National Kindergarten Day

National Kindergarten Day is celebrated on April 21, 2023, which is Friedrich Wilhelm August Froebel’s birthday. Friedrich Wilhelm August Froebel created the Kindergarten concept in Germany in 1837. He saw it as a way for children to have a place to explore art, peer play, dance, music, nature and stories. Froebel believed that children learn best through experience and nature. Originally banned in Germany, the Kindergarten concept flourished in the rest of the world, including the U.S.

Many of us have pleasant memories of our time in kindergarten. GrantWatch is happy to show support to all the teachers, schools and nonprofits who help our children thrive. In addition, successful kindergarten experiences often translate into a lifelong love of school and learning. 

Celebrate National Kindergarten Day 

How Schools Can Celebrate

  • Have a party that day in the kindergarten class.
  • Teachers could also host a story time where they learn about the history of kindergarten.
  • Also, introduce creative student art projects in schools, so students can show what they love best about kindergarten.

How Parents Can Show Their Support

  • Teach your children about the history of kindergarten.
  • Students can make a card for their teacher.
  • The children could bring small gifts or treats to share with their classmates (if allowed).
  • Incorporate the principles of kindergarten in an at-home activity.

What Can Individuals Do

  • Volunteer at a school or nonprofit that supports the education of children.
  • In addition, individuals can donate money, equipment or other in-kind support to schools or nonprofits. This can enhance children’s educational experiences.
  • Send a thank you card to local school staff. 
  • You can also try sharing a post on social media showing your support for National Kindergarten Day.

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7 Grants For Education

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  2. In addition, there are grants for schools to provide STEM programming for PreK-5 students
  3. Grants of $500 are also available to educators for classroom projects and lessons related to aviation
  4. Up to $1,000 in funding is available to K-12 English language arts teachers to support research projects.
  5. Additionally, grants are available to incorporate gardening and cooking ideas into K-8 school programming.
  6. Grants up to $1,000 are available to K-5 teachers to introduce innovative STEM education programs.  
  7. Finally, prizes-and-in-kind-support are available to benefit rural and remote communities.

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