Seven Grants to Go Toward Improving Animal Welfare

Advocating for the humane treatment of animals and for the improvement of animal welfare overall is important. The way we treat the most vulnerable within our society says a lot about who we are.

GrantWatch has a category specifically for Pets/Animals/Wildlife grants on its site. This category includes many grants for animal welfare work.

Animal welfare is a large category that includes both domestic and wild animals. It means ensuring that animals are treated humanely and with respect. Some of the current issues that exist on the spectrum include:

  • Animal testing
  • Living conditions in zoos all over the country
  • Wildlife conservation
  • The treatment of animals within the food system, especially in terms of living conditions

Research shows that one animal is abused every minute. In addition, in the span of a year, 10 million animals in the U.S. die from their abuse. These animals need help, which is why GrantWatch is sharing a list of seven grants below that go towards improving animal welfare. We hope that this list of grants will help with awareness, as well as helping with critical initiatives and projects.

Seven Grants to Help Protect Animals

  1. Firstly, there are also grants available to U.S., Canada, individuals, nonprofits, and shelters to cover the cost of canine medical procedures. Grants of up to $2,500 to USA and Canada individuals, families, nonprofit organizations, and government animal shelters for financial assistance to cover the costs associated with medical procedures for dogs.
  2. Grants to U.S., Canada, and International individuals for projects that raise awareness about issues related to animal rights. Eligible projects may be artistic or academic in nature.
  3. There are also grants of up to $1,000 to U.S. teachers, school administrators, and education support professionals to encourage alternatives to in-class animal dissection activities. Eligible uses of funding include supplies, new materials, resources, and technology or equipment to support replacing traditional animal dissection activities.
  4. Funding of up to $5,000 to U.S. nonprofits for programs that benefit animals and their caregivers. Funding is to support senior animals, pet food pantries, veterinary costs, adoption services, medical expenses, and rescue services for senior animals, senior care programs, and spay/neuter programs.
  5. Grants of up to $1,000 to U.S. nonprofit shelters that provide housing for victims of domestic violence and their pets. Funding is for operational support or capital improvements specifically related to the maintenance and housing of pets.
  6. Additionally, there are grants to U.S. family and tribe owned livestock and poultry farms for projects that improve animal conditions. Funding is to support family farmers who raise dairy cows, beef cattle, broiler chickens, ducks, geese, goats, laying hens, pigs, bison, sheep, and/or turkeys.
  7. Finally, there is funding for U.S. nonprofits, museums, wildlife centers, and zoos for programs that promote animal welfare. Eligible regions include Ohio and portions of Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Wisconsin, Upstate New York, Northeastern Minnesota, and Western Pennsylvania.

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