10 Grants for First Responders and Emergency Services

Emergency responders, also known as first responders, work hard to keep the public safe, which is why it is crucial to show our appreciation for these heroes. One way to show gratitude is by ensuring these departments are properly funded and by helping first responders who are in need of direct financial assistance.

The three major emergency service departments are police departments, fire departments, and emergency medical services (EMS). These departments generally need funding for additional equipment, training, and other necessities. Funding can come from various sources, but grants are a great start.

GrantWatch.com features a category called Homeland/National Security, which lists grants for first responders, emergency services, and town projects. When budgets fall short of covering what is needed, funding opportunities can be especially important. That is why today we have put together a comprehensive list of available grants in this category.

Funding Opportunities for First Responders & Emergency Service Departments

  1. There are grants for emergency response services for training and equipment.
  2. Grants are also available to legal entities in eligible regions for medical, fire, and safety equipment.
  3. Additionally, grants averaging $2,500 are open to fire departments, nonprofits, and governmental units for efforts to prevent, control, and prepare for fires. 
  4. Grants are open to USA emergency personnel and first responders for assistance in the wake of Hurricane Ian.
  5. There are also grants available to law enforcement for the purchase of police dogs.
  6. Funding is available to first responders to help with expenses.
  7. Reimbursements are available to Ontario municipalities for the provision of emergency services in eligible areas.
  8. In addition, grants of up to $5,000 are open to Texas volunteer fire departments and EMS organizations for programs to benefit emergency responders.
  9. An award is available to an active police officer to honor efforts on behalf of the safety and welfare of police canines in local communities.
  10. USA first responders and their family members can also apply for grants to assist with funeral costs.

GrantNews Notes

Looking for more grants like the ones on this list? In addition to our Homeland/National Security grant category, also make sure to check out our disaster relief category for emergency services grants.

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