Five Grants for National Zookeeper Week

The week of July 18-24 is National Zookeeper Week. Zoos, big or small, in metropolitan areas or in tucked-away rural spots, are always seeking financial assistance. At GrantWatch, we have grants for zoos and animals that should be of some help:

1) Grants to U.S. venues, including theater, museums, performing arts operators and zoos, to help mitigate financial losses suffered due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis. Interested applicants are advised to complete the required registrations as soon as possible. Priority will be given to venues that have suffered the greatest economic loss. Deadline: Ongoing

2) Grants to U.S. nonprofit organizations, museums, wildlife centers, zoos, and educational institutions in eligible states for programs that promote animal welfare. Grant applicants are asked to contact program staff and to submit a letter of inquiry. Eligible regions include Ohio and portions of Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Wisconsin, Upstate New York, Northeastern Minnesota, and Western Pennsylvania. Deadline: 9/15/21

3) Grants to museums in the U.S. and its territories to enhance the quality of their collections. Funding is intended to support the evaluation of museum building, collections, systems, procedures, collections care and conservation policies. Eligible museums include art museums, arboreta, historic sites, zoos and botanical gardens, including those belonging to parent nonprofit organizations or government agencies. Deadline: 9/15/21

4) Grants of up to $2,500 to organizations and institutions for projects and activities that promote the protection of endangered animal species and their habitats. Funding is intended for species preservation activities, scientific research projects and conservation education programs. Deadline: 10/11/21

5) Awards to individuals for noteworthy contributions to the field of animal conservation. Applicants must contact the funding source to receive a nomination application. This award program is intended to recognize and reward conservationists who have promoted the sustainability of an animal species or group of species with significant long-term scientific impact.Deadline: 2/25/22

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