How to Utilize ChatGPT and AI to Enhance Promotion of Your Nonprofit

Artificial Intelligence – or what’s commonly referred to as AI – is the newest dimension of technology-related communication considered to have both the greatest potential, as well as one of the greatest challenges, facing us today. GrantWatch is acutely aware of the value of its emerging impact. So, the question: How can you utilize ChatGPT and Artificial Intelligence to enhance the promotion of your nonprofit?

What Is ChatGPT and AI?

Turn your attention to ChatGPT. What exactly is this AI Bot? How does it work, and what are the ethical implications? ChatGPT is a technology function that “replicates human-like text generation and understanding.” It does this in large part by data mining information from the internet regarding a particular theme or subject. It’s important to note, since this system was trained by humans, it needs humans to work properly. It stores massive amounts of information to the point where it, in effect, knows what you’re thinking before you do!

You see, as a large language model, ChatGPT incorporates predictive text into its responses. This takes the function to a whole new level. In addition, Reinforcement Learning with Human Feedback (RLHF), ensures that the prompts you feed the AI bot are helping it learn as you go. ChatGPT doesn’t just fill in a word or two. Instead, it populates entire paragraphs and more! Regardless of the software and programming, or maybe because of it, ChatGPT is now and will always be valuable to us. The trick is to realize that AI can’t replace the human element. It does not create; it replicates. As such, ethical usage demands we recognize it is a tool that simply makes our work a little easier and more productive. Whether it’s marketing, analytics, or fundraising, this will be a big help to nonprofits.

What’s the Connection to Nonprofits?

Let’s break it down into smaller parts. First of all, let’s hear from an expert. Janelle Levesque, Director of Digital Growth, Tapp Network writes, “AI encompasses various technologies designed to perform tasks that traditionally require human intelligence, such as understanding language, analyzing data, and making recommendations.” She goes on to write about the improved capability that can be achieved by learning how to efficiently utilize ChatGPT and AI.

With the proper understanding and ethical use of this technology, it has the transformative power to completely reshape how nonprofits operate. Levesque continues, “AI technologies can enable nonprofits to streamline operations, optimize resource allocation, and gain valuable insights to inform strategic decision-making.”

So, How Do You Utilize ChatGPT and AI to Enhance the Promotion of Your Nonprofit?

Libby Hikind, Founder and CEO of GrantWatch, writes about AI and grant writing in her new book, The Queen of Grants: From Teacher to Grant Writer to CEO. Libby recommends using ChatGPT as a writing assistant to beef up the writing that you have already written. The planning for a grant and the budget must come from within the organization and the human element of passion is what needs to jump off the page.

Technology Grant Funding and In-Kind Donations

  1. First up, grants to freelance and staff journalists to investigate reporting on issues related to Artificial Intelligence.
  2. Next, funding for various institutions for scientific research and development. The grant is for translational research and technology development.
  3. Additionally, grants to newspapers and newspaper associations to promote industry advancements and sustainable business models.
  4. Nonprofits, IHEs, and tribal organizations may apply for funding for research on languages that face the threat of extinction.
  5. Grants up to $6,000 to nonprofits for literacy services for students. Funding is for general operations, including technology, equipment, supplies, etc.
  6. In-kind donations of technology and internet service to schools, colleges, and universities in multiple states to advance digital equity for students
  7. In addition, grants to IHEs and nonprofit organizations to create infrastructure that will enhance research in specific science and technology areas.
  8. Funding up to $15,000 to nonprofit organizations for public humanities programs related to technology and innovation.
  9. Up to $30,000 to various organizations for small projects addressing health equity for underserved populations through technology improvements.
  10. Lastly, grants to enhance methodologies of data collection and find innovative ways to communicate statistics.

We hope you’ll be able to make use of the dynamic, emerging ChatGPT and AI technology to promote your nonprofit!

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Please Note: The value of AI comes with its proper and ethical use. In fact, GrantWatch supports this perspective. It’s good to remember that this technology (as with any technology) – in conjunction with human creativity and knowhow – can be the key to accomplishing great things!

Also Note: There is no guarantee by GrantWatch nor the author of grant awards as a result of this information.

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