We Reveal the Top 10 Grants for Food Insecurity

Food, water, clothing and shelter are the basic necessities needed. However, according to Feeding America, 1 in 9 Americans struggle with hunger. Due to the effects of the coronavirus pandemic, more than 42 million people in the U.S. may experience food insecurity. As a result, now more than ever, more grant funding opportunities have become available to support food assistance programs and community food pantries.

10 Grants to Support Food Insecurity

1. Grants are now available for projects that promote a plant-based diet and lifestyle. The funding is available worldwide to individuals for activities encouraging the public to adopt a vegan diet and outlook.

2. Open worldwide, grants are available to organizations and individuals for a wide range of economic development and social empowerment projects. This funding is to provide basic needs to vulnerable populations such as food, shelter, water and clothing.

3. Urgent disaster relief grants are available to nonprofit organizations worldwide.

4. Schools, nonprofit organizations and groups may be eligible for a grant to fund public garden projects.

5. Nonprofit organizations within the U.S. can apply for grants to support food and nutrition community-based programs.

Food insecurity grants cont.

6. Grants to encourage nutritious eating and reduce food insecurity are also available to U.S. nonprofit organizations.

7. U.S. Grassroots groups and nonprofits can apply for grants to support programs that supply organic food to populations facing food insecurity.

8. Operation support grants are available to U.S. nonprofit organizations. Focus areas for these funds include food and agriculture as well as sustainable community development projects that support a positive change.

9. K-12 schools within the U.S. can apply for grants to help supply meals for students. Subsequently, the funding can be put toward the equipment used in food preparation.

10. And lastly, eligible nonprofit organizations can apply for funding to meet basic human needsin communities.

Over 500 More Grants are Available

Discover more grants available relating to food, in the GrantWatch category ‘Nutrition’. Being food insecure affects nearly every aspect of life, even beyond the immediate and obvious effects on physical health. For this reason, it makes it difficult for children to concentrate in school, and for adults to maintain adequate job performance. So, with support from generous grant funders, the hope to end world hunger can continue.

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