Grants to Celebrate National Entrepreneur’s Day

The 15th of November was National Entrepreneur’s Day. It’s a day to celebrate all the people who have successfully built an empire from the ground up and to provide resources and support to others who have a strong interest in entrepreneurship. Radical inventions by brilliant minds have shaped the way we live today and will have the same effect on our future if we let them.

According to the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor, there are 31 million entrepreneurs in the U.S., which accounts for approximately 16 percent of the adult workforce. However, there are even more people considering taking the leap into self-employment but do not know where to get the financial support to begin.

Sohow do entrepreneurs fund their businesses?

  • 37% of owners use existing savings/cash to start their businesses.
  • 10% of small business owners borrow funds from friends or family.
  • 9% use unsecured loans.
  • 6% use Small Business Administration loans.

If you’re starting a new small business, you are going to need some capital. There are many different ways you can get money for your new venture. Statistics state that one-third of small businesses in the U.S. start with less than $5,000. Nevertheless, the majority of entrepreneurs forget about grant funding.

As the world shifts, more resources have become available to specific locations and industries. Although grants for entrepreneurs are not common, they do exist. For this reason, it is worthwhile to browse through potential opportunities to see if there are any grants you may qualify for in terms of eligibility. Grant listing directories, such as, make it easy to find grants that are currently available. Below, we have listed 10 grants in celebration of National Entrepreneur’s Day.

10 Grants Available to Entrepreneurs
  • In-kind support and grants of up to $10,000 are open to Black women entrepreneurs to support equal opportunities in business. 
  • Grants to for-profit organizations (including startups) to collaborate with universities for research projects in any sector. 
  • In-kind support and grants of up to $10,000 are available to women-owned businesses to support business development. 
  • $2,500 grant plus consultation services are open to high school seniors and university or trade school students to promote entrepreneurial aspirations. 
  • Additionally, opportunities are available to students and startups to participate in an accelerator program devoted to food and beverage products.
  • In-kind services and a grant of $2,500 are available to entrepreneurs to start or expand their business. 
  • A grant is also available to a USA student entrepreneur for support in launching an innovative product or service that will impact the business world.
  • Grants and in-kind support are offered to nonprofit technology organizations to offset start-up costs and provide start-up support. 
GrantNews Notes

Find more available grants using the keyword ‘entrepreneur‘ — one of the many benefits available to subscribers of GrantWatch. Subscription plans are available to suit all budget types, starting from $18.00.

Furthermore, new grants are constantly being added, so new grant opportunities will be available throughout the year. However, you need to make sure you read the eligibility criteria before applying as no two grants are the same. We wish you the best this National Entrepreneur’s Day! Comment your business below to share the love!

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