Five Grants for National Zookeeper Week

The week of July 18-24 is National Zookeeper Week. Zoos, big or small, in metropolitan areas or in tucked-away rural spots, are always seeking financial assistance. At GrantWatch, we have grants for zoos and animals that should be of some help:

1) U.S. venues, including theater, museums, performing arts operators and zoos, can apply for COVID grants.

2) Nonprofit organizations, museums, wildlife centers, and zoos, can apply for grants that promote animal welfare.

3) Grants are available to enhance the quality of their collections, such as building, systems, procedures, collections care and conservation policies.

4) Up to $2,500 in funding is available for activities that promote the protection of endangered animal species and their habitats.

5) Awards are open to individuals for noteworthy contributions to the field of animal conservation.

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