Even Kids Can Apply for Grants!

No, you didn’t misread; even kids can apply for grants and awards. Recently, more funders are investing in our future by supporting youth. Keep reading to discover 10 of our favorite opportunities for today’s youth listed on GrantWatch.

10 Grants for Youth and Students

1. Fellowships of up to $2,500 are available to students and student groups to develop projects addressing water issues in their communities.

2. Students under the age of 18 can apply for grants of up to $1,000 for projects that benefit their local community.

3. Cash prizes of up to $5,000 are also available to students in grades 6 through 12 to participate in a documentary competition.

4. Up to $475 is available to American Indian and Alaska Native youth to help shape their community in a positive way.

5. There is an opportunity for USA and Canada K-12 student teams to participate in a STEM competition.

6. Grants of $20,000 are available to Native American youth for projects addressing environmental issues. 

7. High school students in their senior year may be eligible to apply for blogging scholarships of $2,500.

8. An award of $1,000 is available to a USA or Canadian female students for outstanding involvement in science. 

9. Awards of $36,000 are also available to USA Jewish teenagers to recognize exceptional leadership in community service.

10. Finally, scholarships of $1,000 are open to U.S. high school seniors and college students in their freshman year for full-time studies.

Discover More

While these are just a few of the opportunities available, GrantWatch.com lists more grants that are currently open for youth and students. New grants are released on a regular basis, so there is no telling what other grants may become available soon! Meanwhile, you can visit the GrantWatch FAQ page for more information on how the grant process works. 

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