$1 Million Grant Awarded to Fight Human Trafficking in Kentucky

Human trafficking is one of the most inhumane practices on the face of the earth. And it’s gained increased notice as many have sought to uncover the traffickers and stop it in respective states. Many states have announced recent initiatives to try and stem the very real problem of trafficking in their states. It’s a very real problem, and needs to be addressed. And services need to be available to the victims of this horrible practice so that they can recover from their horrible ordeals. That’s why it’s great to see that the state of Kentucky has been awarded a federal grant. This grant will allow the state to utilize findings from a two year research study on human trafficking.

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Why This Federal Grant Is to Important to Help Stop Human Trafficking

Some Background

The current Governor of Kentucky, Andy Bashar, has hands-on experience with this. When he was the Attorney General of Kentucky, The University of Louisville Human Trafficking Research Initiative’s “Project Pivot: Prevention and Intervention for Victims of Trafficking began. This initiative, which is a community-engaged research partnership, that spans multiple disciplines. This partnership exists between the Kent School of Social Work, as well as faculty from the school of Criminal Justice. The Human Trafficking Research Initiative is staffed with people from the University of Louisville. This includes academics and researchers. As well, community research members, including law enforcement and victim service partners.

The goal of the initiative is to be a source of research. This research will help direct the decisions of those who contact victims, survivors and perpetrators of human trafficking. These decision makers include law enforcement, prosecutors, educators, medical services, and social services.

What the Grant Funding Will Go Towards

So, where will the funding for this grant go?

Well, the goal is for the state of Kentucky to be able to use funding and utilize findings from this research. To carry out the project’s recommendations.

Some of these recommendations include:

  • Department for Community Based Services creating an advisory council
  • Launching a human trafficking and child labor screening tool to identify high-risk children
  • Hiring a full-time child protection specialist

Here’s what Governor Andy Beshear, who announced this federal grant this week had to say. “I have always made seeking justice for victims and fighting human trafficking part of my core mission,” he said. “The resources made possible through this grant will allow my administration to address research findings that will help us to better fight this scourge of human trafficking and save lives.”

We at GrantWatch Understand the Importance of What Kentucky Is Doing

At GrantWatch we are grateful to see what Kentucky is doing to mitigate the impacts of human trafficking and help those who have gone through it. It’s so important to have people working to end this horrible practice. But it’s also critical to provide services to those who have suffered through it. As well as state governments, many nonprofits work so hard to try and help victims. In fact, we have many categories at GrantWatch that have grants to help.

If you have any questions looking for grants through our website, or anything else, feel free to reach out! Our incredible customer-support staff can be reached by calling 561-249-4129!

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