$1.8 Million Grant to Tackle Homelessness Awarded to City of Huntsville

We have spoken about two issues a lot here at GrantNews, affordable housing and homelessness. Issues contributing to people being unhoused, like worsening mental health and job loss are rising. So tackling homelessness needs to be a priority. Especially in the middle of this once-in-a-lifetime pandemic. This is something that many state and local governments are already contending with. Some have passed eviction moratoriums, but people will still have to cover back rent. However, some states are choosing to invest in helping to try and mitigate the problem. The Governor of Alabama, a state that has the third-lowest rate of homelessness, recently announced $22 million will go towards homelessness, with $1.8 million to go directly to Huntsville.

(And while we’re here, check out this grant we have listed on GrantWatch for Nonprofits, Agencies, and Tribal Government to provide housing for homeless Veterans.)

Grant Funds Will Work to Help Agencies in Tackling Homelessness

The $22 million in grant funds awarded by the Governor are meant to help people currently experiencing homelessness and those who are at risk. Since the pandemic has pushed people all over the country into more difficult financial circumstances, this is very much needed. And there’s other risks, because people who are without shelter are at higher risk of contracting coronavirus. They have higher health risks related to lack of access to care and may not be able to properly social distance. Ensuring that people do not fall into the cycle of being unhoused is critical. And working harder to help those who do not have a permanent housing situation is very much needed right now.

So what will these funds go towards exactly?

The grant money will enable 15 regional agencies in Alabama to work on tackling homelessness-related issues and really help those who are struggling. The funds will enable these agencies to assist with providing shelter, legal services, health services, and related services. The focus will be on helping those who are already homeless or those at risk because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Here’s what Governor Kate Ivey had to say upon awarding this grant: “I am proud to direct these funds to benefit those greatly impacted in our own state. These grants will support programs and organizations that are able to provide at least some relief to many who are without a place of their own or at risk of becoming homeless.”

The Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs will be administering the grant funds. The funding comes from funds made available by the U.S Department of Health and Human Services through the CARES Act.

Here’s where the money will be allocated:

Alabama Rural Coalition for the Homeless Inc.$10 million
Penelope House Inc.$1 million
Family Promise of Baldwin County Inc.$993,819
Housing First Inc.$1 million
Family Counseling Center of Mobile Inc.$710,058
Salvation Army$448,224
City of Tuscaloosa$742,539
First Christian Methodist Episcopal Church$830,632
Shelby County Commission $219,892
YWCA of Central Alabama $114,125
Legal Services Alabama Inc.$1.5 million
City of Florence$828,300
Northwest Alabama Housing Services$117,785
City of Huntsville$1.8 million
Montgomery Area Coalition for the Homeless Inc.$1.7 million

GrantWatch Lists Housing Grants That Can Help With Homelessness

It’s good to hear that the state of Alabama is working to try and help those who are struggling. Alabama as a state has the third lowest homelessness numbers in the country. But there’s always more to be done, especially with so many struggling financially during this pandemic. And hopefully more states will work to help their citizens struggling with this issue. Tackling homelessness is crucial, and that’s why GrantWatch has an entire category for grants related to homelessness, as well as one for housing-related grants.

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