Supporting Food Banks This Thanksgiving with Five Grants to Combat Food Insecurity

Food insecurity is a serious problem in the United States and has only increased with the pandemic. Food banks, soup kitchens, and other food donation organizations have been stepping up to help with this issue in any way they can. However, there is still a lot of work that needs to be done to help fill the gaps in this area.

The Associated Press reported in an article recently that many food banks are struggling due to supply chain shortages, which have led to prices going up significantly. Because of this, food banks could benefit even more from more funds and more supplies.

GrantWatch has a category for nutrition grants on its site, as well as one for disaster relief. These categories include grants for organizations that work to increase access to food. And in honor of the Thanksgiving holiday coming up, GrantWatch is sharing five grants below that help reduce food insecurity.

According to one estimate by researchers at Northwestern University, food insecurity has more than doubled due to the pandemic. This accounts for around 23 percent of households.

If you are able to locate your local food bank, here are some things you could do to help:

  • Donate- If you have any extra canned food lying around, the holidays is a great time to donate it. You can also make a tax-deductible donation.
  • Volunteer- Organizations are always loooking for extra volunteers. Maybe you can help set up, serve meals, or contribute in some way.
  • Share- Shout out your local food bank or similar organization on social media. Maybe you can be the reason that someone else contributes in some way.

Five Grants to Reduce Food Insecurity This Holiday Season

  1. Firstly, there are grants to U.S. nonprofits for programs to encourage nutritious eating and reduce food insecurity. The goal of the grant is to improve availability to healthier food and build people’s confidence to prepare healthier food.
  2. Grants to U.S. schools, government agencies, tribes, nonprofits, and agricultural producers for programs to increase access to food for eligible schools.
  3. There are also grants available to U.S. nonprofits, tribes, and public food programs to address food insecurity in low-income areas. Funds will support community food projects and planning projects.
  4. In addition, there is funding and in-kind technical assistance available for U.S. for-profit and nonprofits, IHEs, and government and tribal agencies. The funding is to improve access to healthy food in underserved areas.
  5. Grants of up to $5,000 to U.S. nonprofits, government entities, faith-based organizations, schools, and IHEs to benefit the local community. Funding is to meet the needs of local residents, including supporting food pantries, animal shelters, soup kitchens, clothing closets, community clean-up projects, and elder services.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of our readers and subscribers!

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