Six Transportation Grants to Benefit Infrastructure, Road Safety and Sustainability

Transportation is a major part of every day life. Whether through the use of busses, trains, planes, cars, or other forms of transportation, technology has enabled regular people to travel major distances. Over the last few years, we have even seen travel expand to other planets. But there’s still so much work to be done in making travel safer, more effective, and more energy efficient.

GrantWatch has a category specifically for transportation grants on its site. These grants provide funding for a number of projects from updating infrastructure, increasing road safety, to being more sustainable.

Transportation accounts for a substantial amount of the overall U.S. economy and infrastructure. In 2016, the Department of Transportation noted that the industry contributed $1,066.9 billion, or 5.6 percent, to the U.S Gross Domestic Product. However, as important as transportation is to the world, if not managed regularly, it can be unsafe for the public.

According to the Association for Safe International Road Travel, more than 38,000 people die annually in crashes on U.S. roadways. In addition, the traffic fatality rate is 12.4 deaths per 100,000 inhabitants. Poor road infrastructure and management can be a cause of accidents.

Grants allow the government to put money into transportation initiatives, whether on a federal, state, or local level. Below, are six grants currently available on GrantWatch that focus on transportation.

Six Grants for Various Transportation Related Initiatives

  1. There are grants and cooperative agreements available to U.S states, agencies, railroads, and nonprofits to help improve railway systems. Funding is available for projects that improve passenger and/or freight rail transportation systems.
  2. Grants to Tennessee local government agencies for the development and improvement of local transportation infrastructure. Funding is to create safe facilities and trails for non-vehicle traffic, to convert or rehabilitate historic sites for transportation purposes, and for archaeological activities.
  3. There are also grants available to U.S. nonprofits and agencies for education, vehicle safety and community needs. Funds are for programs and projects related to education, automotive safety, and community needs.
  4. Rebates and vouchers to Pennsylvania nonprofits, businesses, government agencies, air quality or transportation organizations, and transportation planning organizations for infrastructure projects for electric vehicles.
  5. Grants to Virginia individuals and businesses for vehicle-related environmental sustainability projects in eligible locations. Funding is for the purchase and installation of publicly-accessible electric vehicle charging stations. Chargers must be located in proximity to commercial and retail areas in Charlottesville.
  6. Finally, there are grants U.S. nonprofits to promote safe usage of off-highway vehicles and protect access to public lands. Funding is to ensure the safe use of off-highway vehicles, educate the public on appropriate use of recreational land, and protect sustainable access to public land.

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