor National Mom and Pop Business Owners to showcase the power of mom-and-pop businesses. For example, mom-and-pop business are more likely to invest into their community and enrich the well-being of its citizens. To illustrate: a childcare business provides a safe place for parents to leave their children when they are at work. This convince allows them to remain gainfully employed. Given these points, mom-and-pop business provide critical service for our communities and enriching our quality of life.

Mom-and-pop establishments are synonymous with various different types of businesses, including restaurants, bookstores, automotive repair shops, and insurance agencies….Mom-and-pop business owners tend to have a vested interest in the community, its citizens, and the local economy. Consequently, they offer highly interactive and personalized services that large corporations cannot replicate.

 Raghu Kiran Appasani, MD Psychiatry and Founder and CEO of The MINDS Foundation

How To Find Grants for Mom-And-Pop Businesses

Many mom-and-pop businesses build a grant pipeline using GrantWatch as a resource for locating grants for their mom-and-pop businesses. Business owners use the Grant Search tool to search by recipient type, location, funding source type, and more. Once there, narrow your search by location, then category. Utilize grant categories like Capital FundingEntrepreneurs and Startups, and BIPOC to apply for grants for your mom-and-pop businesses.

  1. Micro-Grant Fund – $3,000 grant and in-kind support for small businesses to sustain operations and build capacity. Additionally, funding promotes the development of local small businesses by supporting growth and diversification and creating jobs.
  2. Microenterprise Grant – $10,000 to assist and encourage Alaska individuals with disabilities to engage in new business ventures and expansion opportunities.
  3. Small Business Sustainability Grant Program – $5,000 to small companies in eligible locations to promote business development and sustainability.
  4. Redevelopment and Neighborhood Services – Upper Floor Residential Grant – $75,000 grant to commercial building owners in eligible locations to convert portions of commercial buildings to residential units.
  5. Workforce Development Program: Workforce Training – Grants to businesses for employee training activities. Also, funding is intended to strengthen the workforce by providing new and current employees with additional and specialized job skills.

Build A Sustainable Grant Pipeline

Grants are competitive. Because of this, having a pipeline of grants to apply for is the best way to secure funding for your organization. To build a personalized grant watchlist, use the My Grant Alerts feature to create alerts for grants of interest. Using My Grant Views you can review the GrantWatch ID#, deadline date, and the date you previously viewed each grant. Finally, personalize your My Grant Calendar to plan out your future grant applications and organize upcoming deadlines. While applying for grants is hard work, if you build a grant cycle and dedicate time to applying to grants regularly, you will likely secure the funding you need for your cause.

Need More Help? How To Hire A Grant Writer

Most seekers do not win a grant on their first try. Grant-seekers learn valuable and impactful lessons throughout the grant-seeking process. If you become overwhelmed, hiring a grant writer is also an option. A grant writer will help you find and apply for grants for mom-and-pop businesses. They will coach you throughout the entire process and curate the project to fit your needs. Visit GrantWriterTeam to post a classified ad to hire a professional grant writer. Vet your candidates thoroughly. A good grant writer has industry knowledge, creativity, strong writing skills, and a proven track record.

About GrantWatch

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